Spend £30m on green future or fall behind, warns Deputy

JERSEY needs to be bold and provide £30 million to boost the Island's economy through a number of 'green' eco-friendly projects, according to Deputy Geoff Southern.


JERSEY needs to be bold and provide £30 million to boost the Island's economy through a number of 'green' eco-friendly projects, according to Deputy Geoff Southern.

The St Helier Deputy wants States backing for a scheme which would include investing in projects such as solar heating, wind power and wave and tidal energy.

Deputy Southern said the States should be looking to install offshore renewable energy sources, and that creating a dedicated fund for eco-initiatives can produce a number of local employment opportunities.

In the proposition, Deputy Southern has asked Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf to bring forward proposals for the establishment of the fund by September.

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Comments for: "Spend £30m on green future or fall behind, warns Deputy"

Art Lelai

I propose we fund this new scheme with Deputy Southern's pay.

here here

I second this proposal! but counter with including Ozouf's pay as well.


And he can have the windfarms in his back garden.

C Le Verdic

I would love to have my own modestly sized wind generator in my back garden, but no doubt somebody would rally all the neighbours (none of them particularly near)to protest against the idea.

1ST CUCKOO of spring

COME BACK TO THE REAL WORLD DEPUTY SOUTHERN.. jersey is in terminal economic decline with ALL INDUSTRIES FAILING. do not waste OUR MONEY on this hairbrain scheme


This is not a hairbrain scheme, renewables are the way to go.Unfortunately Jersey is lagging behind with this and need to act now. I would rather see 500 wind turbines around this island than the one nuclear reprocessing plant just across the water. Jersey is well placed to take advantage of providing a base for all the support industries that look after renewables which would be worth millions to the rock.

James Wiley

I agree renewables are the way to go so why is Jersey Electricity not putting some of its profits into developing them? They make more than enough money to fund the scheme themselves. I'm sure they would if they thought their was a commercial advantage in doing so.

It's the same with gigabit Jersey, Jersey Telecoms should be funding the development of the new technology. I'm sure they would if they thought their was a commercial advantage in doing so.

Government should not be in the business of running a business.

Judge Jeffries

Gigagbit Jersey is also highly anti competitive- £45 million of taxpayers' money having been handed to one company by the state. So why isn't the Channel Island Competition Regulatory Authority looking into this ? They would normally be running a fine tooth comb through such an imbalanced award to one business . Or has Mr Risely been ' got at ' by the main sponsor ( and provider of funds ) for Gigagbit ?


You missed out 'silly' from your title.


Unfortunately Booger you have some problems you need to address:

1.You’ll need closer to 5000 turbines not 500 to replace Cap De la Hauge.

2.You’ll need a back up supply. Because the turbines would be placed in a relatively small area they would only be operational for approximately 60 - 70% of the time when the wind blows in that particular area.

3.Offshore farms are far more expensive to build and maintain than onshore ones meaning your electricity prices will be much higher.

4.Getting everyone to agree around the Channel Islands and Normandy that they are not an eyesore or a hazard to shipping lanes.

5.James is right; if this were commercially viable then an energy company would already be doing it for us.




Flamanville nuclear plant nominal power is 2600MW, while one widely available big commercial wind turbine is rated at 3.6MW (or 4MWh - recently developed by Siemens) so you would need 722 (or 650) wind mills to replace it.

I personally find 500 figure much closer to 722 than 5000.


Nuclear power plants are also not 100% weather immune - and I am not talking about Fukushima like case:


Apart from that 3, 4 and 5 still would need to be addressed.

offshore wind UNVIABLE UK GOVT.

even the uk government has said offshore wind farms are unviable and they have stopped all subsidies for them.

Bob Johnson

Please dont make the mistake of blighting your beautiful island with wind farms! You only have to drive down the coast of Spain to see what eyesore they are for little return. Jersey would be better off using tidal power with the big tides it has and lets face it, there are two tides a day every day but the wind doesnt allways blow!


Trouble is that there is NO commercial technology available to harness tidal power.


Check what an Alderney Renewable Energy (company) has proposed.


roombay42: "Check what an Alderney Renewable Energy (company) has proposed."

And you? Have you checked?


Then going to the manufacturer's site:


A quote from here:

"The first 6m test unit produces enough energy to supply 150 average European homes and save the emission of over 450 tonnes of CO2 greenhouse gas each year"

I'd like to stress:

1. FIRST TEST unit.

2. enough to supply **150** average European homes.

