Nursery plan bad news for football club

MORE children could be taught at St George’s Preparatory School if plans to add a nursery are approved.

The football club room which may become a St George's nursery school
The football club room which may become a St George's nursery school

MORE children could be taught at St George’s Preparatory School if plans to add a nursery are approved.

The school has applied to change a sports facility and clubroom into a nursery, which would mean it could cater for a greater number of children.

However, the proposal also means that football club First Tower United will lose their clubroom at the end of the season.

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Comments for: "Nursery plan bad news for football club"

Martin Le Maistre

There are already so spaces in St.Georges for classrooms, so why would you take away a place where children can get active and out of the house for some exercise??


This shouldn't be allowed, Johnny Walker would not be happy with this. He bought the school when it was in dire straights to keep the school going. Shame on you. Now they are trying to get rid of First Tower Football Club, his pride and joy. This was his team before he got involved with Blackburn.


I'm sure Jack will be turning his grave already, whilst watching what Venky's are doing to them


Nursery kids would provide an income of (at least) GBP700 per child, per month. Great shame that Mr Walkers legacy is being thrown in the toilet, and so soon after the Olympics as well.


£700 per child per month? How do I get my child there?

We don't pay far off that for 2 days per week.


Whilst i fully respect the need for education at St Georges School I do feel that taking away the clubhouse from First Tower Utd is yet another sad day for local football.

If I understand it correctly its not just the clubhouse that St Georges are taking from FTU but the training area & the pitch itself.

This would almost certainly be the end for FTU.

Now I know that other clubs in the island run without a clubhouse but running without a clubhouse, changing facilities, training area and a pitch is a tall order for any team to overcome before the start of next season.

Why cant (in the short term)the lads at FTU use the St Georges school's indoor hall changing rooms as home & away dressing rooms (walk up the steps to the pitch) and keep the pitch as there home? surely this is a good compromise for both parties. That way St Georges can have there classroom space and FTU get to keep their home!

The stand could be converted into changing rooms! Would the school aloow this if FTU would pay for it?

We could sit here and talk about how Mr Walker would react, but what we need to keep in mind is the good work that FTU do for the community. Approx 150, men, women & children are taking part in jersey's most popular sport. We often hear in the news that we need to get kids off the street and do something.... FTU does this 7 days a week from the children in the mini's all the way up to men & women senior football.

A lot of hard work goes into making this happen, all from volunteers who care about the club. Not only are the tower players,coaches and staff proud of the club and its history but they are proud of their home... La Hague Manor. And credit must go to St Georges School for keeping one of Jersey's finest grounds in such mint condition for so long.

So I think you should all continue to work together and keep this great sporting relationship alive. Good luck FTU


@4 - well said some one with common sense ! I also would hope that all could continue to work together for the good of not just the youth of the island / parish community but for all who enjoy their sport and the magnificent grounds the school are in.

Good luck to all that a middle ground can be found and utilized.