‘Senseless’ thieves steal fir tree planted by dying woman

A COUPLE have had their Christmas marred after thieves stole a fir tree planted by their daughter before she died last year.

St John Constable Phil Rondel and his family are very upset by the thoughtless theft
St John Constable Phil Rondel and his family are very upset by the thoughtless theft

A COUPLE have had their Christmas marred after thieves stole a fir tree planted by their daughter before she died last year.

St John Constable Phil Rondel’s daughter, Helen-Claire Reid (37), who worked as a Customs officer, had been diagnosed with cancer when she planted the tree in memory of her cat that died.

But last Sunday afternoon Mr Rondel noticed that all that was left of the tree, which was planted opposite the Fencing Centre in St Lawrence, was a stump.

‘It was a special tree because my daughter planted it prior to passing away to commemorate the death of her cat,’ he said. ‘It has been painful because we lost our daughter 12 months ago.’

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Comments for: "‘Senseless’ thieves steal fir tree planted by dying woman"


This is what unchecked immigration and soft-touch Social payouts get you. I'll put a tenner on it that the perpetrators are Breeders in tracksuits.


Or whisked away in a black 4x4 and now surrounded by wrapped play stations and smartphones ready for the brats' big day.


Agreed.. A lot of Islanders do care. It's such a shame that we seem to have a lot of feral scum who don't..

Jerry Gosselin

Shame for the theft of the tree and shame for the offensive and tasteless anonymous comment left by a person hiding behind the pseudonym of Haymarket. The family don't deserve to have read something like that.

Real Truthseeker

Disgusting theft this. I have noticed on many occasions people stealing from others land: potatos, mushrooms, and also people stealing from items left at the Hospice Shop in St Ouen.


I've seen this tree many times as drive past the FC, always thought in the back of my mind someone will have that when it gets big enough. Which in its current state it was not! Unfortunately this is just a tip of the iceberg of thefts like this, as noted above crops and even small live stock such as chickens are finding there way in to certain peoples cooking pots.

R B Bougourd

What Real Truthseeker and Someone have highlighted is nothing short of praedial larceny.

As this is a big problem in the West Indies, maybe it's time that a SOJP and ministerial delegation went somewhere like Barbados to see how they deal with it. Has Ian Le Marquand ever been on a jolly to anywhere nice?

the thin wallet

very sad theft.

carried out by total scumbags .


Very sorry to hear this news.

I hope the family have a happy Christmas regardless of what some thoughtless idiots do!

No consolation i know, but i'm certain it wasn't personal, simply thieves who saw something nice and wanted it for themselves, not knowing its true sentimental value.


So that is OK then - thieves who wanted it for themselves??


"So that is OK then–thieves who wanted it for themselves??"

... Um Yeah, thats what thieves do... Take things they want... Kind of the very definition!

Didn't realise i'd have to explain it.

As for it being "OK", where did i say that? Simply pointed out i didn't think it was personal, but as stated elswhere, i guess they probably would of taken it regardless. Such is life.


I agree, shocking that someone would steal a tree but I very much doubt they knew of its significance.

Whether they would act any differently if they knew how it would impact this poor family is another matter...

David Rotherham

It doesn't have to be obvious low-lives doing it. In the next parish you see £20k cars stopping in spring to steal the daffodils from the roadsides.

Rights said Fred

Clearly, daffodils have rights too.

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