71 years on...wartime letters reach their destination

Ten Christmas messages bound for Germany that were stolen by youngsters during the Occupation have finally been delivered.

Engelbert Bergman receives a letter from postman Klaus Kaiser, accompanied by Michael McNally of Jersey Post
Engelbert Bergman receives a letter from postman Klaus Kaiser, accompanied by Michael McNally of Jersey Post

Ten  Christmas messages bound for Germany that were stolen by youngsters during the Occupation have finally been delivered.

More than 70 years after the letters were written, families in Germany have received the messages that were penned by enemy soldiers who stayed in Jersey in the 1940s.

• See Wednesday's JEP for the full story

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Comments for: "71 years on...wartime letters reach their destination"

Jerry Gosselin

One has to question why these letters have only just been handed to the Jersey Archive, now that both the senders and the intended recipients are almost certainly dead. I understand that the donor wishes to remain anonymous- I can see why!

Stealing them was a petty thing to do in the first place, but I'm happier that they were showing their resistance in silly ways like this, rather than committing bloody terrorist atrocities like the French Resistance, which could have resulted in similar reprisals being carried out by the Germans on the civilian population.


I would have thought you would have considered the FR very brave men and women, who actually fought the Germans to help win their freedom and many paid the ultimate price in rather painful ways. To call them terrorists disappointing to say the least.

You would have been a great support with the chips down.

'Ok chaps forget all this fighting I might break my nails. Lets get up to some jolly japes like painting a moustache on the face of Hitler, that will send Jerry packing'

Mjolnir de Jersiaise

Unfortunately times have changed. Years of political correctness, and liberal-left propaganda, have convinced many people that violence is ALWAYS wrong; even when you are fighting to protect yourself, your family, or your nation against an evil aggressor. This is why so many people are unable to defend themselves when attacked in the street by any passing thug. Whenever a brutal assault is reported, in the JEP, its always the same old story: "the victim [feebly] raised his hands in a [futile] defensive position, whilst the attacker knocked him to the floor and proceeded to 'kick his head as though it were a football'". Why? Because soft, cuddly liberals believe it's "not very nice" to defend yourself properly; hence the idiotic reference to the heroes of the French Resistance as "terrorists"...


Totally agree with you Clanger.

But didn't Hitler have a moustache anyway?

Tony B

Has it occured to you that you can make such comments becuse people were and are willing to give thier lives for a nebulous concept called Democracy? As for being 'silly' resistance, looked at the memorial outside the Maritime Museum latley?


IT IS VERY MISGUIDED to call the french terrorists. geographically it was impossible to stop the german invasion of france. some did a great deal to help the war effort, some sat back and let the germans do as they pleased. the situation WAS NOT A SIMPLE ONE.

Jerry Gosselin

I decided to include the word 'terrorist' to describe the French Resistance because they were doing far worse to the German soldiers than Hamas have been doing in firing their little rockets into Israel today. Therefore, logically, if Hamas are described by all the major western powers as 'terrorists' then the French Resistance must be too! Just pointing out these double standards. If its ok to regard the French Resistance as noble freedom fighters then we ought to sit down and reassess what we are constantly being told about the Palestinian resistance movement.

Mjolnir de Jersiaise

But the difference is that Israel are not occupying Gaza; they gave it to the "Palestinians" a few years ago. Hamas are indeed a terrorist organisation, whose stated aim is to erase Israel from the map and eradicate the Jewish race. Freedom fighters, Hamas? You're having a laugh ain't ya? If Israel really wanted to behave like nazi Germany, they could easily erase Hamas and Gaza from the map within a month; but they don't do they?

Infidel trespassers

I think you mean to say, "gave it back to the Palestinians".

You could also have added the words, "having illegally occupied it and despite continuing to occupy other Palestinian territories".

Mjolnir de Jersiaise

No, Infidel Trespassers, I wrote precisely what I meant to say. The whole of that land should be called Israel. 'Palestine' was just the Roman name, for that province of the Roman Empire, whilst the Romans occupied the Jewish land of Israel. Do you not know any history? There has never been a nation called Palestine, and the so-called 'Palestinians' are Arabs who migrated into the area after the Jews were unjustly driven out by the Romans. The whole of that land should be Jewish Israel; they have GIVEN Gaza and the West Bank to the 'Palestinian Arabs' to appease the intolerant anti-Semitic, Liberal-Left governments of the West, the anti-Semitic Arab League, and the anti-Semitic United Nations. All they have received in return are increased rocket attacks from Hamas. Hamas are not 'Freedom Fighters', they are genocidal terrorists.


What? Thé French had the larger army, better armour and were defending, so they should have been able to put up a bit of a fight at least.

Lord Haw Haw

So .... just about normal Jersey Post delivery times then !

On a serious note – in these times of austerity and job insecurity for our beloved “postie” – how can Mr McNally of Jersey Post justify this jolly to Germany to deliver some messages which were stolen some 70 years ago?

Public relations ??? ....

Theft is theft – even if taken from some jack booted sausage scoffers back in the 1940’s. Do I presume that the Jersey police will now be conducting an investigation into Historic Postal Abuse ?

Cost of stamps !

I wonder how much it cost Jersey Post to send their rep over to Germany, Times are hard are they not Mr Keen ?


Nice story. 70 years late sounds about right... AH ah

It sounded like a difficult task on the radio.

Would be curious to know how much time they spent on this.


Give it a break, it's a great story of reconciliation and timed just right for Christmas, which is meant to be a time of joy and forgiving.

Sadly lost on many of the doom and gloomsters on here.

With so many negative stories about Jersey being pushed through the media recently, it's great to have one that's on a positive note.

Well done Jersey Post, you put Jersey in the news for the right reasons

Ripped off again

Well bully for Jersey Post!! What a total waste of time and I hope that we didn't pay for this exercise through the cost of our stamps.

Perhaps they will now have time to trace two small parcels sent to me from the UK on 28th August 2012 and 23rd October 2012 from the UK both with the extra postage paid for "Signed For"

I will not be around in 70 years.


Wunderbar, Well said Jon

Whether the intended recipient is alive or dead, I am sure that those families who receive these letters will be delighted and moved that after so many years, these letters have come to light.

Life is not all about money, misery and objection.

Open you heart to a good happy humane story and what undoubtedly these letters will have brought to those families who have received them 70 years on.


I am pleased the German folk received their mail. Perhaps Jersey Post will now endeavour to deliver an item of mail I've been expecting since October 2012.


me interesa saber si habia o hay Argentinos viviendo en Isle of Jersey,sobre todo en el periodo 1919/1938