States workers ‘likely to strike’ over pay

INDUSTRIAL action by angry States workers is 'almost inevitable' this year, union official Nick Corbel has predicted.

Unite official Nick Corbel
Unite official Nick Corbel

INDUSTRIAL action by angry States workers is 'almost inevitable' this year, union official Nick Corbel has predicted.

He says that the States imposition of a below-inflation pay settlement without agreement from workers has left the unrest and bitterness among members the worst that it has ever been.

And he says that strike action by some of the 6,770 States workers is now looking likely.

Last month, after nine months of fruitless negotiations over pay, the States Employment Board broke off pay talks and imposed its final offer of a one per cent one-off payment for 2012, the same for this year, and a 4% rise for 2014 dependent on workers accepting change to terms and conditions.

The move sparked outrage from unions, who have threatened legal action.

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Comments for: "States workers ‘likely to strike’ over pay"


I haven't had a pay rise for four years, neither have most people I know.

Time to get in to the real world States workers, you can't be separate from the rest of society.

Civil Servant

You should get another job then instead of wasting your time moaning on here.

Spruce up your CV and go on and apply for a States job.

Or move on from where you are, I know plenty of people in the private sector whose 2012 bonus was bigger than my annual salary.

Don't give it the "poor me" routine, do something about it Taxpayer.

Davey West

Actually Civil Servant I am also a taxpayer and successful in business. I think you should be very careful about telling people to spruce up the old CV and join the overpaid underworked non accountable brigade who by your posting are putting two fingers up to private firms who you just love to order about, and cover in red tape to give yourselves something to do.

I think you may have been one of the servants that attended the well publicised Raddissions sleep, over with dinner and drinkies all thrown in costing thousands of the taxpayers pounds. Taxis home would have proved that you had some slight incline of efficiency in the way money is spent, but no chance.

It gets better, although you probably pay taxes, the private sector keep you in work not the other way around. The private enterprises from a self employed plumber to a haulage contractor and thousands of others, also contribute to a pension scheme for you that they cannot afford themselves.

You mention big bonuses for what .03% of the population get real, get a life and do some proper work instead of writing rubbish.


Civil Servant

Hit a nerve there did I Davey?

Been refused a job in the States?

I left a very well paid private sector job and took 50% pay cut to do something I enjoy, that in itself take cajones.

I think you should be very careful in casting aspirations about something you obviously know very little about, I have never been so busy and have to account for everything I do.

Oh and I pay taxes too Davey, I don't really see your point?

Not the old "I pay your wages" crap is it?


Totally agree as do most of the tax paying island (non states worker section)

James Wiley

I'd love a job working the states...

The trouble is that I just am not that good at moving pieces of paper from one side of a desk to another. I lose concentration half way through the day and start questioning the meaning of such a worthless existence.

I prefer my labours to have some point to them beyond lining my own pockets at the expense of my fellow Jerseymen and women.

If only I was of diminutive intellect I would work for the States.

If only I was capable of not doing a job in four times the amount of time that it actually takes then I would work for the States.

If only I could make an even bigger mess of things after I completed the task than they were in before I started, then I would work for the States.

If only I could make things cost ten times as much as they should cost I would work for the States.

Unfortunately I am competent and therefore not suitable for States work.


How to alienate the entire Jersey population of nurses in one childish post.

Well done James Wiley.

James Wiley

Nursing unfortunately is becoming increasingly a paperwork job and not a customer care job.

In other words it is becoming more and more expensive to give an ever deteriorating service to the customer.

This is the basic difference between public and private sector; private sector is customer/results focused; public sector is focused solely on increasing budget and staff levels.

There is more than enough money in the budget already to give the nurses the deserved pay rises to bring them in line with the rest of the civil service which could be achieved by implementing more efficient methods of work and reducing the numbers and wages of non-working senior management who don't actually seem to do anything.

