Gorst: Sharing with Guernsey only after political changes

SOME form of political union between Jersey and Guernsey must be established before any moves to create joint police or Customs departments, says the Home Affairs Minister.

Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand
Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand

SOME form of political union between Jersey and Guernsey must be established before any moves to create joint police or Customs departments, says the Home Affairs Minister.

Senator Ian Le Marquand said that such a condition was imperative, but warned that previous attempts at closer political co-operation had been fraught with difficulties.

He made the comments to reassure his department after a speech last week on inter-island co-operation by Chief Minister Ian Gorst at the Chamber of Commerce’s monthly lunch.

In that address, Senator Gorst outlined the many ways in which Jersey and Guernsey were already working together and said that he would like to see advances towards better co-operation move faster and further.

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Comments for: "Gorst: Sharing with Guernsey only after political changes "

Jimbo the Donkey

Well I can assure you that over here in Guernsey we have no desire for any political union with Jersey.

You've got a corrupt, old boys network form of government, a totally inept form of immigration control, a misguided arrogance when dealing with the UK and the EU, a banking industry which is failing to read the tea leaves re automatic exchange of information and is simply covering for tax evasion, a reckless attitude to spoiling the landscape, and a social welfare system which is going to drag down the economy for decades to come.

Give me one good reason why we should even consider it. Messrs Walker, Le Seuer, Ozouf and now Bailhache have totally ruined Jersey over the past 20 years.

Guernsey will be far better off merely outsourcing certain functions to somewhere in the south of England than allow ourselves to be dragged down to what Jersey has become.

I have a lot of affinity for Jersey despite what I have said here. It's tragic what has happened over there in the last two decades.


Jimbo the Donkey

I don't think any of us Jersey-men disagree with you. You've summed it all up nicely as far as I can see.

any time you want to run for Chief Minister here you'll get my vote.

the thin wallet

as a jerseyborn person , sadly i can only agree.

guernsey appears to have very little of our problems . and you appear to have just as much work going on .

less unemployment ect .

i see you have a plane register thats going along and believe that this was going to be a joint venture , but alas jersey dragged its heels, so you chaps are going it alone .

fair play to you .

i also believe that you can still afford to run speed boats and the racing is still on .

and look to a bit of enjoyment as opposed to stuffing money into the pocket.

someone once said to me that guernsey was the thinking mans jersey.

i would say that you guys have it right .

Jimbo the Donkey

Don't get me wrong. Guernsey has considerable problems as well, especially linked to the global recession. The job market is experiencing losses and, like Jersey, we can't easily replace those jobs. Finding a viable successor to the finance industry remains tge holy grail for both islands.

The hard facts are that this region of the world is in a mess, and we all have to look to far-flung corners of the world for new business and new industries. We have to be strong and play a long game as it will take time.

What we don't need is idiots like Bailhache and Le Marquand foolishly leading us towards independence in the naive belief that we can then stick two fingers up to those who are making our lives difficult. That would be economic suicide.

No easy answers I'm afraid, but trimming back the cost base in each island would be an obvious start. Cost-sharing initiatives yes, but political union definitely no.


Jimbo, you certainly make some good points and I think you are totally right that the drive in these islands (mostly in Jersey) for independence is fueled by naivety and a bias towards an industry that is failing, but if the islands could overcome these problems together, would you not see political union as eventually a good thing?



You slate Jersey with the words inept, misguided, failing, reckless and ruined.As much as I love this Island, you're right.

Old Crappo

1 Jimbo The Donkey, what you say is quite correct, why would you want to deal with the King of Spin, the Boy Ozouf and his side kick Clanger McLean more then you have too, that in itself is a reason not to want political union never mind the other valid points that you have raised.


The truth is that Ian Gorst needs to sort out the sh*tstorm here before he goes bothering Guernsey, something that he seems reluctant or unable to do. It seems that he prefers to be distracted by non starters like this, or should that be relieved?

Fed up

What a mad man. We cannot run our own economy. The price differential between wages, housing etc is huge. The guernsey police get paid the same as the uk whilst the jersey ones get twice as much. How would that work. What an ill thought out statement to make by the man in charge. He should resign now


Jersey is currently going through a process to reduce our democracy by eliminating Islandwide voting. Small mindedness and parochialism is the order of the day and we are supposed to believe that we can join with Guernsey? I can only guess that as he was at an inter-island co-operation meeting he felt he had to say something 'on-message'.


Eliminating islandwide voting is not reducing our democracy if it is replacing it with a more balanced system than we have now.


The elimination of Senators is a 'blessing in disguise'.

Bailhahce will not get back in in a new district.

Since he has been in he has shown he is simply not up to the job. Neither is Gorste, McLean, Le Marquand, and Ozouf, they have shown they are not 'fit for purpose'.

Bring on the new enlarged districts, with that the return of Stuart Syvret, because all he alleged has proved to be true, TOXIC ASH poisening the population and CHILD ABUSE, just look at what all the experts have said who have written reports.