Internet romance ‘ruined my life’

A LONELY pensioner says she has had her life destroyed after she was conned out of her life savings by an internet fraudster operating on a dating website.

Mrs B is hoping that her painful experience will  serve as a warning to anyone else who is drawn into  a close relationship with someone on the internet. Picture posed by a model
Mrs B is hoping that her painful experience will serve as a warning to anyone else who is drawn into a close relationship with someone on the internet. Picture posed by a model

A LONELY pensioner says she has had her life destroyed after she was conned out of her life savings by an internet fraudster operating on a dating website.

The 70-year-old, who wishes to remain anonymous and known only as Mrs B, said that she was tricked into sending over £32,000 to the man, who promised her a long life together and a Christmas holiday in California.

Falling for his tales because she was so desperate not to be alone, Mrs B is now telling her story to prevent any other vulnerable Islander from making the same mistake.

‘Every night I wake up wishing it was all a bad dream because I can’t believe how foolish and stupid I have been,’ she said. ‘I was addicted to his stories like a drug, desperate to get out of this loneliness, but it was all just a cruel con and I’ve been left with nothing.’

Full report and news focus in Monday's JEP

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Comments for: "Internet romance ‘ruined my life’"

Lord Haw Haw

Poor old bird. Scams have been taking place since the year dot and continue to develop. It’s all well and good saying that there is no fool like an old fool but sometimes the vaguest glimmer of hope in a lonely world is enough to blinker people into falling for these scams. I hope that the thief gets a good electric shock from his PC!


a load of tosh toshmaster she was robbed plain and simple


Sending 32K to a stranger !

Some have more money than sens...

What about meeting people in a bingo club or similar places...

For an Island with so many retired people, I can't really think of any activities on the Island for them.

In France, they go dancing at the week end, they have tours, special events... Here I am not sure ...

Shame really.


Very true Kermit, sad to say she was generous with other people's money, not her own! Lesson learned I hope.


in liverpool the older ones are the life and soul of the pub scene .jersey to expensive for that


They don't even have to be stranger/s, they just use their charm to suck you in and you can become so smitten by them they use you for everything they can and then jump ship, so sad to hear this, but Karma will get him ...


Sending money to Ghana and the bank do not ask questions? I think this lady should take it further with the bank.1rst she got no money then she has a large amount send to Ghana. Someone did not do their job and the bank may be at fault as this could have been money laundering!


It's not Money Laundering, it's Fraud. Money Laundering is depositing the criminal proceeds of crime and integrating it into the banking system to make it seem legitimate. i.e. Laundering means washing, so they are 'washing' the money to make it clean. This guy in Ghana just defrauded the woman to give him her money.


This transaction should immediately have been flagged up as 'unusual' and further enquiries made. Basic AML procedure was not followed. Had this employee been reporting to me she would have been transfered to filing duties and sent for retraining at the very least.


As I understand this lady did not have any money before borrowing this large amount to send to Ghana. The bank has a duty to check all unusual transactions. I know this is fraud but it could have been a placement in view of laundering.

Mrs B

My bank always asks questions especially if the name on the overseas account is not mine. Sounds like this bank never checked where the money came from ie. checked if it was legit, so it *could* have been money laundering.

Well done to the Post Office (or whoever it was) for questioning the Money Gram transfers. It's just a shame that the bank didn't do the same.

Little old lady + money to dodgy country = SCAM


This scammer should be pursued to the end and given the full force of the law! I cannot believe in this day and age he cannot be traced if enough effort was put in by the authorities. Surely there is a money trail and internet footprint? The financial institutions MUST be able to trace where the money was sent, where it was then transferred to etc? Then lock them up and throw away the key!


The full force of whose law? We have no jurisdiction outside Jersey.


Fraudster open bank account with fake passports. Can't chase them ...

Bean Abroad

Poor old lady. I do feel bad for her. It is easy to be wise in hindsight and I hope the police are able to do something.

I wonder if she could use her internet skills to try and find this guy? I'd consider hiring a PI and having them do some digging.

henry 5

And it doesnt stop there your name & details will be passed around. all these scams are in nigera mainly anybody wanting payment through money transfers called the 419 scam check out jersey insight loads of people selling bulldog puppies £200 they dont sell for less than £2000 in uk or apple mac air computors buy 1 get 1 free its the old saying if it to good to be true it normally is happy Phishing


I don't think there's any need for the trolls to surface and rub dirt in her face, there is no one more aware of the extent of her foolishness than the lady herself.

Poor lady must be facing up to a terrible Christmas, my dear if you are reading this and with some of the comments above I hope you are not. Head down to your local church for a coffee morning, meet some like minded people. You need not have any interest in religion, you will recieve a warm welcome and have the opportunity to talk to other people of your age.


A very sad story for the lady concerned. Unfortunately, many people get themselves into this kind of situation and most do not reveal what has happened.

Very brave of her to allow her story to be revealed - hopefully others will learn and not get sucked in

I do not think that the police or anyone can do much about this I think it unlikely that police in Nigeria/Ghana will be interested.


Same thing happens to loads of local men in Thailand every year.


Although I am truly very sorry a lonely person was done our of a large sum of does anyone in their right mind trust in someone from the back of beyond whom she has never met? It's not just children we need to protect from predators or their own naievity!