States to spend £13m building homes to rent

MINISTERS have announced major States investment in a new programme to create more social rented homes.

Deputy Green at the Samarès glasshouse site
Deputy Green at the Samarès glasshouse site

MINISTERS have announced major States investment in a new programme to create more social rented homes.

Three sites have been identified where £13m of public money will be spent on providing 113 homes by 2015, while also boosting the hard-pressed construction industry.

Work will begin early next year . Eighty units will be built by Dandara at Langtry Gardens behind St Saviour's Parish Hall, 24 homes will be built by AC Mauger at Le Squez and nine lifetime homes will be built in Journeaux Street by Cameron's.

The project has been revealed at the same time Housing Minister Andrew Green has called for three other areas ideal for social rented housing to be revisited with a view to building there.

Deputy Green said the areas - Longueville nursery, a Samarès glass house site and land at La Mare - which were initially rejected as viable locations for social rented homes, should be re-examined by the Environment Minister.

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Comments for: "States to spend £13m building homes to rent"

Had Enough

Sorry Mr Green & Planning dept leave Samares glasshouses & La Mare alone!! St Clement (& St Saviour for that matter)have more than enough rental homes in the Parish. It is well & truly overdeveloped on both sectors.

Perhaps Plemont or Grosnez should be allowed to build more. About time St Ouens had more States rental housing & there's plenty of land available!

Edmund Blampied

"Perhaps Plemont or Grosnez should be allowed to build more. About time St Ouens had more States rental housing & there’s plenty of land available!"

Rather proves the point as why it should have been bought (Plemont) to prevent development.

Short-sighted individuals like yourself and those silly self serving politicians will desecrate the remaining open spaces to provide houses where they shouldent be built yet again.

The first request to build at Plemont and the paint aint even dry yet.

Dopey old Edmund

I think Had Enough was making a point Edmund. I totally agree, St Clement, St Saviour and St Helier are full to bursting.

Go West young man, Go West.

The "Perhaps" gave me the clue Edmund.

St Mary, St John, St Ouen have plenty of green land to build social housing.

You can argue the green open space argument then Edmund.

Until then, leave us alone, St Saviours hill is more and more ridiculous every year that goes by as developments are allowed by the dimwitted planning dept.

NIMBY? I sure am, when developments are spaced out evenly across the Island and a fair system as to what Parishes turn it is next for social housing I will then eat my own shoe. Until then NIMBY I am.

Whinging Nimbys

Dopey old Edmund

"St Mary, St John, St Ouen have plenty of green land to build social housing. "

What an utterly stupid statement. Because the south of the island is well developed and the main population base your solution is to flood the rest of the island with development and eat away at the open spaces we all need to get away from the built up areas.

Better to keep development where infrastructure services already exist.

The fact is if Green and his ilk just stopped for a moment and thought how can we reduce the need for social housing to an even level they may come to the conclusion that better to tackle immigration than simply build more housing


I totally agree with Had Enough. NO MORE SOCIAL HOUSING IN ST CLEMENT thank you

SOS peep

Agree totally ... No more in st saviour. Other parishes need to share the load of states rentals.

Edmund Blampied

One has to ask if there's such a shortage of social housing why have they been selling off housing stock to sitting tenants such as Grasset Park.

Over to you Mr Green



This infuriates me, I believed the whole idea of selling off stock was to gradually reduce the amount of people in social rented housing! Why build new places in areas which you are selling current stocks? Very strange affair!


Why is the housing department putting families in private sector rental accomodation and paying the rent?

I know a couple who actually own a home in spain and are in states rented accomodation. The housing department are not interested.

Additionally all of a sudden the states are building more houses?? Anything to do with the JErsey Development Committee's remit to make money from states land and properties..

Esnouf S Esnouf


This will merely facilitate an even more disastrous population increase. Next to go after this will be all the remaining fields between Samares Manor and Longueville. Then everything between Longueville and Five Oaks, then everything between Five Oaks and Maufant...

Why do we owe the poor old 'hard-pressed' construction industry a living raping the island?

For goodness sake get a grip before all there is left is the sea and you will then infill the entire south coast!


Wow, I left the Island a year ago and can't believe the amount of building that's happening. Why take away more land when you have so many empty buildings??? The other question is how much these will cost and can everyone qualify, or do you have to have 3 kids??????????????


