Fundraisers spend a night in cardboard boxes in a car park

MORE than 60 Islanders braved strong winds and a cold November night to sleep in Pier Road car park to raise money for charity on Saturday.

Caroline Evans, Angela Keenan and St Lawrence Constable Deidre Mezbourian
Caroline Evans, Angela Keenan and St Lawrence Constable Deidre Mezbourian

MORE than 60 Islanders braved strong winds and a cold November night to sleep in Pier Road car park to raise money for charity on Saturday.

And it looks as though the charity could be in for a major fundraising total - with just 20 sponsorship forms in, the event has already raised £9,000.

Those who took part were allowed one blanket or sleeping bag and one cardboard box, but organiser Jon Hackwood said that every one of the 66 people who took part had managed to get some sleep - although he said that some looked bleary-eyed the next morning.

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Comments for: "Fundraisers spend a night in cardboard boxes in a car park"


Well done for trying those who partook in this event.

However it looks to me as if they had nice, cosy jackets, warm boots and even pillows. Not quite the reality that those who sleep regularly on the streets have to face.


the real hereos. god bless you


My son slept out and believe me he did not have warm boots and a cosy jacket,and I was there to drop him off and collect his and I never saw one pillow and he is still very cold even 2 days on, so no not everyone was warm and cosy, and remember where Pier Road car park is and the wind was gale for 9 on Saturday/Sunday. Attend these things before you actually comment please, now doubt you were tucked up in your nice bed !!!!!


Well said Annie.


Indeed I was tucked up in bed, and I am looking at the picture in the JEP not of your son!

I applaud the concept, but I know more about real homelessness and street sleepers than you probably know, and this did not reflect the day to day existence of these poor people.


It was not suposed to be a refection of what they go through just an awareness of their plight. In fact because of this event there are now more people willing to go out and provide support for people who need it. If you know so much about the subject then lets lobby the states to see if we can set up more places for them to stay.


We could always build another carpark, Karen.


They had bacon rolls on tap in the morning.

I can't say that I have seen the same facility laid on for the people who have no option but to sleep in there.

I would imagine that they don't have anyone to drop them off or collect them, either.


You clearly are missing the point instead of sitting on your computer making negative comments go and do something for someone else.


They had bacon rolls made available in the morning.

I can’t say that I have seen the same facility laid on for the people who have no option but to sleep in there. Perhaps the money raised could be used for that.

I would imagine that they don’t have any champagne socialists to drop them off or collect them, either.


@1 yes how dare they try to kid themselves that they know just how it feels.

Next time they should do without warm clothes and risk hypothermia.

Or possibly, they could continue to get an inkling into the reality while, more importantly, they give publicity and (hopefully) much needed funds to the charities named in the JEP.


yes thats right j g .

it makes a mockery of the real people that have to sleep out in the cold for real . but i do think it is nice for the guys to raise money although i dont think it should have been like this . some do gooders do it for a pat on the back and something to talk about while thay stuff there face at the xmas party .


Great to see so many people care about others less fortunate than themselves, bless them!


Of course the money-raisers are going to have some warm clothing, the regular residents have the advantage of six cans of Special Brew in them to while away the long evenings!


To make it feel more realistic, perhaps they should have got plastered on cheap booze and then spent the rest of the evening fighting, vomiting, shouting obscenties at passers-by etc.

Sorry but Jersey is an affluent island which has a nice warm homeless shelter for those in need - people are only turned away if they are drunk, abusive etc. There's no need for anyone in Jersey to be sleeping rough, even the homeless are given money by Income Support to pay for food and Shelter accomodation. If certain people choose to spend this money on booze, and thus have to sleep in a carpark or on a bench, then I have very little sympathy for them.

Take a look at some of the "poor" homeless around Parade Gardens - do they look hungry, miserable and in need of help, like the homeless in London? Nope, they are well-fed, and always have plenty of cigarettes and alcohol. I'd happily give charity to the cats home, but anyone who gives money to the shelter for these layabouts is a mug.


What a wicked man you are! Do you really feel the need to slate charity helpers... Not all homeless people drink and vomit or whatever rubbish you choose to come out with. Let's hope that karma does never come back on you...vulgar man. Maybe you should redeem yourself and do a charitable deed? Then again people like you just seem to criticize others for your own self amusement.


I used to walk past some of the people to whom you refer and I never found them to be abusive in any way. Are you sure you're not just trying to cause trouble for people who are less fortunate than yourself?


