£40m ‘gigabit Island’ in trouble?

SERIOUS concerns have been raised about the future of a States-backed £41.5 million project to give every household superfast broadband as a dispute between JT and contractors threatens to derail the project.

Cable layers are said to be running behind schedule
Cable layers are said to be running behind schedule

SERIOUS concerns have been raised about the future of a States-backed £41.5 million project to give every household superfast broadband as a dispute between JT and contractors threatens to derail the project.

Contractors and sub-contractors last week threatened to down tools over a contractual dispute with JT, which is introducing fibre-optic broadband and aims to have an Islandwide network up and running by 2016.

The scheme, called Gigabit Jersey, is currently 50 per cent behind connection targets and progress in recent months is under-stood to have been slow, with just 737 homes connected to the network in the four months to the end of 2012.

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Comments for: "£40m ‘gigabit Island’ in trouble?"


Its no wonder only 740 homes have been connected - do people actually want it? JT need to get their fibre offering in line with modern times. Why offer a high speed service advertising the ability to stream high def. content and media - and then cripple your ability to really use it with usage limits which cost loads when you go over it. The usage caps need to be AT LEAST doubled from regular broadband - if not removed completely and switch to a fair use policy. Quite happy to give my 50 quid a month to Sure/Newtel for now so I don't need to worry about the kids downloading games and using love film through their PS3/Ipod/Ipad...

the thin wallet

pile it high .

sell it cheap.

they will come.

ive put fibre into a house i am renovating .

it will only be connected if affordable.

Innocent bystander

Well i'm hardly surprised that its behind schedule all things like this are slow to take off.

But we found out that our friends just down the road had been connected and so we asked when we would be connected and was told a few weeks, 6months later we are still waiting.

So here's one customer who wants connecting and is still waiting.


2016 Mate ! Actually no, 2017 by the look of things.

Bean About A Bit

I wonder if JT will follow the shining example of the JEC and increase their rates despite their appalling service?

Tax Payer

We signed up for this. We are now connected - the service seems no better. We don't download porn or anything else

It took ages to get sorted. The cable to your property to the road has to be replaced.

You have to have a new box attached to the wall where it comes into the property. You need a power connection there as well.

We had about 4/5 visits from the contractors to get this set up. Sometimes this entailed 2 vans and about 3/4 men

This must be costing £millions more than estimated - usual Jersey cock up.

However, from what we have been told you have no choice in future all broadband will run this way


"We signed up for this...[w]e don’t download porn or anything else"

Then why did you sign up for it !?

Tax Payer

We signed up because we were told this will be changed for everyone ultimately and that we would not have to pay for the installation if done now.


I moved to y:tel and pay £ 15 for my home line and broadband which is about 8 mb. I used to pay over £ 40 per month for the same with JT.

In addition to this my calls cost a lot less and no data limits.

JT do not allow potability but who cares about the land line number.

A business built on fleecing people is bound to fail!


I am the real exJT!!

I spoke to Y:Tel and after some probing questions they said it might not be the service for me.

It took some well constructed questions too, check out their after hours service, the contract too...you are in for 2 years you know. Call centres closed at 7pm.

They say they only allow 750 users per sector....Mmmmmm who is monitoring this? will they really turn people away? "Oh no you cant have the service that sector is at capacity" No chance.

I wanted a 7 days trial and they said no.

If they were that great and confident then why not??

As for the JT/CH2 issue, it's a lot worse than reported. Serious ar*e covering on both sides and lawyers involved. That is from the inside.

Tut tut, JT blaming someone else? surely not??

The marketing has been close to non existent for Gigabit, the only time it's in the news is bad news.

Rats and ship come to mind.


WEll it seems they don't want the custom, since launch I've been after it, even though the fibre has been pulled in the road, they still can't give me a date other than some time in 2013/14 maybe 15..

It's as if the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is pulling!


like i said a long time ago it is a big mistake? satalite broadband no cables required


...but you need a dish bolted to your house (separate form Sky Tv dish), latency is horrific (online gaming is a no-no) and poor weather interrupts your connection as it does a sky tv signal.

