How much are our police worth?

STARTING pay for police officers in Jersey is now more than 70% higher than in the UK.


STARTING pay for police officers in Jersey is now more than 70% higher than in the UK.

A major review of police pay has been promised by the Home Affairs Minister after the gulf between police pay in Jersey and the UK was revealed.

Last week it was announced by the UK Home Secretary that the starting salary for a police constable was to be cut by £4,000 to £19,000 per year - a long way short of the Jersey starting figure of more than £32,777 per year.

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Comments for: "How much are our police worth?"


Don't forget the luvverly pension at 50 yrs old & a plum job at PHQ/Bank messenger after that with a 2nd pension.Also not a stressful job here compared to many UK city areas.

Fed Up

Be careful what you wish for


He wasn't wishing for anything, he was just pointing out the bleedin' obvious


It's quite frankly ludicrous what some of our public servants earn, having read the full article in tonight's JEP I see that head teachers can earn up to almost £95,000 a year!

There needs to be a review, downwards, of all States workers pay just like they are doing in the UK and now is the perfect time to do so with hundreds of thousands of public servants in the UK being made redundant. It's simply supply and demand and now there are more workers than jobs, so time for the States to act.

The States job is to provide the best public services it can afford at the lowest possible cost to the taxpayer, this is obviously not being done with the amount of money some public sector workers are receiving.

The states should also look at privatising as many states departments as they can, we all know private industry is much more efficient than public sector, and the taxpayer doesn't have to guarantee their very handsome pensions either.


The size and cost of our civil service is completely unviable. I agree, they need to start reducing the pay of these posts. Obviously this will only happen when filling jobs from retirement or people leaving, so this could be difficult.

As for the police, that rate of pay is simply ludicrous when compared to the MET starting wage of 28k (living costs will be in line just about). They don't get 32k until after 2 years service. Jersey police need a serious rethink about salaries. Maybe they need to keep on the beat bobbies at this rate but reduce the amount and cost of support staff and desk jockey coppers in order to compensate?

Le Bas

Of course they're worth it! It's not as though they very often spend years doing other jobs and once they run out of options decide to 'protect and serve the community' as a last choice...ooops, my mistake - that IS very often the case. What did you want to be when you were younger? I wanted to work menial jobs for years and years until my mind could take it no longer, and when I couldn't think of anything inspiring or original to do for myself, I figured I'd join the Police! Starting pay's ok, I guess....

Tony B

Trouble is the Police in England are worth a lot more than they are paid. Hence the UK 'Cheap' option of Community Support Officers'. They are laughed at by the local troublemakers. If you want decent people to put themsleves at risk for you, reward them properly.


They have it easy here, the should reverse the roles as the police officers in the UK work alot harder than those here and get paid peanuts..... the police force in Jersey have it far to easy.....


Consider that we have free honorary Police how come we have so many at such cost?

Look at the disgrace of the historic abuse inquiry and the uncontrolled cost.

There are loads of ex Police retired in France at an early age on a pension I will never have.

Cut their pay and perks.


We dont need so many highly paid police we should have more like mitch who does a exellent job


I ve been saying it for years. Why are they getting paid so much when their jobs are a lot easier than the one in the UK.

We can't even afford them to do their paperwork anymore. They are talking to reduce the service at night. They are getting a new police station. We need honorary policemen as we probably can't afford to have more of them at their rate. Some are not even fit enough to run a 400m lap. Can't have later opening hours for pubs and clubs cause that will cost a fortune in night shift wages. We have to bring more cops form the UK for Jersey Live, I wonder why ?

They have it easy and they get top money, we all know it.

Serious crime in Jersey is rare and it s because of the infrastructure and the wealth of the Island, not so much because of policing. So why paid nearly as much as the State members ? Because it s Jersey and that the way it is !!!

When I tell people abroad that they fine you and put you name in the paper for urinating in the Street , everybody laugh !!! We need to fill the crime section of the JEP some how... Paycut and more public toilets please ...


If police checks were made before allowing someone to stay in the Island , we wouldn't need half of them to start with !!!


Despite the fact that well over half the crimes committed in Jersey are done by locals? I think something like 60% of the crime in the island is committed by the same 45 people - any time you want to see a good old Jersey name just check the Magistrate's Court section, I'd be more than happy to refresh your memory if you don't get the JEP. :-)

Delayed sword

Yes, could you please, Renegade?


It was the front page story on 14th December 2011. If you don't subscribe to the online edition like me, you can view it at the library.


If that is the case ,they should keep them in jail instead of sending them Christmas cards !


Well let's face it, UK starting salaries are a laugh in many professional jobs. I worked in England for a few months and starting salary in a multilingual office job was £16.000. In Eire I now get €28.000 for a similiar position + lower taxes than UK. You're definitely better off in the UK than Jersey with a minimum wage though. Everybody wants a States job in Jersey because salaries vs cost of living are very low in other sectors, unless you're in a management position in finance. If you compare the UK to Jersey our police are overpayed but then again a policeman/women in Jersey can just about get a low standard 2 bed flat for his/her salary. Depends how you see it.

La Moye Squirrel

The reason why a minimum wage job in the UK is viable is because most people are in the same boat i.e. there are a lot of British people, working mums, students, school leavers, pre-pension people doing those jobs. A weekly shop can be half of what it is here. Rent is half and houses can be £180,000. Doctors are free.

Tony B

Try living on the UK minimum wage!

La Moye Squirrel

Have done & it is a darned sight easier than here! Depends what your expectations are in life.

The Ghetto Kid

Agreed. Professionals are paid appalling wages. Or they just employ someone to do a professional job and give it a different title. I applied for a "Learning Mentor" job for £11k a year, it was actually the job description for a proper full time teacher..... I turned their offer down. Shocking. Police should keep their wages. In fact they should probably pay them a heck of a lot more considering Jersey's social problems appear to becoming far worse, since the massive rise in population.


Surely the issue is not if our police officers are paid to much but the fact that the UK police are paid to little.

Our police officers also cover multiple roles within their job where the UK will have one person for each role.

BOBBY is back

Are you a police man by any chance?


"""Our police officers also cover multiple roles within their job where the UK will have one person for each role"""

It's probably that the diversity of crime is so limited and rare that they don't need to be an expert in a specific crime. As soon as it get tough they gets specialist from the UK.

They are so good that it costed us 2 millions to put Warren behind bars. They would have done it by the book, a couple of months and a few thousand pounds later it was done and dusted.


Scott you are in LA LA land what rubbish... the police over here have a very easy job after all they are constantly reminding us the crime rate is very low so they wouldn't know a hard days work if it hit them in the face, sad but true... UK police work very hard.... Jersey police have it very easy.... all they have to do is their targets per week.... :)



you're the one in la-la land. You make easy throw away empty comments - 'very hard,' 'very easy.' How do you know this? Can you back this up with solid information? Corroborate it in anyway? Put up or shut up because the police do violent deeds so you can sleep easy in your bed.

