Bus fares may rise for those who pay cash

BUS fares paid for in cash could rise next year to encourage Islanders to switch to a new smartcard, LibertyBus has confirmed.

LibertyBus will take over the Island’s bus service from Connex on 2 January
LibertyBus will take over the Island’s bus service from Connex on 2 January

BUS fares paid for in cash could rise next year to encourage Islanders to switch to a new smartcard, LibertyBus has confirmed.

The company, which will take over from Connex on 2 January, has committed to freezing prices for fares paid for by the new payment card, which can be topped up online or at Liberation Station. However, it said it could not guarantee that cash fares would remain frozen.

Francesca Rotheram, marketing manager of LibertyBus, said: ‘The smartcards will be introduced throughout next year. During February and March they will be offered to concessions such as the over 65s, and later in the year they will be offered to everyone.'

Full story in Saturday's JEP

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Comments for: "Bus fares may rise for those who pay cash"


so they have'nt even started yet and allready talking about fare rises

They will probably be no better than the last crowd.

The service will probably be just as bad aswell no busses when needed or where needed.

Mark g

so everyone is cursing the bus drivers for striking and now we start to see the real side of the story. all this article says is price rises again.

Tony B

The bigest grief I can see is that the cards can only be topped up on line or at the bus station. In London most of the local shops have a terminal and you can top up there. CTPlus are supposed to be innovative. Why not fit top ups in some of the local pubs etc, or even at bank cash machines?


the new buses have a MUCH LONGER WHEELBASE than the longest connex buses. expect SCRAPED WALLS AND BUS SIDES and delays due to buses stuck, JAMMED ON TIGHT TURNS.

Warren J

Yes, I noticed this point, and thought the same.

However, I am only the holder of a light car / heavy bike licence, so what do I know !

Tony B

Oh great! The odd couple of foot makes a lot of diffrence to getting them around tight corners. The other problem with a bus, short wheelbase for length and the forward control, is 'Tail Swing' stand well away as they move off!

Tony B

One other nasty little thing about that type, The thick windscreen frames are a **** of a blind spot. They are the most badly designed piece of kit fosted on drivers in years. The politest nick name they have aquired is a Tadpole on Steroids. Think back to your biology lessons, you'll see the other nickname. BUT they are CHEAP! About 2/3 the cost of the equivalent Alexander Dennis, undrivable but cheap!


It will be fun seeing one of the new larger buses meet one of our many Range Rovers on Mont Felard!

Could cause an all day jam, especially as RR drivers seem unable to reverse!


Yes overpopulated should be a real scream. It amazes me that people will drive something they are too scared/unable to reverse.

Drivers of large 4x4's should be required to sit a test to see if they are up to driving them. This would remove anyone who wasn't up to reversing and the likes being stopped from driving large 4x4's and having to drive a car more suitable to their abilities.

It is a bit like passing one's test on a moped and being able to ride a 1,000 motorbike!



What is it with bashing 4x4 drivers??? Is it jealousy that they have worked hard and can afford to have a nice car????

I must admit, the worst reversing I have seen has all been carried out by drivers of small hatchbacks who panic and end up reversing up hedges when confusing left and right whilst going backwards.

What do you suggest that they drive that is closer to their abilities???? Wheelbarrow?

I Wécaud

There's a world of difference, Discovery, between nice cars and 4x4 tanks.

No good citing reversing ability, either, as 4x4 drivers don't ever intend to reverse. They have brute force right of way over the small hatchbacks.


Another broken promise and the wheels haven't started turning yet.

Methinks a cock up on a large scale


Concessions for over 65's ? I have a free pass as I am over 65 and was told the new bus company will honour these passes. So why do I need a concession ?

Trevor Collenette

Where will that leave the few tourists that continue to come to the island?

Matt Fry

Same as the ones in London, no oyster card higher fares!

Tony B

TFL do at least have a 'Visitors Card'. or the one day travel card, that gives you tube, overground and underground as well.


I think they should come clean on their pricing proposals and what exactly do thay mean by 'concessions will be offered',also I was under the impression that the States had to agree to price changes! Methinks that this lot may not be as "social" as they would like us to believe.


i only use the buses once in a while but i wont pay more than the other people so ill walk, not a problem for me ill walk miles....


