‘Teething problems’ with school buses on first day of service

CONFUSION and delays hampered the first day of the new School Bus service. The new operator, CT Plus Jersey, has apologised for yesterday's 'teething problems' following reports of buses arriving late to schools, delayed departures and confusion over the renumbered vehicles.


CONFUSION and delays hampered the first day of the new School Bus service.

The new operator, CT Plus Jersey, has apologised for yesterday's 'teething problems' following reports of buses arriving late to schools, delayed departures and confusion over the renumbered vehicles.The company says that it is working hard to address any issues.

Commenting on Facebook Agata Kucza said her son's bus never arrived. Others reported short delays with some saying that the service had worked perfectly well.

The launch of the service has also been made more difficult by problems with the company's phone helpline. Technical difficulties out of the control of CT Plus Jersey have meant that Islanders have not been able to call the company.

A spokesman from CT Plus Jersey said: 'The company has experienced some minor teething problems with the service which are of the sort that you might expect when there is a change of operator and the transfer of an entire team of staff.

'We are obviously sorry if anyone has been inconvenienced and the management team is working hard to ensure that they are addressed promptly.'

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Comments for: "‘Teething problems’ with school buses on first day of service"


how can it have teething problem all the drivers worked for connex who picked up kids for school ?


It was obvious that the bus to JCG and Vic would be late.My sons bus from St Aubins was 38 mins later than when it was with Connex.To think that you could get to JCG in 20 mins in rush hour traffic is dreaming! They were scheduled to arrive at 0830,which is the time they need to be at first class?


The bus company are causing disruption----- CT Plus employed new drivers and did not offer many of the experienced guys who have been there a full time job-----dispite what the company, TTS and the States have told you. Many of the drivers working part time and looking for full time work over the last 5-6 years have been ignored!! They even offered jobs to people already employed elsewhere so that they did not have to give jobs to desperate out of work drivers. There is more to this C T Plus company that the public have not been informed about.


They should have phased the changes in gradually. Nothing to warn regular passengers of 1 and 1A of new routes from town ie, don't wait at Grenville Street as we won't be going there any more.


are these buses wider than the old ones? ive had to mount the pavement so many times over this week to allow a bus to pass, they all seem to be over the white line!

Tony B

Yes, the Optaire is 8 foot wide, closer to ten across the mirrors. They also have the most bloody awful view from the drivers cab, and the mirrors are obscured by the A posts. I have the misfortune to drive the things ocassionaly. The wheelbase , you will note the front wheels are ahead of the doors, make the turning circle larger as an aside, has anyone got seasick on the top deck yet? That happned quite frequently when our company first got a couple. They roll like a ship in a gale. But hey they are cheap!


The vehicles bought for Jersey are a special slimmer version of the vehicle you describe at 2.3m wide which is theJersey limit. The UK model is 2.5m wide.

Tony B

Thanks Chris, I did wonder if the regs had been relaxed. Must be tight on wheelchair acess though. There was an idea in London to allow Mobility scotters on, provided the rider had taken a test! Fortunatley common sense seems to have prevailed. The eye lines on the Optaires in our fleet are a complete nightmare. Give me the good old Alexander Dennis anytime!


Out of interest, how wide were the buses Connex used, Dennis Plaxton or something like that I think?


Most likely in experienced drivers


This new Company are more concerned with concentrating on getting rid of a handfull of drivers they do not want to employ any longer than anything else!


This changeover seems better the it was ten years ago when Connex only had about half of the buses they needed, and it took months to get the number that was in their contract.


re size of these new buses,agree entirely they seem to be struggling to get around corners!!

Simple Sid

I am not suprised how can anyone expect to handover a new service overnight and on a bank holiday whoever negotiated a contract to start at this time must be nuts.


For that you can thank the people who awarded Connex a contract extension.......


Chris, has Connex really been awarded a contract extension?

Does that mean the Jersey taxpayer will foot the bill for the poor organization skills of the new company.

Takeovers such as this require a lot of planning and anticipation of issues and resolving them before they develop.

As they say: "buy cheap, buy twice!"


