Bus drivers vote to strike

CONNEX bus drivers have voted overwhelmingly in favour of strike action.


CONNEX bus drivers have voted overwhelmingly in favour of strike action.

The strike, which was backed by 86.7 per cent of staff who were balloted, will take place on 30 December.

The strike is in response to the workers’ ongoing dispute over the transfer of their terms and conditions to new operator CT Plus.

• Full story in Saturday's JEP

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Comments for: "Bus drivers vote to strike"

Bean Away

Some bus drivers in Singapore recently went on strike, 2 were jailed and 29 deported back to China. Please check if you think I am making it up, it's just a shame the States do not have the courage to take such decisive action action these overpaid time wasters.


Singapore being a country that rates very poorly when it comes to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, abolished trial by jury in 1970 and is ranked in the 2nd worst category on the "democracy index".

Not a country that I'd like Jersey to model itself on, thanks very much...

We allow strikes in this part of the world because it's a fundamental democratic right to withdraw ones labour.


Don't really understand what is going on here and would appreciate it if someone could post a very easy to read summry. Is this about the bus drivers wanting to work longer hours or is this about another part of their employment contracts? If an agreement can not be reached, are the new bus company able to start with a fresh group of bus drivers because these strikes could go on for a while and the customers will be the ones who suffer


Buy the paper then!


The issue is not pay nor hours. The problem is that months ago, when the TTS minister was discussing the transfer with representatives of the Connex employees, they promised that all the workers would automatically have their contracts of employments transferred to the new employer with no alterations. (It was based on what happens in the UK which is governed by the TUPE legislation).

Then the workers found themselves being asked by the new bus company to attend interviews and sign new contracts which contained different terms and conditions. So there they were finding out that contrary to what the TTS minister had promised, they were in a position of being within a tight deadline to either accept terms and conditions that they had no idea would ever be put to them, or lose their jobs.

They called a strike then, which managed to delay the deadline for accepting the new terms and conditions and kickstart some negotiations which should have taken place months ago, had the TTS minister had the guts to tell the bus drivers back then that he was not prepared to ask the new company to honour their current T&Cs.

Evidently with this strike, the negotiations have not led to much. Which is a real shame, because all of these disagreements could have been ironed out months ago, without strikes, had the TTS minister not promised workers one thing, then gone behind their backs to secure something else with the new company. The blame lies with Deputy Lewis.

But you are right that the customers will be the ones to suffer. Hopefully they will have learnt from the previous strike and will arrange this one a bit differently, by maybe putting on a few buses on key routes to make sure people like senior citizens etc can still get around, but making sure that they don't take fares. And send out people on bikes etc to the bus stops to let people queuing know that the buses are cancelled.


I understand what you are saying but what exactly has changed in the T&C's that they find so offensive?

Merry Christmas to you too

Sack the lot!

I'm sure theres plenty of people who'd give there arm for a well paying job

Their Hugo

theirs also some who could benefit from using they're spelling checker!


THERE'S also some who could benefit from using THEIR spelling checker!

Their Hugo

Gawd! Wears you're sense of humour?

I did miss the capitalisation at the beginning, however.

Kram Lafar

But would Health and Safety allow a one-armed bus driver!

Get real

Your having a laugh what's the point there ain't going to be a conex come the 2nd sign the new contract and get on with it . If you don't you will be just another number going down to the benefits office on the 3rd get real your lucky you have a job in these times.


How ungrateful,there are almost 2000 folk unemployed at the moment, perhaps they would like to change places with them.


Surely, if the conditions are so awful, DON'T SIGH THE £%^*$%&^* CONTRACT. Yes, it's horrible when companies change/are taken over, but plenty of people have had to reapply for their jobs - nobody forced the drivers.

"I signed up for a job but suddenly decided I want another 20 weeks' holiday so I'm not going to work until they give in." Hmmm, how long would this be tolerated...I notice they haven't picked a strike date under the new boss...

Jersey Girl

From the 30th Dec anyone wanting to use the bus should still stand near the bus stop and anyone with space in their cars pick as many people up as you can and keep doing it even when they come back into service if everyone did this then there wouldn't be any need for a bus service!!! Message to the buse drivers, you're not doing youselves any favors Don't shoot yourself in the foot be thankful you have a job if you have to lose £100 a week not a hug chunk considering what you get then so be it you'll just have to cut back for a bit like everyone else. We don't get the christmas bonus any more and that would of worked out the same as you'll be losing each week, we have had to accept it or jobs would have to of been lost. So just think about it it's not just you it's everyone.