So, all in all, a terrible idea. You've thought of one advantage but neglected to take into account the other significant disadvantages your proposed solution brings with it.


it would be good enough for what i need and most other people need. just being dictated to by jt. they will learn the hard way


Actually I think a lot of people would be disappointed with satellite internet, it has absolutely dire latency, even worse bandwidth caps than we already have with JT and most likely even slower speeds, which is saying a lot. Oh, and it would be more expensive £/MB. To be honest it would be a downgrade from what we currently have on copper broadband from JT, hard as that is to imagine. You clearly haven't put much research/thought into your whole statement really, no offense.

adder st helier

well iv read different it uses the old analog waveband and it wont be dropping packets becouse every one will be on fibre so you need to do your homework no offence meant


Chris has it right, JT's usage limits are pathetic, once you go over that it gets expensive. I was getting bills of £70+ a month just for internet since they started to charge for usage in May!

I have now had all my JT services disconnected and switched to Newtels Y-Tel service, it's only £12.76 a month for a landline and unlimited internet usage and it's more than twice the speed of my old JT broadband.

Fed Up

You will probably find that JT do not want ordinary people as they do not make any money from them.

Hence why they charge high prices to get people to leave.

They will end up like Flybe.

Just to greedy that will come back to bite them.


WHAT about Businesses?

Its Business who are crying out for fast, cheap, reliable bandwidth - NOT consumers...

As a small Business with a limited budget weve been asking for Gigabit for 2 years, but because we arent in town we have no chance, with no timescale either.

What a total, complete, utter waste of time and most importantly Taxpayers money.


To me that is showing us that the project was not managed correctly, professionally and adequately from the offset...


Does it mean that we have to wait until they finish to get a signal on the North Coast (in order to make a phone call). So much of a service if you can't make an emergency call in certain places.


As this is regarding broadband I would say no.

Think twice buy loacal

Is everyone forgetting the ammount of jobs JT has created with this project? I dont see their compettitors thinking of local people? We need more companies with the inititive to help the local problem that is lack of work. Yes projects of this capasity will take time to get in to motion, good on you JT keep up the good work! Think twice buy local


Contradiction if I ever heard one! Irrespective of a majority local staff how are the global operations faring?

The lines are rented out to competition who get better service?! If that's not hypocrisy I am flabbergasted...,

Tax Payer

My understanding is that the contractors doing the work are people brought in from the UK not locals

the thin wallet

jobs created ?

how many were lost in cut backs and restructuring ?

heres a thing if jt cost too much , i am off to sign up with mr whipps empire .

dongle and all.

dish on the roof in the future ?

no problem .

as a refurb home all my services are in the loft for distribuiton , and a duct to go thru the roof to run whatever cables . and expandable sockets to power whatever .


I have not moved to JT the new cable is available in my area but its far to expensive, cant wait for Ytel to be available in my I will move from JT as soon as possible bad service greedy company !!!


Not a fan of JT either Michael but take a long hard look at Y Tel.

They buckled under questioning when I spoke to them about coverage, backup, after sales service etc.

I am with Sure and they are not bad, would like it cheaper mind you, but like everything in Jersey we pay over the odds.

Make sure you check Y Tel out with a fine tooth comb mate that is all I will say, especially the 2 years sign up. What happens if the service isn't good, what is the get out clause?

They couldn't answer these and other questions I had recently.

See my post earlier too.

Good luck to Y Tel, I would have gone with them but there did not inspire any confidence at all. I hate paying JT a land line fee.



Thanks very much for your advice they do have their service in my area but will not sign me up until they have better and improved reception but thanks I will certainly follow your advice

Pip Clement

For most island homes a 2 to 8 meg line is more than adequate for 99% of the time.

The only time I find my 2 meg line annoying is when I have to update the satnav maps or download a Linux distro but I often schedule that for overnight and it is only once every few months or so.

Email, web browsing, etc does nor need a lot of bandwidth so where is the drive to upgrade to a 100M or 1G line?

