Dealers ditch heroin for new deadly drug

CRIMINAL gangs are exploiting French GPs to flood Jersey with a potentially deadly drug which has become more popular than heroin.


CRIMINAL gangs are exploiting French GPs to flood Jersey with a potentially deadly drug which has become more popular than heroin.

Today, in the fourth day of a series examining Jersey’s drugs scene, the JEP can reveal that 2012 saw an explosion in the number of dealers attempting to import the highly valuable Subutex – a drug so profitable that some dealers have ditched pedalling class A substances.

Just one tablet – which is prescribed in large quantities by French GPs – can fetch up to £80 in Jersey compared to just £5 in the UK.

And with the drug currently only ranked at class C, many dealers view Subutex – a high-strength painkiller which is more commonly used to treat heroin addiction – as a low-risk, high-profit alternative to importing the class A drug.

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Comments for: "Dealers ditch heroin for new deadly drug"


So the ever wise Jersey wants to start meddling with our Drug Laws again and make Subutex Class B instead of Class C, even though there is a mountain of evidence out there saying that the Class a drug is in does not matter to dealers or users!

The Swiss & Dutch have got their heads screwed on properly. Both these countries prescribe Heroin to addicts and slowly wean them off it if possible, or at least stabilise their use so they can get their lives back together.

The result, far fewer deaths from overdose, less AIDS and other infections from sharing dirty needles, a much reduced crime rate and a much better success rate at getting the addicts clean!

Exactly the reason the average age of a Heroin addict in Holland is 40, compared to 20 in the UK.

When will Jersey and UK wake up and start using an evidence based approach of what actually works?


The class of a drug, cost of it, average age of the users or if the state provides the drug for the user is all very well.. The problem is that the only beneficiaries of drug use are the dealers, dealer. I dont see why the state should provide drugs with pulic money. The average age of users in holland might be 40.. Probably BECAUSE the state provides drugs and make their use "appear" acceptable. At 40 - you would have thought that the users would have grown up a bit, realised that they are VERY VERY lucky to still be alive if they've been taking drugs for that long. We need to find a way to get dealers locked up for life, stop drugs hitting the streets and intead of Class A,B or C.. lets say - If a drug is not on the "approved" list.. its counted as illegal and you will be locked up if you are caught with it.

Major Problem

You really haven't thought that through very well have you flip? Christopher is spot on. Trials prescribing heroin in certain parts of the uk have been very successful. Crime dropped by half, saving huge amounts of money compared to the small amount spent on the addicts legal fix. Have you thought how much money it would cost to build new prisons and house all these 1000's of dealers for life???


So which of your lists would subutex go on, or diamorphine, valium etc. etc. Good list if you need it, bad list if you don't? What about people prescribed painkillers who abuse them, what do you do with them?

We already support alcoholics in their addiction; but you know what, some come good, rehabilitate and contribute back to society. You must be overjoyed that we already live in your black and white, intolerant well doesn't it.

What about countries that execute drug mules, does it stop people trying? No. Why? Fear, desperation and greed, all excellent motivators are they not?

We cannot have it all ways with drugs; an opiate is okay in the hands of a doctor, but lethal if administered by a member of the public for their own pleasure; or to numb the pain of having lived in, and been effected by, an Island that seems less inclined to deal with what appears to be a disproportionate amount of child abuse cases and more inclined to lock up those abused children when they later become addicts?

Alcohol, what medical use has that? Sterilization, I suppose but not consumption...but it's okay for us to all abuse that until our hearts content.

Until people stop living in fear of facing the truth about drugs and using blind prejudice, misinformation and Daily Mail style journalism to inform there opinions; start using real evidence based facts and listening to ex-addicts etc. to have a sensible debate on the subject, we are doomed to keep repeating our current mistakes.


" I dont see why the state should provide drugs with pulic money."

Because it would cost a minute fraction of what it costs the taxpayers to maintain the war against them. Something that we have been proving for centuries in one way or another, has absolutely zero chance of succeeding.


But let's not lose sight of the fact that Jersey has a major heroin problem that 90% + of the people have no idea about whatsoever.

I hope that's tomorrows story about drugs. Needs to be faced.


Anyone who has had to spend time waiting in A&E will have seen them flocking in to swap their needles - depressing

Pip Clement

The real problem is not the class of the drug but the fact that it is freely prescribed and dispensed in France.

It is easy to obtain two dozen tablets legitimately for maybe EUR 200 at most.

No dealing with criminal types, just fooling a doctor and a pharmacist who want your money.

They are minute and easily smuggled, in Jersey they are worth GBP 2400.

That is a profit of GBP 2,000+ for not a lot.


Anyone ever heard of death by water intoxication? Should spread the word as the water company is hoarding millions of litres of POTENTIALLY DEADLY water, right under our very noses. Better make that stuff class B, asap!!


Well Flip...The Advisory Council On The Misuse Of Drugs in the UK put Alcohol right up there with Heroin and Crack on the harm scale, so if we're going to change the system like you suggest then i'm sure you and your friends will have a lovely time in prison!


this has been going on for years... as always, things are ignored until it suits them...


When are the States going to realise that a drug is a drug is a drug? - Nicotine, Alcohol, Caffeine, Opiates, Stimulants et al. Invasive Abstinence recovery is the only effective treatment (yes, shut addicts in a room until they get through it), and prohibition is the only effective solution! It's about time we threw the dealers to the wall...!


As i stated in my first post Mike, the best way of dealing with Heroin addicts is prescribing pharmaceutical Heroin to them under strict conditions. It has a much bigger success rate than any other method!

Wake up, prohibition has been a huge failure worldwide! Exactly the reason many countries are slowly moving away from it..