Unfortunately the lower grades (the unionised grades) are used as pawns in the battle to grant unfair pay rises to senior management who then cut costs by reducing lower grade staff numbers and delivering a poorer quality of service.


Isn't that what the disgruntled States workers should be doing?


Ever tried teaching, nursing, social work, elderly care, policing the streets, firefighting James? I could go on


What could be worse for this island? A short-sighted union leader unable to see or accept the economic realities of the times, or the greed of the union members demanding yet more from the public purse? It really is time to break these dinosaur unions once and for all. All they do is cause damage to our economy and our image for the sake of their greed.

the thin wallet

there is a need for unions to speak for the working man.

as we still have bosses who take the mick at times.

not many of us have had a pay rise that even comes close to the rate of inflation in the real world.

why should the states worker be any different .

the light at the end of the tunnel is a little dimmer in the distance .


No, the light at the end of the tunnel is a train =D

Life's a bitch...

Welcome to the real world... I do not think there will be a lot of sympathy with the general public for this cause


Couldn't agree more


Old Nick's always threatening some kind of strike action by manual worker employees because it often scares the employer into coming back to the table. I don't think their employer will be scared back to the table this time and I wonder just how much support from manual workers there would be for industrial action which, after all, is going to lose them wages. I suppose time will tell but I think he'll have trouble making industrial action stick!


'Nine months of fruitless negotiations over pay' led to a much better result than workers in the private sector have had over the last few years.

Let's get some really serious talks about reducing the over-inflated pay of most of the public sector workers so that we, the general public, all benefit, not just the lucky few.


Que the usual anti-union rubbish. If you are so annoyed at not having your own pay rise, instead of getting annoyed at others that have the initiative to do something about it, why don't you fight for better conditions for yourselves? Surely that is the real definition of greed and selfishness...

Also, read the article, the States are imposing changes to terms and conditions in return for below inflation pay rises. That is the real issue.

the thin wallet

i am not anti union. and believe that fighting for better conditions is a lost battle at the moment. i did wonder past the writing on the wall the other day in our tea room. it said " there is little or no orders and to get the work the price is to the bone ".

the ordinary worker has little or no leverage these days .

and little or no choice of alternative employment .


It's so boring and predictable isn't it. The JEP could cut and paste these comments and insert them under the bus strike story.

'I'm grateful to have a job', 'get in the real world', etc, etc. If you really haven't had a pay rise in years you need to grow a pair and start to stand your ground rather than try to bring down others who at least have enough about them to fight their cause. Failing that, get a job with the States or be a bus driver as they all seem to be massively overpaid and do jobs that any mug could do.


Why use emotive language such as "fight"? That is the sort of rhetoric that alienates the majority. It smacks of a lack of reason.

I don't think you have to be anti-union per se to observe that Mr Corbel has negative, destructive instincts, to whom the reality of our present and future economic situation is a complete mystery.

There is a bigger issue around the corner - demographics and pensions and all that - and wouldn't it be great if the Unions were in the room, debating options, making positive suggestions and engaging in solutions rather than making alarmist comments to make it seem that they are doing something, even if they are not.


To all above, I am a states worker and I do not agree with anything the union is on about. The voting for the pay rise was done by very little members and most of them are the trouble makers of the states work force.

If I had not got a pay rise it would not have mattered as I would have still had a job.


When the states members(our leaders)gave them selfs a rise,that's ok and it's them and the banks that have got this island of ours into this mess,not the WORKERS ie bin men , care staff and road sweepers and don't tell me they are on big wages ( because I know people in those jobs) and they have to do as much overtime they can get to make end meet , so good luck to them ,look to me they are being walk all over and bullied


The States members didn't give themselves a pay rise. They established an Independent Review which was a sensible thing to do and that Review recommended a pay rise. If some populist politicians don't accept it, perhaps they can pay back the cost of the Independent Review which clearly would have been a waste of time and money.

the wanted

I work in the private sector. I've had payrises and performance related bonuses for years, as have my colleagues whose performance merits it. So its a complete myth that nobody is getting rises.

