St Clement's coast road remains closed

PEOPLE living on St Clement's coast road were evacuated from their homes yesterday after a huge hole suddenly opened up in the road.

TTS staff working at the scene
TTS staff working at the scene

PEOPLE living on St Clement's coast road were evacuated from their homes yesterday after a huge hole suddenly opened up in the road.

The road could be closed until tomorrow afternoon after the three-metre hole - caused by an old broken sewage pipe - appeared on the eastbound side of the road just before the turning for Green Island.

An eyewitness at the scene yesterday said that the hole had opened up just after a large lorry had driven past.

People who live in the area were asked to leave their homes yesterday while staff from the Transport and Technical Services department made sure that there was no danger to members of the public.

They were allowed back into their homes by the afternoon.

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Comments for: "St Clement's coast road remains closed"

the thin wallet

the bets are off.

as we did have some bets on who's un maintianed service was at fault.

i am going to name this photo " the last supper " yes folks thirteen men on the job.


10 men watching 2 men working no change there then


Must be getting worse, yesterday only four people looking into hole, today ten! I'm sure we can get the Lleutenant Gov' down to add a sense of gravitas.

Elf & Safety

I wonder whether any of those standing around the top of the hole were safety officers? It sure doesn't look very safe to me - 2 men in a hole, which I'm guessing could collapse further at any time, and with a digger in use at the same time?

HSE...who cares

Agree, no re-enforcement on the sides anywhere, no mats for the digger to sit on to spread the weight, nothing to keep the lot from caving in on the workers. Seeing this must be an unstable site (hole appeared from nowhere) it is bloody dangerous looking job. Maybe social security should be involved.

the thin wallet

to be fair the bucket of the digger may only be there to hold the shoveled spoil as they dig around other services carefully.

i am suprised that the side of the excavation is not shored up as it does go below the surface a fair way . sadly i have forgotten the rules.

and my elf and saftey card has expired .

and fair play to the guys working, its the worst of weather we have had in a long time , and i would not swop places with them.

horrid job at this time of year , welldone chaps .

HSE...who cares

To the well known contractor undertaking this job.....Look after your men no matter how urgent the task, the hole will wait for you. Safety saves lives.

It's too late to start practising basic safety after someone is killed or injured!

Jersey and its companies are way behind in enforcing HSE, the recent scalding of a man at the incinerator is just one example of poor safety management by an organisation that should know better.


Correct hole not shored up! Basic health and safety. Perhaps the onlookers don't want to put themselves at risk! hope they all have done their passport to safety { obviously not }


It is a dangerous act even with nobody in the hole. The guys at the top could fall in or the side could collapse taking them in with it.

Rule of thumb is anything greater than 2m should have a barrier. The working at height regulations apply to holes too.

Safe means of egress and confined spaces equipment appear lacking too.

The area was so unstable that nearby homes needed to be evacuated... This could so easily have been a headline for an entirely different, and tragic, reason.

R B Bougourd

Spring tide and gale due? It should fill up nicely with sand and seaweed which usually finds its way up to that junction. If the rain doesn't take the sides away first.

I suppose they want to see how far down it goes and if there is any buried treasure there before they get round to filling it in.