Tanks for nothing!

SUPER-unleaded fuel is being phased out in Jersey – a move which is likely to affect those with vintage or high-performance vehicles.


SUPER-unleaded fuel is being phased out in Jersey – a move which is likely to affect those with vintage or high-performance vehicles.

A petition to keep the higher-grade petrol in Jersey has already been started as motor race organisers have said they may struggle to attract competitors to the Island.

Supplies of the fuel will not be replenished once the current batch has run out, which could lead to drastic changes needed by those who use high-grade petrol. The move is linked to maintenance work which is needed at the Island’s fuel depot at La Collette.

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Comments for: "Tanks for nothing!"

Former Jersey Teenager

Although Super-Unleaded is more expensive, it is still a suprisingly popular option due to the amount of people with either high-performance cars, need it to go racing (2 stroke engines) etc... Some manufactors demand that the car is run on Super Unleaded to keep the warenty valid!

The quality of Super Unleaded in Jersey was always poor - we had Octane 97, compare that to the UK who has 99 and other places around Europe/Asia can offer Octane petrol up to 105!

Consipracy theorists reckon this is a ploy to rid the Island of petrol-heads and car enthusiasts! I hope not :(

bigel bansell

rubis, when they took over SHELL immediately removed SHELL V-POWER from sale which was 99 octane. what they want us to buy is 95 octane.


most people are probably totally unaware of some of the dangers if detonation/pre-ignition develops in a hot engine. TWO STROKE engines are particularly prone to RUNAWAY where the engine revs out of control igniting the fuel from the heat in the combustion chamber. turning OFF THE IGNITION DOES NOTHING and the engine will scream away burning oily deposits from the crankcase. this is particularly dangerous where a 2 stroke engine has been rebuilt and ridden slowly allowing the exhaust/internals to have unburnt oil in them-- I'VE HAD THIS HAPPEN TO ME TWICE AND shutting throttle/turning off fuel tap/turning ignition off DOES NOTHING. it only ends when the engine seizes up or you crash.-- VERY DANGEROUS MR RUBIS,... DO NOT ENDANGER US!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the thin wallet

i remember a run on two stroke i had.

quite true when you think it could be a outboard motor heading up the beach.

and a mower in the garden.

chainsaws too.

Uh Uhh

More like what they are forcing us to do bigel.


I live in Jersey and drive a sports car, this is just an attemt to dictate to the Jersey car owner by the company, another monoply shafting the consumer. " Can the petrol companies be held legaly resonsable for the damage incured to our engines they are the cause of the damage by forcing us to use unsuitable fuel they are aware of the promlem so should accept resonsability for there actions" some- one speak to a decent laywer!

BP explanation and VIDEO

clear explanation from BP BRITISH PETROLEUM http://www.bp.com/retail/ultimatearticlesection.do?categoryId=9036619&contentId=7067699

Lord Haw Haw

Ahhhhh ....... peaceful bank holiday weekends again at Bouley Bay.


Ah, as long as you're alright, eh mate ? Screw everyone else

FACTS that explain


Low octane lifestyle lover

'Everyone else' is hardly likely to consist of handful of selfish motor sports enthusiasts who get roads closed and peace shattered with monotonous regularity.

You may have got got the balance a bit skewed there, Stirling.


Hahaha - really, so what you are saying is that any recreation that is not enjoyed by the majority should be banned ? Or is it just the ones you do not like or understand. Mate, you are the one with things skewed and I suggest is actually the "selfish" one here. How about a little bit of live and let live ? No, thought not.

Lady Driver

And your name and comment isn't selfish at all is it? This is not just about closing roads, like me a lot of people have their cars made to a high preformance because it's a hobby, and for it to be taken on a track day to the UK etc. the motor sports that go on here are hardly every weekend and gives allot of islanders something to do on a very quite day. Please, get a grip, it's not just about the peace and quiet.

Judge Jeffries

The fuel suppliers responsible for sticking two fingers up to their customers are in fact in breach of their respective licences to trade. I therefore call upon Mr King of the Economic Development Department to investigate matters as swiftly as possible and if necessary revoke these licences and invite/allow a supplier into the island which is able and willing to provide a comprehensive fuel supply service to the public of Jersey.

Save Super

Is this so? I will forward part of your comment to him and see what is said. Thank you.

Save Super

Also could you look at the facebook page in the link is below, and let one of us know a bit more about the license situation on a matter like this?

