Christmas is over – it’s time to get back to the shopping

TOWN retailers have reported a bumper start to the post-Christmas sales – with over 230 people queuing up outside Next at 5 am yesterday.

A busy St Helier yesterday
A busy St Helier yesterday

TOWN retailers have reported a bumper start to the post-Christmas sales – with over 230 people queuing up outside Next at 5 am yesterday.

Despite the poor weather conditions, thousands of Islanders braved the rain and headed into town to try and grab themselves a bargain.

It was announced yesterday that a record number of people visited UK retail websites on Boxing Day, but it seems residents were just as eager in St Helier as shops re-opened their doors.

Next store manager Andy McHugh said: ‘There was already a couple of people queuing up outside when I got in at 4 am and by the time we opened at 5 am there were 230 people waiting to get in.'

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Comments for: "Christmas is over – it’s time to get back to the shopping"


I went at 5 and its the first year I've bought absolutley nothing in the Next sale, was very disappointing. Do they get all the old stock from UK stores? I reckon Marks and Spencer stock their stores with old UK stock too. Shopping here is getting worse


I thought the same thing about Marks and Spencer when I lived on the island 10 years ago. The shops on Jersey always seemed to be 'Fashion Failures' when it comes to having stock people actually want. Seems like nothing has changed!

James Wiley

That is not a picture of a busy St Helier day, back in the 1980's you would not have been able to see the pavement at all from nine in the morning till nine at night. And there were only 65,000 people living in Jersey then.

The government destroyed our status as the UK's duty free retail outlet a long time ago. They still have not learnt from their mistakes.


That was pre-internet shopping - millions of people were shopping on-line on Xmas day let alone the other days off.

La Moye Squirrel

Totally agree with you. I went into town yesterday and it was like a bun fight.


No way in the world would I get up to queue at a sale at 5 in the morning and a glorified chain store lol!! Better bargains at the end of January when everyones spent their money or maxed out the credit!


The limited choice on our High Street, high prices, assistants who can't speak English, parking and witnessing the extent of our immigration crisis are good reasons to avoid town. No wonder people shop online.

La Moye Squirrel

Absolutely. I go to the South Coast to do my shopping. Lower prices, better choice, pleasant local assistants and tea and cake to boot.


and where would that be that assistants can't speak English?


oh yes back to shopping online all those great prices fantastic service

Local girl

To assistant

Most of the shops all over the island! Suggest you get out more...

Ever ready

Christmas is over – it’s time to get back to the shopping..


Christmas is over time to get back to reality!

Local retail is all but dead. People aren't flush with cash anymore and the internet has liberated customers from overpriced retailers who often have poor customer focus.

I can't be bothered to waste time, effort and money going to shop in town. Scowling, grim faced people are not my cup of tea!

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