SOS peep

Agree with jersey girl! Let them strike the selfish drivers. I too have not had a pay rise for last few years and i have not complained as I think myself lucky to have a job. Be grateful bus drivers you are not one of the hundreds of people without a job.



If you dont agree with their strike, SHOW THEM THAT! By blinking your car lights twice in their faces when passing every bus.

Could You imagine every car oposite you blinking twice on your face?

Maybe if they will see OUR strike against them, they will understeand US?

Is it good idea?

P stoffe

Flash lights! Just raise the middle finger

Tony B

And what makes you think that would anything new to bus drivers? You can drive a car, they can as well and a bus! Most of the job is avoiding acidents others seem hell bent on causing.


This sounds like a terrible idea.

To start with, having every car flash the lights at bus drivers is dangerous. They need their concentration to drive.

Second, it could be misinterpreted, either as the car showing support for the bus drivers, or as a "go ahead" to pull out/ turn / manouvere, which could then lead to an accident.

Basically, a bad idea all around.



As I can see You where never drove a car.

If one second flash could blind, tell me what I should say to drivers using bloody anti fog light at all time at night. They blinding everyone oposite them.

Thats why I always flashing to them with my head beam lights :)

Parktown Prawn

Actually Jacek, Julia has a point.

You may not do this in Poland, but here in Jersey it is customary to flash another driver when you are giving way to them.

If you flash at a bus when he is at a junction, you are basically giving the impression that you are allowing them to pull out!!

Besides, you fail to realise that the bus driver is probably carrying passengers and you are putting them at risk if you distract the driver.

"Is it good idea?"

No....it's a terrible and irresponsible idea!


Up until this point I have had sympathy with them but am bemused as to why they decided with one day of the contract to run to strike and by 87%,what exactly do they expect to gain? On Connex,have they decided to withdraw their larger buses because the 15 service today has been very poor.


Do not give in to these bullies. It is time to break them. Let us see how many days they can survive on no pay. There are plenty of people waiting to step into their shoes.


"Yeh! Let's break them, how dare they stand up to their employer. The plebs should know their place under the thumbs of the bosses".

Typical right wing attitude.

scooby doo

Sounds more like the tail trying to wag the dog rather than anything else, though to be fair you would have to understand both sides of the argument, and historically this is seldom done in the local media.

Bully Beef

Can't you see the irony in that many of you are behaving like bullies yourselves because you consider other workers as dispensible commodities who should be glad of a job at all.

I expect that most of you are car drivers who probably have no intention of ever lowering yourselves to using a bus but think it would be a jolly wheeze to bust the strike by giving a lift to people you would ignore the rest of the time.

On the subject of bullies, have any of you got a strategy in mind for standing up to the bullies further up your own feeding chain who get away with forcing you into take it or leave it prices for food, fuel, medicine, dentistry, legal work and housing ? ... Thought not.

Have a good think about who the real ransom merchants are in Jersey. Challenge them. Disprove my theory that you are mostly cowards who won't stand up for yourselves but enjoy the prospect of kicking those who you think you can get away with kicking.


I think these drivers are unreasonable, they don’t know when they are well off, and they are very well paid compared to other drivers. It would be a good idea to make them all redundant and the new company should find a completely new lot of drivers


The drivers get £12.50 per hour the same as dustbin wagon drivers and most other hgv drivers so they are not VERY well paid, just paid the going rate for hgv driving


Pip how much do other drivers get paid ?

I know that Parish of St Helier dustbin wagon drivers get £13.50 per hour basic


It is a good wage compared to many. To get between £14 and £20 per hour at the weekend is nice money and CT plus it seems have even agreed to this. Way to go bus drivers, don't bite the proverbial hand. Nurses get less than this but need to be far more qualitied.


Connex drivers go on strike on the 30th big deal..........

CT plus start on the 2nd of January.......

Those that have signed the new contract start their job with the new employer.....

Those that haven't start looking for a new job but don't hold your breath that's not alot out there


Could someone please explain why at the end of a companies contract the potential employees ie the current connex drivers can go on strike against the contract of the new bus company. In the Uk you have tupe, not sure if it applies here in jersey though! If the drivers have genuine lawful grounds for action then that's fair enough, but if it's a case of crossing their arms and saying NO,NO,NO to their new employer then i believe guys you may have shot yourselves in the foot. Just look at the headlines of record unemployment . I take it no work then no pay . Please do not flash headlights at drivers, not a good idea. May I suggest that Nik Corbel tells the public what the salaries are under the new terms .


