Parking charges go up

MOTORISTS will now have to pay more for parking, as the price of paycards has gone up.

Parking charges have gone up in Jersey today
Parking charges have gone up in Jersey today

MOTORISTS will now have to pay more for parking, as the price of paycards has gone up.

The increase to charges also applies to monthly season tickets, permits and Unitickets, which are used at Sand Street car park.

A 3.1 per cent rise was approved by the Transport Minister Kevin Lewis and comes into effect on Friday.

Deputy Lewis said that the charges had increased in line with inflation, but added that the cost of parking in Jersey was still low in comparison to the UK.

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Comments for: "Parking charges go up"


Mr Voisan in JEP business section must be pulling his hair out over this just as he is trying to revive retail in town along comes Mr Lewis (his civil servants the more like!)& increase of 3%. Bye bye even more St Helier shops.

Oh & Mr Lewis parking free in retail centres in the UK that's why their High Streets are suffering.

Tony B

Very much so! All the new retail development , and there has been a hell of lot in the last few years, Free parking, there is only a limit from 1.5 to 3 hours, and after that horrendous chrges. But even the Tesco supermarket at the end of the high street gives 3 hours free, the public paid carparks are only used when the free is full.


It is all a cunning plan-----put the parking charges up then we can all use the terrible bus service he (dep Lewis) put in place and he will have won and his Island takeover will be complete!!!!

Soul Doctor

Now there's a surprise!!!!

Deputy Lewis said, "The charges had increased in line with inflation..."

Like everyone's wages have Deputy Lewis?!!!


Ah ah , Spot on !


Who's inflation? Strangely, my pension only went up by 1.53%.

the wanted

Yet the official States proposition is quoted at 5 pence cheaper than we will be charged.

I believe the law has been broken and these charges are illegal.


Who cares if it is cheaper to park in Jersey? We don't live in U.K. so that's a moot point. How can the Transport Minister say he wants to increase shoppers coming into town by increasing parking at Snow hill and then put parking prices up. That's hardly going to encourage anyone is it? What he should have done was get a proper bus company in that can run the bus service properly, that would have encouraged shoppers into town and £5m of tax payers money wouldn't have to be spent on a car park no one is likely to use anyway.


Well, it's a 2p per unit increase. Is that really going to make a difference to a shopper? I suggest if they have a car, and can afford to go shopping in Town, they could probably cope with an extra 2p an hour in Sand Street or wherever.

In fact, I found 5p behind the chair cushion yesterday. That could cover the cost of a hopping trip to Town.


They don't charge you for hopping do they? Mind you, it wouldn't surprise me.

Jeanne Marie

well surprise surprise as if the working population hasn't suffered enough over the past few years. I expect Mr Lewis has a nice designated parking space somewhere so isn't worried. Inflated parking fees, useless bus timetables and most people haven't had a 3.1% pay rise thank you for making life harder

yesrej evol i

The great brain drain in the uk has been instigated in part by the infrastructure being too expensive, this will happen to Jersey without doubt..the uk will be bankrupt in the next 2/3 years through quantitive easing and Jersey will be brought down too in this united states of europe this is just another nail along side the rest in the proverbial coffin..


it may be cheaper than the u.k but people in the u.k dont have to pay it endlessly like we do they only pay it occasionlly its too much now....


Headline on 25th January-'Fall in motoring costs drive reduction in rate of inflation' - to 2.1%. How does this increase fit?

the thin wallet

that was on the 25 th of jan.

its now febuary so the goal posts can be shifted .

cant wait for the april 1st's headline .

you are correct this is a rise in the costs of motoring

Bobby G

Just another reason to shop online!! When will politicians get a grip and understand that to help local economy is to reverse car parking charges. Even better, why not make parking in town free on a Saturday (main shopping day)....!! I'm no rocket scientist but there does seem be a bit of logic to this concept!


