Plémont: Hundreds more back trust’s campaign to buy site

THE National Trust for Jersey's campaign to persuade the States to buy Plémont headland gained more support at the weekend when hundreds more Islanders signed cards to be sent to their politicians.

A public meeting about the future of Plémont is to be held next week
A public meeting about the future of Plémont is to be held next week

THE National Trust for Jersey's campaign to persuade the States to buy Plémont headland gained more support at the weekend when hundreds more Islanders signed cards to be sent to their politicians.

Despite the strong wind and rain, trust members stood in King Street throughout Saturday to speak to members of the public, and more passers-by signed the Love Plémont cards than the 650 who filled them in on the previous Saturday.

Over 5,000 of these cards have now been sent to States Members before they make their decision on Tuesday, 11 December about whether the Island should buy the headland for returning back to nature.

Chief Minister Ian Gorst and Assistant Chief Minister Sir Philip Bailhache are inviting members of the public to an open meeting about the issue on Wednesday, 5 December at the Town Hall at 7.30 pm.

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Comments for: "Plémont: Hundreds more back trust’s campaign to buy site"

You tube Video to save Plemont

Am I missing something?

The comments on this website have been overwhelmingly in favor of NOT buying this land... Where do you get your headlines JEP? - Do you not pay attention to your own site?


Yup, your missing the bit where the JEP says in the above "Hundreds more JEP readers back trust's campaign to buy site". It doesn't say that though does it so the JEP is just reporting the fact that hundreds more people backed the trusts campaign. Whats that got to do with what comments are on here?

C Le Verdic

Is 'overwhelmingly' in the same league as 'common sense'? Subjective?

From the other side, the word might be 'disappointingly'.


If the 5000 cards, representing perhaps about one fifth of households, were sent in with a cheque for £400 each (on the basis of the land costing £10M)? When this happens, then I will take this kind of statement seriously. It is a lovely idea, this un-spoilt north-west coastline, but what is not going to be built: a pediatric ward in the new hospital? Or, will Mr Corbel agree to flat-lining civil service pay for a while? There is an argument that the NT should raise all the funds.


Nice ideas. As 5,000 people are efficiently "moved by the subject" to fill out the cards, perhaps they should be billed on that basis? But, let's face it - people sign stuff on the street when faced with some enthusiast with a clipboard.

Just please don't ask me to spend money [via The States] for a lump o heathland somewhere up the back end of nowhere. Never been there, never will, and I only know where it is thanks to Google Earth.


This will make no difference.

Think of the 10,000 drawing a line on the sand.

Our planners no longer act in our interest.

Le Monkey Face

" I have to say, I love the irony of the National Trust campaigning for the environment by sending out 5000 cards to States Members. Think of all the trees!" - A Friend with more sense.


On Recycled paper FYI

C Le Verdic

It always amuses me to hear people going on about trees and paper. Do they imagine that paper comes from hardwood in the Amazon Basin?

The 'rain forests' in question are managed on a fifteen year cycle in places like Scandinavia and Scotland. I don't doubt that they are rainy but they are certainly not disappearing, with replanting continually compensating for harvesting.

Even these pulp producing forests come under criticism from people who would rather have the land as grouse moors.

Perhaps if Plémont hosted game birds the money would appear very quickly.


Channel TV online voting 85% against Plemont purchase,should be interesting public meeting December 5th!

Mark G

As of 18:05 27/11/2012

"Do you want the States to spend £8 million on buying Plemont?"

Yes (16.89%)

No (83.11%)

says it all! now the problem is getting the States members to listen o the public and not a handful of tree huggers.


The majority are only thinking of the monetary cost of the purchase, not the importance of the site as an undeveloped area.

Mark G

The money is a major factor in this debate because on one hand the States says theres no money and on the other the CM wants to spend millions. But if you look at the other factors like what will happen to the land the public are no better off than if the developer builds his houses. The trust are to turn the land into fields and so the public will gain no further access than they already have. The horse bolted over 10 years ago when the site was up for sale by the then owners of the holiday camp, why did the States allow a private sale back then?


