Surge in internet shopping is good news for Jersey Post

A SURGE in internet shopping is expected to lead to a huge rise in the amount of parcels and packets being delivered in the run-up to Christmas.


A SURGE in internet shopping is expected to lead to a huge rise in the amount of parcels and packets being delivered in the run-up to Christmas.

As more and more Islanders shop on line, Jersey Post says that they are anticipating a 40 per cent rise in items being sent to the Island by parcel mail compared to the end of 2011.

So far this year, Jersey Post have seen a 28 per cent rise in that part of its business compared with last year.

In December 2011, the company delivered 20 per cent more parcels than in the same period in 2010.

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Comments for: "Surge in internet shopping is good news for Jersey Post"


A large local garden centre had a particular artificial Christmas tree for sale at £190.00. The same tree was sourced on the Internet with total cost being £120.00 delivered to my door and now standing proud and tall in our living room. Yes indeed we have not succumbed to think twice pay twice rubbish, however we have gladly done our bit to keep Jersey post busy.

Local retailers I do feel a wee bit sorry for you, yes you too live in an ever increasingly expensive location and have to Mark your products up to pay for massive mortgages/rents etc but at the end of the day why oh why would I or others like me have bought the above locally.

Indeed some will have thoughts and comments about supporting local jobs etc etc and putting money back into our economy.....that's a laugh with the amount that we are getting hammered for (btw don ever fall for that one as we never see the benefit of it). I will however always put my family first and save on spending where I most other hard working increasingly financially hammered families.

James Wiley

Did you not think of printing off the page and saying to the manager look I can get this for £120 online can you beat that price?

You just cannot do that on Amazon.

Ok in the larger stores the brain dead people may not even understand what you are asking let alone be allowed to make deals, but I bet the smaller locally owned stores where the owner was standing behind the counter would have beaten the price.

I shop in the Central Market and I take the trouble to get to know all the owners, I never pay the advertised price. I visit the side streets, I get to know all the owners I never pay the advertised price.

I see small boutique shops as very much the future for Jersey retail, excellent service from the business owner themselves or a very small staff. All with their own online stores selling to the world.

But this requires Jersey Post to lower the price of postage (why should JP make a profit?) and Jersey people to re-discover the inter-personal skills of the older generation.


Most shops take no notice if you go in there brandishing adverts and bits of paper with a cheaper price elsewhere.

You get a bored voice telling you that they "don't give discounts"


Obviously Shay, if everybody did like you , where will you find work for you family?

the future

And bad news for all the local shopkeepers.


It's a shame the same can't be said for parcels being sent to the UK as gifts. I have stopped sending things as they are held up too long by customs making sure they are not over the allowed value. I now buy online and have things delivered direct as a gift. Loss of revenue for shops and Jersey Post.

Tony B

That is the UK goverment scrabbaling for any penny they can get. Stupid thing is I used to order from UK for delivery in Jersey, and DVD's etc where in Jersey. That gave jobs to Jersey Post and people packing items.


Good call buddy, I do the same. Hell, Amazon will even wrap it for you and put a personalised gift tag on it for a few pennies extra! :-)


how long before they get greedy and start charging the suppliers more resulting in the suppliers like amazon charging the customer to send items to the channel islands,you just know its going to happen they won't be able to resist,,,,,,,,


They (Jersey Post) do not charge suppliers anything, quite the opposite. They are contractually obliged the deliver items sent through the Royal Mail and are paid by the likes of Yodel/Home Delivery Network to deliver parcels on their behalf - Amazon uses Yodel as well as City Link to transport some of the larger items, CD and DVDs are sent by normal post through Royal Mail.

Furthermore Amazon recently forced third party sellers on its site to include the Channel Islands as part of the 'UK' for postal charges meaning that they can only charge you their standard UK delivery charge.

Amazon make enough with people paying for First class delivery to cover the majority of the loss they make with the free 'Super Saver' delivery.

So no, a little bit of research on your behalf would have revealed nothing of the sort you have suggested is possible because JP actually MAKE money by delivering items (those sent through Yodel etc) sent from the likes of Amazon, they do not pay for it, why would they?