I say give the States workers their payrise which is not even the cost of living for Gods sake.

Why are there so many hateful people in Jersey? Can you not see that unless all of us are contributing to the local economy then we will never get out of this mess.

The States have the money to give payrises because it was going to be used to buy Plemont and has been used as payoffs to the tune of £500k recently.


If the states have spare money to give pay rises as you say, how about giving it in the form of a tax rebate, so we can all benefit instead of the public sector workers getting it all as usual and us suckers in private work paying for it...

the wanted

I work in the private sector; I get paid well and receive an annual bonus; I am happy for States workers to receive a pay rise.

Was there something about that statement that you didn't understand the first time round?


I'm a states worker tts and I can tell you not all of us feel the same as corbell I will not be striking I do live in the real world I know what it's like out there I'm great full for my job

the thin wallet

well said paul.

do you think your work mates would go as far to call you a scab?

like you i am happy to have work , when i return to it.


Good for you mate! Give this man a pay rise. As for Nick, cant the States workers vote this idiot out and replace him with someone more credible?


You mean someone who is more likely to try to persuade workers not to fight for a cost of living wage increase so they're not effectively taking a pay cut every year?

Hmm... Now why do you think they haven't voted for someone like that? :-)


great mentality to have, it is a shame your peers are not of the same frame of mind.


Bet you'll take a pay rise if it's offered though eh. Then you'll be even more grateful for having a job!!

farmer he'd don

These idiots won't have any public sympathy. I was made redundant 9months ago and have not found a full time job. I've had to tighten my belt a damn sight tighter than these well paid civil servants. As for that idiot Corbel, what planet is the man living on? He appears to be stuck in the 70s, when any dispute was met with crystal of "All out, brothers".


Agree the civil serpents do get paid well,but I'm a states worker and I'm not on the same grade as them and yes I'm fully qualified and I'm charge of 9 people at my place of work,I'm finding very hard ,like lots of others on our lovely inland,we do need a pay rise because the price of living here is becoming a joke and we know who to blame for that don't we


It's always odd in these sort of discussions to see people comparing private sector wages with the public sector as is a) they are relevant or b) that private sector conditions are all homogeneous.

The private sector is made up of a whole bunch of industries, some which will be doing well, some won't.

To say that everyone isn't getting pay rises is evidently not true. Everyone should be striving for universal better conditions. The idea that attacking some people will help you is just ridiculous.


"Striving" is a better word than "fighting" (re earlier post).

Agreed that the idea that attacking some people will help you is wrong - which is why the idea of striking to hurt the general public as a tactic to improve one's lot is indeed ridiculous. The general public have broad shoulders and would rather put up with the odd strike than give in to bullies.

You are absolutely right re pay rises - it's not all doom and gloom in the private sector. Construction and retail get the headlines, but there's plenty still doing well in other sectors.

Mjolnir de Jersiaise

I'm a martyr to the cause of New World Order wage-slavery; I work really hard, for peanuts, and haven't had a pay rise for five years. Anyone who doesn't do this has no understanding of economic "realities" in the "real world" etc., etc. Anyway, it's about time the unions, and the workers, accepted that the only people who are allowed to have huge pay increases, are executives and bosses...


Mmm, he looks a bit underfed himself does he not. Wonder what percentage of the states workers are on his salary?


Anyone who says they are just grateful to have a job is being ridiculous. I am grateful to have a job too however, if we let the states walk all over us then we are nothing more than a bunch of sheep. The cost of living keeps going up and wages DO NOT so if someone can explain to me how you are supposed to survive on this rock with what some people earn it would be much appreciated. I have lived in Jersey all my life as has my husband he works full time but i can only work part time as we have 2 children. I earn £7 an hour but get no help financially as my parents own their own home. We were told to go live with family or get them to sell the house. We have no chance of ever being able to get on the property ladder or do much else for that matter. I hope the staff DO strike, its about time the people of Jersey stood up to the greedy politicians it is better to stand up for what is right even if it means standing alone. And one final word . BAAAAAA


Wrong way round Net. The people of Jersey are standing up to the greedy Unions. The politicians are fairly representing the view of the majority. Politicians don't fund the wages of the public sector; hard working taxpayers do.

the thin wallet

net are you married? , the fact that your parents have to sell the home sounds most strange. what your parents have is nothing to do with it.

are you over 21?