Great idea, let's rape more green fields, just for the poor little construction industry


For the sake of Jersey tackle Immigration

Unless you do the whole Island will be covered

in concrete.

Just copy Guernsey they seem to have kept

the population and unemployment figures down.

the thin wallet

totaly agree.


Anyone who owns a property in an other country should not be eligible for States Housing!


Agree, however, how do they find this out?

I am sure all the people applying for these houses will know what all the 'correct' answers are!

I am not sure quite why these are needed, there are thousands of empty properties and few jobs.

the thin wallet

they maybe needed , when the people in the private sector can no longer afford the rent due to unemployment or in flation totaly outstripping wages.

there is little or no political will to control inward migration,imho.

five years passes quickly.

house please .

rent rebate please .

income support please .

C Le Verdic

See cartoon in current edition of 'Private Eye' captioned "First time liars"!

the thin wallet

i tried to look for this, but will have a re visit .

heres a tale of two first time buyers . tarquins mother and father both dentists , stump up the cash to buy tarqins first house , that he is entitiled to as a first time buyer.

he then flogs the reduced build on the open market and then buys something else and profits .

sharon and kevin have scrapped up a deposit and will work vey hard for the rest of their working lives to make the payments , they may not have kids or holidays and in general have low quality of life . one looses their job they cannot make the payments , they divorce and the house is sold and the bank profits.


It would be difficult to find out if some tenants did own an overseas property. However, the States (Housing Dept) could make it illegal for this to happen and anyone found to be in breach of this should face immediate eviction and a severe financial penalty. Also anyone providing information on tenants who own another property should be financially rewarded - now this would get the ball rolling!

the thin wallet

if you work all your life. in a so, so job. that does not afford you a house .

then if you do not buy new cars and run older vehicles to get you to work, you can afford a old house elsewhere , which will be the retirement home, if you are well enough. as you eak out your states pension. you have vacated the home that you may well of paid full rent on and your social and taxes , but never had enough to take the step of buying in jersey.

i have paid over £ 100,000 in rent to the states , plus tax and social. as many other states tenants have .

not all states tenants are on the make .

yes i am aware of the bad apples .

Skeptical Charlie

Look around at property's sittings empty or unsellable cannot believe we are going to build more.

C Le Verdic

It's because the States and the Chamber of Commerce want to swell the population so that more money circulates and the tax take is bigger. What other plausible reason can there be?

After all, most of you love money more than anything else, including your island.

You keep on electing and supporting the instigators because they feed you sweeties and have you singing their tune: ♫ We like it the Jersey Way ♫.

They know they can count on you. If you don't believe me, read the thread about bus drivers. 'We' don't owe them a living because they are not builders. Not a lot of you could be bothered to save Plémont, either, if you thought it might affect your pocket.

Edmund is not far off the mark. Watch out St Ouen's Bay. Newquay is just around the corner. There's a lot who would love to see it happen.

(Although I am posting in reply to Charlie's comment, obviously he is not the 'you' to whom I collectively refer)

Dopey old C Le Verdic

When was the last time social housing went up in St Ouen C Le Verdic?

Plemont has nothing to do with this so please stop harping on about it.

I would be interested to see your facts on this, so lets see social housing in St Ouen. May as well add St Mary to that too......any numbers in comparison to say St Saviour?

It's about the Eastern/Central Parishes being full, not bloody Plemont.

The only reason you mention St Ouens is that you surf down there.

I await your reply, although it will probably be pointing out grammar or some snipey put down without answering my question.

C Le Verdic

I wasn't suggesting social housing in St Ouen's. That was Edmund and I think he was being sarcastic, like me. Since you ask, however, I guess it was probably St George's Estate.

An increase in social housing comes as part of the increase in the general population and general development (probably eventually St Ouen's Bay) That's why the demand for all types of housing will go on and on until population growth is controlled.

In answer to your second question, the social housing is generally placed nearer to the places where the occupants are likely to be working, shopping and their children going to school. That's why it's not much use in St Mary's!

Hope my answers address your dopey challenge.

Don't blame my love of surfing for the urbanisation of St Clement's etc. That's entirely down to States Policy over many decades, not mine.

