Jersey Water to put prices up

ISLANDERS are facing more financial strain after Jersey Water became the latest utility company to announce a price increase.

Water rates are on the rise
Water rates are on the rise

ISLANDERS are facing more financial strain after Jersey Water became the latest utility company to announce a price increase.

The firm today revealed that annual standing charges, which have remained static for more than a decade, are to be replaced by a tiered system for those with the biggest meters.

And tariffs for metered and unmetered water charges will also rise.

Full report, including the new price breakdown, in today's JEP.

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Comments for: "Jersey Water to put prices up"

Paul Fish

No doubt this increase is to ensure they still make a profit next year where most companies are happy to just be able to keep trading.

Know an alternative supplier ?

RAIN TAX to repair all churches

as the waterworks company DOES NOTHING TO MAKE RAIN, why don't we tax them per litre collected, and it can be used to repair ALL JERSEY'S CHURCHES.


I would agree to your tax suggestion if it was used to DEMOLISH all the churches in Jersey.


they are NICE TO LOOK AT, but like you i prefer to believe than rain is provided by the EVAPORATION/CONDENSATION CYCLE so the rain tax should pay for ALL THE SCHOOLS...simples...

j.j gittins



i wonder if there are late night releases of water, and faye dunaway driving around in a beautiful packard


It was a commonly known fact that once a substantial amount of properties were metered, prices would increase because we have been overcharged for all of the pre-meter years.

I know of nobody who is paying more since they have been metered!

If JNWW were serious about conserving water & not making profits, they should encourage those who can, to collect their own water - I have done for years & it takes the worry out of solely drinking the polluted tap water.

Jersey Boy

Excuse me.....I am now paying £147.00 per quarter when I used to pay £65.00, surely you have it the wrong way round!!!


I don't know how many people are in your household. A few years ago our bill was about £65 per quarter pre-meter. After fitting a water meter our quarterly bill is now around the £40 and we have now retired so are at home much more. Other people I know have all reduced their water bills since fitting a meter. Do you have a swimming pool?

Farmer Geddon

I live with my wife in a small 2 bedroom cottage. No swimming pool, no garden, so not even a garden hose. Before the meter my bill was £64. After £146...

Am I perhaps drinking too much tea...?


Seems a lot to me going by mine and other peoples experience. Maybe there's a leak somewhere. I'm sure if you ask Jersey water would check for you.

Jersey Water

It sounds like you may have a leak on your supply as a bill of £146 is significantly higher than one would normally expect for a household of 2 people. Please can you call the customer services department at Jersey Water and we can see if you have a leak. The number is 707301.

Thank you.


Perhaps he might call the same number to ask for the meter to be taken out? Thank you.


This is out of order. The whole point of metering is to charge for actual usage. What has the size of meter got to do with it? I wasn't asked what size of meter I wanted when my meter was recently replaced by Jersey water(for no apparent reason)


I think that they are "too big to care". They seem to have a protected status with our States members.

Despite the fact that much of what they do is legally questionable, I imagine that they take the gamble that no-one will take them to court and that, if anyone were to do so, they would get short shrift.

The so-called regulation of this company by the States (a political and legal requirement) seems to be non-existent.


Stealth tax!

Jerry Gosselin

Yes, I suspect that it is. The paper edition of last night's JEP quoted Jersey Water as saying that the higher standing charges would affect "large blocks of flats" which only have one meter fitted. What constitutes "large" is not defined. However, I fear that this definition will probably apply to the majority of private sector rental tenants (and also unqualified lodgers) who will tend to be living in part of an old building that has been converted into flats. Their water charges are usually included with their rent. These older buildings most likely don't have the new meters fitted. It seems to me like an attempt to make those on unmetered supplies pay more by the back door, regardless of their income. However, it has nothing to do with the principle of user pays because these tenants and lodgers will tend to be very small consumers of water individually, being mainly single person households on limited incomes.

Furthermore, does this mean that a tenant living in a property with, say, 5 other tenants could end up paying more for water rates than a tenant living in a smaller property with only 2 other tenants? How on earth can this be justified? States Members should, at the very least, be questioning this in the House.


Can't be because of staff wage rises can it,if so got any jobs you are the only ones giving one!!

Stop Cock

Everyone thought that the (unlawful) compulsory metering was a "good thing", but now the true intent is revealing itself....


What is unlawful about it? Is the metering of electricity and gas also unlawful?

My metered bills are about 2/3rds of our previously unmetered bills.


Gas and electricity do not impose different meter sizes and different fixed charges on their customers.


It is unlawful because it breaches the Water (Jersey) Law in a number of ways.

Middle ground

Can anybody really afford to live in Jersey? Electricity has gone up and we only have the choice from JEC now water... This place is a joke! Foods twice the cost then in UK bring over competitors and maybe we won't have this issue.


That s probably to pay for the repair of the water pipes who keeps breaking down. They keep digging up the same roads every year. This time they are digging deep,they are replacing the all pipe system which should last for another 10 years according to them.

Tut tut

'Middle Ground' Comparing to the UK of which we are not part of? There's a boat leaving in the morning. Go. Leave. Don't come back.


Perhaps your comment should also be directed at JNWC who commented that 'this is common practice in the UK',their justification truly stands on that statement 'because the UK does it',I despair.


