Jobs gloom deepens

A LOW cost airline founded in Jersey has announced that it is to cut 300 jobs to save money.

Flybe have announced 24 redundancies in the Channel Islands
Flybe have announced 24 redundancies in the Channel Islands

A LOW cost airline founded in Jersey has announced that it is to cut 300 jobs to save money.

The blow, which was announced to the London Stock Exchange this morning, comes on the day that Jersey's latest unemployment figures showed that the number of Islanders out of work has surged to a new record high.

Flybe, which was founded by the late Jersey resident Jack Walker and was originally called Jersey European, plans to make ten per cent of its staff redundant - 24 of those in the Channel Islands.

• See Wednesday's JEP for full report

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Comments for: "Jobs gloom deepens"


And still immigrants arrive by the day.

Were one to be cynical, a question may be asked if this is a way of creating more GST and worry about the consequences later.


What have immigrants got to do with this, it's a foreign company that created jobs in the first place?????????? How do you know how many immigrants come to Jersey and stay????????? They might even come to visit family and if they do come here for a job, what's the problem?????????? A local has more chances getting a job than an immigrant (new to the Island), as the 5 year rule exists and they don't receive benefits either if they're not working. Funny enough, maybe these redundancies happened because we don't have enough immigrants. If it was the case more people would fly to visit their families back home, so more jobs here and profit.


It is plain to see that the present over-immigration and the ongoing unemployment problem are closely related to one another, Moses.

I hope that this helps.

Real Truthseeker

Exactly Moses - but by the looks of the anti-immigrant debates elsewhere you won't get them to see any differently.

It is the immigrants who have come to this island which have made it so successful. Soon as we leave.... it will all go pear-shaped.

I am sure the economy drops everytime I take my trip to Fiji and NZ each year.


You get anti-immigrate debates in every country, RT.

Not all immigrants are a benefit to their host country.

Parktown Prawn

"I am sure the economy drops everytime I take my trip to Fiji and NZ each year."

Certainly not.....but the remaining residents are a lot HAPPIER when you do! are not even a native of your own country....unless you are a Maori.

I haven't seen many Maori's in Jersey so suspect you are not!

What is like not to have a real "home" or a sense of "belonging"?

It must be hard for you!


"Parktown Prawn"

Criticism is a sign that you are insecure and lack self-confidence. If you are envious of other people’s success and if you start pointing fingers for your own failures in life, you'll get nowhere. Many have a habit of blaming anyone else but themselves for things occurred from their own fault. If you keep doing this - opportunities and life will fly by, the majority will get ahead while you sit there still feeling frustrated.


Clearly you need to go to the airport / harbours ect and watch them arrive, spud season shortly!!!!!!

Then go down to social security and see how many are trying to claim Income Support, why, because they will get a lot more than if they where home!

Sorry, if you are not born or paid into a system for over 10 years, send them packing, how much better off the island would be financially!

Simple Sid

Well said Bo I agree with you totally door has been left open to long.


They cannot claim any Income Support, because they haven’t been in Jersey for 5 years or more. Do you have any idea what are you speaking about???!!!


People like you just believe everything you hear. BO, why do you believe someone not from the Island would get more here, have you ever lived in other countries. I could name several EU countries & the spud workers would actually get benefits there. People like you make me sick and that's why your economy is suffering, pure ignorance. If it's spud season I'm sure you could apply.............

How is you eh?

QUOTE :Clearly you need to go to the airport / harbours ect and watch them arrive, spud season shortly!!!!!!

And if "Immigrants" don't come in for spud season, who is going to pick the spuds??....I don't think it will be you, the good all locals!!


They will just hang about until they have been here 5 years, the claim "poverty"


I wish that what you say were true, Grant, then they might all go to wherever this place where they can earn more is.


totally agree with you BO

As for this comment below ...


They cannot claim any Income Support, because they haven’t been in Jersey for 5 years or more. Do you have any idea what are you speaking about???!!!

Well well they do get income support 5 years or not.... so don't try and pull wool over our eyes we are stupid to what is going on.....


Mo, just have a look at the link below and don’t believe everything you hear on street corners

Parktown Prawn


That is rubbish.

I KNOW of a small family who had been here a few months before they got a states paid, rental property in the private money for "white goods"!

Both parents managed to get jobs and the kids were immediately enrolled in the local primary school.


"Parktown Prawn"

I don’t see any problem in the fact that they managed to get jobs and enrolled the kids in school. Regarding the housing support only a few months after they arrived here … come on, be serious and tell that to your pub buddies, whom might believe you.