It would be greatly appreciated.

scooooter BOY'ZZ

my mate bought a 100cc scooter that was tuned very highly by the 1st owner. it had a sticker on handlebars SHELL V-POWER ONLY. he had great fun for a couple of weeks. we all filled up on a run but the petrol station was empty of V-POWER. he put unleaded in it and it went ok until we came up bonne nuit hill it wouldn't slow down and luckily ran into a big field and went over. the bike kept running flat out for about 2 minutes then stopped. it wouldn't start as it was seized. we gave him a lift home and his dad came to pick up bike. he took it straight to bellozane scrap yard and never let ben have another.- we now call him lucky ben


if any riders of 2 stroke scooters have modified them/raised the compression it can cause ENGINE RUNAWAY where low octane fuel burns without the spark from the plug. it is PARTICULARLY DANGEROUS as there is NO CLUTCH LEVER on modern scooters- you therefore CANNOT STOP THE BIKE. the engine burns oily deposits within the 2 stroke crankcase and cannot be stopped by turning off fuel tap nor turning off ignition. modern scooters have a constantly variable transmission which will make bike go faster unless engine drops to idle- with ENGINE RUNAWAY the engine cannot slow down so the result is CRASH-- THANKYOU RUBIS for the harm you will do to our youngsters.

concerned mum

i also heard about this talking to the mechanic where i bought my daughters scooter. apparently teenagers hot-up their engines all the time. when i ask my daughter what her boyfriend did when he serviced it, she just laughs. what should i do?


I wouldn't worry too much, teenagers souping up 50's is certainly something that happens (did the very same when I was 16!), but you could buy every single performance upgrade possible and it will still only have gone from being absolutely gutless to totally gutless!

The far bigger concern and serious danger for any rider these days is that most of Jerseys roads are on a state par to that of what is generally seen in third world countries. The tiniest extra HP, squeezed out of a 50cc is nothing in comparison to navigating a pothole / sunken trench repair every few meters.


Is this the Mr King who with Mr Mc Clean has given away £200,000 for a non existent film not much hope of help from that department may help if you play rugby !!!

MONOPOLY removing choice from it's customers

what a surprise that another monopoly is removing what it's customers need. pretty much ALL MOTORCYCLES, ALL MOTORSPORT CARS and ALL PERFORMANCE CARS made before 1980 NEED IT. most drivers won't know about the DETONATION EATING AWAY the piston crown and valve pitting whilst they drive but it will DEFINATELY HAPPEN. reduced octane allows fuel to burn BEFORE the spark plug fires, ALSO super unleaded had other additives to aid upper cylinder lubrication which are NOT PRESENT IN PREMIUM UNLEADED. - buying octane booster can be pointless as most products are mostly parafin and will do NOTHING. PROPER OCTANE BOOSTER IS INCREDIBLY HARD TO OBTAIN and cannot be sent by post. the SUBARU IMPREZZA/MITSUBISHI EVO ETC ETC are in for BIG TROUBLES AHEAD. AS ARE OLD MOTORCYCLES/DUCATI/etc. RUBIS SURE KNOWS HOW TO ALIENATE ALL IT'S CUSTOMERS, but as we allowed them to monopolise the fuel farm- why would they care??

AVGAS 130 at rubis airport fuelfarm

will rubis sell us AVGAS 130 from their fuel farm at the airport? it would be a SAFE SIMPLE SOLUTION.

Matt fry

You can buy tetraethyl lead and add it to unleaded petrol see here


I think I have seen a rubis garage with this in stock in jesey, or avgas 100 octane does contain tetraethyl lead but I don't know if its sold in jersey for use in cars.

Back to the future

Leaded petrol was phased out for some very good reasons, and these additives should only be used for vintage cars NOT for everyday use.

unless of course your trying to give us all lead poisoning and reduce the islands IQ.

I believe that the UK government has been getting stick for allowing these kinds of additives to be sold by UK companies to third world countries, so you might find your savior suddenly disappears without warning.

Better to lobby to keep super-unleaded.

Super Love

This is what Rubis wants you to believe, but the octane boosters are not a solution that can be used long term. They rot rubber pipes, make the engine run hot, and for a bike or car that already does that, it can have disastrous consequences. You also never know the actual octane level you are using as all tank sizes are different you could be more harm than good. And please be prepared to constantly renew your spark plugs as these are something else that the octane with write off if the engine doesn't go first! You need to fill your entire tank to a bottle of octane this means your car runs less economic. Ultimately this is going to cause people making their own mixtures and store fuel, which is incredibly dangerous!


