Yes, we do have a problem, says ex-regulator

JERSEY has a gambling problem, says the former head of the industry regulator.

Former Lottery Officer Chris Fairbairn
Former Lottery Officer Chris Fairbairn

JERSEY has a gambling problem, says the former head of the industry regulator.

In the final part of a Jersey Evening Post series on gambling, former civil servant Chris Fairbairn says that the Island has had a problem with gambling for many years, and that there are more compulsive gamblers here than per head of population than in the UK.

Mr Fairbairn, who spent 27 years with the Gambling Control Committee including 12 as chief officer before retiring in 2002, says that the Jersey Gambling Commission that took over from the old committee has to take a proactive role in tackling compulsive gambling.

Read more in Thursday's JEP, including the experience of one compulsive gambler

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Comments for: "Yes, we do have a problem, says ex-regulator"

Yes But, No But.....!

Yes we do have a problem or no we don't have a problem the answer differs depending on who you ask. I would suggest that the real answer is no one actually knows!

Random Phil

I would say that people (based on the number of the population) in Jersey do have more of a problem than people in the UK but the law change won't effect anything on the island.

Most gamblers in the modern age have smartphones and apps that allow them to tap into all the different markets. (wherever they live)

Your not more of a gambler because you live in Jersey, its down to individuals and what they would like to do with their own money.

You cannot look at this on an island basis. You wouldn't say because people in Jersey gamble more the winnings for islanders is higher than people who gamble in the UK.

That would be the case but its not the way you should look at it.



Difference now is that the new Gambling Commission’s objective is to promote gambling and was sold to our beloved States members as the new leg (vis electronic gambling) for our economy. It’s because they failed in this, and thus desperate for income, that they need to “regulate” our Thrifts clubs. It’s not for our benefit. These guys are professional Civil Servants, on very lucrative salaries and probably unemployable in the private sector. They are hardly likely to a “proactive role in tackling gambling”.


This is the same man who referred to betting shops as toilets in the 1990's isn't it and then tried to revamp the Channel Island Lottery with a number of failed ideas like a multi colour ball machine? Such hypocrisy.

Geeky Blogger

So 27 years after being on Gambling Control Committee, Chris Fairbairn then tells us we have a gambling problem within Jersey and thats 10 years after leaving the post.

What was he doing during his time Gambling Control exactly?????


Wonder where Betty is now.


Is this Ello Ello?

C Le Verdic

I haven't read the full EP article, but it's not like our Chris to say something as concise as the above headline without plenty of additional verbosity!


The SOJ along with the finance minister are the worst, how much of the islands money have they gambled and lost?

Maybe they should be regulated first and sent to gamblers anonymous.


Steve (comment 6) and Sue (comment 7) You have both given me a good laugh- thank you!


The only problem is the bookies close on a Sunday, soon to be rectified!

People gamble - fact! have done for centuries and will do for centuries more - if not done locally then it's very, very easily accesible online 24/7.

Any attempts to change things at a local level are likely to have very little or no impact unless the states block access to online sites.

Life's a gamble!

The whole Finance industry is legalised gambling! ...except they are gambling with other peoples money!! Why not shut that down??

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