Roads committee support £400,000 cycle track

A £400,000 scheme to create a new stretch of cycle-path in town has been backed by the St Helier Roads Committee.

An impression of the proposed cycle path
An impression of the proposed cycle path

A £400,000 scheme to create a new stretch of cycle-path in town has been backed by the St Helier Roads Committee.

The committee gave its backing at a meeting this week to the plans to widen the road around the English and French Harbours. The scheme proposes to build out over the slipways at the English Harbours to create the new path.

The granite work would be in the same style as the existing walls, but all the existing granite and slipway cobbles would be left intact behind and beneath the new structures.

This week the committee, which is chaired by Constable Simon Crowcroft, agreed the scheme, but the plans still have to be approved by Planning before any work can start.

John Stievenard, director of Technical and Environmental Services for St Helier, said: 'The committee supported it, but there were concerns about part of the road behind the old La Folie Inn as we don't know if it might get developed or not. The committee wanted to ensure the road would be future-proofed.'

He said that the committee wanted to avoid a situation where money was spent on the cycle track and then the route might have to be moved if there was a development at La Folie Inn.

Mr Stievenard said that the committee would put their comments to the Planning department before it determines the application.

Last week(14dec) Transport director Tristen Dodd told the JEP why the work was necessary. He said: 'The Commercial Buildings area is used by more than 1,000 vehicles every week day, many of which are heavy goods vehicles going to and from the La Collette industrial area. There is currently no road-side footpath at the English and French Harbours on the side of the road where the facilities are, and there are no pedestrian crossings at Commercial Buildings except a new pedestrian refuge island by the cement silos at La Collette.'

He said that the States' sustainable transport policy aimed to provide facilities to encourage walking and cycling.

'This project will provide the last link in a chain of schemes that together will provide a safe route between Havre des Pas and West Park,' said Mr Dodd. 'Off-road cycle routes to the west of the Island allow onward connections to St Aubin, Les Quennevais and Corbière, as well as the Airport and St Peter's Village.'

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Comments for: "Roads committee support £400,000 cycle track"


As a cyclist, car driver and motorcyclist, I consider this to be a total waste of everyones money, the road is wide enough at this point to accommodate 2 way traffic and cyclists in each direction as it has done for many years - so stop wasting money that is claimed we do not have. I cycle this route regularly and have never encountered a problem. It might be worth noting though, if it is this unsafe, what idiot then allowed the cycle path in front of commercial buildings, a narrow track for both pedestrians and cyclists with a very low railing that would not protect anyone let alone a cyclist from falling into the harbour!!!

There is a roadside foot path though all the way to La Collette, and like many have done for the last few hundred years, use the harbour slip as a route if you feel that intimidated by traffic,

On the flip side of this, it would seem the Planning department have already approved the development of the La Folie area to expensive luxury apartments, where the tenants in years to come will moan at the noise of the harbours, craft, yacht ropes ect clinking like they did at Victoria Place.


How many people are actually cycling along that stretch of road?

There are next to no homes out there, and I can’t imagine there being many tourists who want to take a close look at our fuel station and bus depot.

Apart from the fact that the road is pretty wide already, and there is a side-walk the other side of it.

Why would anybody want to spend 400 000 on un-essential roadworks whilst we need to finance the building of a new hospital, which will be somewhat more useful for the public in general (i.e. cyclists and non-cyclists alike).


And we have £400k spare for luxuries such as this????


If you are coming fom Normans,the pavement is never used on the left side of the road,so pedestrians always walk the marina and harbour side

Please use the money for Fort Regent,well it would be a start of something good!!!

Carl Marx


R B Bougourd

It's a sheer fluke that cycling ever became popular again. If you had told the bank manager you wanted to open a cycle shop in the early 1970s, he would have telephoned 'Gorey 24' and booked you in there.

lance armstrong

I cycle that route daily,never had a problem.Roads are plenty wide enough,there is only a stretch of road about 400 metres long without a cycle waste of our money

the thin wallet

7 comments in as i read , and find that even cyclists can see the total waste of cash.

pj @ 1 is correct in stating that there is a walkway along most of the road and could acommodate both walkers and cyclists .

if we have so much spare cash take gst off food .

take a walk round the pavements of the town, not all in st helier and trip over the shoddy surface , loose gullies , loose paving . uneven pavements and polished surfaces as the have not been scabbled in ages .


what a waste of money why not spend 400,000 pounds on st johns main road that is crying out to be repaired or help the 250 homeless people in the island please dont waste anymore money

The king with no clothes

Wow GBP 400,000 - Is this the cycling version of Belle Royal. If you want to spend money that we haven't got and employ a few people, build a lit paved cycle/walkway from the Dicq shack to Green Island, St Clements (Build Beachside). Takes the cyclists off the road and gives people a place to walk a la St helier to St Aubins.