I have a 1986 Suzuki Santana, it may get up to 50 mph down Jubilee hill with the back full of bricks, so I guess this doesn't affect me?


Apparently there is an on-line petition that one can sign up to. Does anyone know the hyperlink for this?

Not again

Another example of local monoplies trampling on the end user. Where is the competition regulator in all this. Surely in a small island local suppliers who have control of the total supply mechanism have a duty to provide services that are needed even though they may not be the most profitable. The rubbish spouted by the fuel farm manager, Mr Havard beggers belief. "Technical and safety related maintanence make it necessary to reallocate the fuel grades offered" Management speak for we are shafting the consumer to maximise profit more like.

Its not as if the demand is insignificant at a million litres of super unleaded sold each year.


Trials have been done in the UK and despite the extra cost of Super it actually gives a noticable increase in MPG and lower emmissons so it more than pays for itself. Unfortunately in these cash strapped times people fill their cars with the cheap stuff thinking they are getting a better deal.

Its not just old cars, there are quite a few new cars available today that require higher RON fuel than 95 RON regular unleaded, what are they supposed to do ? Are RUBIS/the States happy to meet the repair bills to replace damaged engines due to running the wrong fuel so the warranties are void ? I doubt it

Frankly this is a disgraceful act, so much for greater choice in the 21st Century, it's the usual attitude from those in power you get in every walk of life now in Jersey, this is what we are going to give you and we expect you to be grateful, peasant !!


Hang on, is it not EVER being replenished or as the wording says ONLY whilst maintenance work is carried out?

I imagine there is just one tank for it, so to do work on it would mean it needs to be empty.

However I cannot see how they could simply say that they are not going to supply it. Virtually ever modern engine should be running on super regardless of whether it is a performance car.

And what are people supposed to do with cars which do actually specify not to use anything under 97ron?

keep super.

It is being emptied for maintenance, but not being re-filled. As more people buy unleaded, so we can all use that and they will try make more money from something else.

428 CJ

Good to see this publicity, thank you for covering this story. Please note this affects Guernsey as well as Jersey. The online petition is open to Facebook users at this link


Please sign this to support island consumers.

Girl racer

Hey I'm not on Facebook but want to sign the petition how else can I, I'm gutted I love my impreza

428 CJ

That's ok, please contact the consumer council. The email is jcc@jerseyconsumercouncil.org.je for Jetsey.

Thank You


My car needs super unleaded. It says that on the filler cap and in the manual.

How can they justify abandoning customers at such short notice? It's a disgraceful way to treat people. If they had competition there's no way this would happen - they'd be fighting to keep supplying super unleaded.

Thanks for nothing, Rubis.

Save Super

Plenty of people are the same as you, look up the face book group and spread the word, help make this right.

FB group, http://www.facebook.com/groups/139371639561356/

If anything, super should be the one people are weaned onto, maybe a little more expensive, but offers better mpg and engine protection.


totally agree...I expect the short notice was to stop anyone doing anything about it!!

I Love My Scooby!!

OK, so apart from my obvious concern for my beloved Scooby, I do have concerns for more job losses as from reading the comments already posted and from my understanding of high performance cars needing super unleaded to comply with their warranties - what on earth are garages like Jackson's going to do? I sincerely hope that everyone can pull together on this issue and save our Island from taking one step closer to a dictatorship from these monopolies.

Reality stikes home

You do not need a performance car in Jersey. Small roads and 40mph speed limit

Hopefully, although I neither know nor care what all this petrol debate is about, if it keeps all the massive cars off the road, so much the better

Super Love

How utterly selfish of you! Have you ever thought for a minute that we do not have performance cars for THIS Island, I am born and bread Jersey, I agree with the speed limits, I have a high performance car to take away on track "race" days/weekends weeks, you name it we do it. Take your blinkers off for a moment and look at the bigger picture, this is a serious matter than can ultimately damage or even right off cars and endanger the lives of people on bikes that have no idea what they should be using, be a little more considerate for goodness sake!

Professional loafer

'I am born and bread Jersey'

Le Brun?