One turbine can supply ONLY 150 homes. How many of these would be needed to supply Jersey? 300 perhaps?


You stated that there is NO commercial technology available to harness tidal power. I suggested that you check ARE's proposal. I didn't say that it was the answer to all the problems, I was just pointing it out to you in case you hadn't known about it. I believe it has future potential for the future, better than wind turbines.

I am sure you appreciate that development will improve efficiency and return.



All what they have installed so far are test units. There is no commercial technology available yet.

By commercial I mean proven, reliable, and efficient.

Tidal power generation might have better potential than wind, but so does the fusion nuclear reactor.

I am not against harnessing tidal power. I also believe that further development will improve efficiency and bring costs down and increase returns.

But for now wind mills, whether they are considered an eyesore or not, they works, and they are far more efficient. But still not efficient and long lasting enough to generate gains without subsidies.

There are many more technologies and solutions to lower energy consumption and carbon footprint.

I for one believe that it is much easier to save energy in the first place than to generate it from green sources.

The very good example is proper house insulation. It is not only about putting some mineral wool in the loft. It is MUCH more which can be done here. Proper loft AND walls insulation. Energy efficient windows AND doors. Air circulation with heat recovery (not just vents in your windows). Heat recovery from waste. Efficient low temperature heating systems. Local solar systems and micro generation can get lowering carbon footprint even further.

And what we have here? If you are unfortunate to live in some certain area you are forced by planning to use single glazed sash windows - because some previous occupants hundread years ago managed with ones. You are not allolwed to install solar system in fact. Officially you are but the conditions imposed in law effectively shut down this path.

So lets not think how to waste 30 millions on big things, tidal, wind, etc, because they will never pay off.

Lets start to push States to give people real freedom to improve their own houses in the very first place.



I agree with you about insulating and replacing inefficient windows etc. However I'm optimistic that the ARE system has good potential. I know it isn't ready yet.


Slawek, yousay :"So lets not think how to waste 30 millions on big things, tidal, wind, etc, because they will never pay off"

You make it sound as if it was suppose to make money. The idea is to get green electricity, no money for the share holders.


It s about time we start being responsible of or carbon foot print.

Forget about the solar option, that is just presumptuous. Wind and Wave all the way.

No more nuclear reliability form the French and no more thousands of gallons of petrol as a back up alternative.

A previous article:

Jersey Electricity had turnover of £100.5 million for 2010/11, which was up by two per cent.

But profits were down by 24% from £14.6million to £11.1million. In the previous financial year, profit figures were boosted by one-off income.

However, States income from the company was up significantly. The States owns 62% of ordinary shares and received £8.1million from Jersey Electricity from dividends and taxes, an increase of 19%.


The biggest turbines provides 3.6MW off a 120m diameter propeller. You would need at least 25 of those to supply Jersey.

Where to put them? People moaned about a tiny 30m tower project at Ecréhous, and one blade of such a powerful wind mill is almost twice long.

Who is going to pay for it? Recent 300MW on-shore project in Kenya was estimated at nearly 900 millions US dollars. Assuming the costs would scale down in linear fashion (but they will not in reality) who is going to pay £190 million bill?

Do you have any more clever ideas?


See my other post below for the financing.

Les Ecrehous ? Who would want a tower in their back garden if you could put it (as they did) on no man s land?

Underwater ones won't be seen.

They want 30 million, why 190 million ?

They spent 40 million on a fancy internet . I would much rather green energy than ultra fast broadband .



My point is that people do not want to see a tiny 30m tower on a 6 miles away rock, and you are proposing a giant wind farm with 5 times higher poles. I am asking you - WHERE ?

"Underwater ones won’t be seen."

I see... You mean to build entire wind turbine farm under water. Well that's innovate thinking indeed..

"They want 30 million, why 190 million ?"

First - who is 'they' ?

Second - 'they' want the 30 million for what exactly?

I have estimated cost of 100MWh wind farm at 190 million, based on available information about few other large scale wind farm projects. It is far from being accurate, and it would probably costm much more to build off-shore,

30 million proposed by deputy Southern to put in all kind of solar/wind/water projects is a laughable sum. A laughable comparing to capital needed to build such a wind farm large enough to power Jersey.