@thin wallet yes married yes over 21. And yes had to move in with family as we couldnt afford to live anywhere else. Parents didn't sell their home but when we were in financial difficulty that's what I was told. And as for James saying its the wrong way round, it doesn't matter who you are, if you don't earn enough you can't survive. All the union is doing is trying to get what their members should have. It isn't writ that politicians get a pay rise and others have to struggle between paying rent and feeding their kids.


This doesn't half get my back up. Exactly how many people does Corbel actually speak for, I wonder? I'm sure the majority of States workers would be embarrassed by a lot of the stuff this oaf comes out with.


I'm a States worker. Never had any communication from Corbel and am very grateful for my job and Richardson having the balls to say "here's your money, like it or lump it."


" States imposition of a below-inflation pay settlement without agreement from workers"

Interesting, I've had a mighty 1% in the last 4 years, vastly below inflation. What's worse is I could live with that if there was any prospect of myself and my colleagues actually having the option to AGREE to this or not!!

Would love to live in public sector la-la-land...Welcome to the real world.

the wanted

Well perhaps you should have worked harder at school?


School or not, CC contribute towards your wages though...

the wanted

How??? I work in the private sector.

St Johnnie

I find it incredible that some people in the private sector are saying that they haven't had at least one incremental pay increase in the last five years, if that is indeed the case then you really need to have a word with your employer, or better still, get yourself out of there and look for another job. As for the public sector, why shouldn't they be looking for a decent living wage, the cost of living on this island is not slowing down anytine soon despite the economic downturn, so surely its right and proper that working people, be it private or public sector, seek whats right and proper. Too many employers on this island are using this as an excuse to underpay their employees, the States of Jersey being one of them.


Welcome to the private sector. You need to read the news and check out the unemployment figures a bit more. Nothing incredible there, it s reality. I personally earned less this year and I can't remember when was the last pay rise(No cost of living either).

According to you I should look for a better job, when there is obviously none around.

"As for the public sector, why shouldn’t they be looking for a decent living wage":

1- they are already well paid, and have lots of perks.

2- Pay rise will come partially from Private tax payer money (meaning some of my tax).

3- They should be happy to have a job.

4- Corbell is not representing the majority of workers.

5- Find yourself lucky to escape a pay cut.

6- Until you send Corbell and Southern to Greece to assess where their politics could lead us, I wouldn't pay attention to those clueless individuals trying to justify their wages.


You forgot.

7 - if they want a pay rise, look for another job. If St Johnnie thinks the private sector should do that, why shouldnt the public sector?


Love the posts that this type of story generates on here.

All the jealous, chip on their shoulder low grade workers who are envious of anyone not earning a living stacking shelves like themselves!

... Should really of applied yourselves at school then shouldn't you!!!

All the whinging workers,

"I havn't had a pay rise in 35 years and must crawl to work every morning on bleeding stumps, so how DARE anyone else get something i'm not"

... Should really get a new job then shouldn't you!!!

Now then, i'm thinking Maldives this spring!

Keep Smiling... And paying my wages!

Love & Hugs.


La Moye Squirrel

Cat amongst the pigeons! Spanner in the works! Playing Devil's Advocate! Methinks that you are playing linguistic games to incite the venom of the vox populi! No one in their right mind could publish such a myopic comment. You obviously like to exercise control by igniting other people's fuses! Let's hope it does not backfire on you!

The Ghetto Kid

"Brillaint". May I humbly suggest that the "shelf-stacker" types you so kindly speak about are usually private school kids who went away got degrees and came back to face no employment. Look around you!!

