Increase in festive shoppers brings cheer to town traders

ST Helier’s stores have enjoyed a strong start to the Christmas trading period – with a sharp rise in shopping activity in King Street.

Jean Bishop and Julie O’Brien take advantage of seasonal Sunday opening to do some Christmas shopping in town
Jean Bishop and Julie O’Brien take advantage of seasonal Sunday opening to do some Christmas shopping in town

ST Helier’s stores have enjoyed a strong start to the Christmas trading period – with a sharp rise in shopping activity in King Street.

Figures released to the JEP show that the number of people recorded by the footfall counter outside Voisin’s department store last week was almost seven per cent up on the same time last year.

And several of town’s biggest stores have reported a rise in sales compared to the first week of the festive shopping period last December.

The footfall counter recorded 198,104 movements last week – an increase of 12,343 on the same week last year.

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Comments for: "Increase in festive shoppers brings cheer to town traders"


A great number are simply window shopping..checking prices before buying online as we did!


This is very true, when I was walking through town Thursday night and Saturday, I saw a number of people taking pictures of products with their phones.

I also overheard a couple saying they would buy an item off the Internet after they took a photo of it.

Art Lelai

Yawn, not that old chestnut. Give it up some people want to do more than sit in their room on their computers buying stuff whilst waiting for the download to complete. Maybe you might try meeting a real woman for a change Andy!

Almost Unemployed

an increase in the footfall is probably due to all the unemployed wondering the streets looking for jobs, I am almost one of them myself!


How can they tell if people are walking up & down are they counted each time they pass the counter?

Sounds like our politicians,spin,spin & more spin!


Purleese read the article! it clearly states that several large shops report an increase in sales is this not a little good news for once.I for one was in the big city yesterday pm to buy an urgent tech item which I purchased easily with an unasked for discount as the retailer understood my dilema,I was treated with courtesy and smiles I shall return and the streets for a dank afternoon were humming with people carrying shopping bags.Maybe just maybe it's not all doom and gloom out there.

Warren J

People were only in town on Sunday because of the free parking !

Until town addreses parking for shoppers, it will continue to decline (My definition for shoppers parking - Free !)


I be got a shop in st helier, and we re a bit busier than this week last year.

Farmer Palmer

OOh aar! I be selling fruit and veg in the market.

Fanny by Gaslight*

Life enriching?

Well i went to HMV & saw Top cat the entire DVD collection priced at £15.

Then i came home & purchased it of Amazon for £6.28! Whilst i appreciate Top Cat is not necessarily on everyones christmas list,it sure goes to set an example of the

"keep it local" mentallity waiting to catch you out this Christmas.

Think twice! buy online! save a hundred dime!

Officer Dibble

I got the Top Cat set with Hong Kong Phooey, the Wacky Races and Catch the Pigeon for £10 from HMV.

I am particularly interested in the various extreme faces that "Klunk" pulls in "Catch the Pigeon".

His facial mobility was the subject of much fascination in 1974 and is still is today.

What a wonderful local politician he would make.

Fanny by Gaslight*

MMMM!Yes "Klunk" he was certainly a memorable character,& although i couldnt stand him,your quiet right,that he was like a lot of local politicians & a lot of locals come to that.

Infact i will be as brave as to say theres been a few Klunks in my Jersey side of the family.All making similar noises & with similar looks,just naturally i might add.

Yes! theres a few Klunks in the island,though the word Klunk mind similar to a more offensive word which they might also qualify as.


There are many such characters in the uk and elsewhere maybe even within the other side of your family!

Fanny by Gaslight*

Umm! Well actually Klunk,whilst my Jersey side had careers at Bellozane

My English side boasts a school teacher & a Doctor in history at Oxford university.Hence the Jersey relatives were the Klunks,with the embarassing behaviours and the alcohlisim & physcological disorders,naturally i distance myself!


Increased footfall and increased sales does not necessarily equate to increased profits. This is what the capitalistic, consumeristic machine wants.

I too have seen people analysing goods in store before ordering online. Some even do it whilst in the shop! They know it will be with them within 24 hours, if not the next day, delivered direct to their front door. They will also save money with certain online companies due to no shipping costs, or GST being added. GST has upset a lot of people and accelerated the decline of local retail IMHO.

I can't be bothered to go to town to shop, too much hassle and inconvenience amongst a list of other things....

mallouin how many of these buyers are upfront purchasers and are not using credit cards or H.P. to buy their presents due to not having enough money to buy outright? Anyone not paying upfront could have a big headache come the New Year when the payments become due. Early January tends to be a very gloomy time of year and it is only 4 weeks away!


Mario you are making a huge assumption there with nothing to back it up,not for the first time,they could indeed all of been carrying laundry or ill begotten gains but I like you do not know I can only speak from observation.As you oft tell us you 'never go to town to shop' so the whole experience must pass you by.By all thats right you are miserable,seasons greetings to you sir.


A realist sir and proud of it. Have a great Christmas and if you haven't gone into the red to buy consumeristic junk which will soon end in landfill or an incinerator then you will have a Happy New Year!


oh really

Equally an assumption that increased footfall means more shopping.


Oh dear! read the article and my post,Mario I'm not in a position to buy "consumeristic junk" so the definition does not apply and not all those that shop are either just people trying to have a nice time and soak up some atmosphere which you get little of sat in front of a screen.Thank you for your seasonal wishes and I shall try to enjoy all that my pittance allows.


I priced everything in town this year and then I checked prices of the same things on the internet before buying. I have 2 kids to buy for and I also buy a small gift for all family members etc. I priced what i wanted in town and the total cost was £893.73. However, I bought everything (the same as in town) mostly on Amazon who deduct VAT, for £544.68. Even feel unique failed on the prices. I saved some £350, it will all be delivered to my door wrapped and ready to go under the tree. Internet shopping is the way to go. Town is joke.

Bah humbug


What are you bragging about? Why spend all that money on a set of things people don't need, just so it can end up in the incinerator (or land fill in the UK) - and at the same time the poor in those countries where the stuff was produced will have been milked for every penny for their cheap labour, their environment will have been degraded during the manufacturing process and Amazon will have paid no tax.

Now if you had come on this forum saying that instead of buying a small gift for every family member ("BECAUSE IT'S WHAT I ALWAYS DO")you had made them something edible or given the money to charity in their name, then that would have been something to boast about...

Think about it.

Why not

Cindy is right. Far better that the cash is in her pocket than the person next to her. The thread has nothing to do with tangents on global warming or offshore tax regimes

Hugh Bumba

Well said, Ebenezer.

One only has to take a stroll around the car boot sales in summer time to gauge the huge amount of absolute sh*te that is shipped into the island to be sold to gullible families. It's surprising that kids have room to move in their bedrooms.

Interest is soon lost, new toys have to be bought and anything that can't be moved on goes to landfill or the incinerator.

Why are we allowing this to happen when the planet desperately needs saving? Because planet saving is far and away less important than someone turning a profit. That's why.