Actually, Flybe was originally a Jersey company set up by Mr. Jack Walker. Unfortunately, since his untimely death the company's focus has changed.

Howling Mad Murdoch!

more jobs going, I wonder how many will be from Jersey? Never mind, I am sure the Boy Ozouf will be "spinning" soon assisted by his side kick Clanger Mclean telling us the mircles that will be forthcoming from the States of Jersey giving £4M or £5M to Jersey Finance or the JFSC (can't remember which but it was reported in the JEP last week) in order to help the finance industry keep at the forefront of the competition.

Just knowing that the Boy and Clanger are at the helm of the good ship "Jersey" during these turbulent times helps me sleep at night, now time for my medication, nurse the screens please!!

Wilson Riou

If you don't know the difference between JFL and JFSC are you sure you understand enough of the issues to contribute meaningfully to a debate on the island's economy?

Howling Mad Murdoch

Wilson Riou, it's also a shame that you seem to have a problem reading, I said that I couldn't remember if it was JFL or the JFSC not that I didn't know the difference!


Yes miracles are indeed needed to save Jersey. However they are unlikely to occur.

It's downhill all the way now. I like your last paragraph. Sums up things nicely.

Smart Robert

How right you are Murdo! Spin Ozouf and Clanger are definately to blame. Glory Tory Boys hopelessly out of their depth! They throw away our money on grants to Jersey Finance and film makers that run off with our money, whilst essential services for ordinary people are neglected. They couldn't organise cocktails in a pink gin house. Totally hopeless! They need to be sacked now!

Cyrano de Bergerac

Probably best if you join the 'hapless pair' together and call them 'the clangers' or 'the chuckle brothers'! Someone's having a laugh here but it ain't the majority of Jersey folk. Ozouf allowed unbridled growth, leading to unsustainable house prices and it's all coming home to roost now. Recession there is but these clowns were in charge during the good times and what a mess they've created. Shuffling around the 'cocktail set' like a bad smell, they listen to the 'illuminati', jumping to implement one bizarre idea after another. Put a smart suit on, pop a couple of marbles in your gob to sound like Lord Snooty and 'the clangers' will be hailing you as an 'entrepreneur', give you 200K and give you a cheery wave as you depart with the cash! They call it an 'economic strategy'! I call it the actions of the clueless! We need saving and soon but we seem to be out of heroes!


Well, again we can see how vulnerable Jersey is and it's just a matter of time until the property market crashes too. Like the UK, Jerseys wealth came from the property market and the over 45's are still living of it. The widening gap between rich & poor threatens Jersey too and I don't see an improvement. People who are lucky to get a job these days in Jersey can't even afford standard accomodation (with their salaries), so where is this place going?????????????????? Jersey is becoming a smaller version of the UK but even worse. In the UK you can easily find a minimum wage job and still manage to live in a 1 bed flat on your own and have food. A minimum wage job is even hard to find in Jersey these days & when you get it, the only way to survive is sharing a flat, even a studio apartment is out of reach mor many.

Old Crappo

3, Marx, you state "how vulnerable Jersey is and it’s just a matter of time until the property market crashes too", well I think you will find this is already happening, it's just a matter of how much of a right off the property market becomes!


Agree completely - it is soo expensive to live here (and I grew up here) that I am considering jumping ship for a better standard of living for our money elsewhere....

Jack L

I left the Island (Jersey born) last year and best decision I ever made. If you want a better life not far away, Ireland is the place to go, if you go to the right places. It's one of the fastest growing economies and plenty of jobs are available if you want to work + still affordable for housing. Although long term unemployment is still quite high, it's mainly in the real rural areas & others just don't want to work, because they bought property at peak prices and would never be able to pay it back again with a normal job. My mortgage for a detached 4 bed (massive garden), 15 mins from work is less than my rent for a studio flat in Jersey. Even taking our car over to France is cheaper. Eating out or drinking can be more expensive and car insurance, but that's it really.


You may be living on borrowed time in Ireland. Keep your bags packed. Look at this.

Sort the table on debt as % GDP at the bottom of the page by 'Totals', and look where Ireland comes. Where will you move next? Jersey has no debt yet.

Jack L

Scrutineer, we all now that but the world doesn't end. Every day you read something else. Ireland was also voted as one of the 13 best countries worldwide to be born in 2012 (who cares). At the end of the day I have better salary and cheaper housing and it will only get better. Mortgage is paid off in a few years and enough space to grow vegetables in my garden. Companies are expanding and over the road 250 new jobs have been created. Our company is also expanding, so I'd rather live in a country with debt that is creating jobs, than an Island with no debt and no jobs.