Simple Sid

Good to see we have money coming out of our ears! What resession?

Miss Pashley

Really unnecessary! We cycle along Havre des Pas via La Colette into town every day without a problem, crossing between the paths and the road checking for cars or pedestrians. In Barcelona cycling this week, the cycle paths switch onto the roads & pavements and we just adapt our speed and caution accordingly... It seems as if what Mr Crowcroft wants, Mr Crowcroft gets.

The sixth sense

Why oh why are we trying to waste even more money for a needless cause! As much as possible let's leave this bit of Jersey as it already is, it is not that bad, does not need fixing and it is not broken, just leave it be! This is not needed and, I suspect, not supported by the majority of the fed up tax payers and/or St. Helier ratepayers!!!!!

Jerry Gosselin

I am afraid that the hegemony of the cycling lobby within the town hall political set means that there is no chance of them backing down on this, however many people are against it. Democratic politics plays no part in this. Not even the Constable himself faced a contested election. Everything is decided behind closed doors, including who his eventual successor will be. Well that's my cheerful New Year's message over and done with!

the thin wallet

when a re the next elections jerry. they seem to pop up like a jack in the box.

Moving on

That's it!! I have always been a `Westie' but think the time has come for me to pack me bags and move to the Parish of Plenty!!

Money for the Victorian Swimming Pool and now £400k for this - I can't wait to see what the Parish Rates are set at next year.

Taxi to St Helier please - I'll buy a bike when I get there!!!!

James Wiley

The only way to encourage cycling and walking is to build more car parks, that way we can drive to a pleasant walk, safely par the car up, go for a ride or a walk on circuitous route back to the car.

I used to be able to do that in Town.


As a cyclist I think this is a good idea. The current "cycle path" is not fit for purpose as cyclists are forced to rejoin traffic when the path comes to an abrupt end (in both directions) which in my opinion is more dangerous than having no path at all. At the moment I just cycle on the road as it is less hassle - so I am definitely in favour of having a the route linked up.

Sarcastic Tone of Voice

This has got absolutely nothing to do with the TTS and Planning office being on South Hill round the corner I'm sure.


They probably want to get the cyclists out of the way of their 4x4's.


I would imagine that the 16th century or earlier harbour wall around La Folie is an SSI,(perhaps they missed it), but then £400,000 spent on a short stretch of road,which will alter that historic area for ever,encroach on the only double slipway in the island, for a few cyclists, bears no comparison to the future of the Plemont headland.


Why not spend it on road repairs to some of the roads that should have been repaired years ago????

Are they for real?!

As a cyclist I have to say I've never used the cycle track that is in place around commercial buildings. To get onto the track you would have to pull right out into the road to turn in, yet ANOTHER badly designed cycle path....

Bit like the track which runs around the airport, which contains glass. You don't have to have two brain cells to rub together to know that glass and bike tyres don't go well together.

As the States have to be seen to be doing something to get us all 'active' I agree with JerseyRich in that repairing roads would be a much better way to spend the money, for everyone and would make travelling around our island a lot more enjoyable.

And to think we voted these imbeciles into the States becasuse they were the best of the bunch.

I pasdenom

Why can't these cyclists just user the road?

If cyclist shouldn't be using the roads, then that should be extended to all roads.


I am a cyclist, however this cycle track is unecessary, The road is wide and visibility is good. Not that many bikes use this stretch.

At £400k it's a waste of taxpayers money.

Let's get real


Crowcroft has no idea, He masterminded the stupid idea of allowing cyclist to ride the wrong way around town on the 1 way streets. And another thing Stop/Fine cyclist that use the pavement.

By the way I am a cyclist that sticks to the rules of the road ( you know, that thing called the Highway code).

The cycle path is a waste of time and money.


Chris: glad to hear that you abide by the rules and have a sensible attitude to cycling. I'll bet you are the bloke with the bicycle bell.

R B Bougourd

Has it not occurred to anyone that this could be a stealth gambit for road widening and that once achieved, the cycle track will be deemed redundant?

Why widen it? Maybe an expectation of more traffic or something simpler like extra parking bays.


This £400k could be used to purchase a lot of roadside land to enable cycle tracks and pavements to be created in far more dangerous areas than this. Don't like to sound like the conspiracy brigade but there must be some other motive behind this madness. Even the St Helier roads committee can’t be this stupid!