Police warning to women: Don't walk home alone

PARTYGOERS are being warned not to walk home alone at night following two separate reports of women being followed by a man in the last ten days.

Detective Inspector Steve Langford
Detective Inspector Steve Langford

PARTYGOERS are being warned not to walk home alone at night following two separate reports of women being followed by a man in the last ten days.

The police have advised Islanders to take safety precautions over the Christmas and New Year period and not to leave themselves vulnerable to a potential attack.

There have been two reports to police about women feeling as if they were being followed home while walking alone after a night out over the past two weekends.

Detective Inspector Steve Langford said that there was nothing to suggest at this stage that the two cases were linked.

He said: ‘These incidents may be a simple case of someone walking in the same direction as the women, but it was enough to make them feel uncomfortable and we are investigating.'

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Comments for: "Police warning to women: Don't walk home alone"

I Pasdenom

Probably a good idea not to go out at all if sharing a pavement with another person makes you feel the need to call to Police!


I know we'll get in trouble with the Feminazis for saying so but I agree with you!

The number of times I've caught women looking over their shoulder back at me just because they happen to be walking in front of me on my way home, I have no intention of harming anyone but occasionally have had to say something because it's rude to stare - still there's safety in numbers, so suppose this advice is good.

Gemma V

That's just sensible, the women should be commended for being smart! It's not automatically an insult to you, it's just them being well aware of their surroundings.

I Pasdenom

Gemma V,

I think it is smart to be aware of your surroundings; but in these incidents why report anything to the Police? Unless there's more to the story they're not saying?

What if these people looking back at Renegade report their suspicion of being followed to the Police? Why should Renegade be subject of an investigation having done nothing wrong?

James Wiley

Oh my god, do the police really have so little to do that they have time to investigate someone feeling uncomfortable because there is someone walking in the same direction as them as they leave town?

How stupid do you have to be to walk home alone if you know you are a jittery type?

FFS women get a grip.

C Le Verdic

I am worried that I could be the culprit.

Several times recently I have found myself behind a woman on a pavement. Usually it is because she is in front of me.

I urge anyone who is worried to turn around assertively and call "Claude, is that you?", in which case I will reply "Yes, don't worry Mulluv".

Then you will know you are safe.


I can understand why women get nervous. Even as a bloke, I find myself looking around these days. Unfortunately, there's some serious idiots living on this island, and when they have alcohol or other substances pumping through their veins, you can't help but get nervous

Gemma V

Guys... it's a bit unfair to assume these women are being silly. It could well just be the way it has been reported. Of course women often walk on pavements and happen to have men walking behind them in the same direction, the vast majority of the time it's not an issue at all. But occasionally there is that time where there is something different that you just can't put your finger on and you feel very vulnerable. Remember, not all men are like you, some would think nothing of assaulting a woman.

I Pasdenom

Gemma V,

"...Remember, not all men are like you..."

Not that you're wrong; but I think it would be better put that not all 'people' are like for like.

"...some would think nothing of assaulting a woman."

And likewise some women would think nothing of assaulting another woman or man; the only difference being that there's less likely to be any prosecution, or indeed any investigation.

If an adult male reported being followed by female would the Police issue warnings and investigate?

Mrs B

Walking up a dark side street one night there was a man some distance in front of me. I'm a fast walker and so I was slowly catching up to him. He nervously glanced back over his should a couple of times and started walking faster and faster until he broke into a run. I am a female - and was wearing a hooded parka jacket.

It's not always what it seems. Stop scaremongering!


Mrs B, it's the axe you were carrying and the evil cackling that did it for me.


Mrs B

Hooded parker jackets are male attire and if the street was dark, it would have been difficulat for you to know whether the person you were behind was in fact a male.

Lady Penelope

I thought parker jackets would be what chauffers wore, or maybe nerds with a row of pens in the breast pocket.


Blimey, so men can't walk on a pavement late at night now for fear of being arrested and thrown in a cell? Are the Germans running this Island again?


Get a taxi - don't walk home alone. It's that simple.

This is such a pet hate of mine.

The amount of women I know who say things like *if anyone attacks me they'll wish they hadn't* it's complete BS. They have no idea how strong some men are or how they'll react when confronted with an attacker. They're kidding themselves.

It's a shame that these things go on but they do. So do yourselves a favour, ladies, and make sure you take responsibility for getting yourself home safely at the end of a night out.


This is just smart advice and should be listened to not mocked.

If some girl got attacked by having the same cavalier attitude as some of the people posting here i can imagine the same people saying well they were silly to walk home on their own.