Islands united

THE Chief Minister yesterday set out his vision for unprecedented co-operation with Guernsey and raised the prospect of a joint police force, customs and immigration service and foreign affairs committee.

Chief Minister Ian Gorst speaking at yesterday's lunch
Chief Minister Ian Gorst speaking at yesterday's lunch

THE Chief Minister yesterday set out his vision for unprecedented co-operation with Guernsey and raised the prospect of a joint police force, customs and immigration service and foreign affairs committee.

‘I believe passionately in us working far more closely together than we ever have before,’ said Senator Ian Gorst.

He set out the vision to business leaders at the Jersey Chamber of Commerce’s monthly lunch at the Pomme d’Or Hotel. He was due to be joined by Guernsey’s Chief Minster, Deputy Peter Harwood to discuss mutual co-operation between the Islands, but his Sarnian opposite number was fogbound and unable to make it.

‘I am delighted to have been invited to talk about the progress we are making on mutual co-operation between our islands,’ Senator Gorst said.

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Comments for: "Islands united"


Great , lets swap a few cows against their rubbish....

St Ouen

We'll done Ian Gorst, let' s start with GSY immigration policy. They have I understand 350 unemployed. Ask why ?...

Geeky Blogger

Yeah, lets both sink together, why not?

Phil the Donkey

No no no no no no no no, and no again!!

Why on earth would we want to become tainted by all that has gome wrong in Jersey in recent times, the benefits are far too one sided to make these propositions viable.


I have to agree Phil why would you want a millstone around your neck?


Hey Phil, we're not overly keen on hooking up with your Treasury department after seeing them get mugged for £2.5 million recently. That's really saying something when you realise that our own Treasury dept isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the wood shed.

Phil the Donkey


I take your point about us being mugged for £2.5m, it was an absolute farce.

However, we live in hope that it won't happen again, whereas your welfare bill will be mugging Jersey taxpayers for decades to come, each and every year.

D De Jersey

Follow your example, save money by dumping raw sewage into the ocean and keep filling a hole in the ground with your rubbish.

Then issue free clothes pegs to everybody in the summer and do Island Hospital aerial shots from the side of the island where the water isn't brown and full of floaters.

Then bankrupt ourselves by gobbling the strategic reserve by tens of millions every year.

Then what JT said.

Then bankrupt the health department.

Mate, the list is endless, Guernsey lashes up everything, and Gorst the Englishman wanting to partner with you proves that he doesn't have a clue about Jersey/Guernsey/The Channel Islands, or anything that's good for us.


I think a united, and more independent CI would make good sense. Lets have he capital in Sark.


I think a united, and more independent CI would make good sense. Lets have he capital in Sark.

The Barclay bros would have this lot for breakfast!


I have no idea why Guernsey would in any way be interested in assisting Jersey. Their governments policies on immigration, unemployment and inflation have been superb against the Jersey governments total ineptitude. I'll bet Deputy Peter Harwood was actually upset he could not be there in front of our Chamber of Commerce to tell them how much better they were doing.


I agree, but oddly enough I can imagine a post-Barclays future. Unless they're conducting ghastly cloning experiments in Fortress Brecqhou. Oh dear...


I'm all for working more closely with Guernsey, so long as this is not an underhand way of preparing the islands for absorption into the U.K.

Don't forget that we no longer have a majority of Jerseymen running our States and our old tried and trusted ways have been altered to match the U.K.'s and the E.U.'s socialist systems.


I think a combined CI would be a stronger entity to resist absorption into UK. And the culture of mutual suspicion between the islands might produce a more effective scrutiny of working practices than self regulation trends to be. There would be need for somewhat less political representation and a lighter administration. Though if you think the UK and EU are 'socialist' then I would be a little worried about what your ideal scenario might be...


Before long, each of us could potentially be represented by or governed by our Parish, our Super-constituency, the States of Jersey and the Channel Islands. There are about 95,000 of us - for heaven's sake!

