Bowel screening offered for 60th birthdays

A FREE screening programme for bowel cancer has been launched which will be offered to all the 1,080 Islanders who have their 60th birthday this year.

Left to right:  Sue de George, screening nurse practitioner, Tracey Hughes, administrator, Wendy Irving, senior sister – endoscopy,  Dr David Ng, clinical lead, and Dr Moses Duku
Left to right: Sue de George, screening nurse practitioner, Tracey Hughes, administrator, Wendy Irving, senior sister – endoscopy, Dr David Ng, clinical lead, and Dr Moses Duku

A FREE screening programme for bowel cancer has been launched which will be offered to all the 1,080 Islanders who have their 60th birthday this year.

It is believed that this simple one-off, ten minute procedure will prevent around five or six people in the Island a year going on to have bowel cancer.

Invitations for screening will go out during the year, starting next week, and the first session will be held on Tuesday 19 February.

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Comments for: "Bowel screening offered for 60th birthdays"

Davey West

With the bad press that the General hospital and health services are receiving and then to be told one thousand people arriving at sixty get a test is good news, but it does not actual tell people exactly how long they will have to wait for an appointment, better go private, the Jersey way.


Bandiera Rossa

I`ve just listened to the feature on this topic on Jersey Radio. Someone contacted the station and asked what about those over 60.

The short response was basically "tough".

If it is such a simple, short test then it should be available to all those considered to be vulnerable.

What if you are one of those five or six people who could have been saved from the cancer, but are too old for the test ?

Adios Companeros


because they don't want to know once your working days are over,the sooner you snuff it the better as far as they can see.

All that money they will save in pensions if they all popped there clogs at 65 would have them in raptures.


Valid points non-economic memebers of society are a drain, especially when they will be around for up to 50 years, and could be costing the state a pretty penny in care costs.

Those reaching 60 now will most likely be working to 65 and beyond so they must be kept in shape. Ill people of working age are of no use to the capitalistic machine.

The state always has a reason for doing something but don't want to push any possible downsides for any set action, prefering to stress the benefits.

The perfect scenario for the state is for someone to peg out the day after retirement.


thats a silly attitude. Just because they choose to offer (for example) Free smear tests to under 21 or 25's, just because im older doesnt mean that they dont care. they are selecting an at risk age and providing a service. They cant offer everyone in the island free screening for all illnesses.

If you are concerned about your own bowel, then get it tested. Take responsibility for your own health instead of moaning about a free service.


Your government doesn't care about you. You are just a number and can be replaced by inward migration.

Bandiera Rossa

Done a bit more research and the following may be of interest :-


The bowel screening programme has been implemented which means that most people IN THEIR SIXTIES will have already received an invitation from the programme. It must be stated that reading further, depending on how each local authority organises the programme, it can be a maximum of 2 years before an individual receives an invitation.


A HOME SCREENING TEST KIT is available for people between 60 and 74. It is sent through the post upon request.


The programme covers those aged 50 to 74 and screening is done EVERY 2 YEARS.

This research took me about 20 minutes including writing down the few facts I have mentioned.

If I was in the media I would have been asking the Health Department why we are so far behind, given the information available.

Would it be so costly to sent out the kits used in Wales, to those over 60 ?

Finally bella and Mario you are basically spot on. Smoke, Drink and eat to excess but please don`t be here the day after you retire from work.

Adios Companeros

Ex-Jersey Medic

Clearly your research is lacking.

The 'kits' that are sent out in the UK detect blood in the stool. The use of these to predict bowel cancer is, to put it simply, rubbish.

What Jersey is offering looks like a colonoscopy. Basically a tube with a camera, up your bum to have a good look around... This isn't on offer in the UK.

As a doctor, and without wanting to get into the debate about screening, would I have the test? No.

Bandiera Rossa

OK Doc but don`t leave it there we - the great unwashed - want to know WHY you would not want to have the test.

We automatically believe what we are told by the medical profession.

Open a debate before this story is removed.

Adios Companero


@Bandiera Rossa

Perhaps Ex-Jersey Medic would refuse the test because he knows that the odds of being killed or suffering serious deferred complications, such as intestinal obstruction, internal bleeding, kidney failure and pulmonary embolism may actually exceed his odds of getting bowel cancer...I would say that's a pretty good reason, wouldn't you?


Just one point I would like to make in regard to your post Bandiera Rossa. I live in England and the home screening test kit is sent out to every person aged 60-74 -it is not done only if requested.That is the case in the county where we live but it may vary of course. Just thought I would point that out! I would also add that since my husband turned sixty he has been invited to various well man clinics and for tests for just about everything even though he is in good health and rarely sees a doctor.They seem to care about the older people here!

Bandiera Rossa

@ Henry

Thanks for that comment (I think I mean thanks !)

Adiuos Companeros

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