Well done to all who took part a great way to raise money for this charity. And much praise to the organisers without whom this money would not have been raised for those that need it. So to those that think this was not the ' real thing' of homeless sleeping out, just think about those who will benefit. Well done to all.


I wonder if the homeless were allowed to stay in the car park that night? These peolpe were hardly roughing it like the homeless do, they would be kicked out of carparks normally.


I don't remember seeing you there or maybe you made a donation or sponsored someone or perhaps you are just one of those people who likes to moan at what others are trying to do. Yes it was very cold there and no it was not outside in the rain and wet weather like some of the homeless are but you know what we got off our backside and raised awareness of the plight of the homeless people. We did welcome the homeless to come and stay there in fact a couple of ex homeless people came and talked openly to us about how it felt. Also it gave the charities a much needed forum to in list the help of us so called do gooders to go out there and help them on a regular basis. See you there next year maybe Cheryl ( I wont hold my breath)



It's all very conspicuous.


And self congratulatory


Karen, yes actually attitude like that puts me right off spending a night with you next year. Great role model for the cause.


How condescending and downright argumentative are you Karen?

You have put me right off doing anything more to help this situation. I made a donation but will not be doing anything else because of your attitude.

As a charity spokesperson you are doing untold damage !!!


What a fantastic voice for the charity initiative you are, Karen.

Pierre Roadway

They should have done an exchange, whereby the middle-class people who wanted to make a statement could go and stay in the car park (as they did) while the usual inhabitants of the car park could be put up at their house.

Now that would be an act of charity, rather than some "champagne socialist" PR stunt!

It will be interesting to see where the nine grand goes- my bet is that those who do live in the car park won't see a penny of it.



How dare you call us Champagne Socialist it was not a PR stunt and I for one would have been more than happy to swap with a homeless person for the night I suggest you keep your horrible negative comments to the rubbish bin where they deserve to be.

People work very very hard to raise money to help these people they give up their time to help do YOU.


Totally agree Karen, bet Pierre was tucked up nicely in his bed. My son is 17 years old, no PR stunt or anything else, he wanted to see what was going on in Jersey unfortunately a lot of people like Pierre shout their mouths off (like many Jersey people do) but don't actually get off their bottoms and help the situation, I know that money will go to a good cause, everyone stop moaning, bad mouthing those who slept out and get out in the real world and help people less fortunate than yourselves.

Pierre Roadway

Bit of a silly comment that, Annie. It doesn't take much brain to deduce that most people would have been in bed during the night. I don't have statistics to hand, but I imagine that it would be at least eighty per cent.

The fact that that is so does not disqualify someone from having an opinion, as your comment would seem to suggest. It also does not mean that they do good themselves. Apart from the given and visible stunt, when else have you "got off your bottom" (your words) to do good for others?

No-one here has yet answered the question as to where the money will go. My thinkng on that point remains the same, namely that I doubt whether any of those who live in the car park will see a penny of it.

Pierre Roadway

Good evening Karen. Yes, I do help others. Furthermore, I have an opinion, to which I am entitled, as are you.

If you are, as you say, more than happy to swap places with a homeless person then you could do so at any time; the suggestion within your post is that you would have been happy to do so while the camera was poised, which rather reinforces the argument that this activity was more of a publicity stunt than an act of true altruism.

If you mean what you say, then there is nothing to stop you practicing what you are clearly preaching.

I note in passing that you stoop to making unhelpful comments when referring to the thoughts of others. Many who profess to help others are similarly aggressive in the dealings with their neighbours. Their charm and false smiles only emerge when there is a camera or a reporter in the vicinity.


oh by the way , i got the t shirt seen the video and BEEN there , didn't like it .oh and thank god for the shelter trust and all the staff who do every thing they can to get people back on there feet .and just remember that it could be you for real one day !.


See where liberal guilt will take you, even to patronising the homeless by spending a single night in a car park, I want to be sick.


It's like a student rag week stunt!


You make me wish there was a "like" button for your comment Pete!


I never thought it possible that intellect (or lack of) would deteriorate into a slanging match like some of the above. I saw some really determined people making a stand about the plight of the homeless in Jersey last Saturday night. All sorts of scenarios can lead to people being without a roof over their heads. Continually blaming, those that end up in that situation achieves nothing more than a cascade of 'I'm alright Jack' snd animosity to other human beings. So when £15,000 is raised for a cause that is so life threatening to people (like any illness or accident) - people pile in there with more negativity, for the albeit helpless. Well done to all those that took part - you were ALL absolutely brilliant and I am so proud of you.