Unless they want to spend money on small sized individual projects.. That may help - for sure certain people who know how to get to these funds...I s not going to be average Joe


I am not an expert on the subject like you seem to be, but if the technology is there, we might as well make the most of it.

If we all start to be picky about money when it comes to save the planet, soon Jersey will be under water like Venice. None of us will be here to see it, so why bother ?

I ve seen enough money wasted on superficial stuff.

40 million broadband , 100K swimming pool, 5 million car park, golden handshakes, 2 million to put Warren behind bars, Steam clock, bronze statues, 400k refurbishment in hospital, and I can dig more. So 190 million when there is 50 or 500 billion sitting in Jersey and 600 million in the coffer for the rainy day, pfffff....

It could also create jobs.

That s my view, I won't be here when the sh.t hit the fan, so at the end of the day, lets be selfish: Who cares ...


All very well Kermit, so long as you car share at every availble option, turn your lights and tv off when not in the room etc?

When everyone is taking responsibility for the simple carbon saving techniques then it's worthwhile looking into the big ticket items.


I always switch the Tv off at the main socket and I only had a car for 6 months in my entire life. I walk to work. I wonder why we can't collect rainwater for household purpose and why geothermy is not compulsory on every new build. I recently learn that the reason why we do not have shutters on windows is because Queen Victoria put a tax on the house who did, which is pretty sad.

I wish I could do more believe me ;)

Parktown Prawn


"I see… You mean to build entire wind turbine farm under water. Well that’s innovate thinking indeed.."

I think you'll find Kermit was talking about wave power here and not wind power as you incorrectly assume.


Ah! The popular island-wide poll-topper is back with another idea on how to empty the Treasury coffers. He has certainly earned his pay rise!

One day poor old Red Geoff will actually dream up an intelligent scheme (sort of like the old story of the monkeys with infinite time recreating the works of Shakespeare).

Unfortunately, as soon as we see "Deputy Southern", most right-thinking people immediately chuckle to themselves, shake their heads, and stop reading.


Wind farms, useless, and a blot on the landscape.

Very similar to the proposer!


Not true PJK.

In fact wind farms are the way ahead in terms of sustainable energy until we come up with a solution to fusion.

Suggest you read some of Lester Brown's works since he is one of the world's authority on renewable energy and the future of the planet.... period.

Unfortunately as Mario touches on further down we are just too late.

If our politicians had had the fore sight years ago the Channel Islands could of been a centre for excellence in terms of renewable energy.

You can down load 'Plan B' by Lester Brown for free from his web site. Essential reading for anybody who is interested in how we address the key problems facing humanity.


PS. Sadly I doubt any of our politicians are enlightened enough to even of heard of Lester Brown

Davey West

Actually Pete you are wrong. Wind farms are a desperate effort to appease the greens, but if you look at the cost against income , without a large slice of Government grant they never pay for themselves.

Speaking to a wind turbine industry worker, we discovered all EU countries that had money shoved money in a pot. Then take it out to build these dam windmill farms or lose the contribution.

Not at all good value buying a generator that burns out before its paid for itself.



So relying on 2 cables is a better option ? Never mind the thousands of barrels of fuel.

Saving the planet has to be done without cost or at any cost ?


Hi Davey,

You are right to make the point about the EU system, which is both open to abuse and detrimental to the argument for wind energy.

That said, turbine efficiency is improving all the time and the advantage wind, tidal and solar energy has over other renewable energy sources (first generation bio fuels) is once installed costs are relatively small.

Yes turbines do need replacing but there longevity is improving all the time. Yes there are challenges, such as the base line requirement for energy, but even these are being addressed.

As I touched on before until we come up with technology that makes fusion possible (and even fusion is not a environmental solution) we have only wind, tidal, solar and bio fuels for the foreseeable future.

It does not really matter if you or I like these option or not, once oil has gone this is all we have so we better start investing now.

Chapter 5 of Lester Brown’s book addresses this issue, worth taking an hour to read it.

the thin wallet

if there is so much money in the pot

then why do we still have gst on food ?