Dopey old C Le Verdic

Ahh the old sarcastic/joking back peddle.

Reminds me of other threads in here.

As for social housing being placed nearer to the places where the occupants are likely to work...we are in JERSEY, remember? 9x5 and everywhere is 20 minutes away.

Now, the reason everywhere isn't really 20 minutes away is because of the traffic all going to one place.

Get it now? spread out the load?

Jeez I despair sometimes.

There is surf in St Clement too, Le Mare isn't as good as St Ouens though. I don't see where I blamed your love of surfing for the uncontrolled building in St Clements C Le V.

That bit is in your mind.


Whinging Nimbys

"Jeez I despair sometimes."

Yes and we despair at your daft suggestions.

There's plenty of space in St Clements, St Saviour and St Helier, most of it sitting idle with derelict Greenhouses on it.

If your going to build social housing where better than where it already exists.

Leave the open spaces alone for us all to enjoy

C Le Verdic

Think you'll find it's back pedal, unless were also talking about a bike borne French onion seller! (you were hoping for some nit picking, so Icouldn't disappoint)

Twenty minutes from Plémont to Town. dream on!

The rural Eastern parishes aren't any thing like full yet but give it time, eh.

As we are not PP and Mario or IPasdenom, I'm not in the market for prolonging this exchange, so now is a good time to wish you and all the others a Happy Christmas (and the moderators if they haven't already gone home)!


C Le Verdic


Dopey old C Le Verdic

Ahh C Le Verdic the old "I'm not carrying on and am going now as I have been outmanoeuvred"

Winging Nimby, I am climbing into my rofflecopter at your blatant trolling.

Merry Xmas ladies.


arthur crown

The island doesnt need more construction jobs it needs less peaple as an english speaker going on to building sites looking for work your vert often in the minority .The more you build the more peaple will come have children and settle here and the only peaple to benifit is an outside building company who has helped flood this lovdely island with cheap laboure and now needs somewhere to house them .

Carpenter who knows he is worth more than the minimal amount they can get away with

Why do Dandara get too build eighty homes and the local companys only 33 between them?

I can see another advert in europe for builders,brickies and carpenters again by the above non local company just like they have before support local just like the states what a joke.


Why more when there's plenty of empty properties around including flats and apartments


It would be much better if these sites were offered back into agriculture.

It gets my goat that ex growers feel that it is perfectly acceptable to turn their units into houses! Get a grip.

Jersey Girl

No more in St Clement, what about St Martin, Trinity & St John I don't see much going on there!!!!


totally agree.

Another case of NIMBY!

These 3 parishes are gridlocked with traffic,all the colleges in the same area!

Must not upset the outer parishes with all these buses and cars taking their kids to school,that would never do.

As for building more housing,what are they playing at?

Haven't we got enough people here,without encouraging more?

With all the empty houses and flats around laying empty for years,what are they playing at?

Know your place

That's because the rural parishes are where the well-to-do live. Without them bella and the townies wouldn't have jobs.

(Source: The Jersey Way)


Totally agree, Bella. Please note that Deputy Green lives in St.Ouen.

totally fedup

I would like to know who will be living in this accomodation, as others have said there are people in states accomodation who own properties in other countries. own businesses and very nice cars so obviously they have money and Housing do nothing about it. Also logically if you keep letting more immigrants into the island rental property becomes less available and more expensive and jobs are lost as many of those immigrants work for cheaper rates.

Cut down on immigration. Build affordable housing for young couples who want to own their own properties. Many take the first step and buy a one bedroom flat only to find they cant afford to take the next step.

Of course Housing dont want to build in St Ouen or St Mary because they know that many people would refuse to live so far out and St Clements has better bus routes.

How can people in social housing afford to buy their properties I dont understand that one.

Colonel Klink

Whateverrrrrrr! What a load of old hearsay! Everyone in social housing owns a house somewhere else? Really? How do you know that? Cos someone told you that someone told them that knew someone else etc etc. Jersey; lives on 'la la land' stories! Must be bored or sad to believe all the clap-trap nonsense that is alleged to happen in this 45 sq miles! The 'moaners'; always something wrong, always somewhere better! Big taxi for the whingers please!


R.I.P beautiful Jersey :(...