Dermot Itis

"the police do violent deeds so you can sleep easy in your bed."

That made me laugh out loud. :)

Percy Egre

Over £32,000 starting pay I am in the wrong job, but hang on aren't nurses teachers paid above the UK rates, should we be looking across the board


It is interesting that we rush to "align" ourselves with the UK when it involves taking money away from decent, hard-working people that can presumably be put to "better" uses.

Yet for anything that helps line the pockets of the well-to-do usual suspects, we fircely product non-alignment, difference and and "independence" (read: offshore finance, tax).

The only rule of "alignment" seems to be it is done only if it would benefit the ruling elite.


Far too much to be paying them. The force is huge per capita compared to UK, the crime rate here is much lower (or so we keep being told) nowhere near as stressful being a copper here than UK. They get to retire early on a huge pension and most of them end up working in top grade civil service posts. Yes the cost of living is higher here but everyone else manages


And the starting pay for a politician in Jersey is £46,000. For that you may get a captain of industry or someone with an IQ of a fence post and no political experience at all. On the whole the Police do a good job despite constant sniping from politicians,the JEP and the usual suspects on this forum. £32k a year to get spat on, assaulted and abused by the drunken lowlifes that populate the town on a Friday and Saturday night is hardly a fortune.


Bouncers do it too. It s only for a few hours, a couple of nights of the week, they are equipped (unlike bouncers) and have back up, and with the rota it s very likely to be once a month.

I am not being sexist, but there is a lot of women in the force, if it was that dangerous, or difficult, I doubt they would be so many.

The soldiers in Afghanistan have to go up 17 ranks to get the same wages (Sergeant), they start at 13K to risk their lives.

States employee

The value of every employee whether private or public should be measurable and transparent. However please remember that we at this time cannot compare our salaries to that of a UK equivalent. For all the age old reasons that unfortunately will (probably) never change. We, as an island have got ourselves into this mess and if there is a way out, it will not be achieved in our lifetime.


Why cannot the salary be compared to the UK? we know plenty about the relative cost of post-tax living.

I agree it will not be quick to change, but this is a shocking wage for a police constable.

States employee

Scrutineer I cannot disagree with you totally, however like for like lifestyles in Jersey would not be accesible on a UK wage, mainly because of the cost of rent.

Jersey Bull

JEP should get their facts right!

The comparable place in UK is London: according to the MET, the starting salary of a constable is as follows:

£28,605 on commencing service

£31,176 on completion of initial 31 weeks' training

£32,610 after two years' probationer training.

So clearly not different from here...!

P Fed Head

In no way could policing in the met be compared to policing in Jersey!


To put it in perspective Wiltshire Police have just advertised vacant positions for 25 trainee police at the new lower rate of £19,000 per annum. They had to take the advert down after only 2 and a half hours as they had 100,000 replies.

It's an employers market, so why are the States still employing people on 1990's wages and terms & conditions, ie fabulous pensions, free dental care etc?

Being a policeman in Jersey is nowhere near the dangerous job it is in the UK.

All States workers pay needs to be reviewed and adjusted downward to meet the new economic realities that we all face, either that or continue to see your personal tax rise along with GST and other indirect taxation to keep these few in the lifestyle they've been come accustomed to!

Made Up

Well join then. There we go. Easy.


It is not only the police. Some else in the public sector told me that his terms and conditions are a lot better than an equivalent in the UK, and as he put is 'they are about 20 year behind here'.

Chris Pace

Interesting as this comes from a Man being paid £40k to well make bad decisions for the island.

The police do an amazing job with only them self's for backup. Reduce pay this will reduce quality, not really acceptable in my mind.


Please prove your assertion that a reduction in pay will reduce quality. That argument only applies in a tight labour market. Again, who says that the police do an amazing job? It is not exactly dangerous here for the police. I would also like the details of the overtime arrangments. When was the last police officer killed on duty here? I think I am rather more impressed by the effort that the honorary police put in for rather less material rerward.



They provide useful assistance to states police at times and it is honourable service for free... But they do not do actual police work like you seem to think, far from it.

Let's just say the island could not function properly with just an honorary police force.

Let's get honorary doctors.... Part time, much cheaper and they give it a good go but not really as good as having an actual doctor treat you.


Yes, really. I agree with Scrutineer and do not agree with Jsy. His opinion is an opinion, but is seemingly not based upon proper knowledge of the subject matter.

To paraphrase him, let’s just say the island could not function properly with just a states police force.


doctors dont do anything they just refer you to someone else a bit like police in a way


I am not sure what you are saying 'really' to. Pay increases above a certain level makes very little difference to quality. I suspect that many believe that it is well over that level.

The requirement here is to ensure that police are paid only what is required to select and retain good enough staff. One of the best tests is to look at voluntary outflows, and to see whether those PCs with the highest performance gradings are leaving into other sectors. If some are not, then pay is probably too high.

I did not say "do away with the uniformed police" (and I am certainly not in favour of honorary doctors unless they are proper doctors doing a bit of voluntary work.)


Put an advert in the paper like stated in the comment above yours. Even at 25K with half of the perks you would replace the entire force in no time.

Reducing quality ???

When you are paid to do a job, you do it a 100% or you are shown the door. That s private sector policies for you ...

Nowhere says that pay cuts are only for the one who don't have the Unions and Corbell to turn to.

Public sector wages seems to have followed the housing market: up the roof. There is no doubt in my mind that GST was creating to maintain those wages from coucou land !

Lord Haw Haw

Our brave plod do an excellent job in keeping us safe. Don’t blame them if the cost of living is so high over here. I certainly would want more than 30k a year to do their job.

You get what you pay for in life. You want Jersey to be like a UK inner city ? .... then pay them peanuts. But don’t start honking when the crack addicts across the street start a random fire fight.

Hats off to our boys in blue!

I Pasdenom

Are you seriously suggesting that it's the quality of our Police force that stops the drug fueled gun violence happening in Jersey?

You're living in a fantasy world.

For real

What drug fuelled gun violence?


Give it time Jersey lags 10-15 years behind the UK which lags behind the USA...

BOBBY is back

I would love Jersey to be like the inner City. Culture, entertainment, great atmosphere, busy streets, amazing bars, great food on offer, loads of exhibitions and shows to go and see. Shall i go on....

Bobby go back

How about you find your ideal world in the inner city elsewhere and leave Jersey relatively unspoilt?

Don't bother going on. It's not what most want in our sheltered isle.


Very hard to fight this one, of course it's a joke. Police officers themselves know it's a joke, they'll all admit that it in Jersey you have to go looking for problems. There is no way they should be on that much in this island but this is pointless, they'll never be given a pay cut or even a pay freeze... Give up JEP - you're just going to get everyone's backs up and not get anywhere in doing so apart from turning people against the police officers on the beach.


