States pay claim: 'Prove that nurses are valued'

A NURSING representative has challenged the States Employment Board to show that nurses and midwives are valued when considering the public sector pay claim.

A nursing union representative wants the States Employment Board to recognise the value of Jersey's nurses
A nursing union representative wants the States Employment Board to recognise the value of Jersey's nurses

A NURSING representative has challenged the States Employment Board to show that nurses and midwives are valued when considering the public sector pay claim.

The SEB, which negotiates and sets States pay, was today due to meet to discuss its latest offer to all public sector workers of a one-off payment this year and one per cent rise and one-off payment next year, and a four per cent increase in 2014 dependant on the acceptance of changes to terms and conditions.

In an open letter to the board, Kenny McNeil, chairman of the staff side of the Nurses and Midwives Joint Executive, urged members to use the opportunity to 'prove to nurses that they are valued by the States of Jersey.'

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Comments for: "States pay claim: 'Prove that nurses are valued'"

Sir Gerry Pending

whether in a minor or major way the hospital and its staff will serve all of us at some point in our lives and I would certainly agree that frontline staff such as nurses are certainly worth rewarding financially.

The pay of one senior civil servant who pushes paper around all day and has nothing to show for it at the end could probably pay the salaries of several nurses and I think everyone knows that latter are far more important then the former!

Johnny Le Maistre

Nurses starting wage is higher than that of a junior doctor. Junior doctors work up to 90 hours per week and rarely less than 50 and have spent at least 5 years of intense study at university. They also make the life changing decisions that nurses don't. Sort this out first and stop winging nurses!

santas little helper

Yes the doctors study longer but nurses do not get paid more, and from 2013 all nursing will be graduate entry.

Johnny Le Maistre

The nurses do get paid more than Junior doctors. Thats interesting to hear the graduate entry lets hope the education department are aware and encouraging young locals to do a degree with purpose.

percy egre

The nurses do an excellent job but come on lets face reality they cannot expect a high award in this economic climate


This is a fair comment. Pay is not about being valued. Every public, private and charity worker should be valued. The key issue is whether we are able to recruit and keep enough nurses of the right calibre.

Captain Caveman

Well said, everyone should be valued, it doesn't and shouldn't however automatically equate to a pay rise in austere times.

Personally I'm happy with it (I'm not a nurse)


Why change of terms and conditions , that's giving with one hand and taking with the other , and before we have everyone on here saying we get 40 to 50 grand a year , dream on I and hundreds of PSW do not get any where near that , and for all your information we have not had a above or for that matter cost of living pay rise for 6 years , time for the union to do something for the workers


direct action is needed not unions they dont do anything but take your money


What is the point of such emotive language?

We value our nurses but the public sector must realise that the private sector that pays them is in a bad way and getting worse.

Already States workers get terms unheard of in the private sector re pensions

Look at our Police force that costs a fortune but which is never where you expect it


The Police are stationed in Rouge Bouillon and patrol all of the island. Where do you expect them to be?

No don't answer that it will just start a long winded debate detracting from the original storey.

I hope the nurses negotiate a good deal for themselves fairly balanced against the needs of the Island.


plagne that's because many of the private sector workers have roled over and haven't stood up for themselves.

Re-pensions. A work pension is a must unless you want to work till you drop, and in so doing take away a job from a younger person. There are too many unemployed as there is without compounding the issue.


it is the nurses who heal you not doctors.use your common sense

Captain caveman


Too much ER I think


They don't even know they're born. I've had a total of 2% over the last 4 years. I would be happy just with the 4% guarantee in 2014, never mind all these lump sum payments.

F le maistre

Small minded comments as always. This forum should be called grumpy begrudging old gits who know nothing of what they comment on nor have ever put themselves in the front line.........and if they did they would value those who do. The states are holding all to ransom and squeezing everyone with ridiculous offers that actually mean pay cuts and loss of earnings in the long run............. "Depending on acceptance of changes to terms and conditions"........ are you having a laugh. I am not a nurse, but value they work they do with the realisation that it is not all just taking temperatures and helping old ladies out of chairs.


Yes we do get a pension , but we pay in to it out of our wages,and yes i do know im born like i said we have not had a rise for 2 years now ,and the ones before where below the cost of living, not like the states members that have given themselve a £30 a week rise and don,t believe some of them saying they are not taking it ,


Those of the members who are not taking the rise this year are probably getting the one they didn't take last year because it is now basic pay. Despite not taking a rise, their pay will increase by whatver the rate was last year.

There may be exceptions but I don't expect to find them.

I don't mind them having a rise but let's not kid ourselves.


States of Jersey employed Tradesmen wages range from £28000 to £32500.

SOJ employed Nurses range from £30000 to £50000.

SOJ Human Resources employees wages range from £32000 to £58000!

SEB Get your priorities right.


I say get rid of the over paid Human Resources staff who are nothing more then glorified pen pushes who dictate to the front line workers what they can do or cannot do. Give a decent wage to those that properly serve this Island and allow the important front line workers to make all the important decisions.


The rise is actually =

Yr 1 = 1% Permanent

Yr 2 = 1% Permanent

Yr 3 = 3% Permanent

This is because years 1 & 2 each have a vanishing 1%. In Yr 3 the 4% increase is reduced to 3% because 1% is lost and the same happened in Yr 2.

5% in Yr 1 and no rise for the next 2 years would be a better rise than the concoction currently on offer.

How about

Yr 1 = 2% Permanent

Yr 2 = 3% Permanent

Yr 3 = 0%


I would put money on the changes meaning that their T&C's will be erroded and it wouldn't surprise me if the states will claw back more than they give out over the next few years.

If this is the case then there will be even more of a problem getting nurses, Jersey is a very expensive place to live. Not like in temps passe.

Surely some downsizing of management could be made. The monies saved could be given to the nurses instead. These are the ones making a difference to peoples lives.


jersey is blind to reality


My recent experience of our health service has been of Doctors and nurses desperately trying to gets hold of notes, make appoints or verify appointments, chasing lost or erroneous communications because the highly paid civil servants who are supposed to organise all this either can’t or won’t.