Copyright row over States-aided film

A COPYRIGHT row could derail plans for a film which has been given a £200,000 grant by the States.

Actor Bill Nighy is among those said to be starring in the film
Actor Bill Nighy is among those said to be starring in the film

A COPYRIGHT row could derail plans for a film which has been given a £200,000 grant by the States.

Should the film Knights of Impossingworth – parts of which could be shot in Jersey – ever come to be made, a former producer who left the project last year has said he will challenge the production company behind it for copyright.

The threat from Australian-based director and photographer Noel Castley-Wright will fuel concerns about the decision of Economic Development to grant taxpayers’ money to such a high-risk project.

Mr Castley-Wright said he was involved with the project from 2009 until early last year when he left after a fall-out with the film’s director, Keith Cavele. He says he has never been paid for his work and is owed more than the £200,000 States grant.

Economic Development chief executive Mike King said that the department was aware of the falling out between the two men but was not concerned by it.

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Comments for: "Copyright row over States-aided film"


The money has gone - end of story.

Would be careful putting Bill Nighy's image all over the story! His agent knows nothing about it . . .


Not concerned about a falling out between 2 people given £ 200,000 of taxpayers money, one of whom has already said he will legally challenge the company ?

Of course you're not concerned Mike King. It's not your money is it ?


well said.

If I did this at work I would be facing the sack!

Bowie 2

Is this what is known as a government bailout? Silly me no it's a government handout!


Mike King might not be concerned about the fall out out between Mr Castley-Wright and Keith Cavele and to be frank neither am I.

I want to know the name of the bank account the £200K was transferred into, who authorised it and why.

From what I can see the money is gone and no film.

Where is the money Mr King? I am concerned about that!!!!

Lord Haw Haw

........ and the spin has started ... “A Copyright row could derail plans for a film which has been given a £200,000 grant by the States” says the first paragraph.

We all suspect that the money has been lost.

We all suspect that it is down to incompetence.

We also all suspect that this will soon be brushed under the carpet.

tommy tourist

Bit like Lily The Cow again there was a copyright problem there that cost the Island a LOT of money.

Fed Up

I wonder if Mr King is worried about the £200,000 he has possibly just wasted of tax payers' money?


If i was mike king i would be concerned for my job!

Pip Clement

You are having a laugh?

Lessons will be learnt, no one will go, another disaster will occur under almost the same management.


Theres a story here somewhere.

Master Filmscript

Oh dear there goes £200k.

I am in the process of writing a story based around St Aubins harbour in the 1980's which harks back to the 1780's with possession, intrigue, marital problems, suspense, and just a bit of err inappropriate behaviour. A winner and not so hard to do. Fancy sponsoring me SoG.


Jersey Cash Flow.

Watching your tax money going down the toilet.

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