Gambling problems no worse that in the UK, minister claims

JERSEY does not have a bigger gambling problem than any similar community in the UK, says Economic Development Minister Alan Maclean.


JERSEY does not have a bigger gambling problem than any similar community in the UK, says Economic Development Minister Alan Maclean.

On day two of a Jersey Evening Post series of articles on gambling in Jersey, the minister responsible for gambling policy says that there are problems with compulsive gambling, but that the number of people affected is very low, and not ‘out of sync’ with the UK.

Senator Maclean and Jersey Gambling Commission chief executive Jason Lane give their views on the state of gambling in Jersey in interviews in today's JEP.

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Comments for: "Gambling problems no worse that in the UK, minister claims"


That's exactly Jerseys problem, they always compare themselves to the UK but start looking elsewhere.


How does he know. I know loads of people who gamble in the bookies next door to the pub I drink in, some lose all their money, some just some. They are not under any sort of counselling, just go in, lose their money then they,re skint for the rest of the week.

He wouldn,t mix with any of them, what a stupid statement for him to make. Trying to justify opening them on Sundays, that,s all.

The only reason there are more here is that demand is greater, they,re not charities, if the shops didn,t make a profit they,d close them. One reason for there being more going through the doors here may be that stacks of people don,t have internet as they live in bedsits and don,t want to subscribe to a land-line. As for mobile internet, Jersey prices, well that,s another story.


NEVER been in a bookies but would love a Casino for a night out,

bit of cabaret entertainment,restaurant,middle road disco etc instead of just a pub or restaurant,hey holidaymakers might use it!


Oh well that's alright then - nothing to worry about!!!


And of course he has the statistics to back this up.................


There are more Fixed Odds Betting Terminals per head of population than anywhere else. Around 90 on the island alone! Having witnessed first hand I can see many people are addicted

Paul the Builder

How can having more than twice the UK in betting shoips per head of population be no worse ! I'm sure all these shops make a profit and there profit is the gamblers loss.

More hot air, maybe this is what our latest "head in the clouds" civil servant should be looking at in reducing gases ionstead of the Jersey cows, Pathetic !!!


@ 1: What a stupid statement to make, the gambling set up is identical to the UK in terms of betting shops so how or why would you compare to anywhere else?


Why stupid, just because people in the UK gamble more than others doesn't mean we should do the same and be proud we're 2nd place. Other countries don't have as much gambling, so the aim should be to be better than those countries.


Because like it or not our culture is more in line with the UK than anywhere else in the world...


Let's stick to lotteries, where at least charities benefit and not the hardcore commercial gambling enterprises who would love to gain a foothold in Jersey.

norman conquest

I would have given you 5-1 that he would have said that !


I suppose the real question to ask is? Why then do we need this new founded Gambling Commission with Dr Lane as CEO, plus three other Directors, who I assume are all salaried and benefir from States Gold plated pensions. I doubt that they need a total of four at the top of the tree with no lackeys to manage so I suppose there will be a few staff.

How much does Mr Ring Binders new commission cost the taxpayer and what, exactly do they do? How much revenue do they generate? If it is only cost neutral then we really have no need for it. In the previous life Dr Lane was cahrged with overseeing the licensing reform (Jersey Law 1973)through. That seemed to die a death in his hands, so logically? Move him to the Gambling Commission.

We still, in the minds of most States Members, have money coming out of our ears.