Why are they on the beach JerseyD, is it all the taxpayers' money buying a place in the sun?

jsy man

I imagine you'll all be rushing out for application forms then??

Surely if it is that easy, has no impact on your life, involves no specialist training whatsoever and you don't potentially have to risk injury or worse at times it is suitable for everyone... Get those forms in.

Trouble is most who comment here are probably so ignorant or naive about what the police actually do or have such prejudice against them, giving a fuller explanation would be lost on them.

Some people have a real misguided view of crime on the island and the small minority of scum that populates it.

There is actually more for a case of the local police seeing and covering wider areas of policing than some uk officers do in their service. Jersey is not too dissimilar to some larger uk areas. Yes certain areas have worse crimes on a more regular basis but they also have greater resources and specialist teams to deploy with that being their only role.

I think the uk pay is too low, but then so the cost of living / housing etc.

There are people in the private sector who get paid far more and will never see or do the things police officers have to in their life.

Gary Castle

If you want quality from your Police officers then the job needs to provide attractive pay and conditions. Unfortunately these types of jobs (including nursing and teaching) no longer hold the prestige and respect they once did.

Would you be prepared to suffer the inconvenience of long hours/shift work and endure the insults and disdain of the arrogant and ignorant? And if so,how much would you expect to get paid?

These duties are essential to a stable society and economy and deserve the best resources available.

This is my personal opinion and you are of course free to disagree.



I imagine 40 thousand plus islander who work longer hours for less money probably would disagree.

The inconvenience of shift work and a the odd mean just like a million other jobs.

Jersey resident

I think the police officers are worth every penny and do a great job to keep the Island safe. Don't forget that Police officers don't just deal with crime such as larceny, malicious damage, assaults, break and entries, domestics, victims witnesses and offenders, they also deal with attending and investing deaths, delivering death messages, road traffic collisions with and without injuries, mental health issues, welfare concerns, licensing, missing people, neighbour concerns, domestics, child protection, searches, firearms incidents, events, dealing with drunk and incapable persons, critical and major incidents, traffic to improve road safety and reduce fatal and serious collisions, visible patrols to prevent crimes, the list goes on. The officers are often faced with resistance, violence, weapons, contagious body fluids, sharps, volatile situations etc. The officers also prepare their own files for court standard and conduct interviews. The officers are prepared for any eventuality to happen, the wages will be reflecting this eventuality. Reduced pay will result in reduced quality of safety and service.

Worth every penny

I totally agree. Too many people are far to quick to start with the police bashing. All they seem concerned with is how much they get paid. They don't take into consideration the full scope of the work they have to undertake and appreciate the hours that are put in by each and every officer.

In addition, just because certain crimes are not made public notice straight away, it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. People need to start taking of their rose tinted glasses and appreciate that Jersey can just be as dangerous as the UK and without the calibre of police officers that we are lucky to have here who are trained in more that one 'position' (unlike the UK unless they chose to specialise)then things could be a lot worse.

But at the end of the day they cant win - so opinions don't matter.

Farmer Geddon

Thank you, you and Jsy Man are both right. Loads of forum posts saying "Much more dangerous in the UK..." who speak from a position of utter ignorance. I have worked as a policeman in Hampshire, Belfast and Jersey. My Jersey colleagues were some of the most professional I have worked with. If you want monkeys, pay peanuts...


Yes well and good but if this article is accurate, the point proffered is that they are paid a starting salary 70% more than their UK colleagues,who face arguably more stress and potential danger in some pretty sinister high density inner city areas that can erupt, like the Tottenham riots and in sectarian Belfast and whose pay is subject to a higher income tax rate deducted from their wages and VAT at 20%.The answer may be that the Hay evaluation was influenced by self assessment by the Jersey police, but times have changed.It would be interesting to compare what an 18 year old Army rookie recruit gets for serving on the front line Afghanistan in extreme danger of loss of life and limb in a very hostile and primitive environment, which Jersey is certainly not.

Blue Knight

If some of the critics on here think policing in Jersey is easy, why haven't they applied to do the job?

Don't just compare the salaries of police officers, also look at the salaries of probation officers, prison officers, fireman, environmental health officers, civil servants etc in Jersey, then compare these with the salaries paid to these professions in the U.K. I think you'll find in every case they are much higher in Jersey.

Remember: -

"I have been where you fear to be.

I have seen what you fear to see.

I have done what you fear to do.

All these things I've done for you.

I am the one you lean upon.

The one you cast your scorn upon.

The one you bring your troubles to,

All these people I've been for you.

The one you ask to stand apart.

The one you feel should have no heart.

The one you call the officer in blue.

But I am human, just like you.

And through the years I've come to see

That I am not what you ask of me.

So take this badge and take this gun.

Will you take it?

Will anyone?

And when you watch a person die,

And hear a battered baby cry.

Then so you think that you can be

All those things you ask of me?"


I agree with the idea that one needs to be consistent in ones approach across the public sector. There is a general problem here, that public sector wages rose too much in the good year and have more recently not fallen as the private sector wages have fallen or been held down.

I Pasdenom

@ Blue Knight

“I have been where you fear to be.

I have seen what you fear to see.

I have done what you fear to do.

(Just because I fear these things doesn’t mean I don’t face them myself; without being paid!)

All these things I’ve done for you.

(For a salary)

I am the one you lean upon.

(Nope, I use your service as little as possible, and normally you let me down)

The one you cast your scorn upon.

(Never without good reason)

The one you bring your troubles to,

(I have in the past, but you’re so bad at your job I doubt I will in future)

All these people I’ve been for you.

(Try doing just ONE thing then, maybe then we’ll see some success!)

The one you ask to stand apart.

(Never asked any such thing)

The one you feel should have no heart.

(No, again not something I think is asked of the Police)

The one you call the officer in blue.

(What I call you might itself be considered ‘blue’)

But I am human, just like you.

(Any evidence? I’m sure you could fabricate something akin to evidence!)

And through the years I’ve come to see

That I am not what you ask of me.

(At last! So are you going to finally apologise?)

So take this badge and take this gun.


Will you take it?

(Yup, no worries, move along)

Will anyone?

And when you watch a person die,

And hear a battered baby cry.

Then so you think that you can be

All those things you ask of me?

(No problem; might in be better able to prevent these things by doing your job better than you ever do!)”

frank teixeira

Here we go again having a go at our Police Officers.

How many of you while doing your days work get spat at ,sowrn at , called all the names under the sun?

Police Officer go through that almost on a daily basis and you can't retaliate

How many of you work shifts, Bank hol, Easter,Christmas and New Year?

Everybody hates the Police but everybody calls them in their hour of need , even if it's the bloody cat up at tree!

