Warning of a cold blast of winter

JERSEY will be hit by a blast of wintry weather on Thursday, with a small risk of snow during early morning.

People look at the trees at Westonbirt Arboretum in Gloucestershire as cold temperatures lead to a frost on Wednesday morning
People look at the trees at Westonbirt Arboretum in Gloucestershire as cold temperatures lead to a frost on Wednesday morning

JERSEY will be hit by a blast of wintry weather on Thursday, with a small risk of snow during early morning.

A band of sleet is expected to push across the Island during the second half of tonight, and forecasters are warning that it could fall as snow for a short time.

The wintry weather is also expected to cause icy surfaces to develop across the Island. However, the freezing conditions which have gripped the Island for several days will quickly be replaced by milder Atlantic air during tomorrow morning.

Speaking to the JEP on Wednesday morning, Jersey Met Office forecaster Adrienne Le Maistre said: ‘There will be some icy surfaces around first thing and it is likely that we will get some sleet for a time tomorrow morning, and there is a small risk of some short-lived snow, but we are not expecting any accumulations. It will all turn to rain during the morning.’

Full report in Wednesday's JEP

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Comments for: "Warning of a cold blast of winter"

Bill Giles

Quick! close the Schools!

Ian Mc Caskill

Damn Bill Giles, you beat me to it!!

There,s a Hurricane coming you know!!!!


classic and yes please close the schools for the morning so I can have a lie in :)


I understand from my Jersey family that the island closes down at the first sight of snow and some companies provide beds for the faint hearted to stay in St Helier till it blows over.Is that correct?


Not quite! - Yes if we get snow that begins to settle and is still snowing, schools are sometimes closed due to the issue of the children being collected. Buses cannot run due to hills and slopes near a lot of the schools, making it dangerous with children on board. So parents are asked to collect the kids early before travel becomes an issue.

The problem UK doesnt understand, is that we are not used to driving through snow and icy conditions here in jersey, because we rarely see it, therefore it is safer for our drivers not to. Its not because we are being lame. People still think they can drive at speed - hence why the accidents go up when we have poor weather. The UK experience snow a lot more and are more experienced in driving in it, they are more equipped etc. If we regularly had snow here then im sure we'd all be business as usual without batting an eyelid.

- RE: the beds in st Helier - never heard of that!



Overnight stays (B&B)are available in St. Helier for those who can not manage the climb up Beaumont Hill to the West parishes.

C Le Verdic

Sorry dear, I was stuck in a B and B with the girls from the office and it made sense to share!


Can any one tell me if the buses are running

Mulvie Le Phew

Oh boy I'd forgotten the hysteria when it got a bit cold, I left in the summer and am back home t'up north. Minus 6 overnight here didn't get above minus 1 yesterday, the car is a solid lump of ice, will need to start it up 15 mins before any hope of driving assuming the door isn't frozen shut. Then negotiate the icing rink we call a housing estate before approaching the relative comfort of a frozen A road.

Bought snow tyres for the first time in my life, a revelation as they provide grip where none exists. Phoning work saying you can't make the 20 minute drive in won't wash here, it's not the 20 minutes it was in Jersey either it's 45 assuming no accidents blocking the road. I'm laughing thinking how soft I had become in Jersey, never seen a place with so many 4X4's that won't venture out if there's a hint of snow lol.


As we know the standard of driving in Jersey is terrible at the best of times, only the brave venture near the schools at child delivery and collection times. You take your life into your hands.

For an island with more enormous 4x4s than anywhere else on the planet you would think a tiny bit of snow would not be a problem - but it is!


Quick quick look out the window!

Its the amazing invisible snow....

Sparky Douglas

Well, Thursday is here. No frost, no snow. All relax and get the shorts out again!!


Thank you for the very clear explanation on the frightning sight of snow.I can now remember on my many visits to Jersey that nearly all the roads out off St Helier are uphill and frost and snow could cause a few problems.I think the buses should be given tyre chains just in case.

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