Using the £30m. to reduce taxes would be of greater benefit to the island's population as a whole. those that wish to invest in these projects should pay for them themselves.


we need incentives now. there are companys over here now that are struggling because without grants or incentives , renewable soloutions are too expensive for the majority of the island householders to afford. it is also the lower income house owners who will benefit most from a grant or incentive. jersey is way behind the uk when it comes to this technology, jersey has pledged to the kyoto protocol to reduce its carbon emmissions by 80% in 2050. that will never happen at the rate new technologies are being installed around the island


R2D2 - I at least think you are right. Who else does?


Incentives? Dream on.. If only States do not put obstacles in renewable energy projects..

For example - you can install solar panel without applying for planning permissions providing, among feo other conditions, that "any panel fixed to a sloping roof must not project more than 10cm above the surface of the roof plane"


Looks OK, right? Wrong.

All available water heating panels are more than 10 cm thick (the mainfold) and all PV panels needs a decent gap to provide adequate air circulation for cooling. Their efficiency drops significantly with increasing operating temperatures.

So the question is - are we really free to install renewable energy harvesters, or it is it the Planning who tell you if you can or cannot install it?

And you are talking about incentives....


Here we go again with the telephone number proposed schemes, £30,000,000. Looks a lot less without all the zero,s on eh. Where,s the money gonna come from mr. southern. numpty!


If you keep the profits from Jersey electricity going to the States coffers , you can finance it in 3.5 years.

Save 5 million from building a pointless car park , that will be 3 years.

By the time they get everything in place, get reports, survey, check and re check everything, it will be 10 years, and by then,you would have saved 60 million.

Does anybody knows the cost of replacing those cable to France with a 25 year life expectancy?

The thing is with multiple sources generating electricity, if one turbine had to break down, you could count on the many others while you do the repairs. No need to burn thousand of gallons of fuel.

Tokyo? 80% less in 2050!!! Just by burning that fuel, we are probably at +50% this year alone: Another failure.

I also wonder what happen to the 100 million from the EU towards those eco turbines?

Was it more bull...t to make us forget about the electrical price rise ?


Renewables are the way to go. Jersey could have been a world leader but it is now towards the bottom of the pile. A great pity since millions of megawatts pass us by in the sea.

I would much prefer £30M go towards something that has a future. Something which will benefit the island long term and even give the island something to export; which is green, not likely to be boycotted or legislated against by the EU, and a lot less controversial than some other business models out there.

A lot more than £30M has been wasted on other projects which could have been used to persue this course of action.


Mario and Deputy Southern do have a point. We seem to be missing the boat for renewable energy. Though i think wind farms are not suitable for Jersey. How it will all be financed needs to be explored more thoroughly.

Also I think builders these days should be fitting solar panels on new houses as standard. Some people may think these wont do much. But I have had one for 5 years + and it has saved me lots of money on my gas bill!

With ever increasing utility bills something does need to be done.



"But I have had one for 5 years + and it has saved me lots of money on my gas bill!"

Have all the savings paid off your initial investment yet?

How long yet to achieve your break-even point on that project? This is the question you should ask yourself. And this is the economical measure of solar heating viability - not how much you have saved on gas bills so far.


We could actually build a massive prison camp all over St Ouen and be the world leader in incarceration. We could dig up the whole of St Oeun and be the world's leading land fill site. We could fence off St Ouen and become the world's leading site for testing germ warfare. Or we could build wind turbines over all of St Ouen, or wave machines all the way up the coast off the five mile road, and become the world's leading supplier of renewable energy.

Some landscape, some blot. There would be devasting affects from pUrsuing this. To become self-sufficient would cost a multiple of £30 million. To be an actual exporter would cost hundreds and hundreds of millions, and ruin the landscape of the island and its surrounds.

I am extremely happy that we haven't pandered to the NT and their ill fated Plemont campaign, but even I might knock up a placard to "save" an area the size of St Ouen.

I blame Sir Percy, for inventing Green.


I look forward to the elections.


Neither solar panels nor wind turbines have proved to be cost effective as yet, however with one of the largest tidal movements in the world Jersey should be harnessing the massive power of the sea!!! Anything would be preferable to the reliance on nuclear power from France. Mind you the States appear to produce more than enough hot air to heat every dwelling in the island! so a lot of electricity could be saved there in the winter months.

Windy Miller

Can we put the first generator in the States Chamber?

The amount of waffle, drivel and hot air constantly being produced should see the Island okay for power for the foreseeable!