Politicians do like their extra layers of Government, through which they can tell us repeatedly that they understand the economic difficulties of the times and how it is important to look after public money. And then go spend some more.

Last time the CM piped up, he wanted to spend our hard-earned on the wilderness of Plemont. Now he wants to spend it with a somewhat larger wilderness, 40 miles to the North West of us.

Phil the Donkey


40 miles? I think you'll find it's more like 20, then again it's not unusual for a crapaud to exaggerate!!

It's hell in the "wilderness" over here, our unemployment is next to nothing, we rarely hit the hedlines for aggressive tax avoidance or institutionalised money laundering, we haven't had historic child abuse hanging over us for years (with more to come) and our police force doesn't cross continents bugging cars that they're not allowed to. Yes, life in the wilderness is truly boring......


As another Guern, I agree with Phil.

Both islands want to save costs. It's a no-brainer to explore how we could do that in certain areas of the public sector, but equally either island could outsource functions to lower-cost areas of the UK. Salary costs in both islands are far higher than in many areas of the UK. Why not outsource to somewhere not far from Southampton or Exeter with their good CI air links? It doesnt cost any more to fly to the UK than it does between the islands if booked early, and the airlines should be open to a deal. That would be far more likely to save money. If UK companies can outsource to India, then we should be able to manage the south coast of England!

Anything more than collaboration for economies of scale reasons in specific areas has very little appeal. Jersey is in a mess on several fronts and I just don't see any other benefits to Guernsey.


There once was an isle of la Bean,

population was full to the seam,

With mass unemployment, they felt no enjoyment

And with Guernsey, they wanted to team.

The Donkeys said I don't think so,

You're futu, so that much we know,

You thought we were fools, but now who's the tools

With so many people in tow....?


Brilliant ! Thanks made me laugh. :)


I can see some advantages in shared structures, especially from cost-sharing on joint actives such as Police. However, I don't subscribe to roombay42's concern about being prepared for absorption into the UK.

I see exactly the opposite problem - a Confederation would have to have some sort of President to oversee things, and who would be the prime candidate? Ah, of course, someone from the Bailhache dynasty - maybe one who is an ardent supporter of such unity, and a Foreign Affairs Ministry, and much else besides?

Indeed, at some point in the future we might see our Channel Islands Confederation President, obviously then with a Peerage from The Crown to recognise his status, with his younger sibling waiting in the wings to ensure the succession. A truly democratic solution to Confederation, I'm sure you will agree - I wonder why our Chief Minister supports the idea placed in his head by a certain Senator?


I'm not suggesting that our incorporation is imminent. However there is subtle pressure being put on the Channel Islands, particularly Jersey, to weaken our independence and generally make life more difficult for us.

I also worry about the way our politicians are gradually changing rules to match those of the U.K. whether they are an suitable for Jersey or not.


As a Jersey man my first reaction was to say, If you like guernsey so much Gorst then go there and leave Jersey alone. But even I wouldn't wish this clown on anyone. Even a Guernsey man. Can't we ship him off to Brecqhou along with Ozouf and Balliache. Im sure the Barclay Brothers would sort these pretend politicians out pretty sharp.


How churlish some these remarks are. I think people need to put their differences behind them and think of the prospect of a bright future, with all the Channel Islands working together.

Yes Jersey has it’s problems and some of it’s politicians are perhaps not living up to expectations, but I imagine Guernsey, Alderney and Sark also have their own difficulties. We need to consider pooling the best brains in all of the islands and look at how to resolve the financial problems they all face.

It is clear that the U.K. has it’s own agenda and the current shower of inept buffoons in the coalition are content to drop ‘Our Dear Channel Islands’ in the mire. It is time to consider independence and how the islands can look after their own interests.

Working in cooperation with Guernsey is the first step.


inter island banter aside, clearly both have pros and cons. If you look at the main utilities such as the telcos and gas, as well as the major Finance houses and commercial entities. All have a model where they operate with a pan island structure.


Costs. There is no point having duplicated functions operating so close together.