Budget debate: No change to fuel duty

PETROL duty will not rise next year after the States narrowly voted to overturn proposals in the 2013 Budget.


PETROL duty will not rise next year after the States narrowly voted to overturn proposals in the 2013 Budget.

Members voted yesterday 24 to 21 to adopt an amendment to the Budget from Deputy Gerard Baudains to scrap the planned 3p a litre increase in fuel duty – a rise of 6.9 per cent – that had been suggested by the Treasury.

However, the result means that the States is now £1.4 million short of its income target. As a result Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf was today due to propose a change to his Budget which will mean more duty on tobacco to make up the shortfall.

The Assembly yesterday also rejected a proposal from St Helier Constable Simon Crowcroft to limit the rise in alcohol duties to 2.5 per cent.

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Comments for: "Budget debate: No change to fuel duty"


why not charge duty on gas guzzlers 4x4 drivers and the like and leave the smokers alone we pay far too much now .


I have a 4x4 but it does more miles to the gallon than most salon cars ,so shall we get rid of them as well , you pay your money and take your choice . However as a non smoker keep your filthy habit to yourself , but thanks your taxes pay for my medicine.


because you smokers cost us non smokers an absolute fortune in health care, thats why. Now if you all agreed to pay your own medical costs for smoking related illness, then we would all be happy to take duty off fags.

Oh and "gas guzzlers" (as not all 4 by 4's are, and some cars burn more fuel than them) pay more through greater fuel consumption, so its a perfectly fair tax.

C Le Verdic

Have you not worked out, sideline, that as gas guzzlers use more fuel and as fuel is taxed according to how much you buy, they are already paying more tax?

I'm sure that you also realise that 4x4s are not always gas guzzlers and gas guzzlers are not always 4x4. A heavily built 2WD automatic can be very thirsty in Jersey if it rarely achieves 'lock up'. Many won't lock up below 40 mph and some older ones don't even have the feature. None are efficient on hills.

As with smokers, taxation purely on consumption is fairer, or would you suggest something like a smoking licence premium on top of the tobacco duty? That would be comparable to your suggestion.


Interestingly, my automatic does not get into 5th gear until 50 m.p.h.

Speaking to a relative who runs a large 4 x 4 he said it was economical at 25 mpg - Considering its well over 3 litres, I thought that was very good.

Pip Clement

That is another fiver on a carton.

More cigarettes will be sold at the duty free or smuggled in.

R. Williams

Perhaps it's time to remove duty free sales from the airport, airlines and ferries.

A better way of discouraging smoking would be to make the area inside the ring road, at least, a non smoking in public area.


So then, lets find out who voted for this increase and remember them when we next got out to vote in the islands next elections !


At 18 m.p.g. thank you smokers !

Er no duty on Marine Fuel I see !

scooby doo

No fuel duty, but a 20% increase in mooring fees, which probably more than compensates.


£1.4 million short? STOP paying civil servants who leave many thousands of pounds!!


Good news.

Fuel is pretty much a necessity for many people nowadays; for the housewife ferrying the kids to and from school and getting the shopping, for the people who work in town but live in the country, for the delivery drivers etc...

Smoking, however, is purely a luxury, an antisocial habit which 99.9% of smokers wish they had never started in the first place. Hopefully this will deter people from starting, and further encourage current smokers to quit their filthy addiction.

Smoking is a stupid, dirty habit - it therefore follows that smokers are stupid, dirty people. I for one dislike breathing in their carcinogens, so "Bravo" to Philip Ozouf for this excellent move.


Rant rant rant.........Blah blah blah.......If all the smokers on this island gave up their,"stupid,dirty habit",(your words),how would the States make up the shortfall in taxes/revenue,whatever you'd call it?

1:Income tax will go up

2:Fuel prices will go up

3:Food prices will go up

4:Everything will go up..........IN SMOKE,haha.

As for saying that"smokers are stupid, dirty people"..........Take a look in your own backyard before jumping into someone else's.

bearly breathing

All those people who drive especially non smoking drivers....please stop me breathing in your exhaust fumes ....PLEASE.

igiveup(on them not the fags)

Who's getting another smack in the face and the wallet? not the high earners as 50p on a packet isn't going to hurt them too much, but again the low earners are going to get penalized.Hardly surprising when the people running the show couldn't organise a p..up in a brewery!the smokers are easy target to tax to make up for all the money that this governmemt has been wasting and will carry on wasting.

Pip Clement

This is not going to stop people smoking.

It might cut down on consumption of locally sourced tobacco, that will cut the tax take; more tobaco might be sourced off island.

They will still smoking but not paying any tax.

Ol' Smokey

Fuel? Nigh-on essential in this day and age. Smoking? A dirty habit that's just a ridiculous waste of money and healthcare.


You know, what really AMUSES me about these daft people who smoke, is the fact that although you are prepared to do untold damage to yourself and spend an absolute fortune on satisfying your addiction, you DON'T EVEN GET PLEASURE FROM IT!!

Whilst I do not condone recreational drug abuse, I can at least understand why some people get hooked. Whether it be a form of escape or merely a bit of fun which goes too far, at least with drugs there is a temporary state of euphoria, which is the the trade-off from the huge cost both to health and money.

The one and only reason I can see why some people choose to smoke, is that they incorrectly believe it makes them look cool, edgy, a bit of a "bad boy". LOL!

To sum up: smoking is a pointless, stupid, smelly, dirty habit - logic dictates, therefore, that smokers are pointless, stupid, smelly, dirty people.

Of course, I realise that I may well be incorrect in my assumption - so if any smokers would care to tell me why inhaling expensive foul-smelling carcinogens is NOT stupid, please feel free to reply to my post :-)

King Nosmo

Permission to quote you freely please, especially the last two paragraphs. Couldn't be put better.