James Wiley

NB, do you really think Amazon make a loss on anything they sell at any price?

No they do not, they get cut special deals by the manufacturers on their products.

Amazon does not get the best products because no manufacturer worth their salt will deal with them to that extent, they destroy brands.

Of course any product actually worth having is banned from sale on Amazon or eBay except for those products which are second hand or stolen. It is damaging to a brand to have it sold online and certainly not at a discount.

Keep buying the cheap Chinese crap and I will stick to the German, Japanese and British quality goods. I may pay more but mine will last far longer.

Take the Argos catalogue as another example, they simply arrange with the manufacturer to set a price four times higher than they would otherwise and then give 50% off the price, so the idiots buy the lowest quality products at double the going rate.

I know many Jersey shops who sell on Amazon who are cheaper in store, and it is even cheaper if you ask the owner of the business for a discount and pay with folding bank notes.

You simply have to ask - but you are so used to having everything spoon fed to you it probably did not occur to you that the 'price' is simply an invitation to treat and not a take it or leave it offer.

I avoid the large shops which I agree rip you off particularly the foreign chain stores, but the small owner run businesses are much more competitive especially if you take the trouble to get to know the owner.

If you pay the exorbitant on-line prices then you clearly do not have any skill at shopping offline.

Maybe you are just the sort of person who shops at Argos, Pound World and Amazon because that is all you can afford. Of course as you buy inferior quality goods you will never be able to afford anything else because they will keep breaking.

What I don't understand is why this is GOOD news? How does this help me?

Jersey's tax take is going to fall even further and you know the government just is not going to stop wasting taxpayers money.


Perhaps before you launched into some kind demented tirade you should have actually read what i said?

What i said was that Amazon make enough money back from the price they charge for 'First Class' delivery to cover the loss they make by offering free delivery, i said nothing about them making a loss overall?

I have no idea where you got the idea that Amazon sell cheap, Chinese made rubbish? I can only presume therefore that the Samsung Smart TV i bought recently for £450 less than the prices offered locally must have been made in a different, inferior factory to all the same Samsung TV in stock locally? Such a shame that my inferior Chinese made Samsung will last less time than a Japanese made one, silly me, i should have paid twice as much locally and then it would last me a couple more years.

Or perhaps the DVD i bought from Amazon the other day is of inferior quality compared to the same DVD in HMV or Seedee Jons? Damn, another monetary loss for an inferior product, silly me.

"Of course any product actually worth having is banned from sale on Amazon or eBay except for those products which are second hand or stolen. It is damaging to a brand to have it sold online and certainly not at a discount."

Im sorry, what? Have you ever actually looked at Amazon or are you really just that ignorant?

I could continue being sarcastic but to be honest i haven't the energy - i can only hope your comment was some kind of attempt at a troll because im struggling to understand how you can believe any of what you just said.

You can continue paying over the odds if you wish and ill just go back to enjoying my inferior (but made on the same assembly line) TV if you don't mind?


I am not sure which part of Amazon you're on but considering every major British publisher sells through them as well as several major supermarket chains, I think it's safe to say that they also buy local!

As for your supposed quality British products, next time you buy anything electronic, why not check the back for the "Made in Taiwan" label, then espouse to us some more the virtues of paying over the odds for something that has been imported to Jersey.

Online shopping is cheaper, more convenient and the quality and type of items you can buy is far greater than what you get in King Street.

As for your argument about inferior goods breaking sooner - well, my Argos toaster and Microwave have been with me for nine years now and still going fine.

The washbag where I have stored my toiletries since 2005 was purchased at the Pound Shop as it was, and is bearing up admirably.

As for the books and DVDs I bought from Amazon, they're exactly the same ones as those at local stores, they simply cost less and are delivered straight to my door. :)

James Wiley

We clearly do not have the same definition of quality goods.

I wouldn't buy new electronic goods ever, you can get perfectly good second hand products at a fraction of the price, same goes for DVD's.

