Report on States’ £53,000 parking spaces

A REPORT on the proposed £4.8 million expansion of Snow Hill car park has been released following the announcement of the plans last week.

An artist's impression of the proposal
An artist's impression of the proposal

A REPORT on the proposed £4.8 million expansion of Snow Hill car park has been released following the announcement of the plans last week.

The Transport and Technical Services department wants to build a second floor on top of the car park to provide a further 90 short-stay spaces at a cost of £53,000 per space.

There are currently 68 parking spaces in the car park, which is popular with town centre shoppers.

• See Tuesday's JEP for full report and temps passé pictures

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Comments for: "Report on States’ £53,000 parking spaces"


Hmm, so with 9hrs parking a day at the new £0.73p an hour, that's £6.57 a day for a fully occupied space, so that means then that each space will take £53000/£6.57 days to pay for itself, or in other words 8067day (just over 22years!!!)

Value for money me thinks.... NOT!


Totally agree ! This is turning into a massive JOKE ! All of that because of that bloody police station which is turning into a money pit.

When is Ozouf going to admit that Green street is not the best location for it since the office spaces were sold to a 1/3 party. It took 8 years of research and already costed us 700K, plus another 4.8 million by the look of things because of their incompetence.

What I can't understand is why they can't extend the existing levels in Green street. You would add at least 50cars per level: 150 extra spaces. Any qualified builder should be able to extend to the existing level without costing 4.8 million


Jersey seems to be getting worse and no improvement to be seen. I left the Island in 2011, add £20.000 and that's the price of my house I recently bought + I have 5 parking spaces:-). Let's be honest, the people in charge are wasting money and the economy is struggling. Wasting money for a few parking spaces won't improve the life of Islanders and certainly won't boost retail sales. Town has enough traffic and aren't there enough parking spaces at the Fort?????????? If people are really that lazy, just do Park & Ride.


Don't forget no charges on Sundays or bank holidays, so its more like 26 years before they make a profit, excluding any maintenance required during these 26 years.

Its financially non viable, but don't suppose that will stop the States going ahead, no wonder our taxes keep going up and up and their costs are still out of control.


Nice work Mack, have you included Sundays in your calcs as currently they are free parking?


yes mack but parling wont stay at 73 pence for too long so it will take a lot less time to recoup the money , trust me!


If they were being serious about this, would they really illustrate it with 3 trees growing out of a thin concrete floor? Is my intelligence being under-estimated with this image?

No way

I live there, there is no way I will let that happen. I won't be going down without a fight.

Traffic, pollution, noise pollution, car alarms, concrete under my window, and losing value on my property.

I would be curious to see the other end, where the tunnel/bridge is.

Short stay: I won't even be able to park my car there during the day. Can't even do it in Regent Road either.So parking all around me but still nowhere to park.

And I pay tax rates for what? to accommodate cars from different parishes . Life is great , you made my day once again !

I should have bought a house in Gas place because now, I am ending up with a crappy car park for a view . Anybody from Gas place want to swap by any chance ?

I Pasdenom

No way,

That's a very selfish argument against.

Traffic: I can see little significant increase from this, in this part of town.

Pollution: Again, a really insignificant amount.

Car Alarms: Really!? how often do car alarms really go off nowadays? and you're talking about only a very slight increase (if at all)

Concrete under *YOUR* window: not as nice as no concrete, but if you bought there unaware that you had a town nearby and the chance of development then more fool you.

Property value: See above.

No Way

Selfish, You can talk.

90 cars on a short stay could be 90 every 3 hours.

Have you seen how black the white walls are in the underground car parks. If you leave your vehicle for a few days, it s covered of black powder.

So car alarms don't exist anymore? and the profitably of happening is not going to increase with 90 cars every 3 hours.

I would have needed a crystal ball to find that one out.

There is 3 car parks nearby, Snow Hill, Green St, and Fort Regent. They even made free parking in Fort Regent for shoppers at the week end. So spending 5 million to help retailers when shoppers can't be bothered walking 5 minutes is ridiculous. Retail is dying because of internet and the recession. Parking is not the main issue here. It s all about the Police station fiasco.