Stop having ago at out Police Officer , they work very hard and a honest hard days work and deserve every penny they get


Poor frank teixeira you must be a Policeman reading your comments,like working shifts on Bank holidays,if you work on Bank holidays you get paid double time,£50 to £100 an hour depending on rank,and as for a Policeman climbing a tree to rescue a cat no chance,they pick up their radio and call the Fire Service.What about these 5ft 4 skinny Policewomen walking the streets getting paid the same rate as the men.

Inspector Plod

well the police earn more then a solider in the forces and I would think that the latter gets more then simply spat on or called names during tours of Afganistan etc and as for saying the police work shifts over Xmas, New Year etc well you may not believe it but their are lots of people who do if that's part of their job description. Oh and by the way if a cat is up a tree you call the fire brigade not the police, the former are the ones with ladders. So really all those parts of your argurment simply don't stack up do they.

You wouldn't be in the force yourself would you?

Blue Knight

Before I joined the police I served in the Armed Forces and saw active service in Northern Ireland and Oman. I've come under fire on more than a few occasions and been present when people were killed. I can assusre you there were periods of brief action followed by days of doing very little. They only show you the action on T.V. The stand down periods aren't that exciting and don't help the viewing figures.

Also in the Army we were going out as a section or platoon. The police go out either in pairs or individually to confront violence. You had to call back up that was often some considerable distance away.

It's pretty horrifying getting a beating by a crowd of drunken louts, knowing that the nearest unit has to travel some distance to help you

In the police in the 70s and 80s I can recall going from job to job, hardly having a break. Admittedly that didn't happen every day, but when it did you'd go home feeling exhausted.

The problem is with many of those commenting on here, is they have an axe to grind. They write all sorts of drivel and don't know the facts.


Wow, how sad:-). To be honest, Life as a police person in Jersey is easy. If I walk around town, I could get attacked and don't get paid + if I carry a light weapon I might get jailed myself. Being in school is tougher, you might get bullied, have long days and don't get a cent. Your comment:

How many of you work shifts, Bank hol, Easter,Christmas and New Year?

My father was a chef, also had the risk of getting burnt:-)


People in catering work bank holidays and don't get something like 2 or 3 days off to recover from a night shift or a bank holiday.

We don't hate them. We are talking about a fair wage. I personally grow up in a few police stations. The latest accommodation was in a miserable block of flats, in an estate where immigrants and people on very low incomes were located ( same buildings as ours). I never saw a posh car on the car park. Only one woman officer was working there and she was the kind that you don't want to mess with.

We were lucky enough to have a Gypsy camp living on the town outskirt to keep them busy.

I had the misfortune to find a few pictures of them after their arrest and that kind of stuck in my mind for a while.

So no, we don't hate them, we need them, but everything has a price and as usual, it is out of proportion as everything else in Jersey.

Another taxpayer

There is literally no crime on this island,they are grossly overpaid for what very little they do,they have the best of everything,have very little experience of true policing and I shudder to think what will happen when they get Tazer Guns.this goes for a lot of high end states employees who are overpaid and not up to the job,this is a small island not a major city

Blue Knight

Another taxpayer -I am a retired cop and have policed in the U.K. and Jersey. I can tell you that officers in Jersey face most - if not all - of the types of incidents, officers have to confront in England and Wales.

You obviously dislike the police service and get perverse pleasure in posting your drivel .

Jsy man

You literally have no idea!


Agreed! A couple of Jersey Coppers i have spoken to who used to work for the Met have told me exactly that...they have a cushy life working in Jersey!

Blue Knight

I joined the States Police then left and joined a U.K. Force and policed the riots in the early 80s and the Miner's Strike. I can assure you that Jersey wasn't a cushy place to police. I suspect you are making things up.

Not Agreed

I suspect that you being an ex-copper will defend the Police at all costs as you always seem to do! There is a trail of evidence from all your past comments...

Blue Knight

Not agreed - It's something you are probably unfamilar with and is called loyalty.

If you have read all my posts throughout the years, you will have seen that I am also capable of giving a critical analysis of police performance, when appropriate.

Lord Haw Haw

Do you know what the word “literally” means ?


shhh or u will be arrested


Not a difficult vocation in this Island. Comparisons with Forces elsewhere are not necessary. The local Force 'managed' the completion of The Hay Evaluation (points earned reflecting perceived responsibilities), extremely well.

The result of this 'self assessment' was an astronomical rise in salaries at a time when The UK Prime Minister (Mrs Thatcher)was backing The Police to the hilt to ensure their full support in tackling the Unions.

This Island can no longer afford these gilt edged packages. They are simply not sustainable. They were never a true reflection of the duties undertaken by the Local Force.



Good points.

Blue Knight

Yes the SoJP did very well out of the Hay evaluation of the policing role in Jersey. Hay recommended that the police receive a 44% payrise.The Police Association of the day, recommended that officers accept a much lower amount, which was accepted by their members.

I think you will find that the police weren't the only group to benefit from a re evaluation of pay in the late 80s. This debate has probably only arisen because of developments in the U.K. following the Winsor report in to pay and conditions in the police. Why look at the police in isolation and not examine the pay of other public sector workers? You will find that they too are paid considerably paid more than their counterparts in the U.K.

new age traveller

In life you get what you pay for so if you don't like it please go to the UK, it is easy to get to.

Surely there are more important things to complain about unless comlaining is your thing.

If it is a better wage that you seek then please do something about it and stop the crying. There are plenty of chances to better yourself instead of being a keyboard warrior !!!

Thanks you and good night.


here here! If peple don't like the set up here please feel free to go to the UK!! You will soon realise the vast majority of Jersey life is way way better than the UK.

I work in finance, I work hard and I get paid well. The cost of living here is higher than London and the wages for Police are similar. The Met guys get very similar wages to our Police but they can live on the outskirts where the cost of living is much lower so they are better off. In fact in the UK you aren't allowed to live in the same district as you Police due to the risks of revenge attacks etc. Our guys and girls don't have that option hence a little more pay.

I have good friends who are in the Met and they say that Policing in a small community, like ours, is always going to be tougher all in. Yes they deal with more serious stuff as a force day in day out but as a cop in the Met if anything serious happens it gets passed on to a specialist dept and support team.

Plus our Police have to live in close quarters with the community they Police which the Met guys don't. My m8s in the Met said they love it cos you work hard on duty but then get no hassle at all off duty. Where has a lot our Jersey officers have been badly assaulted off duty.

