Island caught in the grip of gambling

JERSEY has more than double the number of bookmakers compared with places of a similar size in the UK, the JEP can reveal at the start of a special series into gambling.


JERSEY has more than double the number of bookmakers compared with places of a similar size in the UK, the JEP can reveal at the start of a special series into gambling.

There are 29 licensed bookmakers in the Island, compared with up to 12 for areas with a population of 100,000 in the UK.

In the UK, bookmakers are more common in the most deprived areas, which have up to 12 per 100,000 people, compared to rich areas which have as few as five. By contrast, affluent Jersey has more than twice as many as the poorest parts of the UK.

One Jersey gambler – who estimates that he has lost the value of a house over a life-time of gambling – says that gambling addiction in Jersey is a bigger problem than people realise and that the number of people getting help at Jersey Gamblers Anonymous is just ‘the tip of the iceberg’.

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Comments for: "Island caught in the grip of gambling"


Conversation between my Irish Grandmother and me before she died:

Gran : Now there's a lot of gambling in Jersey, promise me you won't waste your money on it [Renegade], it's a mug's game.

Me : Gran the only time I've ever set foot in a Bookie's in my life was to collect YOUR winnings on the Grand National.

Gran : Oh well, that's alright then....

etc. etc.


Imagine the money you'd make out of a casino!


Too glamorous for Jersey !

Can't even play Lotto/ Euro million. We are doomed with those grubby Ladbrokes , crap lotteries who don't even deliver.

Fair enough it s helping local charities but those gambling place are aiming at the less fortunate. I ll be curious to know how much welfare money s been spent in there.

At least casino will target more of the one who can afford it.


Oh Boy, shock horror is this really news? We also have twice the number of petrol stations when compared to a similar size village in the UK. Also twice the number of cafes, pubs ,restaurants, taxis / cabs, chemists, you name it we have more when compared of just about everything.

Is this really a news story? Or just stating the blooding obvious.


Exactly what I was going to say. The reason we have so many of everything per head of population is that Jersey has or had a much higher disposable income per head, and all businesses in Jersey made much higher profit margins than the UK.


Higher proportion of civil servants when compared to a city with a population 10 times ours.

Don't worry though, the Methodists will sort out our gambling problems, just as they have done with drinking, smoking etc.....

Soon we'll all be sitting at home, reading the bible by candle light


JERSEY has more than double the number of everything compared with places of a similar size in the UK


Apart from decent supermarkets to generate a bit of competition and bring prices down!


Yes, and just about double the price of everything in the UK


Well, that's because we have nothing else to do here. You can't just get in your car and go to a different town and spending the whole winter in a tiny damp flat just makes people drink or gamble. It's actually quite sad when you think about it + even the UK has a high amount of gambling compared to the rest of Europe.


They could go and live somewhere else ..


How can they go somewhere else if they don't have money, it's an addiction.


ah your usual reply

this may come as a shock to you but not all jersey born natives have the sun shining out of their proverbial as you seem to think.

Some of them do have flaws in their character - i am sorry to break this distressing news to you but there you go.

Local girl

And this is news to who ? Having been married to a chronic gambler I did find it a little tricky to find any support, I was directed through the AA. Over the space of a few years he lost approximately 50k of my money and plenty more of other peoples money.

The bookies left I until it got to a ridiculous level until eventually he was banned from a few of them. It is a totally destructive addiction.

Old Crappo

all I can say is so what, if we didn't have these bookie shops then there would be even more unemployed people then there already are. And don't forget that even if we didn't have any bookies shops in the Island at all then people would simply gamble online and there is nothing anyone can do about that!


Don't forget more alcoholics, more drug addicts, more suicides, more heart problems, more cancer, bigger obesity, bigger police force, the list is endless


And what do the SOJ do, allow them to open on Sundays. Says it all really, bunch of idiots not in touch with the people they,re supposed to be representing! Tell you another thing, look at the volume of businesses advertising in Yellow pages in Jerset compared to Guernsey. Whats that all about, obviously businesses here make a bigger return than our sister island otherwise it wouldn,t be able to sustain the higher number.


Stupid article, we've got more of everything here. Also, the true gambling problems are now online, not with high street bookies


Its not so much the number of bookies but the number of FOBTs which are the problem. There are many people hooked on them and this problem is getting worse all the time




FOBT' (Fixed Odds Betting Machines), described recently in the UK Media as the CracK Cocaine of gambling.


I would imagine a lot of IS claimants have a lot of time on their hands to do this, its not as though they will put money back if they should win, uhmmmmm, I wonder if IS have checked this area out for fraud, extra undeclared income??

the thin wallet

why go to the bookies shop , you can gamble online from home or you seat in the pub if its got wifi.

lets not forget the stockmarket you can gamble on that too.

you do not see the job in the bookies advertised as they( i believe) are not allowed to. so if you are local and want a job why not pop in to one and see if they have any jobs , you never know. even better if you like horses and sport .


And this story gets published on the same night as our new expensive gambling commission announces that it want to raise money through compulsory permit fees to our pubs.

Just more Civil Service spin to justify their gravy train.

Fed Up

Bookmakers only want one thing FOBT (fixed odds betting terminals of fruit machines). They cannot lose and that is what people get addicted to most.

I think those statistics will change shortly if the UK goverment allows more bookmakers to open on the UK High Street.


What about those who gambled and lost on the stock market but got their money back thanks to us taxpayers courtesy of Ozouf. Now THAT is the way to gamble!!


And this story gets published when two long standing retailers are closing down. Bookies in deprived areas? Says it all really. You don't have to have a high IQ to think about any bookies that have closed down


More money waisted get a grip loads go online and machines are a big problem but thats gambling ,drink, drugs where does it end big brother wants a slice.


As has been pointed out numerous times above, if people want to gamble they'll gamble online or at the bookies. There is NO good reason why Jersey shouldn't have a high quality casino that can be regulated and taxed. Its a win for the states in terms of tax receipts, more employment and more visitors to the Island.

I still don't understand these politicians that vote against it when it comes up for debate every 5 years or so as they obviously don't mind us gambling as there are no restrictions to online gambling and no restrictions to the amount of bookies in the Island.

Its a sad fact that some people do become addicted to gambling, similarly to those that get addicted to drugs, alcohol etc. That unfortunately is a fact of life, you can't make laws for the minority, they should be made for the majority.

Parktown Prawn

So true.......I don't understand the taboo of having a casino in Jersey.

There are plenty of alcoholics here and yet pubs and supermarkets are still open to trade booze....every day of the week.

There are plenty of drug abusers here and yet their illegal addiction is still available for them to use regularly.

There are plenty of gamblers already going online.....and if there was no internet they would do it "underground". I've heard of many high stakes poker games which used to take place in Jersey before the online poker boom. I wouldn't be surprised if some of our illustrious "decision makers" were involved in some of these games themselves ;-)


Think they should allow a casino in this Island,certainly make some revenue thats being lost

Parktown Prawn

....and it could encourage tourism.