Am out of work I have been since feb this year I need a job

not again

Two news reports. 1)Record unemployment in the Isand 2) Bus drivers whinging.

Well, when sitting in your nice bus, paid a decent £13 an hour, think of the record number of unemployed and then cogitate as to which side the bread is buttered.


This is totally out of order.. a small majority of bad eggs are holding the island to ransom.. Sack them and get interviewing and training their replacements.. These idiots need to know the island does not support their behaviour..

Hard done by

I suggest everyone who uses the buses start telling the drivers what they think of their behaviour. If they don't like it, don't sign with the new company and get a job elsewhere like many others.

Unions are as socialist ideal and have no place in a democracy. Lets crush them.


"Unions are a socialist ideal and have no place in a democracy. Let's crush them".

Where's this taken from Mein Kampf?

Hard done by

LOL, made me laugh but Hitler wasn't necessarily against trade unions as such, he opposed anything which could challenge his party/govt. In Mein Kampf, he even mentions that the idea would be to bring the idea of trade unions into his nazi party, but for it to be the only union.

Therefore, how can my comment saying to remove the unions be taken from 'mein kampf' ?

Try harder buddy ;-)


"Hitler wasn’t necessarily against trade unions as such"

as long as they did what he wanted.

Employers want the same.


Mario, I've said it before.....you are a totall muppet....your grasp on reality is somewhat shaded by the fact you think you are stuck in a Dickens novel.......you really are the most total irrelevant poster on here....and yes I am responding.....but sometimes you need to....red flags in the square tomorrow comrades.....led by brother mario


No I am trying to point out that the anti-union rabble will end up returning the working person to Dickensian times.


Unions are a necessary evil whilst employers encouraged by extremists like yourself take advantage of the current situation. You have obviously never been at the receiving end of a slash and burn accountant or industrial bullying. I have and my union fees are the best spend I ever made.

And the bus drivers are mad!

Hard done by

Ermm, yes I have but I behaved like a grown up. I had to apply for my own job when a new company purchased the existing one. The terms were not the same but I had two choices, sign it or get a job with another company.

No sulking or striking like a 5 year old child from me. I don't need a baby sitter, like a union ;-)

Enjoy not doing much work for whichever govt dept you "Work" in ;-)


Your assumption that I worked in a Government Dept and that I never did much work is as incorrect as your assumption that all Union members strike all the time or that 'grown ups don't need assistance from time to time.

I find it amusing that you are proud that your new employer 'did you over'.

Mine had to follow the Contract he was trying to break on pain of legal action from my union.

I got a result that I guess you can only dream of!!


Observer some accept whatever they are told. No backbone as far as I am concerned. If you don't stand up for yourself you will be walked all over, this is part of life unfortunately.


The drivers have said they want to continue working for Connex. Well, move to France


the reason there on strike is because the bus company are employing the new drivers with less experience and not giving the older ones any hours. get your facts right before posting things.


Boat out in the morning guys if you don't like it.. Plenty of work in Poland!!


I don't see any sympathy for these drivers and rightly so, Many of us never had a salary increase this year purely to ensure there were no redundancies. We still have a job and they should be thankful they have theirs. I would love to suggest in an ideal world that for a day the islanders go on strike and don't use the busses and the ones that take their cars into work pick up those who need a lift.Get rid of the lot of them they are holding this new company to ransom. When a new company take over there is always new contracts it is an employers market now. My respect for bus drivers has long gone now.


They are offered different rates for different days, this is their T&C from the Ct website.


CT Plus Jersey’s Terms & Conditions for full-time permanent drivers:-


Monday – Friday £13.50

Saturdays – £14.50

Sundays – £20.08

Bank Holidays – £27.00

Overtime rate – Rate as per day type

Health benefit – £6.53 per week

Pension – £1,312.34 per annum

Holiday entitlement – 25 days

Holiday pay – £539.29 per week

Staff travel passes – Self plus one other living at same address

Sickness entitlement – 4 year onwards – 8 weeks full basic pay, 6 weeks half basic pay.


Doesn't look too bad to me, think I need to start taking bus driving lessons, I'd love a job like that, I earn less than £400 a week, haven't had a rise for 4 years, no pension, no health benefit, and probably no job at all soon!


I would imagine that signs are put it place to every bus stops saying : No service today

Roger Starr

Most have signed the new contracts, so is damn annoying for the public to then have strikes imposed on them. We, the public, have done nothing wrong in this, so why should we all suffer?