Simple, if they had left the timetables alone for a few weeks, the drivers know the routes and times, all that was needed was a roster for the staff needed!

Dave St Clement

For the number 1 route it is an absolute disgrace to change routing that has been the same for years. Deputy Lewis resign, you have caused trouble for the drivers and now for passengers, you are a disgrace.


the drivers need to slow down ! the 12a was going so fast past where i was waiting at glass church i didnt have chance to put my hand out the 15 done the same but at least he stopped further down the road.

hope they get sorted out soon as we have no other choice !!

Bus Driver

This company is a complete disgrace. I wish this was not the case! Why Deputy Kevin Lewis did not meet with Connex to make some improvements? Connex was doing a great service. There will always be complains whatever the company. A bus service to please everyone is impossible. I understand they want to reduce the overtime to reduce employment, but they promise something and deliver other. Not only to the bus drivers as to the public as well. Look at the problems with the bus drivers in Guernsey. How long have they started to organise the things? The staff is mainly the same, all this problems is due to the poor management of the company. For example, there is a shift where the driver leaves Greve de Lecq at 8.00 am to get to the town at 9.00 am. The following trip is supposed to leave the town at 9.05. They do not allow enough time for delays due to the traffic not to speak of the time you take to load the passengers with the new ticket machines that are a disgrace! This route 15 airport- Le marais is a nightmare! It is always delayed because there is no time allowance for the traffic.

Bus Driver


This route 15 should be separated from Le Marais. If you want to make improvements, leave route 15 as it was before with the double deckers and keep route 18 as before. Add some extra trips in the evening for route 18. When you do this, some of the delays will be over. More time should be allowed between the trips the drivers have to do to avoid all this delays. If the trips are delayed, why the company does not send a spare driver to charge the people that are waiting for about 40 or 50 mns. The passengers get stranded and sometimes the bus does not show up at all. Deputy Lewis you are another to help to sink the island as far economy is concerned and a good image of the island to be transmitted to the tourists that visit us every year. You and your team are a disgrace. I make an appeal to the Government, please do something before it is too late!

Bus Driver

I agree with Tony. They employed new drivers and they left out some of the experienced drivers that worked for Connex for the summer season. They have been given just the schools to do, when this company said on the newspaper that the Connex only gave some workers part time to do the schools to some drives and these had difficulties in supporting their families. Why do they do the same? The part-time drivers that used to do the schools had their full time jobs. What to say of putting someone doing just the schools when they used to do full time at least for the summer season?

This company did the meetings with the people at the parish halls and offered the possibility to the children to name the smart card, but is just propaganda to have the people on their side. The people and the children were misled by this company. Now they say they are working hard to sort out this CONFUSION! When have they been awarded the contract? The hard work only started now? Deputy Lewis you are still in time to change this disgrace! I think...

Bus Driver

To finalize, this new buses are shamefull. They are the image of the company and TTS minister. For instance, when passing the bus stop from Gorey, in direction to St Catherine's, to turn right, they have to have at least 3 trys when with the Connex buses they did that in one go. Some members of the public understand our difficulty, but other might think we lack efficiency. We do not lack the efficiency those buses are not suitable for our Jersey Roads. Send them back to the manufacturer and get proper buses! Connex had better buses to do the route 1 and could take more passengers that these new ones and there was a relief as well. This new buses have less passenger capacity and there is no relief. The buses and the management of the company just causes delays. Government of Jersey, I beg you do something about this.

Bus Driver

The time they know they have been awarded t he contract, they had enough time to try one of these new buses to check if they were suitable for the island before bringing a full fleet. This is just a point of the lack of competence of this new company. And this is just a point, there is more, much more.


As another thought, why dont they build a second Bus Terminal at the airport - then buses from there could go "cross country" without having to go to town to get out East...


Its not exactly teething problems, on several occasions (3) i've gone to get a bus, it was late twice & didn't come at all the third time.

When you get to the "bus station" there are no signs, no indication what so ever as to what time the bus is or where to get it from. Its disgusting & to top it off the drivers seemed to have picked up this crappy attitude & are quite rude if i'm being honest. SORT IT OUT