Not sure why people are so up in arms. Get on your bike or a bus if you don't want to pay it. Fewer cars on the road the better. The Island is 9x5 for goodness sake and yet people would rather sit in traffic for an hour and still pay up for parking. And don't give me the, "some people aren't able to ride a bike" or are "too old" nonesense. That applies to minimal amount of drivers and better if the roads were freed up for those who really don't have a choice anyway.

Discuss. 100marks.


Would love to see you with a pram under 1 arm and a load of shopping under the other whilst riding a bike.

Same applies to the bus.

Some people just don't have a clue do they. Parking is not a luxury for some, it's a necessity, perhaps to introduce your "get on your bike (or bus)" they should make people with no children under the age of 65 with no disabilites unable to hold a driving licence with SDP classes (Social,Domestic & pleasure), there, that's reduced the number of cars on the road, oh and it's just killed the high street.


I don't drive, my wife doesn't drive, we have children and we manage fine on the bus - you just have to plan your time more carefully.

Parktown Prawn


Have you considered HOW the consumer will manage to take home their shopping on a bike.....or even a busy bus???

"too old"..."applies to a minimal amount of drivers"??


We are constantly being told by the powers that be that Jersey has a large "ageing" population.......I guess you know best though hey?

Engage brain first....


I'll respond to this one, but it applies to a lot of the other responders, who didn't bother to actually read it. A quote from my original post;

"better if the roads were freed up for those who really don’t have a choice."

ie. For the genuinely infirm, old and yes, those who may have too much to carry.

The car space shortage and traffic relates primarily to school and/or work traffic. The majority of whom are perfectly capable of using public or alternative forms of transport. If you're too lazy then fine, accept the parking cost and pay up. Supply and demand my friends. If supply is constrained and demand is inelastic, prices go up. If you don't like that, suggest you move to North Korea.


Actually, given how hilly Jersey is there's probably rather a lot of people who would struggle to cycle either to, or from, their work! And I doubt people like me who cannot actually cycle wish to be stuck behind them all going up St. Saviours Hill.

As for buses, the stops can be a huge distance from your house and don't run at the most suitable times. For an island 9x5 can't you see that it's crazy that getting the bus can easily lose you more than 2 hours out of your day (I've subtracted the time you would lose to driving and parking). Given the long hours people work nowadays those 2 hours are probably really needed.


Cunning plan Hmmmm. Get the population loaded with a weeks' shopping, put them on a bike (a bit of a task if you're 70 and live at St. John) and make them cycle up Queen's Road or Le Mont Millais or Beaumont Hill.

The ensuing fatalities should reduce the pension demands a bit and release a few empty properties onto the market.

Tony B

Buses are built to carry people, not what people carry. The older group of passengers are often coloquically reffered to as 'Wombles'. Those of suitable age will rememeber the wheeled shopping trolley each hd to collect litter ? Try half a dozen Wombles on a bus each with aformentioned trolley. Each trolley is basically the space one person takes up.

St Maryite


Do you realise that to ride a bike or walk on the small Jersey roads from St Mary's to town is a very dangerous task.These roads were built for horse & carts not the modern day traffic.AS for the bus service you have to walk on said roads to get to nearest bus stop-very risky.The island may only be 9 x 5 but you try getting to work from St Mary with out a car on a winters day wether fit OAP or otherwise


The roads are now very unpleasant places to walk on, ride a bike or even drive.

Our mendacious government have 'grown the population' and this is the result - people driving too fast on small roads, oversize tractors and builders vehicles destroying the hedgerows and rubbish throw every where.

Betrayal of the local population


seriously, record unemployement no pay rises and being told not to even ask for one, a recession wich is going to get worse, electricity,water,food,rents all on the increase, petrol up 3p a litre and now someone thought i know how we can squeeze the pips out SERIOUSLY

adder st helier

they are trying to get as much as they can befour it all caves in jersey is being finished off nicely by these idiots


Things become more expensive, peoples wages don't go up, inflation increases, things get more expensive to match inflation - because that's what we've been tricked into accepting - exactly why I don't know, people's wages don't go up, things become more expensive, inflation increases . . . . .