Bus drivers getting militant with the public now as from two cars back watched a bus try to barge out into traffic and nearly cause an accident. Then the bus driver had the cheek to berate the poor motorist.

Perhpas giving the benefit of the doubt to the driver, he could have come off a long shift of overtime, been very tired and was not paying attention. Nuff said.

Change the broken record, get on with the job and win the public back.

Skeptical Charlie

I don't really understand why CT renewed their contracts anyway, why didn't they have a recruitment drive and reinterview?

Survived Redundancy

When will these people grow up? I am sick and tired of unions and their members thinking they can have their own way. I doubt that there will be any public sympathy for this cause. If you dont like the new t's and c's, dont sign the damn contract and go look for another job. Take your belligerant attitude out on to the open market and see how far it gets you.

bean down under

Sack the bloody lot and start fresh.


Give the jobs to the people who want to work.

This new contract and terms of employment happens all over the world. The only people who have to worry are the workers who are bad at their jobs.

They will be the ones worrying.

This must mean that over 80% of bus drivers perform poorly.

Yep I can agree with that.

Taking corners too fast, speeding, going through orange and red lights, not giving way, breaking too late.

Yes, I can relate to this.

To Net or Not To Net

TTS took on the job of getting a bus company for Jersey but, somewhere along the line, they managed to turn what was a "simple job" into an "enormous problem".

TTS have had years, not months, to ensure the unbroken and consistent existence of a bus service when the Connex contract comes to an end.

However, so widespread is occupational worthlessness of Jersey's politicians and bureaucrats that, instead of a seamless transfer from one company to another, we now have this "cock-up" to thank them for.

Moreoever, rather than admit their mistakes, they have done their best to cover up their incompetence by purposely allowing only the CT Plus side of the story and many "untruths" to filter through to the public.

That is why I am not amazed by the anti-strike comments, even though the anger should really be directed at the politicians and bureaucrats who created this mess...what amazes me is that Jersey functions at all!


Someone explain to me please how it is that CT Plus are allowed to have drivers working for 5 & 1/2 hours without a break and yet Kevin Lewis has been preaching about too many hours and health and safety etc but yet allows this to happen. I am fairly certain the law states no more than 4 hours before having a break. GET IT RIGHT KEVIN OR GET OUT!!!!!


Hi Net, A quick google search has shown the below

"A worker is entitled to an uninterrupted break of 20 minutes when daily working time is more than six hours"


Whilst I cannot be bothered to look for the Jersey law, I cant imagine that it would be better than the UK law...

To Net or Not To Net


You really are a slave to corporate interests that threaten our collective wellbeing, aren't you?

Either that or you hate Connex workers so much that your sole desire is to see them trodden on and stripped of their current terms and conditions.

What exactly are you after?

Would you like to see all workers on a minimum-wage, working long hours with no breaks, holiday pay or rights?

Or, do you just like to argue in favour of the 'Boss' man?

Well, I hope your boss likes you, because if he doesn't, it won't be long before he decides it's time to target you and chisel away at your salary and rights...be warned!

P.S. If all workers accept the crumbs that fall from the extravagant tables of the rich and powerful, the middle-class will vanish; and, as a result, Jersey will be left to the rich and powerful who, of course, will be pampered by their low-paid servants...and the likes of you.


To Net or Not To Net. You are a Troll, by the clearest definition.

"a troll (pron.: /ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is someone who posts inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion."

A simple question was asked "Why CT+ Work for 5:30 hours before a break? I believe the law states no more than 4:00 hours"

A simple response was made "The law is actually a break when the working day is 6:00 hours or more"

Therefore, CT+ *are* offering terms better than the law requires.

You turn this into a response that states that I believe better terms offered to workers is a threat to "our collective wellbeing,"

You will find that I have been continuing to state (with evidence) that the terms offered by CT+ are the same, if not better than those previously offered by Connex.

Without any evidence that the strike is about terms and conditions that are detrimental to the workforce, or are in any way worse than current terms, I will continue to believe this.

You disagree but are not able to refute, so you rant offtopic and try to turn it around, unsuccessfully.

You are really Mario under a different username.

To Net or Not To Net

Oh, I see you are one of those...

You know, one of those individuals who rushes to deem everyone in a thread who posts something in disagreement with their opinion a "troll".

Before labelling me, you should really inspect your own very hostile posts.

By the way, I am not Mario although I did use the moniker TheRoadSerfdom on another thread where you vented your hostility toward these workers.