Gigabit island, another Phillip Ozouf mirage?


How short sighted and ignorant, there are many people that do a lot more than just browse!

In the age of facetime/skype/voip/on-line gaming/netfliks/you view/sky anytime + and multiple other on demand and download services 2-8mb is nothing!

The other evening as an example I downloaded a 6gb game and two 3gb films my 16mb line struggled. Hard media is a thing of the past as HMV is finding out.

100mb might be overkill today but tomorrow when 25gb bluray quality is available to download it certainly wont! and yes people want it especially as TV sizes get bigger and costs go down.


I can watch lovefilm and netflix on a 55" tv without buffering on 2mb, why would I want to pay three times the price for an amazing speed I do not need.

It's been confirmed that they have only singed up 50% of the homes projected in the project plan.

That, to anyone in the business should be extremely worrying.

highly unlikely propaganda

why do people post incorrect information, we all know thats not true propaganda. completly agree with you someone, JT are getting ahead of the times. Also jobs were created for loacals on this project, locals that were registered as unemployed - fact -

Seriously people think JT fibre complete is expensive?? have you actually looked? double your speed, free mobile conection and free calls to mobiles and land lines, do your research people!!!!




I'm sure it does just about work, but what quality is it, i'll tell you, mediocre at best!

1080p if you are getting "HD" at that speed is a pixel definition. The quality is produced by the bitrate per second, netflix HD is currently 3.5mb a second their new superHD requires a min of a 5mb service with 7mb recommended, you must have a different 2mb service to everyone else especially as the max through put is 1.76mb.

What sound codec does that include, it certainly wont be Dolby True HD of DTS-MA HD

Now to my point you missed, well coded and masted blu-rays have a bitrate of 40/50mb and 3D up to 60mb lets not even get started on the new 2k/4k pix definitions.

Yes there is very good compression software available that will bring these all down, but as files get bigger there is only so much compression can do.

Your last point makes no sense, so your saying out of the project plan to connect up 40 thousand homes they've only done 20 thousand in 2 years? If you actually mean the slow up take and connection that has been happeninf then I still wouldn't call that a concern, they have until 2016 thats 3 years to rectify that situation and they know where their sticking points have been.

To answer how I know this and Pip's comment, I work in the industry and know a lot of what is happen and yes I stare a screen quite a bit. But I also enjoy their company to relax.

I also do funny enough get out and about quite a bit in the fresh air pip.


Quick point, what if someone else wanted to use the internet as well (while your watching Netflix)?


I sincerely hope they won't be using my connection as I live alone. I cannot say it any clearer, I do not need 1gb now and cannot see any reason for needing it by the time I die. An industry expert above has confirmed I can stream HD with just 7mb, why would I want faster at more expense? I'd be paying for something I don't need.

What JT are doing is like a Jersey garage inventing a new petrol that for 3 times the price will make your car get to 40 mph 10 times quicker. Great for those that want that but the vast majority don't and will not pay a premium for it.

50% below target for subscribers at this early stage is a good indicator of that.

Pip Clement

I guess you do not work an average Jersey day screen staring.

After a day full of computers I go home, enjoy dinner and talking to people, read or go for a walk in the summer.

I last played a computer game years ago and I do not watch a lot of films anymore.

Maybe you should try fishing or watching a real rugby match out in the open air! :-)



You miss my point. I DO watch netflix and lovefilm on a big TV and am perfectly happy with the picture and sound quality, all on a 2mb line.

I appreciate I could have better picture and sound quality and acknowledge your admission that netflix HD only requires 7mb.

My point remains, I personally have no need or desire to treble my line rental costs for 1G when even an industry expert like you admits I only need 7mb.

I thought I was quite clear when I said they had only signed up 50% of the homes projected. That to me mentions nothing about how many homes have it available if they want it.

You say the less than half projected uptake is of no concern and they have 3 years to rectify it. It should be of concern to someone maybe not the someone you are but I'm sure the business case only stacks up when people start using fibre and paying the premium for it. Otherwise they will never achieve the expected financial benefits of the project.