Save Super

Do Rubis realise that the people who rely on super unleaded for their vehicles, which include cars, bikes, even boats and jet skis, will be forced to spend a lot of money to sort this out, if that's even possible, IF this goes ahead, or even as far as to have to sell their car at a LOSS to the UK?

Are those people going to receive any compensation for this?

You cannot supply a product, get people dependant on it and then simply withdraw it with only 2 weeks notice? That is just disgusting.

Should not be allowed to happen, the states should step in and sort this out, even if it means getting another company in to offer a full and reliable service, the current one is any thing but.

Skoda Driver

I use super unleaded all the time due to 5%-10% better fuel consumption and the fuel does not go off if the car is left for a while.

It may only be a 1.4 16 valve but ordinary unleaded causes it to pink quite easily.

This is shear madness and must be reversed.

When I first saw the report I thought it was a joke, wake up economic development dept we expect a comment in tomorrows EP.


why not just supply super?! all cars can run it and then it might be cheaper.

Reggie Parafin

Reggie here,

Now look CJ your company has sponsored the Jersey Festival of Motoring in June 2013 but has just decided to remove the fuel used by the cars from sale. Don't you think this is a tad daft, or are you expecting a static display for the hill climbs and a sprint by the competitors on Victoria Avenue. My money is not on the motorcyclists with leathers on.

Maybe just to even it up they could each push their vehicles of the 1/4 mile course.

Tony any thoughts, "Super" Well done Tony! I expect you mean super unleaded. Meet with the Classic Car boys tomorrow and tell them it was Tony's idea not mine. I didn't get where I am today supping 95 when I could have 97. "Super" CJ!

Just Wrong

Please Join the facebook group and help support this.


Any information that might help us fight our cause would be welcomed.


like most older drivers i don't have facebook and don't want to join -- so i CANNOT VOTE


Well then why dont you come up with another form of protest???

Save Super

Or phone up the Jersey Consumer Council, Jersey Trading standards or the Economic Development Department and have your say that way, as long as we all get heard it doesn't matter where it comes from. :)


buy a diesel car simples they do go better than some petrol cars

WHAT NEXT? no central heating oil?

what will RUBIS force upon us next?? central heating oil removed from sale? no more AVGAS for piston engined planes? no more SPITFIRE/HURRICANE/LANCASTER in our air display due to the fuel being 'a low volume sales fuel' no more tractor diesel? no more parafin for greenhouse heating??..

Pip Clement

Paraffin is getting pretty marginal.

Once upon a time you could buy it at almost all garages. They used to have a drum and you would fill up your own cans.

Now a few garages sell it in 5 litre pre packs.

Give it a few years, changes in shipping regulations and Jersey might be paraffin free.


I understand that Volkswagen have advised dealers not to sell diesel cars in areas such as towns and cities (and islands with low speed limits such as Jersey) because of problems with diesel particulate filters (DPF's) not getting hot enough to burn off deposits.

Save Super

Yeah I can see the hill climbers and rallyers turning up in their diesel race cars now. Good one Jim.

old jersey girl

What are they all talking about ?


Jim - cost of diesel car 12/15% more than petrol version, time taken to recover difference in cost circa 5 years, diesel cars in Jersey absolutely wasted unless you have money to throw away.


Retailers and suppliers are not obliged to supply sell a product. If the volume of demand does not fit the business model or profit margins then you let it go. So for all of you who wanted souped up vehicles for an island with a top speed of 40mph more fool you for getting one in the first place. As for vintage car owners, what do you expect? That retailers, suppliers keep a fuel so your old toys can still run. Modern world people. Times change, as do fuels.


told by the dealer YESTERDAY-'YOU CANNOT RUN 2005 MERCEDES AMG55 ON UNLEADED'...so get your facts right lucy...

powerboats/JETSKI'S/paragliders/OUTBOARD MOTORS

maybe you live on the moon, dear.

Low octane lifestyle lover

powerboats/JETSKI'S/paragliders/OUTBOARD MOTORS

No great loss to the peace loving majority!

HEARSES and AMBULANCESstill use it

there are still older v8 engines used in wedding cars, hearses, ambulances and high performance engines used in inshore rescue, cliff rescue, so you may find your peaceful safe life needs super unleaded.

Mike Wilson

Do you really believe that statement " no great loss to the peace loving majority " or are you just a selfish mean spirited troll trying to get a reaction from those powerboaters hillclimbers rally drivers kart racers motocross riders and performance car owners who will be effected by the loss of super unleaded ??