As for evidence, I suggest you use the Internet...there's plenty of evidence out there if you are prepared to look.

P.S. You seem to rely on a dictionary in order to define the words you use. I believe one should become intimately familiar with words before using them. Nonetheless, I suppose a dictionary is helpful in ensuring you understand at least a little of what you are talking about.


No, I was pointing out fact, something you seem to not like. A trait shared with Mario.

You are the one that didn’t like the fact that CT+ have offered terms better than the law requires and responded that this would "threaten our collective wellbeing" amongst other more absurd comments

The definition of a troll was for your own benefit.

So, lets just look at the evidence.

The strike has been claimed for a number of reasons. Most of which are rubbish.

I have listed the ones mentioned below.

Please tell me which one I have got wrong and provide evidence that it is wrong.

1) More money. Obviously not true. CT+ offer the same or better rates than Connex, as already proven. (see point 4 below)

2) Terms and conditions. Cannot be true as the new T&C are equal to or better than current ones, including some required legalise to protect against something like the winnebago cruise control lawsuit

3) Tender process. Not true, otherwise why are they striking (or breaking their contractual agreement to work) with Connex. This would be an illegal strike.

4) Overtime. Possibly true, but the Union wanted limited overtime (max 15 hours a week) so why would the Union back a strike to change this to more?

5) A day off. Possibly true but this would be an illegal strike.

6) Something not mentioned previously.

To Net or Not To Net

Do you really think I have any wish to discuss important facts which affect the futures of men and their families with someone who swears black is white, and who claims:

- there are 54 hours in a normal working weeks;

- there are 15 months in a normal working year;

- that a Unilateral Amendment Clause is really a Bilateral Amendment Clause in disguise;

- and, who is so pronoid as to believe that there is only one person, Mario, in the whole of Jersey who disagrees with a hostile attack on a specific group of workers?!

As I said earlier, I hope your boss likes you...


Like most of the posts above...i have no sympathy any longer for the bus drivers!! Either sign the contract or lose your job...same as any other worker on the island!! Take overs happen all over the world, get used to it!! The strikes aren't going to do much to get the public on your side, its just going to make everyone think you are a bunch of moaning idiots (as stated on numerous occasions above!)Sign your new contracts or get down to social and join job search!!!


Having read some of the messages above I am appalled at the attitude of many. Its not surprising that Jersey is in such a mess when we dont support our fellow workers and as for flashing lights and making signs at the drivers it just goes to show what morons we have become.

C Le Verdic

That's probably because Jersey is home to one of the most spoilt and self righteous populations in the western world.

Strangely, it is also the home to many courteous drivers but that is probably down to erring on the safe side in a haze of uncertainty over the comlexity of the highway code.


Whilst I understand that the bus drivers think that they have had a raw deal, they should be gratefyuk that they have had the option of continued employment albeit on amended terms.

I have been made redundant twice in four years, what my wife and I wouldn't have done for a chance of continued employment. Its hard out there at the moment, jobs are hard to come by and its an employers market. I am now self-employed as I vowed never to allow myself to be made redundant again as the effect on my wife and family was devastating. Drivers...man up, be grateful you have an offer of a job, and if you think you have been hard done by, move on, but don't make our mobility restricted general public pay for your grievance no matter how justified you think your cause may be!

When you are enjoying your day off, think off all the elderly who rely on you that are now housebound because of YOUR actions, it seems in this world we always pass the blame well Drivers you are responsible for the strike, no one else, there are ways of making your self heard without withdrawing your labour, and if it is a right as someone mentioned then lets hope the police/nurses/doctors/pilots etc don't feel so aggrieved as you do or where would we be?

To Net or Not To Net

Talking about being aggrieved, Gary, Connex workers were purposely mislead by TTS and thus have reason to raise a formal grievance against the Minister and Department involved.

Obviously, you are unaware that TTS promised Connex employees that the incoming company would honour their current terms and conditions (as specified in the outgoing company's contract of 2002).

Thus Connex workers are not only within their rights to strike but also to apply to the Greffier to have the matter of the 'unfulfilled promises' reviewed by a board, as specifically provided for in the following law.

Revised Edition Showing the law as at 1 January 2007

Administrative Decisions (Review) (Jersey) Law 1982

2. Where any person (referred to in this Law as the “complainant”) is aggrieved by any decision made, or any act done or omitted, relating to any matter of administration by any Minister or Department of the States or by any person acting on behalf of any such Minister or Department, the person may apply to the Greffier to have the matter reviewed by a Board.