Same goes for me too. I pay for electric up front and pay the same as everyone else, why should I pay more for the bus? I'm stopping smoking due to the extra 50p being whacked on a pack of fags so I'm going to be so much fitter in 2013

steve, St Brelade

This is wrong and not a good start before the new service already starts.

If you want to encourage people onto the bus then you should not be penalising them for giving the bus a go.

It stands to reason infrequent travels (the ones you are trying to convert) will not have smart cards, but cash.

Fed Up

I wonder if the new drivers if they have any are as rude as the ones they have now.

I hope not.It must be the long hours they work that the new company is trying to stop that makes them so rude.

Tony B

There are some complete plonkers who are just socially maladjusted at all times. But the majority of drivers try to be polite, but please allow, there are some right ones amongst the people we have to deal with, and even if a bus is standing still a lot for the driver to have to concentrate on.

Warren J

I am quite looking forward to getting an Oyster card - pitty it will be different to the one I have for Sand Street car park !l

Tony B

The latest idea is the use of contacterless bank cards. This is being introduced to TFL in the new year. Maybe about 20 years from now Jersey wiull catch up. Don't be suprised if the initail software for the travel cards is a complete disaster thouigh. After thre years of getting the last version to run properly, TFL 'Upgraded' deep joy.

perfect passenger

well this is a great idea, i always have the correct fare, what is really annoying is the people who get on the bus at 8 in the morning with a twenty pound note , holding all the other passengers and the bus from getting on with the journey, i for one will be getting one of these new cards


You need to read the article as it makes perfect sense, works fine on TFLso why not here?

Warren J

Agreed - Just think of the banking hassle the bus operator currently faces - I have recently banked £1,000 in cash (yes coins !)in my capacity as a treasurer of a club and it takes time.

The bus operator can get on with running the service in an efficient manner by the use of these cards and anyone who cannot see the benefits is showing gross ignorance !

Pensioners and school children will simply have the correct concessionary cards - We all win !

Tony B

TFL have been wittering about 'cashless' buses for years. Still not achived. Though oddly over the last year the amount of cash I take has gone up as a proportion of passengers caried. Daft considering an Oyster fare is 95 p cheaper.



This is probably because the bud drivers never have any change! I have been caught in London without the right fare and the driver just looks at me like it is my fault and takes the extra 50 or so p, rather than just say taking the £1

Tony B

In London, neither TFL noe the companys supply a bus driver with any float. So any change is what I have, my own money, in my pocket. Would you keep a large a mount of money available to subsidise your company's buissness? Any fake coins or notes TFL's attitude is your problem, we still want the cash.

So you see why £20 notes are looked on with distatse.

The TFL policy has been for many years exact fare only or if the driver has change.

Exact fare or surly glare

Sounds like a business which doesn't want any business, probably because it is taxpayer subsidised.

They will be wondering why people won't get on the bus over here.

Tony B

EFOSG, you may well be right there. Liberty Bus will be paid mainly on Milage covered and punctuality. Passengers and other road users are the main cause of delays!


encourage? more like enforce!

Chel group

This kind of nonsense should have been stamped out before it could begin. It looks as though whoever drafted the agreement on behalf of the States of Jersey has not done a very good job.

Jersey girl

This is why I drive my car! Nice and comfy, 100%on time and reliable and I can pay cash for my fuel without worrying I have to pay extra for paying cash... Ha ha why bother using a poor bus service that you now have to pay extra for by paying cash! What a joke! I'll stick to my car thank you...

Soul Doctor

And two fingers to the environment and anyone else who's not you... You truly are a 'Jersey Girl'

Doctor 'ole

A wave to the environment by not supporting filthy dirty underpowered diesel engines belching out smoke and unburnt hydrocarbons, the latter a known carcinogen.

Tony B

Not with modern vehicles! Euro 4 and 5 compliant vehicles are very clean.

Doctor 'ole

They are in comparative terms, but the matter of unburnt hydrocarbons remains.

Sam de St Pierre

Any chance that the JEP can enquire and establish exactly what is going to happen to the pensioners' passes?