Low octane lifestyle lover

Yep. Mean old miseryguts who doesn't like like screaming two-stroke noise or, come to that, any other exhibitionist exhausts and also having to make massive detours around the southern end of St Ouens's Bay because petrolheads need the road to cover in rubber.

Hopefully I'm not in too much of a minority, discounting excitable teenage scooter riders who have yet to appreciate the finer side of life.

Save Super

low octane lifes.....blah blah. What car do you drive?

Do you have any children/grandchildren?

Do you even like people, or are you sat at home with 10 cats?

Felice Rovelli

Nice Attitude , what do you do for enjoyment ?

Low octane lifestyle lover

Save Super. I drive a lovely diesel which puts most petrol engines to shame with its low revs and high torque. It's unexpectedly quiet, too, as much of the noise goes straight back into the engine.

Felice. Among other things, driving my lovely diesel to tranquil places and then turning off the engine to soak up the peace and quiet, or enjoy some 'motor sport' in the back!

not needed??

by your reckoning, it would be fine if low volume sea/air travel was cancelled. low volume lanes/roads were all closed, low occupancy buses removed, low used pavements tarmacked over- you seem rather childish in your views.


a monopoly removing an essential product and owning the fuel farm that fuel HAS TO BE BROUGHT IN BY is not the same as a shop deciding not to sell yellow trousers. maybe you should think before you write.

are you for real??

so in your opinion, it would be ok if your electricity was cut off because somebody thinks you don't use enough? or your water was cut off because you don't use much either? maybe your bus route cancelled and tv signal turned off. or the beach's closed because they're never fully occupied.. are you perhaps a character from a charles dickens novel??


Lucy, you need to realise people that own cars that require this fuel are aware of the speed limit. A standard ford fiesta can achieve over 100 mph . My point is that I own a car requiring this fuel and the attraction is not how fast it can go.

Not sure what your sport or passion is in life, but willing to bet if it was placed in jeopardy you would not be best pleased.


As I recall from the full article this fuel accounts for 3 percent of local sales. Therefore it does not hold the economy of scale of other fuels so the profit margins will be smaller and probably are not cost effective. You all refer to a monopoly. Well that may be the case but even if you had ten suppliers the market shows that the fuel will only account for 3 percent of sales so the volumes obtained by each supplier would be even less cost effective. You all go on about it being essential. It may be essential for certain engines but is not an essential item for every day living so making comparisons to water, heating oil electricity etc is risable. I go back to my original post no supplier is obliged to sell a particular product especially when it accounts for so little of their turnover.



The implications for the island in terms of the motorsport events that would be lost (Jersey Rally, Festival of Speed and the National Hill climb to name a few) are much greater than just stopping the sale of one line of fuel.

The island would lose £thousands of desperately needed tourism income. Surely the supplier has a wider moral duty if it controls the only source of a product. What about the jobs that might be lost etc etc

Save Super

Lucy do you work for Rubis? You sound like Mr. Havard?

So because it isn't essential for everyone, just a few it doesn't matter? It still makes money as it is, but it also makes money in other aspects as has already been said. There is a bigger picture but not everyone seems to be seeing it.

Even if people don't agree and it goes, the people affected are going to have to spend £££'s fixing it, with only 2 weeks notice is shambolic.

Super Love

Get your head out of your behind and look at the bigger picture.


I can assure you my head is free of any such predicament. 3 percent of sales is the bigger picture when it comes to business economics, alas it effects the minority customer base. I have no problem with the fuel remaining on sale and wish you all luck with your campaign. I am simply making an observation as to why the fuel will be taken off sale. Clearly the vast majority, 97 percent, of customers can do without it or do not need it so take the pragmatic view that it is not a viable commodity for profit.

Save Super

Lucy, Genuinely, Do you work for Rubis? You are trying to push this on to us like Rubis with Unleaded.

Your lack of understanding the product is the problem, It is not merely a case of looking at the numbers with a case like this. Super plus unleaded has additives in it that premium unleaded doesn't,it is also a better quality fuel. This fact makes a massive difference, there are engines that rely on this fuel to work properly, that is also a fact.

We also have motorsport events which genuinely generate business in the form of tourism to the island as well. This will certainly be less if not stopped if SUL is cut.

So you have, Cars, Bikes, Jet skis and garden equipment, to name a few, that RELY on this.

