Mass rally plan over States pay

HUNDREDS of public sector workers are due to stage a mass rally at Fort Regent next month to protest about the States pay award.

Could these scenes return to St Helier?
Could these scenes return to St Helier?

HUNDREDS of public sector workers are due to stage a mass rally at Fort Regent next month to protest about the States pay award.

The States Employment Board sparked fierce criticism from unions last year when it broke off talks and imposed a three-year pay deal on the majority of States workers.

But Jersey’s public sector unions have today announced a mass meeting at Fort Regent to show their anger about the deal.

For full details of the rally and reaction, see today's JEP.

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Comments for: "Mass rally plan over States pay"

Oh Really

... perhaps the rest of the working population should picket outside the Fort too ... something along the lines of "think your selves lucky you have a job, plenty of you are over paid anyway, no one has had a pay rise in years - GROW UP or move asside for someone who will work"


....not to mention their pensions.....


Utter rubbish. I know two people who have both had pay rises and bonuses this year and last year. Both work in the private sector and neither are in Finance.

So you "GROW UP" and think before you spout the usual rubbish that so many do on these forums

The future

Pay freezes and cuts is the only way to encourage many to participate in democracy.

If we are to get any real change in our government it will be as a result of financial hardship.


Unfortunatly everyone in Jersey is in the same boat. Economically life is tough at the moment, you just have to look at the numbers of redundancies being announced, the number of shops and local businesses that have closed recently to see that our economy has not really recovered yet.

The simple fact of life is that our public sector is supported by Jersey's economy in the form of taxes taken. So desipte the fact that states workers may feel they merit a rise we cannot afford it (take note states members who are taking their pay rises).

Indeed if things carry on the way they are with the economy getting smaller we will not be able to afford to employ as many public sector workers as we have at present never mind dishing out pay rises


The unions need to get a grip and be realistic in the current financial climate, rather than stirring things up


Support all Island workers ? Does it mean having a pay cut to re-employ all the builders who lost their jobs in the private sector ?


At least it's at Fort Regent, won't have to see it then. They should be happy to be in this sector, I would.


Here you go Kyle.

41 States vacancies.Take your pick


Absolutely disgraceful behavior on the Union and workers part!

They are lucky to get any kind of rise at all. Just look at the growing number of redundancies.

Do they honestly think their job is that specialized that no one else can do it? What about the FlyBe pilots who cost around £90,000 to train up being made redundant? Some of them have served the company for over 10 years! I’m sure you’d find them more than happy to take a 10% pay CUT to keep their jobs let alone moan about a deal to guarantee them 3 years worth of rises.

I think those who are against the Unions decision, and agree with the States to impose this deal should also stand together and attend this rally. Maybe these ‘hard done by’ workers will then realise how lucky they are to have a job!


The JEP article quotes extensively from the head of the Teachers' Union, who was the lady I think urging us to pay Income Support to students as well as those looking for work.

In her reported comments, she purports not only to speak on behalf of all public sector workers, but for the people of Jersey as a whole! She refers to asking "merely" for a cost of living adjustment, as if that is a God-given right, as if that is what private sector taxpayers are getting these days. She throws in a snipe about Members accepting the recommendations of the Independent Review to boot as it suits her rant.

She is reported as saying that the States Members have clearly misunderstood the desperation of islanders, and says that there is a misconception about the lack of sympathy towards public sector employees.

And she thinks that the Members have misunderstood!!!! Who is this person, really?!

James Wiley

The unions are a divisive movement amongst the proletariat, seeking the betterment of their members at the expense of fellow workers in the private sector.

If public sector workers were agitating for a 3% increase in the income tax threshold which would benefit all of Jersey's workers then they might have more support from more of the population.

As it stands all they want is a pay rise which will of course result in a tax increase for everyone, they will be no better off but non public sector workers will be worse off.

Thatcher's ideals still reign in the Union Movement, me, me, me and bugger the rest of you.


I agree, Its not like the Unions entered pay negotiations last year with the statement "we want a pay rise of 5.4% in line with cost of living and we will not accept anything else"

The Unions would not accept the States initial offer, and although the States have increased the offer over the past year, the Unions still demand the same increase from before it started.

So why did the "Negotiations" fail? Was it the States fault for giving a final offer?

Unions run by stupid people make Unions look stupid.


Thatcher's ideals appear to reign in your world too....or were you being ironic?? Proletariat - do you like the class system and the way it disadvantages the 'proles'? That's partly why these damned unions evolved!

Unions operate in the private sector as well as the public sector. They seek to protect their members interests. You may not like how they do it or you may argue about their effectiveness but representing the membership is their bread and butter. Can't see the problem with that.

James Wiley

No the Union movement was a beneficial social force when it was a radical movement which represented the working classes as a whole.

It achieved everything it set out to do and it's raison d'etre was largely completed by about 1871, unfortunately it became corrupted and morphed into an essential institution of the fascist model of modern western government.

The role of the modern day union is to ensure that senior civil servants are given large pay rises, to create jobs, where none actually exists (i.e. by not letting a kango operator also shovel the dirt and requiring the driver to sit there whilst the two other work) and to ensure the growth in size and scope of government.

A 3% pay rise for the Bailiff is an obscene sum of money, whilst a 3% pay rise for a grade 1 is probably not too unreasonable.

Unfortunately you cannot give one without the other because of the way the system is set up.

So the unions demands are met and then the manual workers get sacked (it is always manual workers who are made redundant never the top boys).

Therefore the net result is to award over the top pay rises to people who are already paid far more than they ought to be.

