Trinity motocross circuit opened up to all ages

MORE Islanders will now have the chance to practise motocross racing after a Trinity dirt track was opened up to all age groups.


MORE Islanders will now have the chance to practise motocross racing after a Trinity dirt track was opened up to all age groups.

A Planning application panel yesterday granted permission for the Jersey Motorcycle and Light Car Club to open its junior practice circuit to people over the age of 16.

Previously the area could only be used by the club’s under-16 members, but now anyone belonging to the group can ride on the track near Egypt on Saturdays between 11 am and 4 pm – the club’s designated opening hours.

The age restriction was a condition placed on a previous planning application, but it has now been lifted for a period of two years.

Several people who live nearby praised the work of the JMLCC, but said they feared increased noise and traffic.

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Comments for: "Trinity motocross circuit opened up to all ages"

Sean Bean

Great news...something to do in the winter!

the thin wallet

glad to see support for this.


Great, good to see it supported. Well done planning for once!!!

The Very Rev...

More green and pleasant land on yet another part of the north coast being chewed up and scarred by petrolheads. Haven't these youngsters got bedrooms and games consoles?

They've already defaced Sorel, or is that a different club?


same bit of green land actually all that has happened is the age limit has gone up. why cannot the greens show some tolerence, why is every small change treated like the rest of us have pillaged their homes killed their children and raped their wives.


rev, how can you be so negative. It is clubs like these that prevent kids sitting in their rooms getting fat on consoles. its probably what you did, and therefore you got no friends and are now a lonely old trump!Stop being such a sourpuss!

Joe Bloggs

This is brilliant news, well done to those who backed it!

And the fingers to all those who opposed....

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