Our cops here have to deal with everything from Murder to neighbour disputes, from shop lifting to suicides, from special events to serious domestic assaults from drunks to fatal car crashes. All this and they run the risk of revenge attacks everyday as they live with us all. Yes when the murders came in assistance came in from the UK but not for the initial response [this would be the same as a small UK force area re getting assistance]

Message directly to all the moaners - how about you walk a day in their shoes before you bemoan the money they get paid! How about you try and resuscitate a dead baby, you console a mother who's teenager has committed suicide, you console a family who's son has died of an accidental illegal drugs overdoes, you get spat on, sworn at, you console a child when you have just arrested one of their parents for beating up the other, you pick the dead victims of a fatal car crash off the road etc etc etc etc

To the people that think the crime level here looks after itself, read the paper and think about how all these burglars and drug dealers, pedophiles, etc get caught is it by magic? Do you want a Jersey over run by heroin and other drugs? Do you want proper inner city streets where you really can walk the street at night? If you do then pay peanuts because you know what you will get.....

No thought not, they get paid a very fair wage when all is said and done [well in my opinion they do :-)


Realist,You must be married to a cop,When has a off duty policeman been beaten up,when has a Policeman picked up somebody who has been killed in the road it's either a Ambulance man or Firefighter who are paid a lot less than a Policeman.It must be most upsetting for UK Police officers who are called upon come to Jersey to sort out major incidents knowing that they are getting paid 70% less.Do you ever get out of your house,Jersey has a massive drugs problim [150 heroin addicts at the last count] and loads of people are assaulted in St helier each year

Factual blogger

To answer a few questions then. This month for the last officer attacked just for being a police officer. Heroin addicts, try 850 who have registered for help (plus all those who aren't on the register!!) Which areas in the UK get 70% less pay? I suspect it is those with living costs way below Jersey!!


Well done and congratulations to the JEP. They have yet again managed to give the public another reason to have a pop at the boys in blue. they are unable to defend themselves against this misleading and one sided reporting. The public only see what is reported regarding crime and other related issues in jersey, they have no idea what an officer deals with on a daily basis, and I'm sure if they did some opinions may change. Yes Jersey may not have armed robberies or murders on a weekly basis, thank goodness for that, but be rest assured that the Jersey bobbies deal with horrific, disturbing and emotionally challenging incidents on a daily basis which are never reported in the JEP!. so next time anyone wants to sit in their ivory tower and declare that the police have it easy in jersey, take a good look into the eyes of a bobby who has just finished a 12 to 14 hour shift where he may have dealt with a bereaved parent, a battered woman, a person with mental health issues who needs help, a suicide, a road traffic accident with injury, a child in need, a drunk who has verbally and physically assaulted the officer. Some people need to open their eyes. Shame on the JEP. People are struggling financially across the board, and that includes police officers, and this sort of reporting does nothing but create hatred for the very people who are trying to keep the peace and protect jersey from drug dealers, abusers and people who want to offend.


new age we pay 40k for states members, who havnt got a should we pay them more.


Worth every single penny! You do a stirling job! Thank you States Of Jersey Police for making the Island a safe place to live for me and my family!

Pip Clement

From the report elsewhere in the forest the States are running a substantial structural deficit;

I think that growth that will boost tax revenue to the point that we can afford current expenditure is unlikely.

In a few years we will face a difficult choice; reduce States expenditure so that we can afford it, and that will mean cutting wages or jobs, or increase taxes.

Increasing tax, particularly GST could be very damaging to the island economy.

Hard choices and if we get them wrong the island will really suffer.

Archie Rondel

For everyone's information....the jersey police force are known in the UK as...The Guicci Police because they are so highly paid and never get thier uniform dirty. How can we compare them to London police. Little or no crime here. No muggins,no stabbing ,no major drug dealings,no rapes,no murders,the jobs a doddle,easie peasie.The latest report from police HQ even stated that crime was at it's lowest here for nearly 30 years,so why do we need so many off if surs...!

Farmer Geddon

"For everyone's information.... the jersey police force are known in the UK as the Gucci Police..." Anything to back that up, or is it as I suspect, a made up piece of nonsense...?

Farmer Geddon

For everyone's information - but from someone who DOES know what they are talking about, unlike Archie Rondel - the Jersey Police are highly regarded in the UK, particularly specialists like the Financial Crime Unit and Drugs Officers.

Jsy man

Archie Rondel... It is deeply worrying when you read how ignorant, naive and totally uninformed some people are in life.

The JEP barely skims the top of what actually happens in the island. Many locals are in their little bubble about the reality on this island and unfortunately take as gospel what is printed in the JEP.

Time people actually woke up and infact realise the service they get from the police and the other emergency services in jersey is first class. Of course errors are made or someone has the odd bad experience, but the bigger picture needs to be looked at.

Most who bleat about paying their wages often struggle to even spell GST let alone actually go out and earn money or add anything to this island and actually live off hand outs to survive in life from the decent hard working tax paying public.


So.....just how much would people like them to be paid for keeping us all safe..and before those that say they don;t it would be a lot worse with out them. Taking absuse from criminals and those that call themselves nice people in sociaty by writing on here. How much for the things they see that NONE of usu unless in that position will have any idea what goes on on this rock in your bubbles!! how much for the hours they work, telling people that relatives have died, finding dead bodies including children for the pension..THEY PAY MORE THAN MOST into them. If we all paid the same as them then you would all be able to retire early! Oh and no I am not a policewoman just annoys me when people complain without all the facts! Do we really want to turn in the UK??? Its a mess and no-one has any respect for the police because of garbabge printed like this and as a result the country is a mess...yes - lets embrace and be the same as the UK!!!!


Wow! Okay, Jeanne, okay........if you say so.....


Oh and whilst I am on my rant @another taxpayer 'There is virtually no crime on this island' firstly what an ignorant clearly have no idea what happens on this island! I refer to the bubble that people live in...Yes there is crime and a lot of it! Oh and as for the taser comment. Another Ignorant comment, they are not going to be going to everyone. Just those highly trained that carry the fire arms now. Would it not be better to have a taser than a gun...and before you harp on saying there is no need for them. I refer to your bubble again ....yes there are in some circumstances....things go on that you don't see becase the police protect you from it!!!

Rose tinted glasses

Totally agree! Many people in Jersey do live in a bubble and seem to think Jersey is safe. Many things happen that are not reported, especially when the police do a good job!

We need to stick together in these hard times and not become happy when someones wages are questioned! Think about what would happen in your liofe if your wages were lowered and all the other people in your life who would be affected, especially innocent children!

Also it is more difficult in this small community. I'm not sure you can go around telling people you meet if you are a police officer. I would imagine you could bump into your "clients" when out at shops with your family, having meals out etc. That must be rather worrying.!