How hypocritical! I and many others have recognised the beauty, loveliness and splendour of Plemont. We're saying that despite that, huge amounts of taxpayers' money shouldn't be spent on this - there are numerous other priorities.

And yet try to find recognition from the NT or supporters that what they are demanding is to spend Other People's Money on something Other People (rather a lot of us)don't want to spend our money on. Their view absolutely disregards how much money is involved, and if they mention a number, it is only to belittle it. When I raised this with a prominent member of the NT, she looked at me as though I was talking Klingon. Just didn't get it at all.

Yes, it would be great if Plemont was preserved, but can you answer, how much is too much? And why can't all those who Love Plemont so passionately stump up the cash?


Don't think I've ever seen the island so divided! It appears the majority are against but the ones for are certainly heavily for it! Going to be interesting...

C Le Verdic

Probably most of them weren't even here at the time of the Queen's Valley campaign. Finance was only in its nappies then.


States members don't listen to the public at all ....remember GST


So, the National Trust for Jersey are campaigning for the environment by sending out 5000 cards? Which are made out of trees?

You could not make up that sort of irony!

Anyway, for those of us against the States wasting money on such things, it's time you got as involved as the NTJ are and get emailing and calling your States Members to get them to vote against this proposal!

The NTJ are very well organised (they even have a theme song!), so if it's something that matters to you, you can't be complacent.

Mr Sensible

What this over 5000 cards signed, well the island has over 100000 inhabitants so why should the minority have their way.

Most people signing petitions like this really don't give a damn, and are usually forced into signing just to appease the person putting the pen in their hand.

I for one do not want my tax to be used for saving a bit of land, which in 2 years or so will be forgotten about.

Instead with the money lets give our nurses the pay rise they deserve

C Le Verdic

It's sad when minority interests have the power to ruin the island.

Even worse when the majority are clearly to blame!

Judge Jeffrie

Okay, the gloves are off. Therefore let us not second guess public sentiment on this issue; let's have a referendum and put the issue to bed once and for all. Rather that than being forced fed by the Council of Ministers, again.

the thin wallet

let us not forget how many signed the pettion against gst.

and the development of the waterfront.

stop squandering taxpayers money.

Warren J

I just hope these supporters are also including large signed cheques with their cards !

Mark G

And wheres my card to send to reject this issue? i would say that there would be more than 5000 rejections if they were given the chance! If the States what to represent the majority of the island and spend millions on a piece of land then they should set up a referendum or survey so that people have an avenue to make thier voices heard! My one email to a deputy is not going to be heard is it?


Problem solved! There are clearly so many who care about this so much - they can easily quadruple the total raised so far by the NT and pay for it themselves. This would be a great result all round - they can feel they have made a real contribution to something they care so passionately about and not have to make the rest of us spend our hard earned.

Can anyone from the NT please respond as to why not?

Mr Og

Why pay for this site,

What are you thinking??

Just take 2 thirds for nothing.

Let go, move on.


It seems the only ones who want to purchase Plemont with public money are those that have too much money of their own or are actual NT members.

We that wish for public money to be spent on more important issues should accept the fact our government will pander to the NT. Therefore we should wait for the next election to show what we think of those that don't listen, after-all two thirds is better then nothing, I wish someone would give me land for free. ;-)

I Pasdenom

Spent part of Sunday with some friends at Plemont, they admitted they'd signed to 'save' Plemont because the person asking them to claimed it was so the public could enjoy it etc etc (no mention that we wouldn't own it)

I took great pleasure of showing them some of the amazing views from the cliff path (that we currently own) and then telling them that they wouldn't be allowed there if the NTfJ owned it, same again from a few different parts of the headland.

Then I took them a few hundred feet in land, to a much less inspired view and told them that's where the 'cliff' path would be relocated.

They feel quite cheated by this campaign!


What planet are you on?

All of the land will be open to the public so please do not lie about things you obviously do not know all of the facts to.