I tend to aggree that the cost to the end user appears to have fallen so I would hazard a guess that this is to make up the short fall in their profits.


So,electricity,gas,and now water is going up!!!So does that mean we will be getting a pay rise to cover all this,about 40% should just about do it...............Or do we turn up to work stinking like a pile of putrid manure week in week out because we can't afford to switch anything on?Talk about jumping on the bandwagon.


must be due to the lack of rain lately!!.whats the excuse this time?.Most houses are on meters now,is it that your not making as much now as you thought you were going too.The population will only put up with this for so long.Look how many corrupt governmants are topalling around the world,JERSEY your turn will come

R. Williams

According to my last bill, JW were charging £2.39 per cubic metre, (1000 litres), 0.00239 pence per litre. In the shops bottled water sells for as much as 75 pence per litre or £750 per 1000 litres of water that generally does not match the quality of tap water. Remember the Perrier water troubles of a few years ago.

Is this not really good value for money considering that you do not have to go to the supermarket to collect it?

Phil the Donkey

R. Williams

That should read 0.239 pence per litre, or alternatively 0.00239 pounds per litre

R. Williams

You're correct, I did mean pounds.


Have anyone else, who owns a large detached house had their meter replaced last autumn?


Yes, not a large detached property, but my meter was replaced without notice or explanation last autumn. only noticed a change in number when got the bill.


Not mentioned in the online article is that the current standing charge of 20 pounds p.a. can increase to as much as 120 pounds p.a. if you have the largest meter size.


For the benefit of those who have never lived on the mainland, but love drawing comparisons, let me give you some facts.

My bills from SouthEast Water in UK were around £700 a year.

Here, in a similar sized house, I'm paying around £240 a year.

But then everything is more expensive in Jersey, so I must have my reading glass on back to front.


Don't the UK water companies have to treat and dispose of sewage as well?

Steve, st breaded

New service charge amounts to a 400% increase for the smallest meter size. Plus how many of you we're asked what size meter you wanted?

Jerry Gosselin

My understanding from the Jersey Water Press release is that the current minimum standing charge is £20 and that for the majority of consumers, this will rise to £20.52, but the new maximum charge will be £125.05:

However, as my comments at No. 4 above testify, I am not happy at all with these tiered increases as I fear that for many landlords of rental and lodging accommodation, their standing charge could well increase substantially, maybe in some extreme cases to £125.05 per annum (an increase of 527%), which will then be passed on to their tenants in the form of higher rents. Furthermore, the statistics produced by the States on quarterly rentals may not include the water rates element. If this is the case then the inflationary effect of these increases may not even be recognised by government when, for example, setting the fair level of rents for Income Support purposes.

Jersey Water

The new charges mean that the service charge for a standard connection will increase from £20 per annum to £20.52. An increase of 2.6% and not 400%.

The lowest connection charge will apply to approximately 94% of properties across the Island. 4% will be on the second tier paying £28.70 and just under 3% will pay £41 per annum. Less than 1% of customers will be on tiers 4, 5 and 6.


Perhaps the company is “too big to care”. It seems to have a protected status with our States members.

Despite the fact that much of what it does is legally questionable, we imagine that they take the gamble that no-one will take them to court and that, if anyone were to do so, they would get short shrift.

The so-called regulation of this company by the States (a political and legal requirement) seems to be non-existent.


On what basis has meter size been determined? Is it past usage or size of property?

If I have been given a large meter can I have it replaced with a smaller one as I have a borehole and use a small amount of mains water?


The exercise was done without permission or legal authority- let's see them reply to that one! :)


They fail to address the fact that the water law does not enable them to either fit meters, nor to distinguish between types of meter, particularly when the meters are fitted without lawful authority and against the wishes of the customer.

They are trying to have their cake and eat it. The weasel words of "you only have to pay for what you use" which accompanied the forcing of the water meters is now revealed as a falsehood. We now see the company not only taking the metered money, but also managing, due to lack of supervision, to reintroduce the old fixed water rates through the back door and pocket that as well.

Where is the regulator (the Minister for Planning and Environemnt) in all of this? Where was the consultation? Why is he not regulating?


There is an ulterior motive behind water metering, namely the toilet tax which can't see the light of day until you've guessed it, the states know how much waste you are flushing down your drains. Once this is known maybe within 5 years you can expect another nice new tax to be unveiled to sit alongside GST. Don't say you haven't been warned.

Once all of JNWW co.s customers are on meters I would put money on a yearly rise for water bills. These "free" meters will also have to be paid for by someone. There is no such thing as a free meter.


But nobody wanted them, free or otherwise- they were just forced upon us


I would take legal advice and see if by law the JNWW co. can force people to have meters fitted. If they can't then I wouldn't have one full stop.

Luckily I have my own water supply and it saves me a fortune plus no hated GST to pay either.


They know they are on thin ice because, while they are happy to smugly answer other queries here, their silence on this point speaks volumes.

They know full well that they have no legal powers to do it, but one suspects that they also know that the regulator won't lift a finger to stop the abuse.


well said jerry g.i am lucky i have tenants good ones at that),i`ve kept the rents as low as poss and not altered them but this is the last straw for me and unfortunately will have to increase them next year with the cost of hurts me to do this but i also have bills,morgage to pay.

Another 5 yrs and i can take my pension and SPEND IT ELSEWHERE.