Uni fees shake-up still on course

PLANS for university grants to be calculated based on household income, including that of step-parents, will go ahead after the States voted not to block the move.

Eligability for university grants could change
Eligability for university grants could change

PLANS for university grants to be calculated based on household income, including that of step-parents, will go ahead after the States voted not to block the move.

States Members yesterday voted 34-10 against a proposition from Deputy Gerard Baudains, who had wanted the Education department to scrap plans to change the way grants are calculated to stop the system being abused.

Instead, the move – which could save Education up to £500,000 – is set to go ahead as planned in September.

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Comments for: "Uni fees shake-up still on course"

the future

If a step father is made responsible for the cost of education of a child surely he should be able to claim tax relief for that child and indeed for the whole family he is supporting.

It is about time non married couples were recognised as equals to married couples in every way not just when paying university fees.

Marriage is an antiquated institution which is given far too much influence in our society.

La Moye Squirrel

Marriage is most certainly not an antiquated institution.It has served millions of people for hundreds of years and is indeed the institution upon which our society was built, so, antiquated, definitely not. However, I believe that when a couple choose to live together nowadays some form of legal contract should be drawn up rooted in new legislation covering same sex marriages etc which encompasses new responsibilities which the modern world with its diverse ways thrusts upon modern society. If we antiquate marriage and just allow people to shack up together we will end up with some sort of wild 'she, my baby mother' society!


I feel a little miffed here - I have just started a relationship with a new partner and as we were talking about moving in together this gem comes uo from the States.

It is now proposed that I may have to have my income taken into account when my partner's son applies for a grant to go to university, rather than that of his own father.

Also it seems that the proposal will not take into account my income when my three children apply for their grants to go to university???

Therefore the States will have to pay for my three children and I will be paying for one who is not my child by birth. I would rather pay for mine as any father would but am quite happy if the taxpayer wants to foot that bill.


What about income from the parents separately even though divorced as a joint figure,the step parent might already be paying for their own kids if they have any.


what's going to happen know when some step-parents or partners say no and family's split then what would the states answer be ?

the future

Will unmarried same sex couples be treated the same ?

If we have separate bedrooms can I be a lodger ?

If we are unmarried and have one child that is mine and one child by someone else are my obligations equal ?

If there is a split up because one was unfaithful can one sue the other for breach of promise and get their money back ?

Is there a minimum amount of time you have to be a partner for, I mean do you start paying the day you move in and stop the day you move out, like rent ?

If you pay towards the cost of education do you have the rights to education information ? As a step parent I would hate to think I was paying lots of money to a help child who was wasting time, so would I have the right to see the reports ?


The solution is quite simple.

States stop giving grants. Start loan money.

It could be 0% interest with no repayments loan for the (nominal) time of the course, plus one year grace period for finding a job. After that the interest rate could be bounded to Jersey RPI plus 1 or 2%.

Very little tax payers money would be given away (only equivalent of not charged or below than market rate interests). More money could be them put into the scheme without increased burden, ans eligibility criteria could be even lowered to allow more pupils to choose higher education.

Time out

So we can chuck over £400k at a cycle track with no thought but happily risk the ability of a child to go to university , shame on the states members, add this to the pay rise you all took give it to education instead!!!! Lost absolutely all confidence in the ability of the states.

James Wiley

£500,000 saved? What taxes will now be lowered to pass this saving back to the taxpayers?

Or do you mean another £500,000 to waste on something even more unnecessary?

be fair

The grants system does need an overhaul. It's not just the step parents thing. I know of women who have given up their jobs just before their kids go, in order to bring the household income down. I know of one family who own a large property in Jersey and a house in France but still get a grant. I would prefer to see a fair loans system like the UK.

Then such people might actually work harder, or sell their second/third properties if they want to help their children pay. And if they don't, the child can borrow in his/her own right and pay it back when they reap the salary benefits of a degree.