Thank you Wrecker it makes it all worthwhile when a few people are positive and proud. Thanks


Totally agree Karen, I am very pround of everyone who took part and my son is going to do it again next year but people of Jersey (I am Jersey born and bred) please stop slagging people off and help those less fortunate than yourselves, it will make you a better person and you will see life in a whole new light.


I haven't seen "people of Jersey" or indeed people from anywhere else slagging off the fundraisers here.

What I have seen is people making observations from those who have shown an interest in the news article, together with the defensive responses from those who claim to have been involved with the exercise and who seem to want to gain some sort of public recognition for having done so.

Well done to all involved.


Well done indeed, wouldn't it be wonderful to see a J.E.P. headline 'ALL STATES MEMBERS DONATE A WEEK'S SALARY TO THE HOMELESS' - suppose it's nice to dream eh?? I wouldn't pay one of the current members in brass washers. Jersey started it's downhill slide when the honorary states members ceased to exist - where are the likes of Reg Jeune, Fred Clarke, Clary Dupre etc., these days? those men knew what they were talking about.


There are some revealing opinions on here. Essentially there is a lack of empathy that those who feel strongly about the homeless, have been homeless or suffer pain to fund raise might find emotive. Most of the aggressive writing is from those who are not appreciating those who have suffered or care. A 'slanging match' is only termed as an 'argument' in the English Dictionary. The same argument I will make when I sleep out next year.


I found from reading the above that much, if not most, of the aggression came from those who claimed to have participated in, or been involved in the event.

It seems that many who took part wish to make the fact that they did so conspicuous, which rather makes one question the subjective motives of some.

Homelessness does seem to be a problem, as evidenced by the number of people who I see in the car parks from time to time. They tend to be very pleasant people.

The estimate elsewhere on this site that there are only 2 or 3 homeless people at any one time is woefully off of the mark; I would guess that the real figure is ten times that or perhaps even more.

Well done and best of luck for next time.

Be Charitable

Funny... the same old horrible comments again about people who have spent time raising money for people less fortunate than themselves... I just can't get over the ignorance of many people in Jersey... it just makes me feel so very very sad... honestly.. it just is the most unbelievable thing i have heard... u get a good bunch of people, who take their time to raise some cash.... and it gets turned around into 'these people are drunks..blah blah blah....'... sad... very very sad... have you never needed help from anyone? friends? family?... some people do not have this... ignorant and pathetic u really are!


Firstly I have to say well done for your chartiable act, but secondly having lived and worked with London street homeless in a voluntary capacity and worked at the Jersey Shelter there is a huge difference, but then again this is Jersey......people trying to good but without the actual doing. It is better to give you time to people to better understand then to give your money. See the real world and not what you think the real world is.


Well done to all who participated in this event. It is such a shame to see such negative comments by some but thankfully others have recognised the benefits of this event.


I was there on Saturday night. I joined in to raise awareness of a very real problem and to help raise money, not to “mock” or "patronise" the homeless.

Of course, I do not consider that, having spent just one night in a car park, that I know how it feels to be homeless. How could any of us possibly know how that really feels unless we have had the misfortune of really being homeless? Yes, we had some food provided and we had security guards on patrol. And yes, we all knew we had a home to go back to after our night out. I can’t begin to imagine the despair that the “real” homeless must feel waking up each morning knowing that they face more of the same and that, for them, it isn’t just for one night.

Everybody is entitled to an opinion but I, for one, am glad that I have been a part of this event. I’m sorry if any of the “real” homeless people were offended by our efforts to raise money and awareness. It was meant to help, not offend. For anybody else who has not been homeless but was still offended then I’m sorry but I think that says more about you than it does about me. As for some of the comments made about the homeless, the saying “don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes” springs to mind.

I’ve raised over £800 in sponsors and, oh my, what a horrible person I must be(!) but that does make me feel good! I feel confident that the money I have raised will go to where it is needed. Furthermore, having managed to raise that money reminds me that there are people out there who have some compassion for their fellow human beings and are still prepared to put their hands in their pockets and give a little to help others even at a time when many of us are already having to tighten our belts. So thanks to everybody who sponsored me, to Jon who organised the event and to everybody else who played their part in it.


Do we know where the money will be going? Will it directly benefit those who live in the car parks?


Cheryl agree with ur comment, shes made a point, why should we kick them out of car parks, its morally wrong. Im all for raising awareness lets just do it properly when we do it so we show them we really do rough it and yes id be up to support this next time.