Will Rubis cover any warranties, accidents, damage or tuning that occurs from THEIR decision to stop the supply?

Your talk of percentages, profit and sales will not help you with this question, so you may struggle to answer.


I do not need to reply to the uses of the fuel when my point is this is a question of economic viability. Looking at your posts it smacks of scare mongering. The world is is not going to stop. Gardeners will still garden. Cars, trucks, bikes et al will all continue to run. There will not be mass breakdowns or accidents caused by this. You have a high performance car which you state you take away to use. Well, get your fuel where you take it and ensure you have enough left in the tank to get to a from the harbour on your trips. I wonder whether you would be shouting so loud if it did not directly effect your hobby. Again I wish you luck in your campaign but stop deriding my comments which are based on economic observations not the use of the fuel. And finally I do not and never have worked for any fuel supplier in my life or, in any industry related to it .

Save Super

What about my NEW toy? the one which i like to take away to uk/france and track? Would you rather i got a car that i could just race around Jersey in? Funny you say modern world, because taking away the higher octane fuel is a step backwards,they have 99ron and higher in the uk and cars are run more efficiently on it, we are actually taking a step back staying on a less economic fuel, which provides no protection on any car, you are proving you don't know what you are talking about.


Watch out, this is only the beginning of the damage that this cut will cause. As E10 bio fuel is introduced later this year, the recommendation is that you use "Super-unleaded" as the only fuel suitable for engines with a carburettor. This mean all classic cars and lorries, most cars produced before 1986 and some as late as 2002, as well as high performance car. This will be the death nail for classic cars, older cars,sunday school runs, car rallies, a lot of lawn mowers, generators, cement mixers etc, if super-unleaded is withdrawn. Another kick in the teeth for Jersey, but hay we can all go on the bus!

See http://fbhvc.co.uk/legislation-and-fuels/fuel-information/?site=fbhvc.co.uk#biofuels

Pip Clement

The consumption of super unleaded has dropped from 4.2 million litres in 2010 to 2.9 million litres in 2012, a decline of 31%.

I guess that was enough for the man with the pocket calculator.


That is about 1/2 million gallons - over 1000 gallons a day we used and they reckon it doesn't matter.

Move with the times, please

Just think how much more impressive that figure would sound expressed in litres!

Save Super

The trend is that both types of unleaded have been decreasing, It just happens that SUL is a smaller number, not quite small enough for it not to matter though Mr Rubis/FSCI/LCFT


I bet I know why Super Unleaded consumption is down. Could it be because the price in Jersey is not much lower than the UK nowadays.

I used to aim to be 3/4 empty on arriving in Jersey, and filled up at Bel Royal before getting the boat home.

With the price differential eroded, there seems little point in dragging a tank of petrol back to the UK.

Nowadays I have a diesel car, and the full tank of BP ultimate diesel makes the journey from the UK to Jersey instead. :)


The big problem here is the savagely short notice. What were they thinking there?

Save Super

Completely agree. I have commented a lot on here, but it is something I feel strongly about, this is the one question that hasn't been answered.

Did the MD wake up one day and say "oh looks like the super unleaded tank could do with a clean." Some how no, i doubt that, so how long was it known for? At least give us time to sort our cars out as best we can if this was going to happen, the world will be ruined by greed and it's well on its way.


Are Rubis so short sighted that they don't realise what a detrimental affect this will have on their overall business?

Or will they turn out to be the 'shining knight' in this story....

Save Super

If they have a plan to be the shining knight I hope they hurry up about it. I know people are already planning going away to try get this stupid idea sorted for their cars, they will remain the villain again if they leave it too long.

Pip Clement

It is just market forces.

It is no longer possible for the monopoly petrol supplier in Jersey to make loads of cash from supplying four star so they are withdrawing the product.

What do you want, pinko intervention from the States of Jersey?


I have read some of the comments with interest because my day job, which is focused on Fuel Savings for UK based Commercial Vehicle Fleets, brings me into contact with people who are very knowledgeable on the subject of Fuels.

I also do ECU Remapping and DPF Resets locally, I am a Jerseyman and spend most of my time here. If SUL is no longer available owners of cars that have been tuned to run on 97 Octane may have to have the ECU Remapped to avoid engine damage.

My view on this matter is that there should have been a consultation process and some input from "experts" outside of Jersey on the effect of withdrawing SUL. There are many factors involved here that should be openly discussed.