Plans to cap mobile roaming charges and end ‘bill shock’

MOBILE phone providers could be forced to cap overseas data roaming charges as early as next month to prevent Islanders returning home to huge bills, the competition watchdog has announced.

Moves to clamp down on high phone data roaming charges are now being made
Moves to clamp down on high phone data roaming charges are now being made

MOBILE phone providers could be forced to cap overseas data roaming charges as early as next month to prevent Islanders returning home to huge bills, the competition watchdog has announced.

The Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities has been working with telecoms operators to find a solution to the issue of ‘bill shock’, which was highlighted by a JEP investigation in October.

The JEP revealed that several Islanders had been left with data roaming charges of between £700 and £7,000 after travelling abroad – in some cases as a result of their mobile phones automatically updating apps.

At a briefing yesterday to launch the organisation’s 2013 action plan, Mr Riseley said that efforts to prevent ‘bill shock’ were nearing completion.

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Comments for: "Plans to cap mobile roaming charges and end ‘bill shock’"


Well done, can't come soon enough.

I live in fear of my mobile doing something when I go away, and the phone companies don't help or explain them either, mine is with Airtel, when I got it the woman told me to have 3g switched on all the time, they never explained about apps updating or anything like that.

I did read the instructions and switched it to only updating apps when connected to wifi, and switched off the 3g until I need it, no thanks to Airtel though!

Smart phone

Should of phoned there help desk 121 they are excellent ask for a chap called Andy!


Help! I'm being driven demented! SHOULD OF! It's SHOULD HAVE.

Expat bean

Here in the Middle East I travel frequently. My mobile service provider sets a credit limit on my phone of around GBP80. If this is reached all outgoing calls and incoming roaming charges are stopped. I still receive local calls and can access emergency services. Simple. I am protected and my service provider is protected too.

scooby doo

That sounds like a simple way ahead. Too simple for here I would imagine. Anyway, lets hope for the best.

Tim South

I recently changed to Sure, to take advantage of the broadband charges which unlike JT do not charge extra when you reach JT down load limit. The downside was, I had to have a mobile phone contract, so gave up my pay as you go JT phone. I don't use the mobile making calls for fun, unlike my lovely girlfriend.

This cannot come soon enough, hence the EU moving against the mobile companies in Europe. The cost from Sure while I was in Jersey, around £15 per month, making the odd local call and having free minutes, bill for one month off Jersey, with a few extra but not long calls £247.67

There is no doubt the Channel Islanders are being ripped badly, I have now turned my phone off, can you blame me ? This also stops them consistently sending me useless messages to rack up my bill as you have to pay for calls and messages received.



Tim South

if it helps

You don't have to have a Sure Mobile contract to have sure broadband. You get a discount on the broadband with sure if you do but a mobile phone contract is not a requirement to have a Sure broadband contract.

I have Sure Broadband and JT pay as u go

IPhoned U

I think the regulator should ask the phone providers to test the IQ of the contract purchaser.

The clue is somewhere in the product name "smart phone". If you can't work out how to use it then you shouldn't be allowed to operate it.

Bring in a licence test- similar to CBT for motorbikes- until you pass that you can't take one out (of the island unsupervised)

I suspect many of those complainers knew exactly what they were doing when roaming. Easy to plead ignorance.

Tim South

IPhoned U

I bet you did, just to rack up my bill, do you work for Sure with a name like that ?

A scandal.


It took years to convince my Mum to have a mobile phone just in case her car breaks down in the middle of nowhere or for any other emergencies.

I don't expect her to know or use all the function on her phone. Same thing apply to kids.

Do you actually know how to work out a PC from A to Z without having to Google an answer or call IT. I would guess, 99% of user can't. So rubbish argument in my view.

Why can't they create an app saying: "Warning, you are about to get ripped off if you want to view this content!"

A license to use a mobile phone , seriously???


O2, Vodafone, T-mobile, Orange all give away free PAYG sim cards these days.... Every cash point in Jersey gives you the option to top-up your credit........ Never had a problem with sky rocket bills.........


Im sorry but you lot are very sad, if you done have the intelligence to read a manual and understand the devices you are using then you shouldn't have them.

please deliver them to your nearest charity shop.


I am sure 50% of people never opened the manual in their cars, plus, second hand phones do not always come with the instructions.


Oh your a cleaver one! we are talking about phones not cars, if you cant tell the difference you shouldn't have either.

Smart phone

iPhoned U I agree people buy theses new smart phone to simply have the latest phone and to keep up with the jones. A very simple way it was explained to me was if I went out and forgot to switch by electric fire off do I think the JEC will refund me - not a chance! So why would JT or Airtel do so just cause I didn't switch my data roaming off the fact is its ur phone ur bill so you ave to responsible for it simples

Leccy lover

I wish they would work with the JEC to stop my bill shock after it going up 30% in the last few years.


How can you justify sending a bill of £7000 to your customer for using a mobile phone when you can get internet pretty much everywhere around the world.


I worked with one guy who racked up £4000 overnight on a dongle through roaming charges with Vodaphone. He switched his laptop on and left it to download, he didnt realise downloading complicated technical drawings would take so long! He had an interesting chat with his manager when he got back!