Jersey is over reliant on flymaybe. If it goes belly-up we will have big problems.

Richard - St. Helier

Airlines are free to operate whichever routes they want to. Our "over-reliance" is due to the fact that other airlines do not wish to operate from Jersey, either because they do not operate from small regional airports (such as Exeter or Southampton) or because their business model does not suit Jersey - e.g. larger planes, small local market,etc.

EasyJet has changed things a bit, but even then it is unlikely that it would operate multi-daily flights to regional destinations. Flybe are much better at serving this market, but unfortunately the impact of aviation taxes, increased competition, and the economic conditions are taking their toll on the airline.


Your first sentence is incorrect!

St Johnnie

Its time for the States to act decisively, if its not already too late. The island is drowning in a sea of immigrants for which it can no longer cater for or sustain. Basic services are stretched to the limit and social security is at breaking point. What do they plan to do? I feel very sorry for the Flybe staff, and all the others who have lost their jobs.


Your comment makes no sense "The island is drowning in a sea of immigrants for which it can no longer cater for or sustain". Why do you think these jobs are going?


So cut the airport duty then. FlyBe, Ba, etc can offer all the deals they want but the cost of duty flying into the Island is ridiculous (GBP45 I seem to remember).

Go on then, States, do something!


I am pretty sure that if an asteroid felt nearby you would immediately proclaimed that the immigrants are guilty too.


And the truth will set you free

Davey West

Flybe shares are .47p today the lowest for a year. Ryanair on the other hand are making more profit and are solvent.

Why should this happen. They are not low cost Flybe are very expensive and charge people a fortune for and extras including suitcases. If they had any brains they would allow one cabin bag and one suitcase for free and encourage trade by having reasonable ticket prices.

Badly managed like Woolworths, nobodies fault but the top management not understanding their market.



You make some ridiculous claims.

Ryanair - you will find that they fly to airports with extremely cheap landing taxes but airports such as 'Barcelona' which are infact an hour from the city. Equally have you ever flown Ryanair? You get what you pay for, however clearly they are a successfully set up business for their own market.

Do you want to be able to fly off Jersey? Then someone needs to pay the ridiculously high landing charges which the airport charge. Ryanair would never pay these and as some sensible fellow has commented earlier, their business model does not suit the same market as Flybes.

You cannot compare the two, they operate in totally different markets, just look at where they fly to. How can flybe try and be low cost when they serve this island which already charges them approx £45 in landing charges?

'If they had any sense you say.' So what you're saying is take off the baggage charge AND reduce the air ticket price? What do you think they are? A charity!? They charge the baggage cost to make money, they're a business, what a surprise! They charge those ticket prices because of the crazy taxes, and then some more so they can try and make a profit on the route.

The real demons are the the people who decide the scary landing taxes which mean airline prices are too high for people to fly, which impacts the tourism industry, the airlines and ultimately, people's jobs.

Davey West

Calm down Dear,

Yes you are correct, Jersey having to pay a small army of Managers and another shadow board ( hello Mr Walker and Mr Mills ) all these bodies have to be paid therefore the States do charge far to much to look after there own.

It is reported that Flybas****s also get a States grant which needs to be brought into the equation, you forgot to mention that.

Do you want to fly off Jersey you ask in a patronising manner. Remember HD Ferries the Ferry company that had a Condor man sitting on the panel that put restrictions on their business. Sorry I digress, HD Ferries put bums on seats and gave a good deal, a lot more people got of Jersey and back its a balance.

High prices like FLYBE day return to Southampton on cost £200 per person suitcases extra.

Totally different markets. I think not, Flybe services Exeter, Southampton, Manchester and in recent history purchased BA inter UK flights which because of the very expensive charges largely remain only half full. Now shall I take the car or fly.

Work it out for yourself, because the prices Flybe try and charge are ridiculously and not AMUSING at all.

Obviously a lot of other travellers feel the same.



On Ryanair's website they don't fly a single flight from Southampton and! Equally, I can't find any domestic flights between UK routes (other than to the Republic of Ireland which isn't UK).

And that's why they are in totally different markets. They go from the UK to holiday destinations and that's pretty much their market. You said it yourself, Flybe took charge of BA's domestic business, because that's more their market. Can't compare.

The States grant I think you are incorrect here.....and lets not even open up the Guernsey states Aurigny argument...!

