To list or not to list – that is the question

THOUSANDS of houses around Jersey will be examined as part of a major push to update the list of protected buildings, the Environment Minister has announced.

Eskdale, in St Peter, has been taken off the list of protected buildings
Eskdale, in St Peter, has been taken off the list of protected buildings

THOUSANDS of houses around Jersey will be examined as part of a major push to update the list of protected buildings, the Environment Minister has announced.

Following the biggest survey of Jersey's historic environment - a two-year project run by a team of historic building surveyors - the Environment department is ready to refresh its catalogue of protected structures

The survey has resulted in some properties, including Eskdale, at Croix au Lion, in St Peter, being taken off the list of protected buildings because too much of their historic character has been lost or eroded.

As part of the work, property owners will be able to have their say about the redesignation process.

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Comments for: "To list or not to list – that is the question"

Tony B

Historic quality lost, yes it's called Planning! What a farce. Why were they allowed to be altered in the first place?

No axe to Grind

We already have far too many buildings "protected". Every planning application should be judged by its merits. That is why we have well paid highly qualified planning officers.

The instinct is to "protect" everything unusual and everything aged over 100 years regardless of common sense, planning gains, or any other consideration.

Jersey, being a very small jurisdiction, is particularly prone to excessive bureaucracy and all the nonesense that goes with it. We are the most rigid and controlled country outside North Korea and we do not need any more impositions from government.

We need permission to buy, sell or rent property. Yes permission.

We need to renew driving licenses every 5 years.

Busineses have to submit "manpower returns" designed to limit employment opportunity.

Need I go on?

Sad sad sad

Davey West

Yep my house is listed on a fourth rate list, and I am the first to admit the granite is a shale waste with clay and horse hair mix in the walls. I have seen better looking coal bunkers so I asked the planning department how come it was listed and why ? Why I was not allowed to comment and why I was not informed. I found out after doing the right thing and applying ( Joke ) for double glazing.

They had not one reasonable answer.

Then I asked a friendly politician, he gave me a very down to earth answer.

If it is listed they have control over it and you will have to apply and then pay a fee for any improvements.

Subject to planning permission is not accurate. Slave to a self interest bloated, inefficient, self important states department, worried about their next wage packet is.



You old cynic. I agree with every word you have written.


Agree, this will just result in misery for anyone who is unfortunate enough to own an old property that suddenly becomes listed. Properties are to be lived in not kept as museums at great cost to the owner. I have heard of people being forced to keep and repair absolutely rotten wooden windows at huge cost just to maintain the "character" of the property. If the States want to list buildings they must be prepared to share the extra cost incurred to maintain its originality and not expect the owner to bankrupt themselves doing so.


Simply they will be told where to stick it if they come and look at our old property !!


perhaps they could remove that old Odean eye sore from their list at the same time!


Another property which should be removed in the hideous methodist temple in Sion. It is no longer used and I believe the roof needs expensive repairs.

It has always been a blot on the landscape and should be converted into accommodation


Plus the slums at the back of the Co-Op and the one in Hilgrove St. (French Lane) that has held up the development for a long while.

I would demolish St. James' Church as well. Obsolete and of no further use. (The youth project is a caes of finding a use regardless of its suitability).

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