They go out of date so fast that you will never get your money's worth.

Six months later they are half the price.

I certainly would not buy books for Amazon they are more expensive (simply because of the £2.80 shipping per item) than other places.

You can shop around even on the internet and yes there are small dealers on the internet you can make deals with, if you put a bit of effort into it.

I have never seen a new Rolex on Amazon and the minute I do, I will know that the brand is finished.

I would stick to Argos if I were you, you are clearly there target market.



A lot of quality British goods are manufactured in China, re-packaged and shipped/sold as British. So I do not follow your argument.


Oh dear. The final line of your comment James is a bit "bitchy".

We are talking about retail experience here. Can't you debate the matter is a mature way without becoming personal?

Amazon is pretty good, I find. I would imagine that an awful lot of people, here and elsewhere, constitute "there" target market. :)



Again, read the whole comment thread. I was using China as an example because it was one that 'James Wiley' had used to indicate inferior quality.


To be frank you sound like a technological Dinosaur with comments like "manufacturer worth their salt will deal with them to that extent, they destroy brands" or "any product actually worth having is banned from sale on Amazon or eBay except for those products which are second hand or stolen" or the absolute corker "It is damaging to a brand to have it sold online and certainly not at a discount"

Clearly you live in another dimension. With the exception of very high value or niche items (like a Rolex) which a buyer prefers to handle before purchase any brand that DOESN'T sell it's products online is consigning themselves to failure, this is fact, not conjecture - welcome to the new millennium.

Finally, as for books being more expensive on Amazon because of the £2.80 postage - almost every product that Amazon sells (and i mean Amazon and not its third party sellers) can be shipped for free - i can only assume you had the "First Class Delivery" option selected. Furthermore they automatically deduct the VAT from all items making it even cheaper.


Looks like Rolex are finished too....

James Wiley

No I would imagine it is that retailer who will be having their account closed very soon.


Gotta love James Whale, proven wrong again and still will never admit it!

“No persons are more frequently wrong, than those who will not admit they are wrong.”

Love & Hugs.



I don't think James is that wrong.

PS3 controllers in Amazon are made in a cheap country. The same controller sold in HMV are the real ones. Same packaging, different product, different qualities ( just need to read the reviews).

Amazon non branded stuff are worth pennies, and you pay for what you get. Obviously Amazon get special deals with suppliers, but don't always expect a bargain,cause it s like B&Q, at the end of the day, it doesn't last for very long.

And for the sake of a few quids, the local retailer will drop their price to match the internet ones. Don't ask you don't get.



You can't compare a third party controller (which you can get anywhere by the way) on Amazon to a Sony branded one in HMV.

Compare the genuine Sony controller on Amazon to the same Sony controller at HMV and you will find not only is the marked price cheaper on Amazon but the VAT will also be deducted from it.

If you compare a Granny Smith and a Golden delicious of course you will get different prices.


Don't forget, Amazon et al, pay little or no corporation tax to the UK government so they have an initial advantage over traditional retailers as well as running out of warehouses in areas of low rates using hourly low paid labour who get no benefits such as holiday pay etc.

They also don't pay our local GST on lower price items which make up the bulk of their sales to Jersey.

If Jersey firms had a level playing field, local prices would tumble.


Don't forget a lot of "Jersey" firms such as De Gruchy, Normans etc are foreign owned and probably don't pay any local corporation tax either, So not all of your argument holds up.

Art Lelai

I think there a lot of businesses in trouble this year, so prices are very low due to desperation to sell.

Someone listing a Rolex on Amazon? They have obviously already lost the agency, that is a business which is going down.

I'm buying this year because once they go the price will shoot back up, inflation is coming. Enjoy the good times whilst they last.


where there's a till there's a way.....


But not good for local retailers!!


i know it is cheaper on line but we still need the shops here in jersey.

i can see a lot of them closing in the new year and a lot more out of work . the www is changing the world to quickly, beware

St Smelier Residence

The only constant in this world is change! Like it or lump it, resistance to change only makes things harder in the long run.