Certainly I don't enjoy paying hefty prices to Southampton, but I get that they're a business in struggling times who need to make a profit after these taxes. It drives me mad that the taxes are so high which contributes towards keeping away domestic visitors.

Fed Up

Well said.

Greed as always catchs up with business. They used to be cheap but being greedy and thinking they had a captive audience their prices went up and and guess what people have stopped flying with them.

Ryanair and easyjet on the other hand are still doing very well thank you.


Are the states aware that some clearing banks have cashiers and back office staff are brought over on secondment, when these jobs could easily be filled locally. Preference surely must be given to local residents in the first instance and immigration must be capped now. Non qualified licences should now be revoked.


Everything seems to be going down since we got GST ... Coincidence ? probably not, just a thought ...

Was a very bad timing though, more tax when you enter a crises... Thanks Bozo


Only 24 jobs going in Jersey, and probably air crew who are on standby or relief workers. Hardly a huge impact on the job market. Calm down people.


Tourism is such a vital cog in the island's economy and must be supported. Reduced flights and the jobs that go with it will gain momentum if the number of tourists continue to dwindle.

Sick and tired

Here we go again - blame the immigrants !!!


Yet more losing their jobs, unemployment spiralling out of control, an open door policy to immigration, the worldwide outlook not good, this has the makings of a perfect storm.

More and more in Jersey will be slipping back into relative poverty due to spiralling costs and wages standing still/getting cut/more losing their jobs. The gap between the rich and the rest will continue to grow. The middle earners are in for a good hammering over the coming years.....gone are the good times where most did rather well.


Weren't your parents immigrants?


Sad to hear that people are out of work, FLYBE announces loses which I actually fine difficult to believe, they are suppose to be a cheap airline when in fact they are a rip off airline, they charge you for everything no doubt they will start charging to use the loo's on board, I really can't see the loses they are the most expensive airline and I refuse to use them were possible.... I feel very sorry for the staff and can wish them well. :)

Laura N

Yes because clearly, they've lied, being a listed company and all that, and having to produce accounts.....dur.

And charging you for everything doesn't take away the fact that fuel prices and other costs are through the roof. Costs that industries can't control at the moment.

Simple Sid

Wish they would go altogether there service and charges are appalling.

Old Sid Solly

Are there any packing sheds left, Bo?


I am not convinced it is the immigrants that are too blame for all this it started with Walker and the Council of Ministers controlling everything for themselves and their rich buddies.

Jersey's house of cards is imploding more rapidly than even I thought.


Immigrants are to be blamed for every bad thing in Jersey, they are to be blamed for the weather, for the rough sea, for the breathtaking ferry prices, for the high accommodation prices, for every shop that has been and will be closed down, for every failure in life. Come on!!! Get a grip and move on.


Not quite as much as that; things like the weather are beyond the control of mankind, as of course is the related sea conditions.

I would suggest things like unemployment and a diminishing quality of life for Jersey people are more obvious symptoms that would be seen by a person of mature intellect.



A few years ago (not that many) the girls from the recruitment agencies where almost running up and down the streets, just to get locals into work, and still a lot of them preferred to stay on social. Now they are blaming the immigrants, because they cannot find a job. How do you explain that?.

Also for the moment and with the new season starting, there are and will be a lot of jobs available in hospitality, how many locals do you think apply for them?


I don't remember that. It sounds like a tall story to me, K.


Short memory Ken or some of us just have a selective memory. If you look around, it’s easy to find people working in finance, insurance companies, real estate and the list goes on, with no experience or studies what so ever. People who don’t even know how to calculate monthly insurance premium, starting from the yearly one, although they were in the same job for years


I suspect that, as you say, "I", some of us do have a selctive memory.

I imagine that the best place to start would be to examine your own apparent recollections because they don't reflect anything with which most of us are familiar.

Parktown Prawn

"A few years ago (not that many) the girls from the recruitment agencies where almost running up and down the streets, just to get locals into work,"


Haven't you got anything better to do than create BS like this?


The idea of recruitment ladies running up and down the streets has to be the most laughable version of the anti-local comment that I have yet read here.

Although I am a Jersey person, the vision that the ridiculous message posted by "I" portrays amuses me so much that I can't bring myself to be offended by the bigotry within the same message.

Thanks, I, You have almost made my day! :)


We always use BA to Gatwick, because we find them more reliable and you can take more luggage.

To be fair to Flybe we have been to other locations with them and they have generally been fine.


