Efficiency overhaul of States services

EVERYTHING from applying for a new passport and paying States bills to getting married and letting States departments know you have tied the knot should soon be quicker and easier.

States chief executive John Richardson
States chief executive John Richardson

EVERYTHING from applying for a new passport and paying States bills to getting married and letting States departments know you have tied the knot should soon be quicker and easier.

In the next six months, the States is to start root-and-branch reform of the way it delivers services to Islanders as part of a huge programme of change.

Not only is the reform, which follows a States-wide review of how things are done, being driven to save money, it is also aiming to use technology - including emails, the internet, Apps and text messaging - to bring the way it interacts with the population up to date.

The vision for a less bureaucratic and more efficient public sector was outlined by States chief executive John Richardson, the Island's most senior civil servant, when he addressed the Chamber of Commerce yesterday at its monthly lunch.

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Comments for: "Efficiency overhaul of States services"

less is more

Does that cost the tax payer more then for thease services, also I thought the UK was going to supply our passports?


wow Jersey civil servants have now been dragged kicking and screaming into the real world. I have just keeled over with shock of it.


Just so.

The Jersey civil dervice has been undergoing root and branch reform for the past ten years. So why is this reform needed?

Because all we ever get is impressive haedline and little else changes.


They've been trying this for years - e.g. Comprehensive Spending Review. Optimistic that now with the new CEO and current Chief Minister they will deliver.

To be fair there are many in the States trying to achieve this, but then some annoying old guards like blocking, obstructing etc.


To little, to late, to expensive !


What ever happened to the customer service centre at Cyril Le Marquand house?

I seem to remember a previous chief executive proudly announcing it's opening as a sign of a more efficient public service.

Is it still open?

This story gives the impression not?


Otto Britain

Did you ever use it? Total shambles! Couldn't answer any questions! They sent me an electrician when I needed a plumber! God only knows how much that cost. No doubt they are going to try to make it easier to start up a business next... that's a new one! As for using I.T. to save money, perhaps they should upgrade their prehistoric I.T. systems before trying that before their licences expire! LOL.

efficiency is all

When Bill Ogley was appointed, the self same John Richardson was given the specific job of improving Public Sector efficiency. Pleased to see he's now getting around to it.

Pip Clement

Goody, another drive for efficiency in the States.

We have been having these for at least a decade now and nothing changes.

State's members and executives come and go and the mess remains the same! :-(


Does this mean they will be able to cut the ridiculous number of States employees?

Nearing 7,000 at the last count, to put that in perspective that's one States worker for every 14 people, yet you still have to queue up at every States department you go to!


Efficiency Drive! What it really means is that they will become more efficient at extracting our money from us.


Check this out for efficiency lol


Yes that's right, 30 more jobs created in the last two years whilst undergoing a £65 million pound savings / effiency drive!!!!!

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