Well said Leanne. A few years back there was a States Assembly enquiry into late night behaviour in the Town area. A female politician was then heard to say "do you know, there are some [note: some] people who go out to get deliberately get drunk." PMSL. Well back in her bubble.


spot on comment


If Policing is so easy and overpaid then why don't you all sign up? You can't compare Police work in Jersey to that in the UK. In the UK they don't deal with half the things that Jersey Police do, not the crimes that you see in the paper but little things that people complain about. Also as you can see from these posts police are not very popular over here, in the UK they generally don't live in the area they work. On a day off they socialise in a completely different area, over here they are likely to bump into people they have dealt with everyday. A lot of forces in the UK also have Police housing where officers get highly discounted properties to rent, London Police also get a living allowance to cover rent/mortgage costs or the option of living in cheaper areas. In the UK if something big happens or there is an event they can call on the next door force and borrow officers, that doesn't happen here. I spoke to an officer at Jersey Live, they are told that their days off are cancelled to work Jersey Live, they don't get overtime and there is no assistance from UK officers, the day is added to their holiday entitlement but it means another weekend where they don't see their families. This is the same for every event here, New Year, halloween, football games, exam results, battle of flowers ...... the list goes on. In the UK these events are policed by volunteers on overtime. Maybe if you all think the Police are overpaid and don't work hard we could give them all a few weeks off, leave the honoraries run the Island for a while and see what difference it makes. Oh and as for the comments about women being able to do the job so it can't be hard, what sexist world are you living in? Just because someone is small and female does not make them an inferior person, different people have very different skills. Yes on paper they get paid well but do you really know what they do all day & night to earn that money, and don't forget that they pay tax and social too so are actually supporting most of the people that they are dealing with! Politicians actually get a lot more if you take into account all the extras like free lunches, parking etc and they only do one day a week! I know which I'd rather see take a pay cut.


These comments infuriate me,

The levels and drop in crime are a reflection of the job the police do. For me that reassuarnce justifies the pay.

I don't envy the job of being spat at, dealing with drunks, being abused, assaulted and verbally attacked. That is why I do not do the job.

But instead of bashing the police why do we not support them and say we are grateful for all they do.


I am scared of heights, it does mean that I have to pay roofers twice what they are worth..

C Le Verdic

That's exactly how it works, Kermit!

Are you any good at repairing your own teeth, either?


What are you trying to say cause you lost me there ?

I ll put it differently this time for you.

If you can't swim or are scared of water it doesn't mean that you have to pay a Life Guard a stupid amount of money simply because that job is not suited for you.

I 've seen bouncers chasing the guys they just thrown out or were finishing them in the back lanes. Some of them are loving it. Same thing can be said about the policeman who went over the top during the London protest. So if Sarah had no intention to be a cowboy it doesn't mean that some people don't have it in their blood.

Fixing my own teeth? I haven't failed medicine so No will be my answer...

C Le Verdic

Well, the lifeguard is a poor analogy because yo don't have to go swimming if you dont like it. However you might not have they same degree of choice when your roof or teeth need repair and you might have to pay the asking price even if it's twice what you think it's worth.

I think we are both more or less on the same track.


All public sector workers are paid too much money-why are pensions so often overlooked in this arguement. In the private sector, you will get a 10% pension if you are very lucky, the States give? Public sector salary is always linked to economic conditions. Those economic conditions have been woken up, and thus must be altered to fit with what the island can afford, albeit crime rates have dropped, therefore this becomes a good reason to consider the requirements. Too much management and not enough low level PCs suggests people get automatic promotions, unlike the private sector, which is driven by requirements. Not everyone is suited to the police force. However, supply and demand must be relevent? How many applications are there per role? Jersey is a safe island, but there is a lot of unreported crime as it isn't easy reading.

Anti police brigade

You all seem to be missing a point here. Whilst there may be some on here not earning the average wage, most people in Jersey obviously do! The police could choose to work in finance or other well paid jobs. If they did work in finance they could earn over £10,000 more a year, as it said in the article in the paper last night. Luckily for us, most of them do it because they actually enjoy contributing to society, like nurses and teachers. There will be a point, if wages in finance continue to get so far ahead(I cannot believe the difference between teachers wages and finance!) when these police officers say there is such a big pay difference I will work in an office. No qualifications needed (as teachers and nurses do) so no loan to pay off, safe, warm environment in front of a computer all day, no abuse from members of the public, more respect from society today, it is an easy decision really!

Once again we should not look to copy what the UK do! We all know they have got it sooo wrong over there! The calibre of the police already seems to ba falling, not sure many of the new coppers I see could chase a young youth! They have already lost many terms and conditions. Don't lower the calibre of our police any more. You never know when you may need them, or your children!


Finance pays more, depends who you know:-) Hardly anyone in normal finance jobs gets the starting salary of a policeman/women these days. Maybe they can't work in finance because they haven't got the qualifications, you make everything sound soooooooo easy


How can you compare public sector wages with Finance. If the finance gets paid the way they do it s probably because they are making money and they get a % of the profits made by the company. Obviously with the latest banks bail out you can argue, but the principals are the same all across the private sector.

A part from fines and tickets, which profession in the public is bringing cash in the States coffer if it is not a kind of tax, or a paper of some sort needing a signature ?


some of you people seem pretty ignorant. Yeah lets drop the wages to 19k, like the UK.... that would be less then your average retail worker in Jersey. Which do you think is the easier job? Wages are relevant to cost of living.

EVERYBODY is paid more for the same job in Jersey compared to the UK, should we all have our wages dropped to the same level and live in poverty?

You can buy a loaf of bread in the UK for around 40p.

In Jersey the cheapest loaf you can buy is £1.14

roughly 65% difference in price.

starting wage in the UK is 19k vs 32k in Jersey

roughly 40% difference

Jersey Police force is being paid less then their UK equivelents in real terms.

Please JEP stop reporting rubbish a bit of fair and balanced reporting would be welcome once in a while.


Compare them the the MET, London has an even higher cost of living and unless they want a huge commute the housing will be comparable. SOJP start on 4k more than MET, and will come out with a higher % of net pay. I dont suggest a 19k starting wage, but plainly 32k is unaffordable and simply too high.


The usual race to the bottom, the majority here would be happy to see the majority of Public servants earning minimum or near minimum wage.

The saying 'knows the cost of everything but the value of nothing' comes to mind.

No, I'm not a Public Servant.


No, but something realistic for a change. We saw too many golden handshakes on the news. A judge getting 100k every years to do nothing is acceptable to you? It really make me sick.

You see things on facebook saying that the 100 richest people in the world could irradicate poverty worldwide. The system is great, it obviously works...

Enuffs Enuff.

It does seem to be a huge pay difference in comparison to the costs of living/house prices, however what know one has taken into account is that our police (and prisoner officers) HAVE to live in the area that they work, so they are constantly bumping into people that they have 'crossed swords' with....I remember being out for a lovely Xmas meal with a friend who was a policewomen and she was confronted and verbally abused by some idiot that she had arrested for DIC...

The future

The same thing happens to, social workers, parking officers, employers, teachers, door staff, social security staff and they manage.


Well, well, well it seams that in Jersey almost everyone cares what the other ones do, but they don’t look at themselves. We always find something to pick on. We don’t like the police, immigrants, finance and finance workers, hospitality, condor ferries, politicians, flight companies, should I continue…? Well pretty much there isn’t a single thing that we do like beside ourselves.