I'm never going with BA again to Gatwick...three sunday night flights back to Jersey in a row were delayed by over an hour and a half before Christmas, and nothing to do with weather. Fed up! Glad you have found them more reliable, I think I pick the wrong days to fly!


The only reason BA are more reliable is because they only have 1 route fr jersey and at the minute they are almost always delayed. I don't disagree that Flybe prices are high but they are without a doubt just as reliable as BA


This has got nothing to do with immigrants. Flybe are making 10% of its nationwide workforce redundant, Southampton is taking a major hit.

I think the anger towards uncontrolled immigration has almost reached hysteria, they are being blamed for everything by some people


That is why it needs to be controlled

Pan Hilary

When I came to Jersey 25 years ago I picked potatoes because the local people wouldn't lower themselves to do the work. The same applied to many domestic jobs as well as the service and hospitality industries.

Jersey has no one or anything to blame but itself for the situation it is in; constantly getting on the back of the immigrant is nothing short of racism.


pan hilary, you sound very bitter towards the local people that have been your hosts for the last 25 years.

For your information, I am a Jersey person, who was picking spuds 25 years ago, along with another 8 Jersey people at a small farm. I also did many years in the hospitality industry, and there used to be a lot of Jersey people working harmoniously with immigrants in this sector, not something you see now as the Jersey people have all been squeezed out. I now sit in my nice office earning lots of money ;) due to hard work and determination.

And if I went to live in another country I would treat my hosts with respect, not contempt.

Oh, and please look up the word racist before you use it.


Nice response K ! :o)


I have never heard such nonsense in all my life! All you people that came to the island 20 years ago and picked potatoes did so because it was better than where you came from!

How do you know locals didn’t do the work?? You were working for jersey people when you came here weren’t you!

We can’t afford to take the low paid jobs as we would never be able to afford a house (£465K) we do not have the luxury of being able to leave our place of birth and be able to work anywhere else in Europe.

Our borders have been open for far too long and need closing ASAP

Some of us pay our taxes and watch whilst Ozouf and his gang pour it down the drain. No one gave my family anything in life, we were brought up to work for it if we wanted it… not like the lazy layabout kids that we pay £90 a week to now.

This government needs to go…… NOW

Fed up of jersey laws

It's crazy the way jersey has become a haven for immigrants,and yes they come here work for 5years ,bank every penny they make and don't spend a penny on the island,hence why the economy is so bad.all of them have 2jobs,one full time ,one partime ,cash in hand they survive on the partime wage and send full time wage home to families and build homes.then after 5years they go partime and claim income support ,leaving more time free for cash in hand jobs.i,m sure if the states take the time to go to bars and restaurants in the evening they will c these benefit thieves making a packet.lots of them clean houses on their day off for £10.00 per hour cash in hand again,so why are they allowed to do this.i feel social security should sort themselves out and start a campaign to stop this,offer a reward for information,as they plead poverty in social to get income support then leave laughing cause social fall for it.and they are all on 0 percent tax ,sort it out states before its too late.this is very true cause I know lots of immigrants who laugh at social and tell us locals what thy do to fraud our island .

Make it compulsory to pay tax in bars ,a fine for employers who pay cah in hand ,thenu might see the scrounges move on.


Let’s ask Social how many locals and how many immigrants are on income support. (not the names, but the numbers – you know date protection law) – and will see that reality is different. And if you know cases why don’t you report, it’s quite easy to do it:


Yes of course, they ALL do that! So my girlfriend, who is only here because my contract keeps me here; who works hard, pays taxes and social security (a lot more than some Jersey-born people do), who takes absolutely nothing back even when she is entitled to it... Waow, what an awful person she is, how dare she come here, we should have been forced to have a long distance relationship with me having to meet the cost of flying back and forward to Wales every weekend to see her!

There are quite a few couples in our position, clearly not all immigrants are how you want to portray them.

Have you been down Social recently? Lots of wastes of space Jersey-born people down there, particularly little girls pushing about their little boys and girls and still wearing their pyjamas. Lots of conversations take place (in English) about how easy it is to work the system.


If you have employment, then one wonders what you have been doing going "down social" as you claim to have done.


"Waow", You should know that you don't go to Social Security only for claiming income support.


Sounds like a bit of a nonsences to me, Si. I never see such thing when I am down there.

Lokel Yokel

Jersey does NOT have am unemployment problem! - it has a too many people problem. and that problem will only be getting worse. We are not simply in a recession (nor even a depression) but in a fundamental adjustment to the economy - and at the start of it!