The French were the first to use Hydro Power

across the River Rance,

You therefore have experts on your doorstep to advise on the cost and best place to situ

a Hydro Power Station.

Come on Jersey you used to be innovative now

all you do is talk .

Do the Maths!

We have ALREADY fallen behind - it's embarrassing!!!

We should have been the pioneers of renewable energy, considering we're the 'warmest place in the British isles' AND the extreme tides we have.

Think of the money we could have already made (and saved!!) HAD we started this YEARS ago, when England and Wales did!!

The island is behind in all aspects of being 'eco' - even recycling.

It's shameful - especially when you look at other countries (with considerably poorer financed governments) who have been recycling and using renewable energy for YEARS before us!!!

Although the TIMING of this venture is not the best (leaving everything to the last minute seems to be the States of Jersey motto) IT IS a good idea and really should go ahead!

However, wind turbines would probably not be appropriate as they are huge and could ruin the Jersey scenery.. unless they can be mounted somewhere out to sea on rocks?

Shame it's taken THIS LONG for a states member to actually get the guts to say something that should have been said long ago... GO FOR IT!!!


It would appear that there is a split here. Those that realise the need for renewable energy generation and those that want to snipe at Geoff southern. The point is despite his history the man is right . What will be the consequences if we do nothing. Are there fines in place for failing to meet the protocol, if so who will get the blame when the island is fined?

If we can generate cheap/ free electricity and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels then surely that is a good thing for all of us with reduced co2 levels.

Why not make it mandatory to install solar PV on all new builds over a certain size if conditions ie azimuth etc are acceptable?


The split is between those who have fallen for the green agenda, and those who have common sense.


Meanwhile people are driving around in their 4x4 alone, leaving all their appliances on standby, throwing away vast amounts of rubbish which burnt alot of carbon to make etc etc. Despite manufactures being more eco savvy with their products, our energy requirements are growing year on year not falling.

This rhetoric about green energy production is just an attempt to pass responsibility from the lazy individual to the nameless government.


You forgot the 20 000 light bulbs along the Esplanade....


What do you expect from the establishment supporters. God forbid any positive feedback even if it is a good idea. Better to go down a blind alley.

James common sense would dictate that you can't polute your environment and treat it like one big toxic waste dump. Massive forest clearance worldwide is altering weather patterns. Our weather is becoming more extreme you only have to look at what happens when it rains. Now it is more like monsoon rains, which we rarely if ever had in temps passe. Just look at the roads many are being underminded due to excessive intense rainfall.

Weather patterns worldwide are become more extreme even Oz has had to introduce another colour to its weather charts due to soaring temperatures, namely black for over 50 degrees C.

joker I blame this rampant capitalistic machine which pumps out all sorts of tat in the name of profit, which then ends up in landfill, or being burnt, after a few weeks of use. Plastics should not be being used except in rare cases where there is an actual need. Consumerism is destroying the planet.

Just pay a visit to Bellozane and you will see many new items being thrown out. My mate got a new T.V. stand still in its box. The previous owner couldn't be bothered to assemble it as it was too complicated namely needing a few nuts and bolts being fixed together. It is pathetic what gets dumped down there.


Mario, you really do believe everything you hear on the BBC. Listen carefully to what they say. Listen out for the word "could", a real giveaway that they present the unproveable or unproven as a possibility.

You look out of the window and glance at an Australian weather forecast and figure out that the global weather is becoming more extreme? You don't think that in these days of 24/7 news and the internet, it is simply the case that we hear about the latest Force Nine rather than 20 years plus ago when we didn't? You don't understand that weather people now are always cautious and prone to exaggeration? You really believe that global climate should be measured over tens or hundreds of years, when actually fundamental changes happen over thousands of years? And you haven't figured out why the Greens tell us that we "could" be ankle deep in artic water within a generation?

Filter the nonsense Mario. See the not-so-hidden agendas. Apply some reasoning!


"What do you expect from the establishment supporters. God forbid any positive feedback even if it is a good idea. Better to go down a blind alley."

Who said it was a good idea?

The rest of your post I'll agree with. But capitalism and consumerism exist due to their demand from people. To point your finger at capitalism or consumerism like it was a person to blame is misleading. That was the point I was trying to make earlier; that once individuals start questioning their own choices the bigger issues like consumerism will resolve themselves.

Parktown Prawn


With regards to climate change and human profligacy....I agree.