I Pasdenom is against this issue as he obviously puts money first before all else. He is the sort of Philistine who would vote for high rise flats in Howard Davis Park if it meant making a bit of money. (S)He's one who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing.


How much is too much egalitarian? Answer!!


Yes we were stopped on saturday and didn't sign for this at all ....simply a waste of tax payers money .....5000 sent to states members ,simply get these 5000 to chip in to buy this land very simple!!


5,000 postcards filled in and posted to States members, how very green of the National Trust!!


Absolute joke. If ever there is an example of a lack of democracy or a blinkered perception of public view this is it. We are not beneficiaries of the National Trust, effectively subbing a members only club.


Plemont could be easily funded with a levy on commercial developers profits islandwide.It wouldn't take long,would put something back and would not affect the average tax payer.


Good one on the radio this morning from Mr Southern talking about the national trust paying back the States. He start his speech with something down those lines: "Everybody is facing some cuts in those difficult time..."

That s a bit big coming from him after being the only only one in favor of a pay rise. His words on the occasion were: Because I am worth it !!!

What a joke, he ll be perfect on red nose day !!!

mark g

big difference between £800 and £8000000 or higher!


But the principle is the same.


Don't buy this land... i thought the island was struggling. Compulsary purchase! I thought there needed to be overwhelming reasons that impact the island before for this could be done.

Area of outstanding beauty... Has no one noticed the ugly old holiday village? This new plan isn't exactly bad looking and will improve the area.

Once the land has been bought, how much to then clear the building and develop the land back to nature? That wouldn't be cheap either.

I like the look the plans and don't think it will ruin the area. If there was nothing but fields there right now, then that would be different, but we he have an ugly exisiting building there.

Real Truthseeker

This approach by giving the NTfJ a ten year loan for the balance is a great idea! Solves all the problems.

mark g

best idea yet....agree. if over 5000 people want it then they can pay for it! you can,t knock this idea.


I heard Deputy Southern recommending a loan rather than a buy out by the states to the national trust. Now that sounds like a win win, people who want it to go back to nature win, people who dont want to give away all that money win. Almost everyone is a winner. Sounds like a good idea but surely it must have already been looked into by now? You would certainly hope so!

Also, with regards to money veing spent elsewhere, say the a new hospital, well we cant just pay out millions in one go and expect it to be built, surely the payments are spread over the years it takes to build it during which time the national trust can be repaying their debt. Just my thoghts.


I really cannot believe all of the mis-information on here. I am a bit stunned actually.

All I am going to say to everyone is that there is a meeting being advertised to take place at the town hall next wednesday at 7.30pm.

If you would like to know more about the whole subject then this is your chance to learn more.

You can either agree or disagree with the proposal but there is a lot of information on here that is just not correct.


Steven, are you saying that taxpayers aren't being asked to pay millions and millions for a piece of land that the NT and its supporters value themselves at less than three million quid? What else is relevant?

Marie Whitehouse

How about the National Trust for Jersey paint the holiday camp green for a year?

That should enhance their credibility!


The only thing that would be a compromise between maintaining a natural environment and a housing estate would be to create a golf course.

The island needs one, we should be targetting that sort of tourist and it would be comercially viable all-round. It might even get a few people to visit this beautiful bit of coastline that hardly anyone does at present.

Nobody can say that we can afford £8m to buy it with States money, and I can't believe anyone wants another Portlet debacle, so a real option needs to be proposed. Judging by the number of dog walkers that use the Royal Jersey, it isn't hard to imagine that it could work for both golfers and non-golfers alike.


Plemont was never suited to that holiday camp, permitted in a bygone age when they were placed as far away and out of sight of the general public as possible.We've seen what replaced Portelet holiday camp and how it ruined a beautiful area.Stop the rot, negate the precedent to build over previous mistakes, save Plemont and return it to nature.

C Le Verdic

Realist, you deserve the soubriquet, even though self styled.

Well said. Jersey take note.