Large hole closes coast road

A huge hole has appeared in part of St Clement's coast road, closing the route to traffic.


A huge hole has appeared in part of St Clement's coast road, closing the route to traffic.

Emergency services are at the scene, inspecting the section of collapsed roadway.

• Full report in Friday's JEP

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Comments for: "Large hole closes coast road"


Is this the black hole in the island's finances?


It certainly looks big enough to take all the bebt and problems the island got.Happy New Year to you all


Can;t be Jersey's finances in the hole looks far too liquid. Although judging by the coloure it could be run off from the States Chambers.

Thats what you get for too much tarmac and concrete and not enough soil to soak up the water.

Continue building on the land especially low lying land like St Clements and you will find the water has no where to go.

Someone at planning REALLY needs to consider long term impact.


It's ok.............the police are looking into it


they have looked into and are now saying they have nothing to go on !


Somewhere else for the parish police to hide with their speed gun.

Lord Haw Haw

Loving the typical day at work for States’ employees ...

Four men out on the job getting Christmas overtime rates, naturally.


Man one - in charge of putting in the hose to drain the water.

Man two – in charge of looking at the hole filled with water.

Man three – union rep, in charge of pointing at said hole.

Man four – responsible for walking round and round hole.

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