The Union is now firmly part of the establishment. It is the big bad wolf which scares people with the prospect of 90% tax and makes people think that our government isn't as bad as it could be.

It divides the proletariat and turns working people against each other.

Everyone should be working together for everyone's mutual improvement. That is not done by increasing pay for a part of the population, but by decreasing taxation for all and wherever possible ensuring people of modest means pay no tax whatsoever.

Government is the oppressor and the Unions are just a function of a modern bureaucracy.


Are you on a wind up? I have just read one of your other posts, the one about God etc. I must admit, you are amusing. Well played!!


So James every time there are price increases who makes the profit?We would all be better off if those companies imported for tax avoidance paid their way Tis the less well off who cannot afford to hire tax avoidance people, who are subsidising the rich.

Just a local

It doesn't matter if you support them or not: you can almost certainly bet that the Council of Ministers will treat them with the same disdain & contempt they always seem to treat any form of protest or democratic dissent.


Oh, a "Workers' Rally". How wonderfully nostalgic, and so very 1970s.


Good to see some workers in Jersey have got a backbone and are not prepared to be walked all over.

Lucky to have a job.....what a load of tosh. Will you lot ever wake up or will you just carry on taking pay cuts and looking enviously across at those who won't stand for it.

I'll get me tin hat!!

St Ouen

If their work is anything to go by the turnout will be low as:

Some will be late;

Some will be off sick;

Some will say its not their job;

Some will say they have not been trained;

Some will not understand the question!


They are all going to stand up and watch the one guy of the hour. Same all same all ... ah ah


What a bunch of jumped up, jealous people there are in Jersey, who comment about others who stand up for what they believe in! If you haven`t done anything about bettering your working conditions and have lost out by it, then don`t snipe and bitch about others who seek to have a decent standard of living. If more people stood together and had the backbone to speak out, then we wouldn`t be living in a two tier society where you are expected to be grateful to earn minimum wage, work extra hours for no overtime and have no sick/holiday pay because you are on zero contracts! What hope is there with a mindset like that?

Poor me

Agree but there is always a time and a place for everything. Wrong timing !

I wouldn't mind giving a bit more of my tax money to those workers but I didn't get a rise or cost of living for at least 3 years ( or 5, I am not sure and I am not that bothered counting, because I get to keep my job and still manage to pay my mortgage ).

I actually earned less last year.

So personally, they can screw themselves and cut down on the pub hours cause I am not sure how the standard of living of State workers can deteriorate that much in a few years.

If they want a better living, they can study or find a better job if they can find one.

The overtime extra hours should compensate for the hours of sitting down in the van or having the arms crossed.


The point is most of these workers are real jersey people who are standing up for there rights.not imigrant workers what will be next

Bilbo Beghins

Protest is an important part of any democracy and the public sector is an easy target for the press as many of the above comments show. How can people criticise others for standing up for themselves in a civilised manner?

I'm sure that these people are not idiots and feel the need to be heard and not just derided by the community they serve. They have elected to follow a time honoured and agreed procedure and not to throw their toys out of the pram by jumping straight to strike action like some.

Whether they succeed or not is yet to be seen. At least they have been noticed and that, along with exercising your right to vote, is essential to influencing political policy.

This is my personal opinion and you are free to disagree.


I understand their anger, we all think salaries should go up with cost of living etc. However, looking at the States jobs available at the moment the salaries are good compared to the private sector. I can honestly say that if I was working for the States that fact would stop me from protesting.

For those who are being negatively affected by the cost of living continuing to rise, have they possibly lived a bit beyond their means? or close to their means? failed to put some aside for a rainy day? Could they not cut back on anything at all?

If any of them are in data analysis and want out then can they give me a bell?

Bryan O'Brien

I'm not saying whether there is merit, or not, in the Union's case; but, we all accept constant increases in what we are charged for things. WHY can't the workers do the same thing & charge a higher rate for what they supply ?


There is a far bigger picture here that is being missed or otherwise ignored! The cost of living in the island is going up constantly and if wages do not keep pace comparably, then the islands workers, both in the private and public sectors, will become an underclass. So many workers rights, which have been hard fought for over the years are being eroded and before you know it, no one will have any contracted rights and society will be back to workhouses and the days of strike breaking. If you are aiming for the working classes to become downtrodden and at the mercy of unscrupulous business owners, then we are on the right track. if you want to have good working environments for you and your children, do not denigrate the people who stand up for the right of the common man to be treated with dignity and fairness. I`m not saying we return to the Arthur Scargill militancy of the 70`s but there is a middle ground where a reasonable and equitable financial package can found. If you cannot see beyond the end of your own nose because you`ve lost your job through no representation or have a vested interest in keeping wages and conditions low in order to run your business, then I guess no one will convince you that this is a just cause. If however you value a future for yourselves and your progeny, then look beyond the headline that is meant to divide public opinion and remember, everyone`s in this awful situation together and the union is doing what is right for it`s members! Bottom line, don`t denigrate those who stand up for the common good and require a living wage to raise their families!


Well said PP I thought your comments were right on the nail. As far as I am concerned it is not about a pay rise any pay rise will be wiped out in this financial climate by increased taxes, insurance, rents, rates, food, fuel prices and so on. The employer has been offering various pay rises over several years but their final clincher was a higher pay rise than previously offered but with undefined changes to terms and conditions. So as far as I can tell you may as well take out contracts that are signed at the beginning of employment and throw them away because they won't be worth the paper they are written on. So what the union is doing is what they are payed by their members to do and that is protecting workers rights.