Celebrities pledge to support Plémont on the eve of debate

CELEBRITIES and prominent Islanders, including former England footballer Graeme Le Saux and singer-songwriter Gilbert O’Sullivan, have pledged their support to save Plémont.

Well-known Island figures have joined the Love Plémont campaign
Well-known Island figures have joined the Love Plémont campaign

CELEBRITIES and prominent Islanders, including former England footballer Graeme Le Saux and singer-songwriter Gilbert O’Sullivan, have pledged their support to save Plémont.

In an advertisement published in today’s JEP, members of the Island’s business community, Jurats, artists and others urge States Members to back Senator Ian Gorst’s proposal to buy land at the site using public money.

In a statement given to the National Trust for Jersey’s Love Plémont campaign, former England and Blackburn Rovers footballer Graeme Le Saux said: ‘Growing up in such a unique and unspoilt environment as Plémont and St Ouen has shaped who I am. To change the headland of Plémont will not only cause irreparable damage to the environment, but will destroy a unique foundation of what makes our Island so special.’

With the States debate due to begin tomorrow, the National Trust for Jersey’s president, Celia Jeune, has also lobbied politicians.

Full report in Monday's JEP

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Comments for: "Celebrities pledge to support Plémont on the eve of debate "


"....... to back Senator Ian GORST's (?!!!) proposal to buy land at the site using public money"


When you read the names of those supporting this venture I'm sure if they sat down in a room dug in their own pockets they could easily find the millions that will be needed if this goes ahead...Take note States Members ...the majority of this Island is against this total waste of tax payers money..when gst rises again we'll remind you!!!


When did you do your survey? The majority of LOCAL people that I know are FOR the purchase.

Just because a number of writers on this site are against does not make it so. They are putting money first before the wellbeing of those who will be left on the island when finance departs and those freeloaders like Real Truthseeker go back to where they came from for the easy pickings.


Well to tell you I am local Jersey born and a family that stretches back for generations.....No idea where you say the majority of LOCAL are in favour for purchase only to say anyone I've spoken to and Jersy born people are against wasting money on this....and its not a case of money first just that in this economic climate money should be better spent ....take note another building firm goes under ...whats more important a piece of headland to save b puffins or more worthwhile projects!!!!!!!


So it's only "locals" who pay taxes then is it? Do you not think that the pesky immigrants who I assume must pay the larger amount of tax have no right to an opinion? I cannot believe how pompous some people are assuming just bcause you are not

"local" (whatever the hell that means) you are not entitled to care about the island or not allowed to have an opinion.

Please take it from this IMMIGRANT everyone I know LOCAL or otherwise are disgusted by the way the states and the Trust are going about this. It has "expensive future cock up" written all over it and when the Trust goes bankrupt trying to pay for and reinstating this waste land the taxpayer will be left to pick up the pieces. This will not end well.


How dare you!

Not all succesful people make themselves known all the time and do masses in fact, a phenomenal amount of good deeds that aren't always known to the public. To offend somebody like Gilbert and some other decent genuine down to earth people is bigotry..

Idiots like you annoy the hell out of me!!


Well that's awfully nice of them. I've seen the list of names in the JEP. An awful lot of potentially very wealthy individuals on that list. Perhaps if they are so concerned they'd like to put their hands in their pockets and pay for it themselves! I notice my ITIS rate has just lept up by 4% for January so I'll get to be extra broke this January... nice to know some of that might be going towards some heather and gorse and not on putting food on my table.


CELEBRITIES and prominent Islanders, including former England footballer Graeme Le Saux and singer-songwriter Gilbert O’Sullivan, have pledged their support to save Plémont.

These are such huge celebrities that I thought they were dead, haven't heard of them since the time of the dinosaurs, which they are!


How many celebrities will support the 'Love the whole island of Jersey campaign' and not just love the land located near where they live. Do they support 'Love healthcare for all islanders' and not just for the rich.

Real Truthseeker

This proposal is wrong on so many levels. Firstly to spend public money in this climate, and secondly to give it away.

There are plenty mroe deserving people on Jersey who need financial support than the largest private property owner in the National Trust.

Keyser Soze

While the National Trust for Jersey may be the largest private property owner, they are holding this property and land for the benefit of all, for this and future generations. They are not trying to make a quick return for today, but preserve for the future.

There may be deserving people on the island, as there are everywhere, but that should not be a reason for not attempting to ensure that this exceptional site is returned to it's original natural state.

Phillip Claremont

Am I suffering from deja vu? Just heard that Sir Philip Baillaiche state that the estimate for the Plemont land was done before planning permission was given. I knew that months ago, & so did Sir Philip!!!! So what is the point of his statements that the land is overvalued?


Realist - " The majority of LOCAL people that I know are FOR the purchase."

Obviously, you have not seen the results of the online poll - strange because 61% + are AGAINST the purchase, and as a LOCAL i object to the States squandering MY money without any culpability !!!