Craic Delia

Surely that would imply "investigative journalism"..a dangerous precedent for the above mentioned newssheet methinks..


So here we go again.Not just the islanders who dont use the cards but pay cash are going to suffer but also the likes of myself and family who are visitors.We buy the 5 day passes are these still going to be on sale.With Connex they were a bargain,it meant you could get on any of the buses.Are they going to do away with the explorer as well.I thought they were meant to improve the buses for everyone.Already they are talking of fare increases.Our transport fares are going up again next month in England,not everybody will want a card.Those only using the buses now and again who pay cash are going to be losers.Fares frozen for all not just for card users.


So basically they want to do what the passengers will be doing - taking a liberty

I Thank You

Tony B

That's what comes of having a TFL contractor! In London fares are currently £1.35 for an Oyster fare , capped to the daily travelcard limit, and £2.30 for a cash fare. Though both will go up eye wateringly on January 2nd. Though from the operators point of view, it does make sense. Far easier to inconvince a few electrons than physically hump coins and cash about. Though Joy of Joys!! You'll soon be able to use your contacterless bank card to pay the fare! (Yeah right! The Oyster is enough grief at times)


I've used buses in uk paying cash each time with no probs...this is a way of pushing fares up and they havn't began yet....also i've passed these buses on trinity main road ...still too big and yes a longer wheel base so turning on sharp corners and pavements are going to be fun...but luckily I use a car never buses as they are crap!

Tony B

It's the LONDON way Mon V. I'll bet a lot of the buses are ex London fleet. Droves have been ditched as vehicles must now comply with the Low Emission Zone. Various types of card are now ubiquitous in UK citys.London is a special case.

Soul Doctor

Can anyone explain to me why this new company are bringing in more of these long, 40+ capacity buses? There are only a couple of island routes that fill them and only at certain times. Surely lower capacity, smaller buses would make more sense practically on our roads, commercially and environmentally. Keep the big buses for routes 1 and 15 and certain others at rush hour.


This is going to be like Jersey Telecoms' pay as you go. If I just want to spend £1.60, I'll have to buy £5 (which will probably come with an expiry date!!). Disgusting, I can see it already. I'll pay cash, you know where to shove THAT Marketing idea.

Clax Mifford

I wonder if there is a "how to alienate the public" course at the PR department which dreamt up this piece of nonsence?


For those who say they will suffer a price increase due to using the bus infrequently and having to pay in cash, I've just found this on CT Plus' website regarding the Smartcards:

"We anticipate that you will be able to use this for period passes like weekly or monthly tickets, or use it in a ‘pay as you go’ mode where you top up the card with money and use the card instead of cash."

I may have got the wrong end of the stick, but to me this sounds like the credit will remain on the card if you intend to use it in a 'pay as you go' manner, or have I misunderstood? Might be worth the hassle of buying it and topping up a small amount once, then you know you'll still be able to use it and benefit from the frozen fares, however infrequently that may be.


Why should we?


Nationalise and make bus travel free.

Tony B

More sensible is everyone pays a small fare.

The main thing is convience, and people will pay for thier own vehicle for that reason.


People like the word free. It tends to get them to show an interest. Having to pay puts many off.

Combine this will a decent bus service and you might get many more using the buses.

Tony B

Problem is bus services are not a charity. The manufacturer doesn't work for nothing, the bus company dosen't work for nothing. I definitley don't work for nothing. In London part of the cost of TFL comes from the community charge, so in an abstract I'm self employed. Each vehicle costs in rthe region of £90,000 and like any commercial asset they have to pay for them sleves. If the wheels don't turn the bus don't earn. The vehicles I drive do in the region of 110,000 miles a year. I know this as there have ben a dozen new vehicles at the gagarge over the last year eighteen months, and when they came in service has a couple of humdred miles on the clock.


You have just hit the nail on the head. The buses are a service and should not be a profit making business subsidised by the taxpayer.

Much better to have it run by the state where profit isn't the motive for being in the business.

the thin wallet

just what is needed to get you to use the bus.


Us Oldies still get to get on the bus for free that is what concessions are and the smartcard is free to get - been and asked at liberation station