I worked jolly hard at school. In fact I got three degrees from one of the most prestigious universities in the country. I am a "low grade" worker. I am not "envious" and certainly have no chips on my shoulder. I like everyone am a victim of the failings of an under regulated financial system based on the concept of exponential growth in a world of finite resources and growing population. I can't imagine the Jersey Financial Industry is doing anything to abate this recklessness.

You are obviously what one might call "trolling" or seeking to inflame some debates. And as for your little spring break i'd recommend Greece.


If you really do have 3 degrees and you are now a low grade worker, might I suggest that you open your eyes to the fact that the world is bigger than Jersey. There may be greater opportunities for you away from here.

Or do you like feeling hard done by?

You call yourself a victim. How sad and defeatist.


Malthus concluded that all populations are controled by available resources like food.

Mankind's population curve is following the classic J-curve and there can only be one end result, if things don't change drastically in the near future.

Capitalism and its twin consumerism are herding mankind to a cliff edge. People in general are burying their heads in the sand. However this won't prevent the inevitable from happening.

Ghetto Kind

Amen Mario!! But most people are too dim to take that stance. Reality bites!!

love it

Love this!!

its no ones fault but your own if you are in under paid jobs...

im not because i worked at school... and still carry on working now to better myself.

Any one moaning about pay for bosses / executives need to take a look in the mirror and wonder.... why aren't i one of those people earning x amount....

oh yeah cause i am a bin man, or a nurse etc. nothing against these but i never forced you to do it.

Ghetto kid- don't lie, if you had 3 degrees in anything useful you would be snapped up for a job. or are they along the lines of Media, Art and Sport Science?

La Moye Squirrel

I wonder where we would be without the nurses! I rest my case.


I think the states should cancel all staff contracts and let every employee apply for their old jobs priced by an independant employment consultant comparing wages, perks etc. and include risk of loosing employment in private sector.

I doubt the states employees would go for this as it would highlight how lazy they are!!


Like it, but whilst we're at it, why not reduce the number of available jobs at the same time and reduce the size of the pensions as well?


"I haven't had a payrise in 10 years....I have no pension......I work 70 hours a week...I get up 1 hour before I go to sleep, to go to work....and I am lucky to have a boss is great".

If this is you then get another job and stop moaning about others who have made an effort to preserve their living standards as much as possible.

Slipping closer towards relative poverty is not good for the capitalistic/consumeristic beast. Reducing/stagnating wages when basic commodity prices are soaring helps drive economies into recession.


Hey hey wondered where our red little warrior was...must have been on his was the Kremlin..?

Get in the real world - preserve your living by creating 4 posts for every one that is needed and then having totally unreasonable and unsustainable T&C's.

Economic conditions are such that many businessed are struggling to survive,reduction in salaries, reduction in hours, unpaid holidays, etc etc. People may not like it but the alternative of companies going bust or indeed chossing to relocate away from Jersey means its better than the alternative.

Dont pretened you know about of the main reasons i am paying 20% tax is to sustain an over inflated, uneconomic SOJ workforce...reduce this crazy workforce to levels where it is actually viable, reduce the crazy T&C's pensions etc...then lets see what is does to my tax - i would hazard a guess my tax contributions will come down significantly - thus leading to more disposable income for multiplier...?

Its like a scene from Animal Farm with you..."all animals are equal...some more equal than others..." no prizes where you place SOJ workers in that example Sherlock..


Yes my hols were very nice thankyou. Seychelles is on the cards in the near future. What about you? Another week on Green Island camping for Easter?

If you think putting thousands of reasonably well paid workers out of work in this present climate is good, it is you who is clueless. Many of these actually pay tax and don't need state assistance just to get by, unlike many in the private sector.

Is having a decent pension a crazy idea? Is wanting a few years at the end of your life away from wage slavery too much to ask? Not at all, to any decent fair minded person.