I'm sure I speak for many other when I say I have less disposable income now than a few years ago. Prices are rising, user pays crops up everywhere and wages are staying the same. On that basis I spend what I have to on what I need. It will be interesting to see if the achieve their projected connections, user uptake by 2016, I bet they won't.

Giggle bit

Giggle bit isle is the nickname that a JT staff member put on this project as the timescales were so unrealistic.

However 40 million is no laughing matter!!

Time up

I was told that the scrap value of the old copper wire service (tons of it under ground)will be taken out and will more or less pay for the installation island-wide. So what's all this £40m about?

the thin wallet

hmm interesting .

its quite labour intensive to salvage the old copper .

and its diry scrap , still got its plasic or whatever coating ( sheath)

to clean it up it will need stripping

another time consuming task .

even with a machine .

i believe that todays price is £3.00 a kilo for clean copper .

a long way to go to make 40 million.


I guess that if you warm it slowly, the plastic will melt before the copper.

But yes, good point, well spotted Time up !


Been waiting since the project started, despite living just off one of the busiest roads into town that has been fibred, i'm still waiting and will be for some time yet


This story is not about the service that JT offers which has crashed since they restructured.

Its about Ozouf and McClean persuading the States to put up £40m of our money on the basis of a paper thin business case dreamt up by the new imported and supposedly expert management.

The states have mistakenly followed Mr Ozouf who has jumped on this ill thought through project as a method of persuading us that he is creating jobs, when in reality he is doing nothing.

These jobs which are temporary are a poor replacement for the 120 jobs lost at a further huge cost(of your money)in redundancy payments during the restructuring of recent years.

Davey West

Let us not forget, JT have been given a cheque by Senator Ozouf on behalf of the islanders for £40 million pounds.



but yet again The Teflon boy gets away with it again!!!!!


I nkow a lad that works on the JT Broadband installation and he gets full pay every week when most of the time he will only be called in for 4 hours a day. ABSOLUTE JOKE!


What many forget, is that JT are breaking new ground globally, so it's not going as smoothly as first thought but at least they have the balls to drag Jersey into the lime light. It is the future, it isn't easy but it will give everyone in Jersey something that the UK is unlikely to have for at least 10 years. Be proud to be involved....


I do a lot of online gaming so fibre is essential, lives are at risk !!!

I had visits to my property from three different 'groups'

Eventually a cable poked into my flat and a time was arranged for the final interior cabling.

Then someone spotted asbestos. After everyone ran away I've not heard a thing.

No fibre for me then

Ex jt insider

The biggest problem here that nobody is talking about how can jt have between 60 -80 people sitting at home doing nothing when there is only 10 jobs a day it's the tax payer that are forking out for these people sitting around doing nothing

For mr miller and mr ozeouf to say it will be on budget again they live on cuckoo land.

Because I know if we are lucky it will cost between £100- £150 million

2016 no chance more like 2026 good luck to all involved but it's going to be one hell of tough ride

Charles II

Ex JT insider - I doubt that, if you were you'd know from previous interviews and reports - that his last name is Millar not spealt Miller so I guess you did not work for JT then.

First of all and because I work for a firm that relies on I.T., I see this as future proofing the island and putting us ahead of the UK.

I'm sure that when they landed men on the moon they never dreamt there would be more comptuing in a modern calculator, let alone your home PC. So for those of you questioning the idea, technology is advancing a a very fast pace and Jesey could be a world leader here.

When you do your home work on the net, you'll see that there is a lot of problems with satalite and wireless internet, but I guess the firms selling it will only tell you the benefits not the down side as Loco mentioned above about satalite broadband.

Wireless is great if you do not have many people feeding off the mast in your area.

The speed in that area will drop dramatically the more users that feed off it.

Also because of the lots of hills and valleys over here you will not get full coverage with wireless. Do we really want more masts, I think not.

Granite will also seriously affect signal strength, hence why fibre is the sensible option.

We have a lot of granite on this island.