Karen, attitude like that is hardly doing the cause good. People are allowed to have an opinion, some actually do have a point worth saying....


It's very aggressive, isn't it? I always wonder exactly what aggressive do gooders are trying to prove. Surely if they really wanted to do good they would do it in peace and without trying to make a statement for themselves.


It is a shame to see such negative comments over this.

I raised £364 and I sent a cheque to Grace Trust yesterday.

Maybe all the keyboard warriors posting negative comments should actually take part in the charity sleep out next year? They might have a different view on things then..

Well done to all that took part.

Wrecker with an attitude like Julie's ;-) . Perhaps a bit frustrating though that people are almost apologising for their inner strength for others. Let the love shine through and the world will be a better place.


Well done to those who stayed over night to raise money. People, please dont compare what they did to real homeless, as you can never do such a thing, some homeless dont have jackets etc, and yes some are filled up with special brew, but what they were trying to achieve was to raise awareness and to raise money, which they succeeded in doing.

If they had chosen to do a bungy jump instead for the cause, people would still moan that it wasnt relevent. Well done guys.


A sponsorship form came around at our place of work, but reading the whole spiel on it I realised that the money being raised was going towards paying for the Freedom church instead of going to the homeless shelter!

I don't mind giving money to the homeless but not to a cult.

the wanted

Whats the betting that Karen is a member of this church?

Frank Le Maistre

How many rough sleepers are there in Jersey at the moment?

Deep Chokra

2-3 max at any one time Frank but is that the point?

Joyce Chokri

2-3 max???????????????? where di you get those figures from or is thta how far you can count.

Well done to all who took part.. by the way there is a difference between a cult and a religion..

arrow me point

Why doesnt that kind of comment surprise me in Jersey. Do you work in the "Finance Industry"?! Each one is surely someone in dire straights.

real homeless person

it is disgusting that people are slagging this off. i have found myself homeless in the past and have been helped by these charities they were raising money for. i hope the people slagging them off children become homeless and see how you like it. disgusting rich snobs same old jersey

I'm all right Jacques.

I would have been homeless if it were not for Caring-Hands/Sanctuary House. I take my hat off to all those who took part and supported the sleep-out. It has been encouraging to see the public donate both time and food,clothing etc to us and I thank you all. I appreciate that we all have a right to our opinions, but negative comments are just that. Negative!


Congratulations to every one who took part in this, I think you are all fantastic. I would do lots of things for charity but I am not sure how I would cope all night in a car park! I cannot believe the awful comments that have been posted regarding this, its an absolute cheek! I agree that those criticising were probably tucked up in bed.

Thank you to those of you who have worked so hard to raise money for the homeless. There are plenty of us who think you are amazing.


Well done to you all but next yesr try Patiotic Street car park because that is where you will experience proper hardship.


Well done to all involved for highlighting this issue.

No one in Jersey should have to sleep rough. Surely everyone agrees with that.


'No one in Jersey should have to sleep rough' - including those who just arrived off the boat that morning?

Jersey has an unsustainable population and a better alternative would be to give the newly arrived a boat ticket home


What kind of a person thinks that the suitable way to treat another human being is to leave them out in the cold?

I'd be fascinated to hear the chain of events that caused you to have such a twisted sense of what's acceptable.

So you think the island would be a more pleasant place to live in if we didn't help people, and left them to sleep on the streets? Your walk to work would be more pleasant if you had to step over the homeless to get there? At least you'd know that your valuable tax money was going towards them.

Jersey isn't overpopulated - it's just not run perticularly well. The immigrants have bought a lot to the island and they do a lot of hard work.

So, Overpopulated, in answer to your question 'even the ones that arrive on the boat that morning' - no I do not want to see humans sleeping rough in Jersey.


Exactly. They wouldn't have to sleep rough because they would be on a nice cosy ferry heading back to whence they came.


Totally agree Overpopulated, this problem is only going to get worse until they control the massive influx of Europeans into our tiny island.

Mjolnir de Jersiaise

It's amazing that in such a ruthless, heartless place like Jersey, there are people who are willing to try to help the homeless as best they can. All those moaners are probably the ones who would simply let them fade away on the street with comments such as "well, that's the real world" or "why should my tax money go toward propping up these layabouts who couldn't be bothered to get a decent education and live an absolutely perfect life of virtue and extreme hard work like me".


I expect you approach the gentlemen in the car park and give them a few quid occasionally. Or perhaps not. I rather suspect the latter to be the case.