Also it is incorrect to say all businesses are on a knife edge and can't afford to pay more. Some are but others are doing rather nicely.

Even if the public sector was culled do you honestly believe your taxes would fall? Get in the real world. Once well paid public sector staff get their wages slashed guess what, your wages will go down yet further. The private sector tends to mirror the public sector by being about 20-40% below it in many cases.

No one wins in the race to the bottom except those at the top of the food chain.

P.S. pass my regards on to RT/P.P. etc.


I am not sure that your comment on the relationship between public and private sector wages is correct. Generally one of the factors determining public sector wages is private sector wages through the mechanism of pay comparability studies. Reverse causation is less common.


No idea who RT/P.P are...

Reasonably well paid....are you having a larf...? I'd say very well paid...with unsustainable benefits...

Please do tell me as an do you propose your pension scheme is funded...? Everyone knows it is not sustainable...I believe you have already had correspondence to this effect, making it very clear the tax payer will not be liable for any how do you propose it is funded.....?

As I have stated previously if it is funded from increased member contributions then I have no problem.....but if as i suspect you expect tax payers to fund this then I have a major issue.....

Your unrealistic pay demands at a time when disposable income for others is dropping ...again how do you propose this is funded ....?

Why do we need I think it's 6500 SOJ workers in an island our size...? And yes I have direct experience of dealing with various departments in the SOJ...why have one person doing a job when you can have 4 or 5....

In the current climate your comment about your future holiday destinations at a time when a lot of people are struggling to pay basic bills sums you up....

All animals are equal brother, just some are more equal than others.......


It is unrealistic to manage on less and less. Breaking point will be reached at some point. Social unrest will follow. Fancy that?


A friend of mine works for the states he has only had 1 day off sick in 20 years .

I was very surprised to hear that after 20 years service they get 8 weeks paid holiday & a special day off for Xmas shopping !.This is where we are at folks at the moment most of us working our butt off so that we can give long term states workers 2 months paid holiday madness.My friend works on the road crew & earns just under £20 per hour thats £6400 we are paying him for not working for his holidays sorry this is a long winded post but I am aghast at the states manual workers terms & conditions & I used to be a union conveynor temps passe


Again i ask, how do you propose the unsustainable benefits that you cover many posts bragging about are funded.....?

Simple question......?

Social unrest will come first when the normal working man realizes that they are funding the unrealistic expectations of the select few...who think it is their given right to sustain a lifestyle that is not economic or viable in difficult times.

I think we are already seeing that........


Nio since when has the working person been the select few? The select few are doing rather nicely from this present mess and will continue to do so, whilst the burden gets placed firmly around the necks of the working class.

The working class need to realise this and work towards doing something constructive about it. Constantly bickering amongst themselves only strenthens the select fews' hands, and will only help drag all the working class into relative poverty bit by bit. Is this the sort of future you want?

If taxes were made fairer across the board then most of this arguing would be made irrelevant and poverty would be a thing of the past! However I see very few advocating this approach, many indeed support the present state of affairs worldwide carrying on as they are!

As for changing the public sector yes it needs changing, but not from the bottom. There needs to be a cut at the top end where posts have on many occassions been duplicated. This constant slagging off of states workers does none of the working class any favours.

Your deriding of the importance of unions is wrong. Unfortunately due to the opposing aims of workers and employers they are needed and will always be needed until the capitalistic machine has a major overhaul. A much better method of operation would be the co-operative where it is the unit as a whole that is important and not a few select people. This present capitalistic "dog eat dog" approach is dragging the world to its knees. I can only see a collapse of society on our present course. This will benefit no one, however what is important to realise is the less you have the less you can lose, and the opposite is also true. Also will those with very little care about losing what little they have, especially when they realise the big players will lose a lot more?

In previous generations, pre-globalisation, a collapse of law and order in one country could be reasonably well contained hence 1790's France didn't drag Great Britain down with it for example. However now the situation is different and like a pandemic, upheavel in one country can much more easily spread to others.

