Cheap childcare danger warning

RECESSION-hit families could be putting their children at significant risk by using cheap unregistered childminders to try to make ends meet, a Jersey children’s charity has warned.

More parents are turning to cheap child care
More parents are turning to cheap child care

RECESSION-hit families could be putting their children at significant risk by using cheap unregistered childminders to try to make ends meet, a Jersey children’s charity has warned.

Fiona Vacher, executive director of the Jersey Child Care Trust, says more and more families are turning to so-called ‘underground providers’ who charge as little as £1 an hour and can only make money by filling their homes with too many children.

She stresses that unregistered childminders are not police-checked and there was no way of knowing what other adults were getting access to the children.

Read the rest of the story in today's JEP.

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Comments for: "Cheap childcare danger warning"

the thin wallet

well if there was a free states run creche then there would be no need to cram 7 small children into a one bedroom flat whilst the parent or parents go off to the minimum wage job.

chlid care did not exist when i was small .

it was my mothers best friend who was the child minder .

mind you that was before the island priced its self off the face of earth. and more women stayed at home as you could do with a one wage income .

also a pound a hour is all the parents can spare .

hope you brought you swimsuit fiona , your about to dive into the black economy.


it's risky business, but can u do math? it's £1/hour underground vs £7-8/hour on day nursery...

and so many parents have to work for an average £8/hour...again do the math!!!

James Wiley

Well it is just a shame that the regulatory burden on registered childminders is so high that they have to price themselves out of the market.

Government at fault as usual.


Regulation limits the supply of child carers, to the benefit of ..... child minders! De-regulate, take away the barrier to entry, and we will all benefit (apart from the current protected child minders).

peter price

This sounds very scary and perhaps is unfair as I'm sure there are some good unregistered childminders out there. There have been some very scary people working in some of Jersey's registered care homes. People are people and parents need to be always on their guard.


A break down of the cost of proper child care would be useful to understand why it is so expensive.

4 kids for a month is 4K. I can think of rent and wages, but again it seems a lot for a qualified babysitter .

Can't the States provide a proper childcare in the like of Fort Regent. The swimming pool could take a fair amount of kids for example. The plumbing for lavatory is already there.


easy....give us a chance of having a cheap nurserys.its impossivel get 1200 monthly and pay 990 for childcare.


Agree- if I was to send my child to nursery full time for the month it would be £1200 -my entire wage once taxes, etc are taken out. I have no choice but to get someone to look after my child for one day a week otherwise I would take home nothing.

Fed up

Oh for godness sake, being registered does not make a good child minder !! I think this article is aimed at immigrants who are probably better at looking after the kids than their own parents !!!

Sarah M

Jep will you please stop scare mongering with such stories. Families are being hard hit enough with everything going up in price at a time when wages are seeing no increases. There is nothing wrong with an adult using their judgement on who to mind their kids. Whether that be your next door neighbour, your aunt Sally or Uncle Jim, your mother or even someone who has been recommended as a child minder. It is ridiculous to expect a family to hand over a thousand pounds a month for a nursery to mind their child......before another thousand pounds a month is handed over for a sub standard miniscule flat.....and all that before a slice of bread is put on the table.

God forbid you have two children at nursery. It makes one wonder why good folk go to work at all and more understandable why we have so many optng t not work so that they get rent and oth assistance.

There is nothing wrong with a reasonable adult using their judgement on who is fit t mind their children.......and great if you can get it done for free.

How on earth did our parent manage to rear all of us without having to find someone who had done any child care courses and then having to handed over such money.

Now before the pink and fluffy brigade get all excited I am not suggesting yo get the local drunk out of the park to mind your kids...........the message is " there is nothing wrong with using your judgement".


Agree absolutely Sarah M. Let's put Nanny State on the boat in the morning.


wow i didn't realize how much ppl were paying to have there kids looked after ,bloody scandal .

mind you i would have had more kids and kicked the wife out and got a minder as it would have been cheaper than the x wife lol.


I've said it before until I am blue in the face - if you can't afford to have kids then don't have them! Everyone knows that the cost of childcare is high and then they wait until they have children to complain about the cost - My husband and I made a concious decision to have a child and decided that I would give up work to look after our child until she was school age...So fed up of hearing how expensive it is - cross your legs until you can pay for your offspring!