I have two friends that I game with regualry on the playstaion, one has fibe and at present 100mg, the other has 4mb. The one with 100gb managed to download a game update in 2.5 minutes the other downloaded the same update in well over 2 hours.

More services as you can see from the TV ads are now moving to net based, as you can see from our highstreet (sadly I might add).

It looks as though we'll be able to enjoy these services long before a lot of people in the UK.

Ex jt insider

Charles II

I might of spelt His name wrong millar but I know jt are in crises you don't work there you don't know all this talk and saying all is alright is far from the truth. You will see in the coming weeks

Mr Mac

With Newtel/Y Tel fibre. £14.99 per month for 20Mb.

Great service!


thats not quite true. Is you look at their site 'minimum speed up to 4 Meg, burstable higher when access allows'. Doesn't claim you will get 20MB.

Mr Mac

Don't look at the website, go enquire about their fibre.


I was in there store Wednesday lunch time and did speak to them. They advised me the same as the website 4 Meg burstable to 20 Meg at good periods.

So it is not £14.99 for 20mb.

Also you will find it is not fibre either, no telephone line is used it is all wireless. I was asked if I could see Hue Court from one of my windows on Rouge Boullion. Which I said yes so they said I might get a wireless signal from their mast. That was a MIGHT get a service signal.

I am not faulting their service, it is just you are only saying select information to make Y:Tel sound better then it is.


Actually it is fibre, they have WiMAX as well as fibre in some areas.

What you are talking about is WiMAX for £ 12.76 a month whereas their fibre is £ 14.99 a month for 20mbit/s and it's only available in areas which are served by their cable tv network.


How can Ytel and Newtel provide unlimited downloading and JT can no longer do it? The new tarriff system is another way of squeezing money from people, who are already struggling to pay other bills due to the recession.It really unfair they get 40 million of the states and screw the consumer too


ragpud its simple.

JT thought Sure and Newtel would follow their lead and create a market for charges in broadband download limits. Thus actually creating a new revenue stream.

Unfortunately for the greedy stupid management at JT Sure and Newtel did the opposite and simply signed up as many of their disgruntled customers as they could ( including me)for unlimited downloads.

The fools at JT persist in their policy of monthly caps in the hope that Sure and Newtel will eventually be overwhelmed by so many users with unlimited downloads that they will be forced to buy more bandwidth from their upstream providers and introduce monthly caps themselves.

Lets hope for all our sakes JT's gamble fails


JT caps fibre to 50GB/Month. (24/7 usage, not even daytime usage.

IRRESPECTIVE of the issues with roll out nobody is going to take JT up on the service while it is defunct when attached to a ridiculous usage cap.

JT are rolling out a 21st century day service with a 20th century mindset.


As far as I am aware there are about 60 teams working on this fiasco, a lot of whom have come from the UK. Having spoken to some of the team personally they have said it could take up to 10 years to complete! They encounter problems at every turn. Where I live they worked for 10 minutes in the road area, the cable was too big for the space apparently, so they packed up and left, never to be seen since. This is guaranteed to come in well over budget and not on time. What a surprise.


Thinking out loud here. So every home connected to fibre in a few years time. Check. Not all our older generation own mobile phones. Check. So what happens if we have a major power cut similar to that in September and someone in an older generation household falls ill, has an accident? What do they do? Pick up their landline and dial 999, but that line will be dead as new system works through the power lines! Well JT are looking into this, but they are not telling you. Oh you can buy as an optional extra 'a box' cant remember the name of it for about £70-£80 quid. So you are all being forced onto this new service but losing one very vital communication link if the unthinkable happens.

Some of you might think this is fine, but surely the one thing the old landline offered / or still does for many of you is that lifeline to the emergency services during a blackout. Food for thought!


Moan to the JEC if there s a problem with the electric.


By the time this has been completed the older generation will actually be the current generation and will have mobile phones.... JT thought this through well.


Serious questions need to also be asked about the state of JT's offshore activities as well. I'm told that they are also doing fibre in Guernsey. If they can't manage a simple project in their own back garden what hope have they away from home. Also is this work being done in Guernsey with the money given to JT for Jersey?