Political backing for EU fishing break away plan

PLANS for Jersey to break away from controversial EU fishing quotas have received ministerial support.

Jersey's fishing fleet could benefit from pulling out of EU quotas
Jersey's fishing fleet could benefit from pulling out of EU quotas

PLANS for Jersey to break away from controversial EU fishing quotas have received ministerial support.

Earlier this week the Environment department announced that it was examining ways to opt out of the system and start setting its own limits following pressure from the Jersey fishing fleet.

If approved, it would be the biggest development for Jersey’s fishing industry in more than two decades.

Today, Assistant Chief Minister Sir Philip Bailhache said that he supported the move.

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Comments for: "Political backing for EU fishing break away plan"

Bilbo Beghins

About time local industry got the political support it deserves. Let's hope they have the conviction and stomach to do what is best and not just what is easiest.

Brendan g

Big headline, nothing behind it and a few people on this forum will cheer. Don't forget that the EU feeds Jersey and this is just a way of one department to make people think something positive is happening.

Percy Egre

Fisheries are saying they have not got enough staff to police fishing at the moment, how are they going to manage this extra work.

Captain Fantastic

A bit of investigative journalism would have shown our waters are owned by the crown and leased by Jersey, also Jersey aleady manages its waters, but not very well as the lack of conservation measures has seen a dramatic decline in some stocks. And the implementation of the Coastal Strategy (2008) measures to conserve marine life have been totally ignored. Greed and sheer ignorance of the issues is the real story.

Finding Me;Mo

This is dangerous nonsense.There is a basic truth that the undulate ray is better represented in Jersey waters than elsewhere but that is all.What we are really seeing here is aggrieved fishermen who have not been properly supported by evidence from the Jersey authorities now being backed by a 'Daily Mail the EU wants straight bananas!' approach from our ersttwhile Minister for Independence.

We ARE in the EU for trade purposes and to cherry pick like this will result in the EU chopping down the cherry tree!

If it happens then we will end up being self sufficient in lobsters and 'skate' but no other industries that export.

Bob the fisherman

Finding me mo!

I feel you need a little education on the position I a local born a breed jersey man has to contend with as a fisherman in jersey. You state that we are in the eu for trade, well do you have any idea what it costs a jersey vessel to land fish into France???

170 euro for clearance paperwork

5% fish value to use a slip to load a van or lorry on

Import duty

Customs office closed most of the day

What do we as fisherman get in return!!

Nothing, yet French fisherman fishing next to use get huge handouts for fuel, gear, crew training, market sourcing

Before you both have a go at local fisherman wiping out stocks as you put it have a think how many large French vessels pass our door step every day fishing in jersey waters, I can assure you our little piss pot fleet proberly do more good Then bad.

I suppose you support the dumping of top quality fresh fish because a bloke or lass that is sitting behind a desk some 200 miles away thinks because the catch rate of a fish is low 199 miles in another direction they should ban that species been caught.

Best regards I hope you enjoy the imported local bass and plaice,sole, turbot,cod, etc etc etc etc

Captain Birdseye

It begs the question then Bob - why land fish in France if you get nothing?

Finding Me;Mo

I think you are confusing me with Captain Fantastics comments above. If you actually read what I am saying I am not critical of fishermen at all but of politicians and local authorities for not giving a level playing field.

I had posted earlier but it was not put up.

To answer your question directly YES I have had to pay cash of 5% of invoice to the Douanes (armed!)

Captain Birdseye

I have to agree with Captain Fantastic - the whole issue of how our fish stocks are managed needs an urgent overhaul. The stocks belong to everyone but recreational anglers have little or no say in conservation matters. There have been no proposals brought my the Marine Resources Panel which would actually conserve stocks and they seem to be solely looking after the interests of commercial fishermen. Until such time as the make up and policies of the Panel is reviewed conservation will always come second to profit. That this has been happening for years is a damning indictment on the States supposed support of sustainable fishing.


So are we in or out of the e u?

Finding Me;Mo


In for general trade out for raising taxes.Look at your passport.

Try importing fish from Morocco for instance into the EU and see how far that gets you! No 5% taxes there just impossible hurdles, that is what we will get if this is not handled with extreme caution rather than extreme political views.

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