REALIST - Literally everyone that I know is completely against this, I am yet to speak to anyone face to face that is in favour of this lunacy


You have to remember you, Chris and Mogit probably live in the real world, have jobs etc and can talk to people with a similar lifestyle as 90% of this island. I would guess that Realist is more likely to live in St Ouens in a rather large farm house worth X million handed down by family, is retired, and think that Jersey has gone to the dogs since finance came to the island....

sorry but that seems the blue print for most of the people who seem to support it.

I personaly have not heard 1 person who has said yes spending tax payers money on this is a good idea or words to that effect. Nothing is the same forever. Embrace change and get on with your life.


What a load of old guff from people who spend most of their time off Island.The taxpayer should not be paying for a bit of land that has probably not been seen by about 70% of the population of Jersey.Taxpayers money should be spent on getting the Island back on track by creating jobs and not on hare brained schemes.I f the Trust wants to buy it then let them either borrow it or get their supporters to cough up.


How on earth can anybody agree with buying public land???? English are you still proud to be?

BDK Architects

Lubo, It is not public land being bought but the three clusters of planning approved houses covering 7.07 vergees to south of former common land. The remaining 2/3rds of site (16.19 vergees excluding the former common land) is being cleared and given to Island free in our planning approved scheme.


Please, Please, don't waste public funds on this. We are happy for the development to go ahead (returning two thirds of the land to the public for free)


If the states can spend 12m on a town park, which we could have had along with an underground car park at no cost to the taxpayer, I have absolutely no doubt that they will vote to buy the land, which will end up costing about 20m when all legal, demolition costs, professional fees and landscaping costs are included.


We can't afford this extravagance, if Graeme Le Saux and Gilbert O’Sullivan want to save Plemont then they can cough up the £14 million needed to buy it from the developers.

I imagine Gilbert O’Sullivan alone would find that down the back of the sofa.


I have just started listening to the Plemont debate and it turns out that IG who has brought this proposition is not presenting the case to purchase this site and give it to the NT (at £2M) as HE is a MEMBER of the NT. However, he will still vote as apparently will other States Members who also belong to the NT.

IG' has a HUGE conflict of interest. How can the Leader of the House and also a member of the NT have ever been allowed to bring forward such a proposal? If he was standing as a Jury Member he would not be selected.

I think that the No to Plemont Purchase Supporters have been well and truly stitched up!

Mark G

Agree. All NT members in the states should abstain fom the vote. Conflict of interest.


if this is true then then Baliff should stop the motion. Shocking.

Think about this

Taxpayer is so right if Graham Le Saux and Gilbert O'Sullivan want to fund this project then fine but otherwise why are you getting involved. Makes me really mad that they are living in their big houses and giving their support but it won 't actually affect them financially!


As we all know celebraties opinions (and celebraties themselves) are just more important than you and I.


Thanks JPSpecial.. I can't believe the ignorance of some folk at times!!

This just shows how bigoted people are over here.. Do you honestly think some folk just stop caring about things because they are rich and change who they are because their house may be bigger or they have been successful? Definately confusing decent people with the two bob millionaires and con artists that set up businesses here! WRONG!!


Ignorance? How so? I did not say their opinion wasn't valid... I just don't see how it is important enough to be reported on this issue.

Graeme Le Saux (as an example) is a former footballer and again I'm not saying his opinion is worth less than mine, I just dont see how it is worth more?

In fact I dont care about their success, bigger houses ect, which is what you seem to be implying? I'm actually happy with my life (still hoping for a lottery win though) and as such it is not jealousy or anything along those lines.

I also am not assuming they aren't decent people, I don't know them.

In fact you don't know me either so don't start bleating about my ignorance before you start posting your misguided views.


Oh my God!! This gets more embarrasing all the time! has Arnie, Madonna, Chuck Norris,and Posh and Becks pledged their support?.....Susan Boyle?


It would be more useful if these people simply coughed up a few million for the NT instead of trying to get the States make less affluent taxpayers pay.

P Le Mont

On the other hand they could be doing a good job shaming the more affluent but selfish 'taxpayers' and also the developer.


P le Mont – It is comments such as yours that convinced me. Why should the developer be shamed? His offer to return the Headland to the public in a pristine and natural state seems very generous and certainly better than some statue or other worthless icon normally demanded by planning. How do you define a “selfish” taxpayer? You seem to suggest this is a person who thinks tax should be spent on health, education and helping those who need it rather than a small field for a third party to graze imported sheep.

As a Jersey man I am disgusted with the shoddy, inequitable and discriminatory manner that Mr Hemming’s has been treated by our government, the National Trust and comments such as yours. It would have been better had Mr Hemming simply rebuilt the holiday camp as a self catering facility than have our island and government tainted with the sleaze and spin which will be the only lasting relic of this debate.

Perhaps when the CoM are forced to resign our new government can make an official apology.

P Le Mont

As it happens, I'm against sheep grazing the headlands and I don't disagree with the holiday camp being tidied up and turned into self catering, even though I doubt it would be affordable and would probably end up housing J cats.

I don't see why a developer who is expected to take a risk, just like any other investor, should be cushioned against making a mistake. However, the ones most deserving of shame are the whingeing 'taxpayers' who don't know how lucky they are to live in Jersey and as of this afternoon, the politicians too scared of losing their nice earner in a future election.