The Happy Days of finance generating both oodles of tax and providing mass employment in well paying jobs (certainly well paying in terms of the average skill set! - I know!) are drawing to a close (The world has moved on in Finance, just like it did with Tourism). Finance won't dissapear completely but will become like the Tourism Industry a niche player. That matters to everybody (whether you love it or hate it! - work in it or not!) as that tax take and employment is simply ireplaceable in an island the size of Jersey.

The Island used to have a (full time) population of around 75,000 but it only that high because of the Tourism Industry being such a major industry (and even then for many the winters were "cold"). Jersey lucked out when Finance replaced the Tourism as the principle industry (it was going anyway as a mass market product - even if Jersey added a few nails of it's own!) - but there is simply no replacement for the Finance Industry, the best that can be acheived is half a dozen niche sectors but even collectively they won't replace Finance which makes maintaining a population of 100,000 fanciful and probably even 60,000 difficult (remember the island can't survive economically with simply States Employees even aided with a private sector that involves simply cutting each other's hair etc!....we need products and services that suck money in, at for the standard of living in Jersey that requires a LOT of cash coming in).

The difficult part will be managing the population decline - it sound harsh but, we can't afford too many folks who are not productive enough. and min wage jobs are not productive enough. the problem will be that the most able are the first to leave - simply because they can.

Will be interesting to see how the new immigration controls work out, not so much on the numbers (substantial growth of numbers is a pipe dream anyway) but on the balance of the working population (if you are a hairdresser you don't want 500 more turning up - and Jersey won't be able to afford keeping 499 of them on the Social, then again we don't want them ALL to leave!).

As the Chinese say - we live in interesting times!


"Jersey does NOT have am unemployment problem! – it has a too many people problem"

If you looked at the news you can see firms like Woolworth , HMV, Jessop, Play.Com, Blockbuster and many more closing. Those closures are causing unemployment.

5 Years ago the number of people didn't seem to be such a big problem as long as the unemployment was low.

Now there is 2000 people out of work and the obvious solution is to get rid off 2 000 immigrants so locals can take their positions.

A simple as that.

There is too many immigrants, you are right, but your statement is wrong. Sorry.

Coming back to Fly Be, I think they shot themselves in the foot with their policy of charging £5 for a ticket and hammering you with your luggage. I think everybody wants to book a flight, pay and show up to the airport without having to worry about the cost of their luggage.


Kermit. I like your solution. “get rid of 2.000 immigrants so locals can take their positions”- but what happens if the immigrants go and the locals don’t want their positions? I work in the HR department in one of the seasonal hotels. We’ve already start recruiting and the company really tries to hire staff with 5 years residency. Do you know how many CV’s from people with 5 years residency we’ve received? Close to none.

Tax Payer

If the welfare handouts ceased they would have to. Also the 'produce baby and live on benefits for ever' syndrome would have to be addressed.

I suggest anyone who cannot support their baby goes to live at Haute de la Garenne, rearranged as a mother and baby hostel instead of a tax payer funded flat


Sounds a bit of a tall story, there, I.


I know, K, that sounds like a tall story, but this is the truth even if some of us like it or not. This will happen for ever if the Social Security system will not change.


Tax Payer - I totally agree with you. The benefits for ever system is like a disease, if not treated will grow until you cannot do anything to stop it. Maintain the benefits up to 6 months or maximum 1 year, if you cannot manage after this period and still need help, the benefits should only be accessible if you do at least some kind of community work. ( please note that I’m not speaking about benefits for people with disabilities).


Dot'really thinks so, I. It looks like you might have a bit of a vivid imagination.


Well said, Yokel.


Maybe Flybe is just suffering from bad karma.

Ever since their rip off website,credit card charges and deceitful unclick if you don't want insurance style booking,i have moved to flying BA and Blue Islands.I wonder if their having the same problems.I go where i get good value and good service.Flybe no longer provides this.


Same here - I now fly BA all the way if at all possible. Luggage, an honest website, a drink on the flight and a quicker journey (turbojet (airbus?) instead of turboprop dash-8) for a few quid more.

I'd argue that scrimping on peanuts and bleeding every extra penny from the customer has been a false economy for FlyBE.

I hate this whole idea of bringing all your luggage as hand luggage. Silly 100ml limits, no nail scissors, longer queues at security, the inevitable issues of everyone's bags + coats + handbags not fitting in the overhead lockers, and slower loading and unloading of the aircraft. These aircraft are built with big empty bellies of space for the luggage for a reason!