Relief as baffling noise in Springfield area is silenced

IT was a noise which infuriated the locals and baffled the States police…

Richard Pearce trying to block out the noise
Richard Pearce trying to block out the noise

IT was a noise which infuriated the locals and baffled the States police…

Several residents in Springfield suffered a sleepless night on Saturday after a mysterious noise similar to a gunshot repeatedly reverberated around the area.

The blasts began shortly after 9 pm and continued at regular intervals until the early hours.

Several residents reported hearing the noise, and one neighbour – father-of-two Richard Pearce – even phoned the States police and took to the streets in the early hours in an attempt to solve the mystery.

Eventually, the problem was solved - see today's JEP to find out how.

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Comments for: "Relief as baffling noise in Springfield area is silenced"


What was it? ...I don't read the JEP.


If only I could get tonight's JEP!! As I live in SW Wales, can you please enlighten me? :)


'Cymru am Byth' Cyfrin - why is your pseudonym 'password'in Welsh? You can always subscribe to the JEP on line for a fee.


:) It's a secret! LOL

St Ouen

It was the sound of our States members patting each other on the back!


Staff at Springfield Stadium realised they had left the public announcement system on over the weekend. It is believed that the banging was caused by a static build-up in the speaker system


I live in the USA and it's frustrating when they give only part details. I would also like to be enlightened on this.


I am in Liverpool and had to phone my son to find out. They hadleft the PA system on in the stadium and static build up caused the noise.


So what was causing the noise then??


See David @ February 19, 2013 at 8:59 pm


Thanks to all who let us know!


The big question is whether the photograph was taken during a match or event because it will really dent their revenue if so

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