So am I to assume that you would be in support of the nurses striking then as they too have a grievance? Since this thread started I see that overtime does not form part of the terms and conditions so an apology to the general public is due. Not that I think we will get one. Happy New year

To Net or Not To Net

Of course I support strike action by the nurses and strike action by states workers and the airport ground staff...in fact I support any and every worker who feels there is need to strike in order to get their employers to the negotiating table.

By the way, the strike is not about overtime, it is about the transfer of the Terms and Conditions of ALL Connex workers to new operator CT Plus.

Just to keep you informed, one of the 'new conditions' (I will mention just one because there are many 'new' conditions that affect the cleaners, mechanics, desk staff, etc.), is that drivers will be obliged to work circa 14-hour shifts and be paid for circa 9 hours only...such a condition is exploitation...I think they have every right to strike, don't you!

By the way, I have not mentioned overtime on this thread or any other thread for that matter. Therefore, it is you that owes me an apology for saying that I owe an apology to the public.

Not that I think I will get one. Happy New Year...and, unlike you, I mean it!


Ummm, so if your daughter/grandaughter, young relation was knocked down and hurt you would be okay with NO staff at the hospital. I think not. But what it does say is that you do NOT think that buses are an essential service. I agree that grievances should be heard but not by striking, and please enlighten me as to why Connex had to suffer and not CT if the grievance is with them and the States?

We are not all party to the "New conditions" indeed we are not party to the old ones, so if you want the public on your side how about getting the union to physically print the two side by side in the JEP or on some online forum so that we can see them. surely in the bid for transparency this would be a good move and we would all be able to read for ourselves.

Your informed post clearly demonstrates that you are either a driver, or connected to one or the union so hardly an impartial post, perhaps you would like to clarify the position?

To Net or Not To Net


Have you never heard of the Winter of Discontent (1978-1979)?

There were demonstrations all over Britain at that time. The schools and airports were closed. Ambulance drivers were out on strike and so were the nurses; and, what's more, staff in NHS hospitals refused to treat patients (with the exception of emergencies).

What do you think the British public did when ambulance drivers, nurses and hospital staff withdrew their labour?

I was in Britain during the Winter of Discontent, so I can tell you...they supported the workers and pulled together.

Of course, that will never happen in Jersey because there is far too much envy over what someone else might get/is getting.

By the way, Gary, I am not a bus driver, Connex employee or even a Union representative, I'm just someone who is interested in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management.


Just because something happened in the past does not make it ok to happen again, have you ever heard of the holocaust? Ethnic cleansing? well it all happened but we certainly don't want it to happen again!

We as a society should have moved on from many things and "The winter of discontent" is one of them. We should be able to demonstrate our displeasure without affecting innocent people which is exactly what striking does.

I would love to see the conditions as I mentioned above then we could all move on from this in an informed way, and if you are not connected how can you be SO sure of the things that you are claiming??

To Net or Not To Net

Gary, what has come over you?

One can hardly compare the inconvenience of a one-day strike with the Holocaust...especially when it falls on a Sunday when the buses are least needed!

Governments and employers cannot expect money and profits to flow into their coffers all the time; some of it must be allowed to trickle down into the pockets of the workers...that is, if those who hold the purse strings do not want to cause another 'Winter of Discontent'.

By the way, everything I have said can be found on the States Website and on various blogs, fb and twitter...we are no longer in the 70s, things come out and get round in seconds on the net.

Nowadays, where information is concerned, we have a choice: either we swallow everything the media feeds; or, we look for the facts ourselves.

To Net or Not to Net...the choice is yours.

P.S. As I said, there's too much envy regarding the pay and terms of others in Jersey...comment 34. is a perfect example.


Fair comment Gary. The ferry aint too far away if jobs can be found with better conditions elsewhere

To Net or Not To Net


So right, Frank, the ferry isn't too far away.

And, strangely enough it goes two ways...in fact, there are plenty of very qualified people who are on their way here now.

So make way for the incoming workers who are willing to work for less than you and who will oust you out of your job and catapult your children into poverty!


I admit I had a certain amount of sympathy with the bus drivers to begin with. However since I have learned the truth about their pay. overtime and 'sick leave' I no longer have any sympathy. Tell the truth why don't you?


They drive a bus, how difficult can that be?

Just sack the lot of them, and train some of the willing unemployed

Job Done!

To Net or Not To Net

They've tried that, Beaumont, seems like the unemployed are not too willing to work for hours they are not paid for...