Here's an argument against;

20 minutes walk away in Pier Road is a multi-storey car park which is always half empty.

Case closed.

Fredrick Wit

Seems financial sense to me

Constables OUT

Do these spaces have anything to do with the potential loss of 90 spaces if the new Police HQ goes ahead accross the road?


Why not combine with direct access to the Fort?


Why not just build the police station here instead?


The Minister seems a little confused as to whether we have a parking problem or not.

Each time the States want a bit of cheap land they take a car park on the basis that statistically there are always umpteen empty ones at the next car park.

Close Anley Street on the basis of spaces at Gas Place

Close Gas place on the basis of spaces at Green Street

Close Green Street on the basis of spaces on the Esplanade

Close the Esplanade on the basis of Spaces at Pier Road

But when given the opportunity to raise taxes and blow another £5 million on a grandiose scheme we have a parking problem.


Go up another level, but half the width (from that viewpoint, attached to the Fort) allowing access to the Fort. Have a roof over the 1st floor and the side of the 2nd floor as a green/living space therefore not blocking light for the residents, absorbing more sound and creating a nicer view than the existing rockface.


then it will cost 20 million


90 extra spaces? It looks like about six in the picture. :)


The most sensible comment on here

Warren J

Perhaps we should not have built the town park !

Davy West

This must be a joke !

It was far to expensive to dig down at the Millennium park and provide essential parking for residents disenfranchised because of the park. Now there is no problem spending £4.8 million on a large slab of gold plated concrete for a mere ninety places.

Absolutely crazy, who is behind this ridiculous idea ?


The future

About time they spent money in St Helier so few people live in the other parishes.


You mean money in St Helier for other parishes users ? Like the swimming pool than .


Great bit of maths Mack although your 22+ year pay back seems a bit generous as it assumes 100% occupancy, 365 days per annum.

You really do have to wonder who is advising the Minister. T&TS must be one of the most amateurish departments in the States.....and that's up against some stiff competition!!


Probably 100% regardless of the short stay.

A previous Boss made me changed his paycards every 3 hours. Nice system if you want to stretch your legs :)


Amateurs:) This is how it should be done :)


can not and will not have that in jarsey just imagine people cant drive anyway


and a carwash at the bottom for pigion guano


A none starter. Why doesn't Ozouf just admit that the Green Street idea for the Police Station is a daft idea, and that trying to add a few car parking spots across the road won't make it anymore viable either.


Why ? I was told in the army that there is only 2 rules:

Rule 1-Your superior is always right.

Rule 2- If he is wrong, you go back to the first rule.

Same same but different ;)


Looks like classic Ozouf logic. Push through one bad idea, and when that is shown to be flawed, push through a second bad idea to counter the flaws of the first. Expect a third bad idea in a few weeks to counter the flaws of the car park idea! On no account will there be any admission he was ever wrong!



You nailed it.

Who will rid us of this meddlesome trustafarian?


Jersey is on to a 'winner' look, the States can use the thousands of tons of toxic waste, toxic waste which at the moment is down the Waterfront, they can use this toxic waste to build the upper floor of the car park, great and simple.

Or is it that simple? the only simple thing about the second floor on the car park and the using of toxic waste in building aggregate, the simple are the two politicians that come up with these ideas.

When eventually buildings have to be demolished we'll have another scare because of the toxic ash used in building as we have had with asbestos.


Crazy idea.

What the states should be doing is trying to reduce the number of vehicles on the road, not encourage greater use.

This money could be better used either to improve the public transport system or another multitude of projects that need financing.

Although the motor lobby is powerful in Jersey this is just madness and so is the idea of a new Police Station in Green Street.


It is time we kicked these idiots in the states out yet another waste of my tax money. Just reduce the lay-bys to 20p per hour and let commuters park there. It is criminal these lay bys are empty because no one will pay the extortionate charges.


act now or it will be too late