Twenty drink-driving arrests in December

TWENTY motorists were caught drink-driving during December.


TWENTY motorists were caught drink-driving during December.

Eight were stopped by police following concerns over their driving, while three were breathalysed at the scene after being involved in a collision.

Others were arrested during road checks, following hit-and-runs or after committing other offences.

The total number of arrests is the same as December 2011 and four higher than 2010.

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Comments for: "Twenty drink-driving arrests in December"


'8 people were stopped following concerns over their driving' if they used this approach every day in jersey hundreds of people would be pulled over! Terrible drivers on these roads the majority of times anyways!

It's still sad to see that people still chance driving after having a few or even the next morning after a night out!!


Does anyone know what the law is with regards to arrests in Jersey for drink driving, when that person is driving on a licence from another country?

Obviously, they will be banned here, but can Jersey authorities enforce that ban elsewhere if they were to leave?

the thin wallet

i know of jersey licence holder who was dic'ed in the uk , they were only not allowed to drive in the uk.


Ban only effective in Jersey


the legal limit should be zero

Grumpy Old Woman

Definitely agree.

That would simplify matters for everyone.


Take their licenses of them permanently i say, they could kill someone!!


"Could kill someone", yes, but you only get fined £750 for that, and no ban!!!!!!!

Simple Sid

Your right KCSO I have driven in quite a number of country's in the world, the driving standards in Jersey are appalling if the Police were to action every driving offence they would not be able to keep up.


name and shame oh and ages of them


Robb, Read the Jersey Evening Post! You will find people named and shamed in there. Buy one freeloader


Why do people take these risks at any time not just Christmas, no excuses! Also agree with the comment re the following morning, I know several people where I live who have more than a few on a regular basis, come in at 2 am and then merrily drive off to work the following morning or take their children off to swimming lessons etc, probably still drunk from a few hours before. Not just irrersponible, but stupid and it's always the innocent ones who get hurt! When will people learn it really isn't worth taking the risk, get a taxi, bus, walk, car share or whatever, but at least have a bit of foresight and use your brains!!!!!!

One for the road

Punishments should be more severe, forget fines the offence deserve a significant custodial sentence and a much longer ban to follow.

Warren J

It is fair to say that most have driven when they should not have - I once drove from South London to Portsmouth with the window open and radio blaring to keep me awake - Tiredness is a major killer !

However, there should be levels of punishments to differentiate between the morning after driver, and the one 5 times over the limit who falls out of the car. The latter invariably get off relatively lightly because of other factors such as family / loss of job / etc etc . This should make no difference - If it means children are taken off of you, and families fall apart while you spend 5 years in jail, so be it.


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