These are my observations on the topic and are accurate as far as I am concerned, howver it is your perrogative to disagree should you so wish.


Okay! The one word that is missing here is perspective. Everyone will have a differing view based on their current employment. I for one am highly qualified living away from Jersey but have just been made redundant after working for a big blue chip company for over thirteen years. So my view is that as soon as I am ready to go back in to the workforce I will. However what should be happening in Jersey are a couple of things they are as follows.

1/ The union hirearchy should be looking to his union members and talking about protecting the lowest paid members and seeking pay rises for those people based on cost of living and changes to the tax net so that the lower earning members can keep up their current standard of living or improving it. He should be seeking support from his better off union members to support the lower paid without expecting a pay rise themselves.

2/ The states should also be looking at the lower paid and try to adjust the tax provision to reduce these peoples taxes to protect the lower paid populous from slipping even further below the breadline. And at the same time looking at the higher paid to up their tax, to balance out what has has been lost at the other end of the work force. This can take some time as often tweaking around the edges is required to get the result desired.

If the states and the unions took this stance, the general view of the Island would be that thank god the people at the top are looking after us. Both the private and public sectors would be happier with the overall governance of the Island and would see that the Island I know and love is looking after its people. I for one intend to return one day (If the right job becomes available in either the privet or public sectors).

Unfortunately that both the states and the unions are so far removed from each other that each thinks the other is lying about everything, and that the population of the island has become so polar that they fall into one of two camps the pro public sector and the poor me private sectors and now the third camp is emerging the "I'm all right jack camp". You are a community its time to see the other persons perspective and guide the unions and the states in to developing the community you want and that you thinks you so rightly deserve.

It is you the population the community of the island that needs to get the states talking to the unions and at the same time tell them what you want as a community. Otherwise the fault is yours and yours alone because you were unable to communicate your desires. You are all in it together. Your perspective is your own but you also have family friends and loved ones going through hell during this economic meltdown it is your duty to protect them as well as look after your own interests.

the wanted

Thats all well and good in Utopia but the fact is that there is NO overall island community in Jersey, sure there are pockets of Beans, Poles, Jocks, Irish etc. but no Island spirit of togetherness. Just read these pages every day, they are awash with bitterness and jealousy but no community.

You are correct about the public v private sector divide (which is not new; i've been hearing it myself for 25 years now) and theres also the immigrant v 'local' divide.

Jersey is a capitalist island thats top heavy with an inflated public service and a government that continually learns on the job but never improves. Theres also a great majority of its indigenous people that refuse to acknowledge that we live in a multicultural world, hence the continuing 'boat in the morning' statements.

Its not really a recipe for success is it?


Derchas - a good post and enjoyable reading. Likewise I spent a number of years away from Jersey before returning "Home".... The Jersey I left is most certainly not the Jersey I returned to. The sense of "community" you allude to with a few exceptions is no longer prevalent in Jersey.

I am neither in the Private or Public camp, worked in both but not currently - but I feel in types of economic hardship and austerity then there needs to be the realization that belts must be tightened. In my experience the Private sector recognizes but the Public sector has not yet.....

As much as I do deride him at times, I agree a lot with Mario's posts (probably my Labour background) however I do fundamentally disagree with his postings and others when they do not recognize the public sector in Jersey needs to change and be brought in to the 21st century.

You may also note on your return that the position we are in is down to years of inept and morally corrupt decisions by our government, who base a lot of policy on their own economic self interest...and her in lies the real challenge.

A good read though sir - thank you

Fay Howard

Thank God I had the sense to leave the Island 8 years ago.Oh how the beautiful Island that I have so many happy memories of has changed.Taxes have rocketed,car parking is a nightmare,too many people living on such a small island,and too many overpaid states workers.And as for Nick Corbel,he should have been got rid of years ago,and Southern,Both overpaid people with stupid non realistic ideas,and probably on fat wages also.So happy I now live in a country with far happier people.And not over populated.