It's not just Australia. Do you have a short memory?

Not long ago people were dying in the Siberian heatwaves; huge blocks of ice are melting and breaking off the ice shelf; there are industrial cities in China where the air is too polluted to breathe.....

Maybe you should open your eyes to see what is going on in the WORLD rather than just outside your own bedroom window ;-)


Your comment "not so long ago" rather proves my point. In a sense Climate Change is continuous - Mother Nature sees to that - but significant shifts in The World's Weather need to be measured over thousands of years, not by looking outside your window today and thinking its warmer than yesterday.

Exactly how long do you think the Ice Age was? Perspective needed PP!

Parktown Prawn

No James....YOU need to get some perspective.

You clearly do not understand that Siberia is not renowned for its hot weather......yet suffered unusual heat waves that killed many people.

There have been snowfalls in Africa and freezing temperatures in Australia over recent years.....all against the norm.

Unusual weather is happening all over the globe.

You may think climate change evolves over thousands of years, but your limited intellect has disregarded the fact that man was not polluting the earth as much back then as it is now.....and alarmingly so.

The earth is being raped and abused to an unacceptable level now and this is OBVIOUS to everyone but you.....and it IS affecting our weather.

Earth may not exist as we know it in another 1000 years at this rate so bang goes your theory!

Instead of burying your head in the sand and pretending it's not happening.....WAKE UP.


I forget the current total of propsed government spending.

New Hospital, new police station, new car parks, resurface the roads, build a new school at Les Quennevais, new council houses .....

I wonder how many billions of £ this will amount to - where is the money coming from - how is it going to be paid back?

Do LOCALS actually want all this ??


Do LOCALS actually want all this ?

Not sure , but future generation will !

Wait for the next Fukoshima to happen !!!

There is more than one dodgy nuclear station in France.

Flame Boy L

Can I just throw this into the mix?

If these any of these 'renewables' were as good as they claim. would they not be installed for free and pay for themselves through out their opperation?


there are many companys in the uk supplying and installing solar pv systems free of charge to the householder. it works by them keeping the monies recieved for excess power generated.

what you are referring to is a payback period ie how long before you recoup the cost of the installation, this varies on the technology and the incentives allocated to it


It works only because UK government guarantees and subsidizes high unit prices on buy-back tariffs for the next 21 years or so. And people there are all happy probably not realising that they are paying for that through the nose - in all kind of taxes, which are pretty hight in UK.

Any grant, subsidy, incentive is paid by the tax payers and NOT by government.

Should deputy Southern wish to spend 30 million on green energy projects - I have no problem with that as long as he is going to spend his own 30 millions.

Trouble is he wants to spent 30 millions of OUR money, not his own.

If I had mentioned 30 millions of my own money I would probably start some green energy related business here. But I wouldn't dare to risk someone else's cash.

Soul Doctor

I'd like to know where the vehicle emissions tax that is paid when importing a vehicle into the island goes. My best guess based on how SofJ usually works is that it gets put into the big pot with other taxes, to be wasted on the multitude of hair brain schemes we see and read about on a daily basis.

To my thinking, monies gained from an emissions tax on cars should be put exclusively towards green schemes in order to help balance the carbon footprint the vehicles make.

paul payne

you have the best island in the world , with some of the best tides , - use them not wind turbines please pp

C Le Verdic

We've got some good winds as well. Why not also use them?

Parktown Prawn

The best winds can be found in the States Chamber!


So the Deputy refused to support the purchase of Plemont for the island, which would have cost between 3-4 million but is now asking for £30 million for environmental projects?! Really?!

All seems like he is doing this for himself and trying to rectify a previous mistake.


When I was growing up I watched my grandmother fold and re-use every paper and plastic bag until it was spent. They only ever heated the rooms they were using, never hallways or spare bedrooms, and tended to walk rather than drive. Food was never wasted, jars kept for jam, and bottles returned. And they didn't even know about being green, they were just thrifty after living through a war.

How times have changed now. A lot of the 'green' people I have come across drive Chelsea tractors, and walk around their homes in t-shirts when it is snowing outside using vast amounts of energy on heating. Not to mention jetting off on several holidays a year!

La Moye Squirrel

Well said, puffin.


stop filling people whith guano how many times do i have to tell you jersey shores do not belong to jersey the belong to the queen of england