Good for you but in my industry giving up work for five years would be career suicide. Luckily you're clearly in one where this problem wouldn't apply to you.

People have every right to say that they think child care costs are too expensive as the basic fact of the matter is that they are - you admit that yourself.

fed up too

If everyone had the same approach, there would be no one earning for your pension in a 30-40 years... Think!


It's not quite as black or white as that but you are, of course, entitled to your opinion. Unfortunately you have missed the point of the article but perhaps you were just looking for tenuous link to give you the chance to have a good rant. The article suggests that people are opting for cheaper and potentially sub standard child care because they want to work to support their families. I will be returning to work because I have to and whilst the difference between child care costs and my salary isn't much it will allow me to at least pay for utilities and food - if my husband were the sole earner we wouldn't be able to cover these costs. We don't expect handouts but slightly cheaper child care costs would certainly ease the burden. Enjoy the fortunate position you are in but please also try to have more of a balanced view about the real world!


Yes because that's exactly how real life works, so in your version events (breath by the way) nothing alters from the master plan. So people aren't made redundant, come down with long term illness and situations never change. Rubbish!

What would of happened had your husband lost his job and could only get a lower paid one in its place, would you have been forced to go back to work? In which case who would of looked after your daughter? Would the funds have been there to pay for child care?

Yes its hypothetical and in your case may be a times past but for a lot of us it is real worry/reality!


Once again we have very highly paid quasi-civil servants duping our half-wit government into allowing them to set up another bureaucratic nightmare under the “user pays” policy.

Setting care standards at the “highest possible” level is alright if you are a civil servant on a silly salary but for most of us this is simply not affordable. The Jersey Child Care Trust have to take responsibility for their actions. They set the artificially high standards of child / carer ratio’s that they knew was not possible. They set the expensive obligatory examinations that forced many a good cared out of the industry. They have closed down all the excellent facilities that either could not meet these standards or expressed opposition. They have made people choose between unaffordable regulated and illegal child care.

It is just a shame that so much money that could have gone into frontline child support has been taken to pay the salaries of these second tier bureaucrats.


Before we get too hot and bothered, it would be helpful to have some facts - say some actual instances. Otherwise, as has been suggested, this is wilful scaremongering and should not be encouraged Fiona.

bean down under

My son is now 22 years old and nothing has changed. In those days it was too expensive to put him in day cay whilst I went to work!!!


As Jersey has no sex offenders register - this is a perfect opportunity for paedophiles / abusers to set up their operations. My children are precious and there is no way I would scrimp on substandard DANGEROUS childcare by allowing people who are unqulified and not police checked to look after them and chance ruining their lives. Well done Fiona for protecting our children by keeping up childcare standards - our children are too precious -well mine are anyway!


You are the media's dream audience. Pedophiles are certainly out there but they are not lurking on every corner nor are they at every child minders home. Stop panicking, be realistic and realise parents can use their own common sense as to who is fit enough to look after their children.

the thin wallet

so you clearly would not leave your child with the £1.00 a hour brigade.

i also suspect that you woulds only take your car to main dealer.

and not mr good but dirty overalls mechanic.

in most tight knit comunities

people generally know who the beasts are.

what do you prefer folk earning some cash

or sucking benefit dry.


If the Catholic Church managed to employ paedos, you think it impossible for Jersey registered child carer to have ill intentions? You're protecting inflated fees which make no difference to quality or safety. As Sarah M has said, better to trust a parent's judgement. You are entitled to yours, of course, but who are you to criticise someone else's?


They certainly saw you coming :-D

The majority of paedophiles are in the child's home or close circle of family friends, not at their nursery, school, sports club! So if you know that you're not a paedophile and no-one in your family or group of friends is then your child is really pretty safe.

Also, who says that being unregistered means they're bad?

And seriously, yes, police checks are a good thin, but don't put your faith in them as a sign of someone's character, they are a snapshot of a record at a given time, the person may just not have been caught.


well said sarah m.. so true,,


Mothers should be at home looking after their kids when they are young. This happened in temps passe and it worked well. No wonder society is going down hill.