A Cop

I am a serving Police Officer in Jersey. I am not posting here to justify my wages but to clarify a few things about SOJP officers. We are trained to a high standard. We are front and centre for everything that needs Policing or a Police response. The overwhelming majority of what we deal with is not reported on because quite simply it does not make great copy. Alas there are those who just hate the Police. Then there are those who, because it is not reported on or are ignorant of what we do, believe we do very little. Policing is not a product you can buy or sell so it is very difficult to quantify the service we give. In the main I believe SOJP serves the public to a high standard, though like in all professions from time to time we get it wrong either at an individual or corporate level. I can only speak for myself but will be bold enough to suggest that most officers’ careers have experiences similar to mine. I have seen the worst and the best of the Jersey public in equal measure. That public has been kind enough to allow me during my work to have been elated, frightened, flattered, abused, assisted, assaulted, moved, shocked, bored, engrossed, dismayed, enlightened, saddened & amused. The adjectives cannot and never will do justice to images and memories imprinted on my mind from the good & bad things I have dealt with. I do not look for sympathy or praise any more than I look for hatred or condemnation. All I look for is an understanding that we the Police do and will continue to do what we are paid for because we understand more than anyone what life would be like if we were not here. Goodnight and sleep well.


you say you are trained to a high standard....we pay for that...and are you suggesting you are 70% beter trained than u.k.....nah weak argument.....and believe me a week on the beat in the u.k. is graft...whereas it's a doddle here..and you know it.


truthseeker...Please can you enlighten us on your experience of Policing in The UK and Jersey. How long were you a officer in the UK and which force? and how long were you a police officer in Jersey? Please answer these questions so I am able to see that you have made the above comment from an informed and accurate point of view.



You obviously know what you are talking about, so could you enlighten those of us who have no idea, what do the UK Police do over and beyond what the Jersey Police do ?


Stolen cars, highway patrols, car chase, riots, illegal factories, gun crimes, escorts, prostitution... I could find more but I can't remember where I left my criminal record ;)


Kermit, could'nt agree with your sentimements more! perhaps what I find incomprehensible is that the majority on here don't stop and think - if at all - that few consider that the broad thrust of what they suggest is to drag the majority of Islanders down to a level where they could'nt even afford to rent, local or otherwise.

In my opinion, and I do have some interaction, the overwhelming majority of SoJ employees do care and endeavour to help expedite matters.

Not all things can be fixed at the click of a finger. I work for a Global PLC and Getting some extremely basic stuff changed can be a nightmare

Yes, it would appear that certain civil servants may be overpaid but until I se some credible evidence to support this then I will give them the doubt.

Please remember this, you always get what you pay for, a t present a rolls Royce service for a rolls Royce service. It is at your peril to ask for less.

I've taken a copy of this to shove back to the basic wage crowd in 5 yrs time.

BTW, the general expereience of outsourcing in the Uk has been headline cost effectiveness but a overall dim nutrition of quality of service and over 5 years a realisation that the community is better served by accountable local employees who actually care and are cared for.


How much are they the question....well in keeping with the slavish way we follow the u.k. definitely not70% more....who sanctioned this frittering away of public funds...who...some of us know who....and again the Taxpayer is being bent over and abused again and again...when will he have had enough I wonder...?

Factual blogger

Where is your 70% coming from? Same place as all your other massively inflated stats!!


The Jersey Police are fairly paid and we should support them.


Hear we go again same old same old but nothing ever changes. We need a new STRONG goverment who will take the bull by the horns and once and for all look at all of live on Jersey. High rents high prices for everything and too many people. Some hope. Moan moan and more moans but nothing changes.

The future

I have no gripe against the police or the fantastic job they do but it's just general good housekeeping if we can get an equal job done for less we need to save money.

If you want to lay a guilt trip on how I should be grateful or how terrible the job is that's ok I would not dispute this but where public money is being spent my feelings are not part of the calculation.

I know we could get an equal job done for less, we could pay only 25% more than the uk for example.

A degree qualified nurse starts on much less than a Police officer and a soldier is in more danger etc etc


The issue of the level of police pay is not the same issue as whether the police are valued or not. While there are some perfectly realistic comments on this site, some people, perhaps with a personal motive, are seeking to muddle the 2 issues, and I can see the same thing happening over nurses in days to come. Just because one might believe that the police are overpaid, here or in the UK does not mean that one does not value the police. The problem about public sector pay is that it rises when private sector pay rises and then expects to carry on rising a little, when most private sector pay and conditions are either static or being reduced. I do not know whether the police are overpaid or not. However, as I have said before, the acid test is whether they are having difficult in the current climate in recruiting and retaining staff. Someone ought to be producing the evidence on this. Are there gaps in the mainstream uniformed police that they cannot recruit people into? It is a simple 'yes or no'? And, I am not talking about people with PhDs in financial crime analysis who might be difficult to recruit on the island. If the uniformed police are fully manned, with plenty of applicants for each job, with few leaving voluntarily without special redundancy payments, then the chances are that they are overpaid. If, conversely, there are shortages of uniformed staff in several areas, then they are underpaid. I wait to see the evidence.


I don't know any teachers that earn £95,000 / yr , no bus drivers who earn £60,000 nor bin men on £50,000. All of which I think have been in the JEP of late. When are you people going to stop believing this twoddle, and when are the JEP going to start giving the actual facts behind stories instead of just cutting and pasting the press release?

James Wiley

In my Minarchist Libertarian Utopia there would only be two bodies of government; the Courts to provide a non-violent means of resolving disputes and the Police to intercede when disputes became violent.

However, working for government, should always be a poor second choice to actually making an economic contribution to the community.

Police should be paid minimum wage, since they largely just walk around being seen (the good ones) or sit back at the station trying to get convictions by any means necessary, including breaking the law (the bad ones).

Police are a necessary evil, but they are evil none the less.

Farmer Geddon

I am assuming that James Wiley is being ironic, in a way that goes completely over my head. No-one could write something this stupid and mean it. Could they...?

James Wiley

No I mean it. A man's conscience stands above the law.

All men are created equal which of course means that someone else's opinion is never superior to my own, as a God fearing man. I also have no right to force my opinion on anyone else.

Even if I am in a minority of one, none but God has the right to tell me what to do, how to do it or when to do it.

The only laws I need are the ones set down for me by God, the Royal Law, the Common Law.

All man made statutes are acts of force and coercion and my compliance is sought (but not always received) under threat of harm by way of financial penalty or imprisonment.

All man made laws are therefore blasphemous, violent and seek to deny what God has given me - free will.

I have no doubt that I will be judged and so I live my life in fear of that judgement to come, but I do not fear any man.

Nozick-ing idea.