Local businesses will have to adapt or fade away, simple as.


So what your saying is:

"Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated"

St Smelier

No merely that everything is changing into something else, constantly. Its just a question of which changes we choose to embrace, & when.

Tony B

Not always!! What would make a difference is having a company like Lidil on the Island. I wanted a particular type of car battery charger, on line price £50-60, with delivery costs on some. My local branch of Lidil had the same type at £14.99.


Not so good for local traders though.

Bean Abroad

Whilst the local retailers suffer a slow death struggling under huge rents, higher wage costs and sales tax.


Great for keeping local post and parcel men in jobs though so it has a knock on effect! I'd rather put money in their pockets than the overpriced shops! :-)

The Thinker

Shops close. Rental properties vacant. Rents fall. Shops re-open with lower overheads. Cheaper goods.

Not a problem. And great for the long term economy.

Meanwhile Jersey Post thrive. All is not lost.


I don't think rents have fallen very much. Landlords, a large proportion of which are non-resident, seem to be holding out as they can lay off against tax. Is the answer a rates surcharge on empty properties?


it is simple online is half the price do not buy in jersey.endof

Rozel Aubin

At least, on the internet, every transaction doesn't have to be finalised with "Thaire ugheau", delivered with the shop assistant's best Ramsay Street inflection.


I was in a mobile phone shop in queen street on thursday standing at the till wating to be served when a female shop assistant who was in the middle of a transaction saw a friend standing in the queue stopped what she was doing and had a good old chat that is why we use the internet poor service and high prices in jersey shops .

the thin wallet

i too am sick of the blatant over charging for goods .

i now phone round , if you will not give your best price then your off the list.

and then check online with postage .

if i need it tommorow the local shop may get the ring of the till.

lets face it shopping is no longer a life or death situation.

as more and more people ask themselves " do we realy need it".


When you can buy toilet paper, backed beans, canned tomatoes..... cheaper on Amazon, including the cost of getting them here, you know something is wrong.

Simple Sid

You can, I buy food stuffs, would you believe some chilli sauces and stocks are cheaper than they are locally, no parking no rude shop assistants, order on Sunday at my house on Wednesday.


I like my postman. He is far more polite and the people at Jersey Post far more helpful than any retailer on this island. I will continue to order online and be greeted by a friendly face when he comes to deliver my parcels rather than the miserable faces of shop keepers over here.

Oh and its cheaper too!


Interesting perspective, you are right about the postal service. The postman who does Plat Douet Road is great, always has a smile and takes the time to address me by my name ( ok it's on the package ). Most shop assistants could learn a thing or two from the politeness of our postmen and women.


Same as our postman. Always has a smile, never complains about the amount he has to deliver or the weather



Shop assistants are miserable because they are on the minimum wage. Very little to smile about.


Quite right but retailers don't seem to have cottoned on!

Darius Pearce

On the contrary, I no longer have any shop assistants, I now do it all myself.

In my experience as an employer, no one seems to understand that you should 'earn' a wage rather than just get given it for being there. I blame the welfare state. Everyone now believes they are entitled to something for nothing.

Who in their right mind would employ someone? Its just an employment tribunal waiting to happen.

But then I only ever employed Jersey people, maybe that is where I went wrong.


Darius it is good to see a business owner prepared to work, instead of leaving the graft to their workers, who are often paid a pittance by Jersey standards.

I'm surprised you employed Jersey people as you could have got foreign workers for less.

Also don't think foreign workers don't know their rights!


I agree with Mario.

Well done Darius. As a grudgingly reluctant employer it gives me great pleasure to see that you can do away entirely with employees, who are such a drain on the company, and have the satisfaction of keeping all that lovely remuneration to yourself.

the wanted

Pathetic excuse. If they are in a public facing job then they should know about customer care. Its not my fault they are on minimum wage.

I go to spend my money in your shop, the assistant is surly or not interested or even worse can't speak English. I leave your shop without buying. I have a low opinion of your shop because of my experience. I then shop online and recommend it to all my friends. Your shop loses.