Always the same. This week it's parking, the other week it was cigarettes, soon it'll be GST, the petrol. Before you know it parking will be going up again.

How about some security for the money? All the states are doing is renting space - there's no value. 120 quid a month for a space that's 2 meters x 5 meters. Even Dandara flats offer more for your money. What is the states playing at? And so what if we're cheaper than some places in the UK. What's that got to do with anything? We're also a hell of a lot more expensive than everywhere else.

Simple Sid

Why compare with the UK I don't get that at all?? Totally different structure here, higher cost of living ect


Deputy Lewis. Listen very carefully I shall say this only once.

Parking Charges up!

Water Charges up!

Electricity up!

Heating oil up!

Salary for politicians up!

WAGES DOWN OR STATIC for the rest of us.

Anywhere else in the world you'd face riots in the streets. Maybe the locals deserve politicians like you because where to damn timid.

Come election time lets hope we kick these idiots in to touch


Sadly, replacing this lot of muppets with another lot of muppets will make no difference now.....the damage is irreversible, it would be a bit like changing cabins on the Titanic....


Perhaps we could have a breakdown on where the parking fees and petrol taxes are spent because the figures don't add up. I believe that the revenues raised from motorists are about 5 times what is spent on motoring matters.


Talk about an over reaction!! Riots on the streets! Bankrupting Jersey! How much is this 3.1% rise actually going to cost - 2 pence per hour??

Got to laugh at the comment about 'in line with inflation' but even funnier, some people have pointed out that wages have been frozen. Well, you could try asking for a pay rise folks but be careful, you'll be met with hysterical comments such as 'be grateful you even have a job'. Maybe we should be grateful that we even have car parks to apply the price rises against.

The Thinker

Parking costs in Jersey are indeed cheaper than a number of places in the UK but actually more expensive than others - all depends on where you choose to make the comparison.

For many years people could pop into town do a certain amount of shopping and then leave without cost, parking in either a 1,2 or 3 hour disc space. This flexibility suited a good number of shoppers.

Now there is virtually no free parking - I say virtually because right on the outskirts some distance from the town centre there are still some 3 hour free zones.

The result is that many people either do not enter town or do so considerably less often than they did before.

As has been highlighted, surely a new approach is needed to create a little more flexibility from the present impasse. The thing that annoys me is that during the working day there are numerous empty parking spaces in the residential areas. Essentially the balance is wrong. One way or another there needs to be some more free parking made available - the suggestion of a free Saturday is a good one and should be discussed at length. The town centre shops need some kind of break to assist with turn over before its too late.

Warren J

I kinda agree with you, but the rot has really set in for town now.

As a kid, I often nipped into town with dad in his Hillman Super Minx - he never paid for parking, we went to local shops and everyone was happy.

Now I spend sod all in Jersey - drive an old car, live in a small house. Just booked our American holiday - good deal in the BA sale - travelling Club Class.

Spend your pounds locally ? You are having a laugh !!!!!!!


Another nail in retail's coffin.

Luckily I don't need to go to town so this saves me a packet in parking charges.

The wroking person is gradually getting squeezed out of the island by ever spiralling living costs. Not like the good old days when everything was cheap.


I wish people would not compare Jersey to "The UK" because the UK is much bigger and differs greatly from town to town,city to city.In my nearest city we have many areas of free parking for a limited time so that if you just wish to pop to one or two shops you can do so at no cost to park.It works well and as a point of interest the high street is always busy and vibrant.


why not report on how Jersey is loosing Super Unleaded come March? this is far more important news to motorists!


As an aside from the increase in Pay Cards, has anyone noticed how much fuel prices have risen in the last week or so? Around 10 x days ago, I paid around 126p per litre for Super-unleaded at my local Checkers (before my 10% discount). Since then it has increased to 131p!! I have been on line to Fuel Watch to check the prices elsewhere, but unfortunately their records have not been updated for some time