In your 'Minarchist Libertarian Utopia' you ignore the very principles of Minarchism as purported by the likes of Nozick, for example, indicating that there would be multiple DPA's acting in tandem, creating a market economy eventually converging on a minimal state. As such, your 'minimum wage' argument is diametrically opposed to the very foundations of minarchism. The minimum wage is very much a leftist ideology.

I therefore conclude that you're confused

James Wiley

I stand corrected, minimal not minimum.

The Thinker

How very sad that in this day and age there are still people who think that the Police purely walk round in circles or sit in the Station drinking tea.

Sad, ignorant and pathetic.

The Police do a significant range of activities both in response to events - burglaries, assaults car crashes and also in pro-active ways - speed detection, licensed premises visits etc.

If an offence occurs the Police have a responsibility to investigate, gather evidence, care and look after the suspect (whilst in custody) and present the facts in a Court of Law in a timely fashion.

You may by all means live in your own nonsensical world of political babel but if you are going to make comment on what a job entails try and find out some basic facts before engaging in writing tripe.

As for the rest of us, the Police are a much needed aspect of every day living, ensuring that people can go about their every day business. The question that has been posed is how much we as a community value their work and how it relates to other sectors of the community.

Frank Smyth

If people are not leaving jobs, then it does not automatically mean they are overpaid.........what a load of nonsense of suggest it does.


I don't want to jump the gun but maybe we should see what the report says before we start critising?

I would like to have more information as to the reasons for the difference before i state my opinion.

FYI, to some people saying 'why dont you become a police officer because it pays so well' I might suggest that maybe it is not about the pay but that fact that some people don't want to be police officers.

The Thinker

So many posts, so many points of view, so few actual facts. In the early 80's there was a major review of public sector pay scales within the Island. Rightly or wrongly the concept was to create a grid so that all the publicly paid salaries could relate to each other by means of a matrix which started from the same base point and then added factors such as working shifts, budgetary responsibility etc. into the equation. At the time the Police argued that such was the diverse nature of policing it could not easily be compared to any other civil service post. However States HR was very adamant that the grid should be inclusive and the Police were evaluated alongside Nurses, Teachers, Secretaries, Manual Workers so on and so forth through all the many States sections and pay levels.

To my knowledge that comparable grid is still by and large in existence today and yet it always seems to be the Police Staff that are at the forefront of criticism over pay and conditions.

Cost of living in Jersey is far higher as everyone knows and it goes to follow that if you compare a whole range of professions you will see Jersey Staff being paid higher.

The one thing that has changed recently is the Government looking at slicing several thousand off the starting salary of an Officer in the UK.

The current UK Government is also slashing the size of the Armed Forces, turning the NHS on its head, penalising communities in terms of withdrawing significant funds from County Councils and making large numbers of public servants redundant. All in all some of its cost cutting measures are counter productive, harmful and may cost far more in the long run. In other words just because the UK is doing something there is no reason for us to blindly do the same.

Yes there is a disparity between the pay of UK and Jersey Officers but to me there may be far better ways of saving money than slicing Officers pay. For instance take a long hard look at the number of management posts - Jersey is now top heavy. Bring in a suitable fair and open system (throughout the Civil Service and not just in the Police) where those individuals who do not come up to standard are given notice and then have their contracts terminated.


This job comparability system to which you refer is not a good system, and certainly not as the main determinant of public sector pay. Private sector to public sector comparisons are often very misleading. For example, budgetary responsibility in the public sector often looks impressive on paper, but it is not the real responsibility that goes with the threat of going bankrupt. While actuaries can factor in pensions, the relative job security (and redundancy arrangements) of the public sector is quite difficult to factor in. Softer issues are much more difficult to account for. That is why it is much more useful to rely rather more on the ability to recruit and retain staff of the necessary quality, but without gold plating the staff requirements. Hence, as I ask above (52), are the police able to recruit and retain staff?

Blue Knight

If there was a 'Like' button, I'd press it for The Thinker's submission. Succinct, fair and objective - well done. :-)


Govs. makes cuts for a reason: money doesn't grow on trees. 60 millions is needed over here and 20% gst is the way to go if we can't get real about some of the public sector wages. Not just the police. Private sector means money in, public sector mean money out. If the private sector struggle, why should we not question some of the wages and perks of the one who are pretty much certain to still have a job tomorrow . 32 k is only to start with and I wonder how often they do get promoted ? If you include healthcare for the all family, pension, early retirement and the rest, you can easily add a few thousand pound on top.


"In other words just because the UK is doing something there is no reason for us to blindly do the same."

Hold on a minute, I though that was what Jersey had been doing for the last 30 years. why stop now when it works in the tax payers favour?

The future

The amount of Police officers who have defended themselves here amazes me, how do they have the time?

Blue Knight

Many of us are retired, yet still keep an interest in our old job. The rest are occasionally off duty - oh yes even when they are off duty and witness a crime they are expected to react. How many other occupations expect that?


Now you left, may I ask how much was showing on your last payslip ? Are you still in your 40/50s ?

Factual blogger

You clearly have a personal dislike to Police officers! Just out of interest, what do you do for a living? And how much do you get paid?

Dixon of Dock Green

Hmmm! Obviously a lot of Policemen commenting on here or the partners thereof! Methinks thou dost protest too much! This is basic shift pay. Start ladling in overtime and the amounts will be staggering. It is not a case of saying the Police are not worth it but the more diificult issue of whether the Island can still afford such exhorbitant pay. Media Star, Mike Bowron will have to work hard to convince the public that such pay is necessary or frankly desirable. Reducing crime rates are happening across the UK and therefore not so easy to ascribe to the performance of the Jersey constabulary.


The excuse that they have multi skills and this why they get more than UK police collapses with the starting pay issue at which point when they have no skills yet but they earn 70% more than their UK friends.

Speak to any professional and they have to learn extra skills but do not expect such differentials.

Funny how we have the honorary doing free similar services. Let us have more.

Why do they retire so young when they could work in the office if no longer strong?


Where are they when you need them??? Correct having a tea break.... police are suppose to protect and make you feel safe ... Jersey police have alot to learn ...


Ha ha ... When we need them , its already too late ...

Jsy m

Where are they when you need them.... Where do you think they are, use your brain. There is only a few officers to go round as first response, so perhaps they are busy elsewhere or if not busy they are simply somewhere else policing the island. Because you can't see an officer everytime you look they are clearly on a tea break.. what logic!

How can you criticise when the police aren't somewhere when a random event takes place in a random location. Hopefully an officer is close by, but if not you can be sure they will be coming as fast as is suitable.

Do you want a personal officer assigned to just follow you and only you around just in case something happens!! I'm afraid unless you are part of the royal family, you're out of luck.

Please could you pass on your policing experience to us all and list your suggestions the police could learn from, based on your informed knowledge.... Over to you.

Kermit... You seem to believe the police also fail for not being able to see into the future.


Some good coppers but some not so good grossly overpaid reduce pay now !!!