Less regulation of Jersey Post prices?

ISLANDERS are being asked to give their views on a plan to scale back regulation of Jersey Post – a move that would allow the company to increase the price of stamps without seeking the regulator’s permission.

Jersey Post chief executive Kevin Keen
Jersey Post chief executive Kevin Keen

ISLANDERS are being asked to give their views on a plan to scale back regulation of Jersey Post – a move that would allow the company to increase the price of stamps without seeking the regulator’s permission.

The move would save the embattled company – which has been hit hard by the loss of the fulfilment industry and the rise in online communication – at least £155,000 a year in licence fees under the proposal announced this morning by the Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities.

Instead of controlling Jersey Post’s prices, the regulator would focus on the quality of service and universal service obligations.

Kevin Keen, the chief executive of Jersey Post, welcomed the proposal and gave assurances that postage prices would not ‘skyrocket’ if the changes were implemented.

To view the consultation paper, visit http://www.cicra.gg/post/index.aspx.

Responses are due by Friday 29 March and can be made in writing to Second Floor, Salisbury House, 1-9 Union Street, St Helier, Jersey JE2 3RF, or by email to info@cicra.gg.

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Comments for: "Less regulation of Jersey Post prices?"

Take it all

Sooo many increases !! Why dont we just hand over our cheques and let the States decide who gets what !!!


Islanders views.... Hang on this is company that has no threats from any other postal service in Jersey.

What we say won't matter cause if they want to increase prices they will if we like it or not... We count for nothing..

Trevor Collenette

Initial reaction is to allow deregulation of prices ONLY if there is an alternative.


Why not every other business seems to put up prices arbitrarily, why should they be any different ! ? ! ?

Tim South

What is really going on here ?

A few months back it was reported that the increasing use of internet shopping is adding and increasing business for the Jersey Post group.

About time the auditor general had a look at this organisations books on behalf of the States and found out the truth.



Pay by service. Price will drop!


I don't get it!

So you want my views on regulation of prices so you can charge more for postage?

I rather not have an increase in postage cost and Jersey post is still blaming fulfillment?

I was asked to collect a parcel that had been held by customs at Christmas from main post office, The parcel was kept in a room stuffed full of other parcel all awaiting clearance from customs!

I recently tracked 2 parcels from the UK to Jersey post, they were sat with Jersey post for 3 days before going out for delivery (not because of customs this time)

So again why would I help Jersey post when they cant help themselves?

Sort it out with the states,customs and yourselves before asking the public to help.

Simple Sid

I think Keen should resign as the Postal service is the worst it has ever been

the thin wallet

as jersey post has become a point of paying english VAT.

then why not become a point of getting it back too.

i have some invoices from uk suppliers, who told me i could claim back here ( jersey).

Kevin Keen

I thought I should try to reply to some of these comments:-

Claude- we do not have monopoly of parcel delivery in the Island and obviously we are competing against email etc as well. With the massive reduction in letter mail over the last few years we consider pricing decisions very carefully because we do not want them to be self defeating. Our letter prices are now cheaper than Royal Mail and we offer a discount at Christmas when many of residents are posting.

Tim South- yes more inward parcels are helping but a much bigger negative impact on the company was the loss of LVCR ( Effectively outward parcels) which accounted for around half of our total volumes.

Our annual report is a public document and is published by the States our 2012 report will be available in the summer. It will show that in spite of a huge reduction in sales (due to the loss of LVCR) we managed to remain profitable principally due to savings in costs across the company. Our books are always open to the auditor general.

Thin wallet- we began offering a VAT prepayment scheme purely to minimise delays and extra costs for our customers when they send items to the UK.

Simple Sid - sorry you think that, I believe many improvements have been made since I joined in mid 2011 but clearly I need to do more to persuade you. Please give me a call 07797714074 I would like to try.

I would urge you all to make your points to the regulator that is what they is seeking, postage is now a very small item in household expenditure just £1 per household per week so there are probably other areas where they want to focus their attention. Furthermore they will continue to license us and monitor our quality.

Where there have been service issues, sincere apologies we deliver million's of items each year without problems but from time to time we make mistakes which cause inconvenience to our customers. We hate that as much as you do. You can always email me on kevin.keen@jerseypost.com with any specific problems which i will do my best to sort out. We know we are far from perfect but are trying hard to get there.


Fair play for replying to comments and offering up your contact details.

Personally I think standard letter post will become a niche service over the coming years; people will receive bills etc through email more and more. Sure, legal documents and the like will probably need to be posted and the cost of this will inevitiably be high.


Dear Old Fossil. It is as you know and have experienced a tough old game. The free mkaret, smaller budgets etc opens the industry to non-card holders. This brings with it many good and bad things, one of the bad things you have listed. One of the good things is that certain great projects would never have been made if people had to work within the equity guide lines. Another point I would like to make is that you should not wait to be told your an actor, a card, training, showreel, merits etc should not define you as an actor ..you become an actor when you have respect for the craft, others and the fact its a tough industry. As for approaching Downtown Abbey etc, your agent or you could send your info to the casting director or you could send it directly to the production office. Either way it should get reviewed. Keep on thriving dear Old Fossil.