This is reality in Jersey. I blame the shop owners who employ assistants who know nothing of brand identity or customer experience.


Its not just reality in Jersey its reality everywhere.


It's become a bit of repetitive, local people continually tell retailers that they prefer the internet due to :

- Lower costs.

- The option of home delivery.

- Poor parking opportunities at town during certain times of the week.

- Unhelpful shop assistants in local stores.

At least three of these issues can be solved by you shopkeepers.. personally I think you've had long enough to milk Joe Public and will relish seeing you endure a slow and agonising death but then I am unkind... :-)

Simple Sid

I have ordered all my Christmas presents from the comfort of my front room.


If you took out Amazon, ebay and booking flights on airlines I bet most people wouldn't be shopping on the net. I only really shop from amazon as they take most of the VAT off and have free shipping and no quibble returns. I had an MP3 player that I bought from a local shop go wrong after 2 weeks and they weren't interested. Many local retailers don't take VAT off. At least the net gives people another option.


The local shop is obliged to give a refund in respect of defective goods.


Not only that but alot of local shops adding shipping/import charges onto products after taking VAT off. (or in other words just dont bother taking VAT off)


I'm not at all surprised.

My mum makes greetings cards as a hobby, so I was looking to buy her some stuff for that. The difference in online prices to Jersey retailers is absolutely staggering, it literally beggars belief

FAO James Wiley

I tried your tactic of getting a discount. I was told to shut the door on my way out!

Darius Pearce

Your points simply do not reflect my experience.

I am generally the lowest priced retailer on Amazon for the goods I sell (except for a few instances where people are selling grey imports, clearance or bankrupt stock, or stolen goods, at way below cost),

I sells things even cheaper in my shop in Jersey, (because online retailing is a lot more expensive with all the buyer fraud, returns, and other additional costs involved)

I am delighted to confirm that each and every time (yes on every single occasion) someone in Jersey has purchased something from me online, they have always bought the item back to the shop and changed for something more suitable to their requirements from the selection in store.

The question is why did they not simply come to the shop in the first place?

Am I really the only retailer in Jersey for whom this is true?

Just Curious

So, would that be round about two people in Jersey who 'purchased on line and bought (sic) the item back to the shop and changed for something more suitable to their requirements from the selection in store',

or do you get a constant stream of them?

Fascinating procedure, if it turns out to be the norm. They must like the convenience of the internet combined with the personal touch!

Darius Pearce

Well it is not a huge amount of my sales (maybe 0.5%). In November I had five internet sales to Jersey residents, (or rather four plus one who saw it was me online then phoned to discover they were cheaper in the store so just came down to the store to buy the watch instead and get the better price).

Parktown Prawn


Excluding postage & packaging, may I ask why you make it more expensive to buy online rather than visit your shop?

Are you trying to make a point of getting customer's into your shop instead?

Postage and packaging aside, surely the price for an item should be the same whether you visit your store or buy it online??????


Can't say I have ever bought in line then taken it back. I do my research.


Re NB, Samsung is Korean not chinese. Much better quality.


Another one who can't be bothered to read the whole comment string.

I did not say Samsung were Chinese, just read the damn thread.

Prawn to be free

'chinese made samsung'. Seems clear to me and Me. And Him.


Anything makes sense if you take it out of context, completely ignore the comment to which was being replied, and miss the sarcastic tone of the entire post.

The comment from which you have selectively quoted was in reply to a suggestion that Amazon sells on Chinese made rubbish, it was pretty clear to everyone else that if anything i was saying my Samsung TV was exactly the same as the one you could buy in a shop locally.

If you are both incapable of reading properly and then deducing the context for yourself then I would suggest that is your problem, not mine.

christoper columbus

Internet shopping is great, especially with a glass a wine or two, ive booked a few nice breaks in france under the influence and never looked back... Amazon rocks

christoper columbus

all from the comfort of your own room. i work in retail service is suberb but still shop online myself but be aint all that bad with customer service you know, where i work we all speak english