Fish tank dip a YouTube hit – but hotel says it’s no joke

THE Radisson hotel on the Waterfront is investigating their security after a man managed to take a dip in their giant fish tank on Saturday night as a bet.

The swimmer enjoys his dip  in the giant tank . . . until an angry hotel worker arrives
The swimmer enjoys his dip in the giant tank . . . until an angry hotel worker arrives

THE Radisson hotel on the Waterfront is investigating their security after a man managed to take a dip in their giant fish tank on Saturday night as a bet.

Video footage of the man clambering into the 12,000-litre tank filled with tropical fish at the Radisson Blu hotel and swimming has been posted on YouTube and has had more than 10,250 hits.

Lydia Smith, director of sales and marketing at the Radisson, said that no fish had been hurt in the incident at 10.30 pm and she was sure the man meant no harm.

‘However, it was a careless act and dangerous for all involved, including the fish,' she said.

Watch the video. Warning: Strong Language

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Comments for: "Fish tank dip a YouTube hit – but hotel says it’s no joke"

Old Crappo

may be trying filling the tank with piranah fish, that will sort the men from the boys should anyone think of trying this again!


Only reckless in as much as he might have slipped on his way out. Otherwise it's a pretty hilarious stunt.


How did he know that the tank sides could take his weight, if they had given way, not only could he have been seriously injured(one less for the gene pool), the lobby of the hotel would have been seriously damaged and untold suffering to the fish contained within the tank.

Hilarious... No ...... Stupid and idiotic ...... Yes


it was funny, deal with it. Some people like to have a laugh in life and show off to their friends, what would you rather than did, mug old ladies and take drugs? Get over yourself, as for teh Hotel, hopefully they'll not put a lid on the tank to stop this being done again.

While I'm not saying this should be done again, I am saying, well done for making most people laugh - very amussing I feel unless you're too old to remeber what it was like to be young and do rnadom things for fun.


Not too old to forget two friends who are no longer with us because of having a laugh.

One because he thought he could parascend with no training off of a rocky beach with nothing more than a rope and an old parachute or the friend that we lost when his mate thought it a great joke to push him into a slurry pit on a West Country farm, not thinking it was like pushing him into quick sand.

Let's just say the tank collapsed, taking out a couple of toddlers who were watching and possibly enoying the fun and frolics, would you be laughing at that.

Yeah I'll get over myself.


Really? Im 'young' yet, i also find this a moronic thing to do. Personally what would have made me laugh is the inch thick glass breaking and said moron severely injuring himself and being forced to pay the thousands (likely 10k+) it would have cost to replace the tank and fish, shame.

Simple Sid

Don't encourage the idiot

Parktown Prawn


The fact that you think this is funny says more about your lack of intelligence than it does about others not having a sense of humour.

Funny? What was funny about it exactly?

Some moron jumping into an aquarium without any regard for the creatures living there.

Maybe he would like to jump in a Tiger's cage next THAT I'd find funny !!



Not funny Ashley and not acceptable behaviour (from any of them) for a hotel reception, 12000 litres equates to 12 tonnes of water. If this knuckle dragger had smashed the tank the resulting flood of water could seriously injure innocent bystanders. This was only done so it would be posted on for the big "look at me imitating Jackass" 2 second Internet celebrity slot. Don't praise this brainless, socially retarded moron as this is exactly what he wants.

Mrs B

Childish moron.

percy egre

what a pathetic act, the bloke should be charged with being disorderly on licensed premises


I heard he was looking for NEMO!!!

Bilbo Beghins

A foolish act.

I didn't think the potty mouthed security guard's language was appropriate for a 4 Star Hotel. I doubt many pub security staff would have been so unprofessional.


It was boxing on Sat night so security were there for that, dont think he was employed by radisson


Hollywood have been on the phone, they are looking for a location for a remake of A Man From Atlantis. All they need is £2 million and they have promised to film it in the Radisson reception with this guy as the star. Economic Development are signing the cheque as I write.


Such a silly bet , and I agree that that the security guards language was not good for a 4 star hotel , and why did he not hold on to him for the police to deal with him .

Billy the fish

What a hilarious bet. If only Kelly Brook was swimming naked next to him like in piranha then it would of topped off the night for the man. All of those commenting saying he should be charged get a life or become an honorary policeman!


the "severity" of this non story is completely destroyed by the fact you have actually shown the video. Still, pretty damn funny. As long as nothing was hurt then harmless fun and tom foolery


It was a stupid irresponsible act and not in any way funny. All of you who think it was must belong to the same club as this moron.

So no fish died (yet) but they will inevitably have suffered stress and could die from this at a later stage and damage was caused.

Name and shame this jerk and bring him before the the Magistrate, he wouldn't be laughing then.


Please stop going on about the Security guard it wasn't his fault some pratt decided to go and do something like that, he was probably quite shocked, wouldn't you be, also I assume they were all very intoxicated so it was very late at night. As for the Tank he'd never break it even if he tried, it's made of 8inch thick solid acrylic not glass and is one solid moulded piece. It's the biggest solid moudled fish tank in Europe and used to feature in the ITN news room, it weighs several tons even when empty. Yes the guys an idiot, worst danger was actually to himself!

Simple Sid

They should throw him in jail.


With a comment like that, I guess that's why you're called 'Simple' Sid. This is not monopoly.


I think a night or two in clink would do this idiot good, this is not acceptable behavior in a hotel reception. If he was pissed up he should be done for drunk and disorderly. We cannot let behavior like this become the norm just because we see it all the time on the extrovert idiots site of choice, YouTube.

YouTube showcases a lot of what is dumb in the world, but just because it is seen world wide by many people does not mean it is acceptable behavior.

Gross Nez Mucus


Totally agree! you see all sorts of louts parading their unacceptable behaviour on Youtube.

There is even a clip of an idiot [as you put it] saying "you are trying to SHAFT Jersey internationally"

Totally unacceptable behaviour; even featured on Newsnight. Such a shame that Paxman mishears it as "you are trying to SHOW OFF Jersey internationally"

But do you think a night or two in clink would be enough ...... given the untold damage that has been done to jersey and its people?


I heard this was someone that opposed Lord Phil of of O of spin...

Ended up swimming with fishes....!


that was bloody brilliant, sooo funny, what a hero!!!


This is what happens when you feed your guests lasagne, thought he was sea horse...


What a shame that Big old Frontosa was hiding in his cave, otherwise he may have come out and taken a chunk out of his ass! Forget Piranas this guy escaped with his jewels still intact!


This guy has got more publicity for Jersey than clanger McLean and spin Ozouf and all their pompous quangos could achieve in a month of Sundays!!!!